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It was only after I’d finished the previous post, having created it here and then forgotten to put it up on the original site, that I realised it was time to pull the shutters down on the other one. Trying to live in two locations is a pain in the hole at the best of times – even in cyberspace – so I think that it’s best to concentrate my efforts in settling in here rather than engaging in an overly-long goodbye to the old site. Goodbye old site, in other words. Willie Joe doesn’t live there anymore.

As you can see, the new pad is still a work in progress and will continue to be until I get the virtual furniture unpacked and the art, darling, hung on the walls. It’ll also take time (lots of it, in fact) to populate this place with the kind of handy information on old results and the like that I want to include here. As the official Mayo GAA site says (and has been doing so for the past year), please be patient while we effect these changes. Unlike that execrable excuse of a website, however, I do hope to make some tangible progress in terms of what’s included in this site over the coming months, as well, of course, as keeping tabs on developments on and off the field.

Now, if you’ve nothing better to do than gawping, you couldn’t move that sofa over there, could you? Just there, that’s fine, ta.

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  1. Hi Ronan, many happy returns.

    I’ve still a few glitches to sort out on this new site (the background colour certainly shouldn’t look like the way it does) but I’m looking forward to building up the site with the kind of stuff I couldn’t have included on the old Blogger one.

    The action on the field is also about to resume, after a six-month layoff, so that’ll make it a bit easier to keep the posts rolling.

    All the best


    PS You might update your link to Green and Red 2.0 when you get a chance. Thanks.

  2. Hi Four Goal

    Likewise – after six months on the sidelines, I think we’re all ready for some action now. I dunno about you but I’d like to see a worse performance in the league this year than we’ve had over the past few years (mid-table would be just fine, we certainly don’t want to reach the playoffs), then a nice leisurely lead-in to the Sligo game on 22nd June.

    Assuming we get through that, then I’d be hoping for revenge over Galway in July (If Maughan’s lads don’t do them first). I think we have to be aiming for a Connacht title this year and then, if we manage this, let’s see what unfolds at Croker.

    Regardless of what happens, it’s good that we’re back in that part of the year when we can actually see some football being played. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be at a match!

    All the best


  3. Well done on the move Willie Joe. It’s something I’ve toyed with myself over years, but sloth invariably overcame me. Good for you for getting in gear.

    I have to congratulate you as well on keeping the teams and scorers updated. It’s such a pity that better records aren’t kept. Do you know who’s played the most Championship minutes ever for Mayo? The most games? Scored the most? It’s an awful pity these stats are looked after better. At least you lead the way last year, keeping track of who was scoring. It showed – depressingly, but accurately – just how reliant Mayo were/are on Conor Mortimer last year.

    Anyway, roll on the FBD League, agus go n-éirí leat féin ar gach uile bóthar a mbuaileann tú.

  4. Happy New Year Spailpin!

    The move is, almost like a physical one, something that’s taking a bit of getting used to, what with different formats, unexpected things happening with layout and the rest.

    The lack of a good reference site for GAA scores is something that has bugged me for some time. Even the official site is very, very poor and only covers marquee fixtures. Don’t get me going again on the official Mayo GAA s(h)ite …

    I’m hoping to fill the gap in terms of Mayo’s league and championship results over the years. It’ll take a bit of time but I’m aiming to go back as far as I can. From 2006 onwards, I’ll link these results with the posts I’ve done on the matches but for earlier years, it’ll just be the bare numbers. That’s the plan in any event.

    All the best


  5. I was interested in the name that you gave to Wicklow recently and it got me thinking. What are the names, both complementary and derogatory, that are in common use for all of the counties.
    I have listed all of them that I can recall below.
    Can you, or your contacts, fill in some of the many gaps?

    Armagh Orchard County
    Clare The Banner
    Cork The Rebels
    Derry The Oak Leaf County
    Dublin The Jackeens
    Galway The Tribesmen The Herrin Chokers
    Kerry The Kingdom The *&!”@#s that keep beating us!
    Kildare The Lilywhites
    Kilkenny The Cats
    Longford Lakes County (or is that Westmeath?)
    Louth The Wee County
    Mayo The Yew County (inspiring or what?!!) God Help Us – derived from our crest. How about a campaign to change it?
    Meath The Royals
    Roscommon The Sheep Stealers
    Westmeath See Longford above
    Wicklow The Garden County The Goat Suckers
    London/New York Exempt – until they win something!

  6. Hi FourGoal

    Back in the Eighties when I had more free time, I compiled a whole list of them which included almost all 32 counties. Pity there was no blogging then! I remember one of the old-school GAA reporters (can’t remember which one or indeed what paper he wrote for) had the habit of only referring to counties by their nicknames, which meant that his articles weren’t for beginners.

    I can fill in some of the gaps and will post on it as soon as I get some time to have a right look at the list. There are some cracking ones, such as Kildare being the Short Grass County (as well as the Lilywhites) due to the preponderance of sheep there and the way they graze down to the roots.

    Westmeath are the Lake County, by the way. I need to think a bit more about Longford.


  7. Some of the complementary ones that I remember include:
    Cavan – The Breffni County
    Down – The Mourne County
    Offaly – The Faithful County
    Sligo – The Yeats County
    Tipperary – The Premier County
    Tyrone – The Red Hand County

    I think that Limerick is linked to the Treaty Stone and one county is called the Model County – can’t remember which but I have an incling that it might be Wexford.

    I look forward to the less complementary list!

    The Brother

  8. Thanks TJ – I’m going to post on this at some point this week with as much of a full list as possible.

    BTW – wearing your tecchie wizard hat, any idea why the background colour on the site has ended up looking like it has?

    Just so you know, I also have a few other technical issues I’ll need to bore you with in return for Wednesday night’s B&B facilities!

  9. Looks like you’ll be getting enough sleep seeing as you’ve already fixed the bug relating to the background! That perks the site up nicely – now all we need are some good on-field performances to eulogize.

  10. now all we need are some good on-field performances to eulogize.

    My technical skills don’t stretch that far, sadly 🙁

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