Morty’s cautious about Sunday too

Conor Mortimor is the latest to state the party line that Donegal will be a tough nut to crack on Sunday up at Ballybofey. Mort actually makes the valid point that Donegal came very close to beating Cork in last year’s quarter-final and, had they done so, they could well have given Kerry a tougher match in the semi-final than the limp challenge that Cork posed. Ah well, that was then.

It’s difficult to know what to make of Donegal’s win down at Cork last weekend but, for my money, the argument that it had a lot to do with the red cards issued to James Masters and Nicholas Murphy has a ring of truth about it. Those two gents are key men for Cork and their early departure almost certainly made Donegal’s job easier.

That’s all for now. No team news yet but we might hear something tomorrow.

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