Moy Davitts bag IFC title in replay thriller

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It sounds as if this evening’s replayed Intermediate football final between Moy Davitts and Kiltimagh at MacHale Park was a real cracker. Fortunes swayed one way, then the other and just when it looked as if Kiltimagh were going to do it, back came Moy Davitts with a late decisive burst to claim the spoils.

At half-time Moy Davitts looked well in control, leading at that stage by five points. Kiltimagh kept in touch, though, and a goal from a penalty by Eoghan Lavin pulled them level. Two further points by the same player, the first from a free and the second from a ’45, put them in a commanding position with time running out.

Brian Gallagher added a further point to Kiltimagh’s total and, with the game entering injury time, that appeared to be that. Only it wasn’t.

A goal from Sean Mulderring brought the contest right back to boiling point. Then, with extra-time looming, Seán Kelly (fun fact: he was the first ever Mayo player to have a black card brandished at him) won it for Moy Davitts. What a winner it was too:

Video: @radiomidwest

As every football person in the county knows so well, there’s only a tiny sliver separating the unbounded joy of victory from the unfathomable despair of defeat. So it was in tonight’s game too.

Huge congrats to Moy Davitts for claiming the Sweeney Cup and, with it, promotion to the senior ranks for next year. Massive commiserations to Kiltimagh, who came within touching distance of championship success tonight, only to see it snatched away from them at the death.

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  1. Congrats to Bohola Moy Davitts, along time coming. Eleven players that played tonight where part of their County U21A win in 2013 and several more involved from their minor A title in 2014. If they can stay together they can build on this for years to come and stay were they belong in the senior ranks. i have to feel sorry for Kiltimagh but their day will come, their side full of young players and more to come. Both sides did East Mayo proud and hopefully Bohola Moy Davits can repeat some of Westport historics of a year ago.

  2. Great for the older Moy Davitts players like Conal Quinn, Cormac Healy and James Mulderrig.
    Great clubmen.

  3. What a goal from James Mulderrig. Great for the club and all involved. Tough on Kiltimagh- they gave it one hell of a go in that second half with only 14 men.
    They need to get their heads around the next step on the journey and push on in Connacht.

  4. Yeah, it was a fantastic game alright… Deserved extra time at least…. Winning point was scored about 6 minutes into the 4 minutes extra time…. Ref was poor in the second half…. Kilthmagh were denied two cast iron frees in, in the second half….. I don’t think the Ref was biased, but he certainly tired and made a few mistakes as the game went on… But congratulations to Moy Davitts, great match to win, was in the ‘Copper Beach’.. Fantastic celebrations going on there… Fancy Dress party as well…. Was the place to be in Mayo tonight!

  5. As a neutral have to say that Intermediate final was one of the most entertaining games I’ve seen in a long time. Both teams fast out of the blocks but once Moy Davits kept the pace off the skiddy ball they played some great stuff. Played above senior standard in 1st half. Both teams got first half goals too with Moy Davits getting theirs right on half time bringing in a 5 point lead and a Kiltimagh player sent off to boot. It looked very good for the Davits who in truth seemed to have more football and Kiltimagh getting dirty.
    However Moy Davits decided to play no 5, a defender as the extra man, who played as defensive sweeper and lost much edge with more heroic turnovers they carried out in 1st half now being done by Kiltimagh who found their fight Moy Davits kick passing was going astray too and a 5 point lead turned into a 3 point deficit in injury time with Kiltimagh playing keep ball. Moy Davits fans around us had given up with the conclusion nice guys lose though at that stage both teams had a few yellows and blacks. Then about half way through the 4 added minutes they made the break and a sub I think scored and absolute screamer from way out and they very soon after kicked the winner with Kiltimagh Goalie also collecting a black before the end. Ref played a minute or 2 beyond but Kiltimagh never got it, a Davits turnover ending their chances.

  6. Couldn’t make it up as a script. I think Moy Davits definitely better team but they went so clueless for almost entire 2nd half would only have themselves to blame had they lost.

