It’s here. Dawn hasn’t yet broken but like many of you, I suspect, I’ve done all the sleeping I’m going to do ahead of the 2012 All-Ireland final. It’s just under nine hours until throw-in and although Croke Park and its environs are still quiet and empty now, it won’t be long before this calm prelude gives way to a tumult of colour and noise.

It’s the biggest day of the year in Gaelic football and once more our lads are right at the heart of it, once again going for glory. There really isn’t anything else to say at this stage but to wish them all the best for the day that lies ahead for them and to assure them that those of us who comprise the county’s 16th man at HQ today will be with the lads every step of the way, as will all those thousands of Mayo supporters at home and abroad who, although not there at Croke Park, will still be following the action and willing the team on.

Days in Gaelic football don’t come any bigger than this. We know we’ve got a team capable of big things on the biggest day of all. We can do it, of course we can.

Up Mayo!


14 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Men of Mayo on to glory
    This will every be your story
    Keep these burning words before ye
    Mayomen will not yield !

  2. The day has arrived. Oh, that they may do it just this once. Just once is all we are asking. If there is a God, let him smile on us just this one day. Maigh Eo Abu!

  3. Today is the day to grasp the nettle. No point talking about next year or year after. We’re in the All-Ireland final today and Lord knows when we’ll be here again. I really believe in this team. And I will be doing my utmost to support them in getting what I think the county has long deserved. The best of luck to them, our soldiers of destiny. Up Mayo. Up Mayo. Up Mayo.

  4. Up Mayo ……We will be watching the game in Florida.All of the neutrals here will be cheering for Mayo……..

  5. Well boys it been quite a ride so far. Let’s finish it off. Best of luck lads and especially Keith. No one deserves it more. Hup mayo.

  6. Waking up on a friend’s blow up bed, trying to sleep, then checking to make sure the ticket I was given last night is still in my pocket, its not, blind panic for 10 seconds then remembering I put it in my wallet for extra safety, lets go take Sam home!

  7. Anticipation is building with the Edinburgh mayo gaa supporters club. This could proud be a proud day I tell you, best of luck to the boys! Up mayo, bring home the jerry McGuire – I need a new handbag….

  8. Watching the game from australia, so gutted not to be there but so thankful to willie joe for his wonderful work on this blog, it’s going to be our day at last lads I can feel it, 61 years of pain to end today, green and red forever! Come on mayo!!

  9. Heading off to the pub here in Buffalo, NY to cheer the boys on. Flag is flying on the car, family dressed in green and red. There will be a strong band of us supporting and cheering them on across the pond! Up Mayo!

  10. Today is the day…you will here us cheering from Pennsylvania. As WJ said days in the GAA don’t get any bigger than this and we are privileged, as Mayo poeople, to be part of it again.
    Whatever happens today, I am immensely proud of these lads, and proud to be a Mayo man as we all are.
    Nothing else to say except, bring it on; let’s end the Famine once and for all….Up Mayo!

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