Mort now a doubt for Sligo game

The Western is reporting that Conor Mortimor is now doubtful for the Sligo game.  Apparently, he’s got a thigh strain which Johnno describes as “soft muscle damage”.  One of the lads on (a Sligoman too) thinks he might be okay to play with an injection. I hope he’s right, though this could be more Yeats County pot-stirring.  That Western report also says that Trevor Howley could miss the entire summer’s campaign with his injury.  It never rains but it pours.

Conor would obviously be an enormous loss, given his proven importance to us as a scoretaker.  Even if he does play the next day with the aid of an injection, this sounds like the kind of injury that could continue to dog him over the coming few months.  That would be seriously bad news.

Right, gotta go – plane home to catch and all that. More tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Mort now a doubt for Sligo game

  1. I saw Conor play for Shrule against Breaffy in the Championship a couple of weeks ago. His thigh was well strapped and it looked like he aggravated it during the game. He didn’t line out in the league last weekend.

  2. i dont doubt his value to the team but its no harm to try someone different. A bit more bulk in there should be interesting. Plus it will give the likes of Kilcoyne, Cambell or maybe even Austy a chance to prove themselves from placed ball. Regardless of who is injured Id expect us to win…..even if mickey kearins was reffing it!!! 🙂

  3. If there’s a vacancy in the full-forward line, this could be the moment for Jimmy Burke’s successor to step forward. Is there one in Aghamore at the moment, I wonder?

  4. I reckon that we only appreciate Mort jnr when he doesn’t line out. He gets a massive share of scores, as W.J. has shown. Without him, I dont see anyone with the possible exception of Dillon (on a good day) scoring five points or more.
    Agree with Ted that Austy will have to step up…

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