    They could go a long way in AI series if they play on the front foot, trying to be clever defensively and sweeper tactics doesn’t suit them. Mayo style full court press and turnovers is what had them deservedly 5 up playing great stuff up to half time. For free man they should have picked their best free running footballer and given him the run of the park from midfield with instructions to double tackle when defending. Kiltimagh mostly avoided the spare man by using the wings. Management needs to learn from this.
    Kiltimagh left corner forward though not tall was really excellent in 2nd half, Moy Davits midfield caught some great ball and marks in 1st half. Reape pretty good apart from first 5 or 10 when he tried clever catches and dropped them on a misty night. His strength got him the goal from a mis kicked point attempt. Didn’t stand out over and above all team mates but it’s a team game. Kiltimagh midfield made some great runs too especially in 2nd half.
    Great game.

  7. Is there any way radiomidwest or anyone else could post Mulderrig’s goal one of the best you’ll ever seen in last chance saloon. Must have been nearly 30 metres out and it’s raw power beat the Goalie..

  8. Shufflydeck, go to mayogaatv and for 4 euro you can see the match again or just jump forward to the last five minutes.
    Moy Davitts people have it worn out replaying that goal!

  9. If Moy Davitts learn anything from this game it has to be that being over cautious is disastrous. It is so easy for a team with a five point lead and an extra man to set about defending that position. Bad mistake – you simply continue doing what got you 5 up in the first place. It’s common sense. . Moy Davitts were the better team and should have pushed on to a big win instead of struggling badly. If they lost they had only themselves to blame. Kiltimagh made the same mistake by trying to play keep ball. This is very hard to do in Gaelic football especially in poor conditions. They paid the price.
    Hopefully Moy Davitts get down to business again and push on for bigger honours.

  10. Thought Brian Reape was good but had an injury in 2nd half. He helped setup the goal with a flick over his head.

  11. Thought Liam lyndon from kiltimagh was outstanding won hard ball all night very strong and elusive. Mulderrig has great skill for a big man.

  12. Good luck to Moy Davitt’s in Connacht [and hopefully All Ireland] Championship. Hollymount/Carramore and Westport have set a high standard for Mayo teams in recent years – and it’s not all that long ago that the other Davitt’s reached the final.

  13. BMD certainly know how to play headless football, but that was a terrific goal and the winning point showed real courage and skill. BMD play Ballinlough next weeekend. I saw them in a Roscommon league game last year and they are a fairly handy side so the next game for BMD will be very interesting.

  14. PJ McManus, Your comments on BMD , quote “knowing how to play headless football” unquote, is to use your own word “headless”, considering they just have won the second most important competition in football in Mayo
    Either you expect a level of perfection in football that doesn’t exist, or you are representing a view from the defeated opposition. ??

  15. I’m a neutral and have to say BMD lost a cutting edge in 2nd half while Kiltimagh showed real fight in the same period winning dirty ball in defense that BMD had been excellent exponents of in the 1st. Their management came up with the wrong plan for the spare man. Wouldn’t go as far as to say headless but definitely a big lesson to be learned. Until injury time the team with the extra player scored 1 point to their opponents 1-6. Also there needed to be a Plan for Kiltimagh left corner forward who was doing a lot of damage.

  16. Can BMD not become a thing? 🙂
    No one in Moy Davitts bar when they filled the forms for that bizarre name change actually says “Bohola Moy Davitts”. Moy Davitts is the only name used.

  17. Congrats to Bohola Moy Davitts, what a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!! Comisserations to Kiltamagh but the goal was reminiscent of Padraig Brogans goal in Croke Park many moons ago….
    Brian Reape’s ankle Was injured but hopefully not to seriously , will need rest…

  18. Attention Season Ticket Holders – Has anyone noticed in the renewal notification email the reference to ‘subject to ground capacity’ as an asterixed footnote when referring to the fact that the season ticket entitles you to a stand ticket for the AIF? Does this mean in reality that we will only get a terrace ticket from now on or does it mean not get a ticket at all?

    The reference to ‘subject to ground capacity’ does not make any sense at all and to be honest I’m a bit worried what it means. I’ll contact them later this week.

    BTW, it may well be the same for Cairde Maigh Eoholders!

    Two years ago there was footnote about not being able to guarantee centrally seated tickets for an AIF – and sure enough most of us don’t get central seats anymore.

  19. Jaysis JP, Ye Foxford bucks are quare hawks. And you know what they say about quare hawks………

  20. I had not intended to upset anyone with my comments earlier. Moy Davitts is fine with me. I attended the final and watched the replay on Mayo TV. As a neutral observer I was asking myself where the Moy Davitts team had gone to in the second half. From 5 up to 3 down with an extra man, it signaled a fear of loosing to my mind.

