More on the County Board finances

As you’d imagine, there’s a fair bit in the Mayo News today about the County Board finances. This piece by Edwin McGreal covers the discussion that took place at the show-and-tell County Board meeting last week, while this article by the same writer provides some details on the financial outgoings that the Board is now faced with.

A sample of Mayo GAA grassroots’ opinion on the issue is provided in this piece and in this one PJ Monaghan – who chaired the Strategic Review’s Finance and Funding Sub-Committee (on which your humble scribe was also honoured to serve) – takes the County Board to task for deploying those ‘contrary to rule’ arguments that were used in shooting down the original Review recommendations.

In that same article, by the way, outgoing Honorary Secretary Sean Feeney calls on the Government to provide some financial help for the McHale Park project but, while the Lord loves a trier and all that, it’s hard to see that particular pre-budget submission taking flight any time soon.

One thought on “More on the County Board finances

  1. Interesting that the need for a commercial director is voiced by all of those interested. Shame that this recommendation was not followed through.

    I am still at a loss as to what other revenue streams can be tapped into , concerts in the winter are a complete non runner and in the summer they would have to be held off until after the connacht final if it is to be played in castlebar.

    Does anyone have any figures on what the yearly revenues from jerseys and season tickets are ?

    I am tipping up to Camden town on Thursday night to join the London mayo supporters I believe James horan and Alan dillon will be there

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