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Photo: Mayo News (Stephen Marken/Sportsfile)

I only gave the Minors’ Connacht title win a brief mention last night. As I said, I wasn’t around for it and didn’t see it so I wasn’t in a position to do a match report on the game in Dr Hyde Park.

There are, though, a number of match reports available online. Here are the links to them: GAA, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Times, Mayo News, Connaught Telegraph, Western People, Roscommon Herald. There are photos from the match available from Sportsfile and Inpho.

We’ve also got a Final Whistle podcast episode on the game, which Mike and Rob recorded at Hyde Park after yesterday evening’s game. There’s also post-match reaction from Mayo joint manager David Heaney. More details on this pod, which is available to club members on Patreon, are here.

Congrats again to the lads, who now go on to face beaten Munster finalists Cork in the All-Ireland quarter-final. That game will be played on the weekend of 8th/9th June.

17 thoughts on “More on the Minors

  1. What most people don’t realise is Philly McMahon and most Dublin based pundits are only their to be a propaganda arm of the actual team ,

    If only the mayo pundits were like that

  2. Congratulations and Well done to The Mayo Minors footballers.
    I think this team have better performances in them and here’s hoping that happens in the bigger matches ahead for them
    Maigheo Abu.

  3. I know they’re 16/17 yr olds, but once again this Mayo team had a lot of lads who looked on the light side in terms of physical development- again compared to other teams of same age group. Back to the old S&C chestnut….??

  4. His article makes painful reading.
    They obviously wanted the game in Croker.
    Up to Last year it was ordained that their home and neutral venue was Croke Park.

  5. People should know by now what Philly McMahon is going to write and so I understand why people then read his article only to have this insight proven, and I quote from above that ‘God McMahon is irritating’ or ‘his articles make painful reading’. I accept that’s each to their own choices but when I go to the trouble of not reading his articles I still seem to get caught up in this secondary type commentary. Why do people seem to think I would want to know what he has to say. Willie Joe, as always, has gone to great lengths in providing us with links to numerous well articulated sources worth reading, why would we need anything more!

  6. @toe to hand fair enough you don’t want to read it but I think it’s pretty pathetic of mCmahon to come out and say are mayo running scared because we want a neutral venue

    Dublin have got away with having ‘neutral venues’ played in Croke Park for long enough now.

    If you don’t want to read it fair enough..

  7. @Toe to hand yes true probably is click bait..

    @willie Joe yes true to apolagies for posting it my blood boiled when I saw headline haha!

  8. Things changed in Mayo when the Connacht final was dragged up to CP. That day it became clear Mayo fans would no longer be the GAAs little cash cow as Galwaysupport outnumbered us. No other sport would allow the advantages that are given to one team. Thankfully it hasn’t become a tabloid scenario. It has been handled well. The precedent was set last year so it’s out of our hands really.
    The best way to stop yourself getting wound up by that usual tripe is to ignore it. Most reasonable people know what neutral means.

  9. Mayo minors made heavy work of seeing off Ros (for the time being anyway)
    Torturous build-ups, so reminiscent of seniors, and a worrying overdependance on frees.
    Being at home, Ros naturally took the game to Mayo, esp in 1st-half and looked the better team then.
    Having said that a win is a win but would like to see one or two more physical specimens v Cork.
    3-in-a-row is a welcome new dawn.

  10. Every year we have this confusion and controversy over Dublin and their, so called, neutral venue at Croke Park. And it results in reams of articles and gives free reigh to biased twits like McMahon to spout his usual one sided nonsense. Anyone with half a brain knows that a venue in one of the competing counties, is not neutral and, sometimes, I wonder if the GAA authorities have half a brain between them. It is high time now for the GAA to clean up the mess of their own making and restate the rule to clearly indicate that a “neutral venue” shall shall not be located in either of the competing counties. And, on top of this stupidity, as far as I am aware, a crowd of around 30,000 is regarded as the breakeven figure needed for Croke Park. So many of the CP games are losing money, not something that appeals to the GAA. Also, of course, the almosphere at a sparsely attended CP is non existent-I understand that there was a pathetically low attendance today. So there is no logical, financial or equitable to have all these games at Croke Park.

  11. Looking at the “massive “ Dublin support yesterday for the Ross game in their home and neutral venue would suggest that maybe croke park is a bit too big for them really. Especially following on from their little over 20k at Leinster final. Might they not be better going to some compact provincial venue and I m sure if Philly doesn’t fancy making the trip it will be available on some tv station for him to watch.

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