  21. Think the sweeper in the second half didn’t suit them. They needed a centre back with more composure as they lost a lot of ball coming out of defence.

  22. JP I understand that the name change you refer to as bizarre, was a Croke Park club registration requirement to curtail persistent attempts at poaching of players from the Bohola Parish area (by a friendly neighbouring club.)
    However for all other intents and purposes it seems that “Moy Davitts” is the practical name for the club.

  23. @Outside the pale. That was what I’d heard before alright. Just don’t think things like that make any difference with young players. A young player in a border area will play where his family played or maybe his national school is. Couldnt see a young player being influenced by club name. Maybe Im wrong but you never hear young players bring up club name as somehow being a thing that drew them into a club.

  24. Moy Davitts is indeed the name of the club and Bohola is a core part of the club. It’s a small club founded in the 70s uniting Straide, Bohola and Foxford parishes. It has produced many good underage teams and some outstanding players down the years. This team ia a bit special and have loads of skill and general footballing ability and is well capable of going a long way if these lads can be kept together.
    However, the display in the second half against Kiltimagh was way below what you would expect from county champions. I agree fear of losing played a part and they played way too cautiously. We must also acknowledge the super effort Kiltimagh put in during that second half. They played their hearts out and probably deserved to win and must be horribly disappointed.
    But we must also acknowledge three pieces of outstanding play from Moy Davitts – the flick on for Mulderrigs goal, the goal itself and the winning point from Sean Kelly at a time of intense pressure.
    For any team if you find yourself ahead simply keep doing what got you ahead in the first place. It’s pure common sense. Playing safe, being too cautious or trying to protect a lead is rarely a winning formula. Full throttle for the the 60 mins and put the opposition away with even more scores. If Moy Davitts throw off the shackles and play with a natural rhythm the are capable of going a long way.

  25. Moy Davitts were always a nice team to watch. Traditionalists, they never got big into defensive systems etc. They could return to being a solid senior club. They usually produce a few nice forwards every few years. Pretty decent pick when you look at all the national schools they have.

  26. A hungover Moy Davitts team minus Brian Reape were well beaten by a strong Balla team in the u21a today.

  27. Fair play to them for togging in fairness 🙂
    Kiltimagh did very well to lose by only 2pts to Claremorris.

  28. JP — Don’t wish to labour this much further but the main pillar of Club administration in relation to playing eleibility THE PARISH RULE dictates that where more than one parish makes up a club, players from these parishes are free to play with adjoining clubs unless the parish is named in the club name registered in Croke Park

  29. @Outside the pale. Thanks for clearing that up. Makes a lot more sense now.
    @Joet, jese ya, not partial to the chicken!!

  30. To outside the pale ,overheard 2 castlebar supporters talking at county senior final between castlebar and ballintubber that [NAME] was born and lives in ballyhean_breaffy parish, [NAME] from ballintubber was born and lives in clogher_balla parish, [NAME] Westport parish ,where is The Parish Rule for the Ballintubber club may I ask.

  31. Up The Dubs —— Just to say at the outset I would always treat hearsay with a health warning.
    However the situations you refer to are not uncommon, and in fact a player in that situation played in last weeks Intermediate Final. ( Born and living in one club area and playing for the other ) In breach of The Parish Rule, but only illegal if objection to legality is lodged, facts proven to the satisfaction of Co Board, and objection upheld.
    Clubs usually choose not to go down that road for.various reasons, unless maybe in a cases where significant numbers of players are actively being encouraged to change their club allegiance, most commonly in open areas i.e not having parish name in club name registered in Croke Park.. Ultimately The Parish Rule is merely what it says on the tin —– a rule, respected by virtually all clubs. and players but, without legal standing and which has been known to have been overruled in Court.

  32. J P —– S. B. would be entitled to apply to Co Board for transfer if living in their ( Ballintubber) playing area, and would be granted transfer if no objection lodged from his former club. Could be good idea for business development

  33. Just seen your comment now, Up the dubs, where you name specific players in the context of the parish rule. I don’t mind you asking this question but I’m not happy to see individuals named in this context so I’ve removed their names from your comment.

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