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I’ve just done a quick cybersweep for match reports on yesterday’s FBD encounter with NUIG and it looks like there isn’t a whole load out there.  There’s nothing at all in the Irish Times (in their role as regional paper for the East, they have more than enough to be doing in filing reports on the Dublin and Kildare matches, though they do cover Galway’s game as well), nor the Examiner (ditto, only this time in relation to Munster) and there’s nothing worth linking to in the usual haunts like Hogan Stand, Gaelic Rising etc. Even the official GAA site is silent on yesterday’s action in the West.

What you’re left with, then, is this match report from the Indo but if it’s a proper report you’re after, then this one from my blogging chum TIALTNGO will fit the bill far, far better.  Meanwhile, over on, the lads are already furiously debating what our starting fifteen for the summer should look like.  Oh yes, the long inter-county hibernation period is now well behind us.

4 thoughts on “More on yesterday’s match

  1. Should have kept stum about your previous poll Willie, I cannot make my mind up on a straight YES or NO as whether a winning start to 2010 is a good omen. Put this way I worry about the strenght of the half back line. Howley back in the corner putting in a few hits would leave me happier, I still think we need guys who lean more to bread and butter defending than springboards to attack. Is that a YES or a NO?…I dont know….sorry.

  2. You’re thinking too deeply for what was really a superficial question, ontheroad, but, just for you (and with apologies for anyone else who may already have reluctantly given a Yes or No vote), I’ve added a “Don’t Know” option. It is only January, after all!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on that, Ma-Yoman – I’ve just done a quick post on it. Midwest are also reporting the shift in date for the game too, I see.

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