More on that Derry game

If it’s more stuff you want on Saturday night’s defeat to Derry, then step right up. My fellow Mayo GAA blogger No one shouted Stop! has posted two pieces about the match, including an on-the-spot match report from Celtic Park (yes, he did get up off his hole and go to it, unlike myself). Johnno has a few quotes in the match report in today’s Indo, where he concedes that we should have got something out of the game and praises the efforts the players put in, especially in the second half. Interestingly, he also has a bone to pick with John Bannon over the amount of stoppage time, which he reckons was on the mean side. He could have a point: for the last ten or so minutes of the radio commentary, you could hear in the background this gravelly Derry voice booming out over the PA system as Paddy Crozier was busily wasting time by emptying his bench. Would it have made any difference if they played three or four minutes more? I’m not sure it would, I have to admit.

None of that sufficiently amusing? Then try this, which, if you saw the original on Saturday night’s programme, is even more hilarious.

2 thoughts on “More on that Derry game

  1. Thankfully Ade’s feet are as quick as his mouth! I listened to our game sat while watching Kerry Donegal with the sound off, nearly fell outta my seat when I saw Kerry’s Tottenham like defending right at the end!

  2. We were both doing the same thing, then – with similar reactions. It made it all the funnier that, like Spurs, the late goal was also an og!

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