Mort speaks, you pay

There’s an interview with young Mort in the Irish Times today. You know the routine by now – it’s premium content and you have to pay for it or else buy the old-fashioned paper version. Either way, you pay.

Mort hasn’t much to say but we do learn that the poor sod has exams on both Saturday and again on Monday up in DCU. I suppose, then, it’s safe to conclude that, win lose or draw, he won’t be anywhere near any late-night chip shop altercations after this Salthill showdown. The power of education, eh?

2 thoughts on “Mort speaks, you pay

  1. Two things.
    First, the nickname for Galway supporters is the Herrin Chokers, deriving from their herring fishing escapades rather than from an in built, uncontrollable desire for assaulting innocent cattyadhas!
    Second, in the absence of a team announcement, we are all speculating on the line up for Sunday. If we still have a problem at No 3 and DB is not fully up to pace for centrefield , Johnno should consider him for full back. That would really tighten up things there. Heaney could then play at No 8. I think the McD story is there to put the wind up Galway and to give a reason for delaying the announcement of the team. The chances of him starting – having played no football since playing for Crossmolina in the Mayo championship – are close to zero. So here we go – best option for “batein” Galway:
    1. K O’Malley
    2. L O’Malley (or A Higgins)
    3. D Brady
    4. K Higgins
    5. E Devanney
    6. BJ Padden
    7. P Gardiner
    8. D Heaney
    9. P Harte (though I’d rather see him at No 10)
    10. A Dillon
    11. K O’Neill
    12. T Motimor (or A Campbell)
    13. C Mortimor
    14. G Brady
    15. A Moran

    Keep the faith!

  2. Thanks for that Fourgoal. It’s important that, when insulting one’s neighbours, one does so in a fit and proper manner!

    I don’t know what to think about the full-back situation anymore and I’m looking forward to seeing what Johnno and his selectors decide. DB could be an option, alright, not just as a stop-gap against Galway (which Heaney could do too) but also for the rest of the Summer (which Heaney certainly couldn’t).

    I suspect that Nallen might start with Heaney in midfield, partly because Harte would be better at no.10 but also because the old warhorse had such a good league final there. Also, with Kilcullen apparently out of the frame at full-back, he’d be an option to bring in at midfield (as would Aidan Campbell, as he’s had a runout there too) once Jimmy’s legs start to go on him.

    At this stage, we just need to see the team. I’m hopeful it will be announced later tonight but, with Ford holding back till tomorrow night, I suspect we might too.

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