More on Sunday’s game + Cavan challenge game next weekend

The Mayo News has plenty about Sunday’s NFL defeat to Derry.  Here’s Sean Rice’s match report, here’s the post-match analysis from the same quarter and here’s Daniel Carey’s post-match reaction piece.  In this latter report, there are plenty of quotes from Johnno but, to be honest, there’s nothing out of the ordinary in what he has to say – disappointing we lost, plenty of positives to be taken from it, the rest of the league will be tough but we have to keep grafting etc. etc.  For a change, he didn’t overdo the poor mouth, though he does say that “with all the disadvantages we had going in” we still should have won.  What disadvantages would they be, Deputy?  Our fifteen were at least as experienced as theirs, we’re not in too bad a situation regarding injuries and we were playing at home. Not too much in the way of disadvantage there, from what I can see.

Anyway, it is – as Johnno rightly says – time to move on from Sunday’s result.  The next outing for the lads is a challenge match under lights in Ballinrobe against Cavan next Saturday evening (throw-in 6.45 pm).  The Mayo News also covers this one and in this report Johnno reveals that the side will feature a mixture of those who played in the FBD and those who lined out last Sunday.  Cavan got their holes kicked as well in their opening league match so they’ll be as keen as our lads to get a win under their belts.  And, of course, they’ll also be aching to get their scrawny hands on that coveted trophy that is the Tim Kelly Engineering Floodlit Cup.  But they won’t you know, as our lads are closing in on a three-in-a-row there, following wins over Clare two years ago and Westmeath twelve months back.

Finally, back to the Voice of Experience’s analysis piece again, I see that there are now a few figures available about how much the County Board are going to have to raise for the McHale Park redevelopment.  HQ will provide a grant of €5 million but the Board are going to have to come up with the remaining €11 million.  While some of this will come from fundraising – and it’s good to see them finally getting their collective arse into gear on this front – a large chunk will also be in the form of a 15-year bank loan.  That’s the bit that worries me.

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  1. Hi Willy, well done on your pictures and reports of Sundays match. Unforunatly I was in Galway doing a job for one of the family and could not make the match. However I heard the second half on Mid West and Liam Horans commentry. In whats becoming a bit habit both Dillon and Mortimer missed handy frees. We lost by two points, they , by all accounts, missed two handy ones. I never worry too much about the playing personnel, remember that in Corks slaughtering of us in 1993 All-Ireland semi at least thirteen of that panel gavea great account of themselves in 1996 with Maughan on that great run.
    I worry about the message that O Mahony is (A) giving the players and (B) the public. The players seem to have no belief or game plan to follow. The public have a pain being told about rebuilding and rebranding. Everybody is doing it for Gods sake. If we take it that only Cunniffe and Parsons are deemed championship material after years one and two, then we are oxed. An elephant would give birth to twins faster.
    In yesterdays Independent OMahony was on about opportunities for young Mayo men. Vaughan, Cafferky and Sweeney started. Derry threw in six new boys and the rest are second string. I honestly believe that OMahony no longer has what it takes to spark this lot.
    Barry Moran and Parsons or Seamus O Shea are the way forward in mid. McGarrity always lacked that bit of bite a top class mid needs and since Brady left he has regressed. We are dependent on Dillon and Conor and if we are reduced to that …then the red light is flashing.

  2. Thanks, NOSS, though, to be honest, that was the first I’d heard of it and only discovered they’d published something from me when I saw your comment and went looking for it. I expect my royalty cheque is in the post!

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