Mort’s reign as top scorer ends

I see the lads at Club Mayo Dublin have already accepted that the 2009 campaign is a completed work and so have begun compiling some stats on senior matches played this year.  In the same vein, then, here’s some complementary data in the form of the 2009 championship scorers’ table:

2009 Cship Scorers__

As most Mayo supporters will be aware, Conor has been our top scorer in every championship campaign since he first broke into the senior team back in 2002 (apart from 2004 and 2006 he’s also been our top scorer in every league campaign since then too) but it comes as no surprise to see that this run has now come to an end – after all, if you’re not in the starting fifteen, you can’t do a whole load of scoring. Mind you, when you consider that he only played in the second half of the last two games (he came on late enough against Roscommon but didn’t get on the scoresheet that day), he’s ended up going okay in relative terms.

Top guns this year, though, are Alan Dillon – who, like Mort, has been a regular scorer for us for several years – and Aidan O’Shea who both, though in different ways, racked up fourteen points over the course of the campaign.  Alan’s were all points and half of these came from frees whereas the Wunderkind weighed in three goals and five points and, apart from one of the points he scored against New York, all of his scores were from play.

One of the housekeeping chores I need to do on the site is to update the scorers’ archive with all the 2009 results and I’ll do that at some point before too long.  Another task in that area is to backfill the scorers records as far back as the results archive stretches but that’s a job that’s still on the long finger, I’m afraid.

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