More on those challenge matches

There’s a bit more info in the Mayo News today on the two recent challenge matches with Cavan and Laois but it adds little to what we already know, apart, that is, from the fact that both were played in the megapolis of Kiltoom. I was hoping they’d have details of the starting fifteen and scorers for the Laois game but they don’t. The report says that both Trevor Howley and Tom Cunniffe had a run-out in defence but they don’t specify in which matches. We already know from the report on the Cavan game which I mentioned the other day that Cunniffe came on as a sub against Cavan and scored a point. It would be interesting to know what position Howley was tried in – he’s got to be a certain starter on July 7th, I would have thought.

The report suggests that the injury jinx appears to have reappeared. The seriousness of the injury to Keith Higgins is confirmed in no uncertain terms in the report and it really does now look as if Keith’s 2007 season could well be over. Kenneth O’Malley and Austie are also under the weather but their injuries don’t sound too serious. That’s it for now folks, not long until the qualifier draw and, at last, the prospect of some real action again.

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