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Happy St Brigid’s Day all. I know we were all taught in school that today’s the first day of spring, which of course it isn’t – not in the meteorological sense – but the days are getting longer and spring is indeed on the way.

The first day in February is also significant from the perspective of the blog. It was then, back in the mists of time – well before we knew what it felt like to be consistently competitive – in February 2007, that the blog first saw the light of day. What a journey we’ve all been on since then.

There’s not a whole pile going on at the minute, truth be told. Covid’s shifting sands have rendered pointless making any firm plans for the year and not just from a footballing point of view either. For now, we’re all in a holding pattern, even if falling infection rates and the rising vaccination numbers provide at least some hope for the coming months.

Two stories are worthy of mention, one to do with football and the other related to hurling.

On the football front, there was widespread welcome to the announcement the other day that Michael Moyles had been named as the new manager of the Mayo LGFA team.

It has the lookings of a smart appointment alright. A new start is clearly needed for Mayo LGFA and the Crossmolina man was quick to confirm that this is what it’ll be under his watch, as this piece in The 42 confirms. The best of luck to Michael and his backroom team as they embark on what we all hope will be a bright new era for the Mayo ladies team.

The county’s hurling manager Derek Walsh was also the recipient of good news over the last few days. This came by way of confirmation from Keith Higgins that he will, indeed, be making himself available for selection with the hurlers now that he’s called time on his inter-county football career.

The news represents a major boost for the hurlers. Narrowly beaten in last year’s Rackard Cup final it’s not hard to imagine the team operating at a higher level with a player of Keith’s abilities in their ranks on a full-time basis. More power to you Keith and here’s hoping for a positive year for the hurlers, whenever the action gets going once again.

28 thoughts on “Moyles takes the reins with the ladies + Keith hurls on

  1. Good news on both counts. I have no doubt that Michael Moyles will bring a different, more open approach to the Ladies’ management job and it’s good that he is putting the nonsense of the Leahy years behind him. Does anybody know if Sarah Tierney is still playing? She is too good and too young to be permanently discarded but if she is not playing at club level it would be very hard to come back after such a long absence.
    Keith Higgins has a lot to contribute to Mayo hurling in the next few years. I have no doubt that he will sharpen up his skills in a fairly short time and the extended Covid break may just suit him in that regard.

  2. Sounds positive on the ladies front re new executive and Moyles as manager. Door open if Carnacon ladies are interested.
    Time to move on now and leave the past behind . Alot of good work being done at underage club ladies section and we should be very competitive over the next few years.
    Best of luck to all concerned

  3. Agree with you WJ and the two previous posts that this is indeed good news for the Mayo ladies and the Mayo Senior Hurlers.
    On another subject does anyone know how the long term injured are recovering – Brendan Harrison, the Doc, and others too who missed the end of the year such as Fionn McDonagh?
    Though action is postponed, the National League Div.2 is going to be very important this year for a good few lads getting game time and trying to win promotion at the same time.

  4. Fair play to moyles for pulling such a strong management team together. Our girls will benefit greatly from this, no doubt.
    Ex Dublin player john magee is on the independent today asking why other counties don’t just replicate what Dublin are doing? John’s full time job is GDO with a club in south side of Dublin , it’s amazing, in his playing days he won 2 Leinster titles over 11 years and here he is talking out his backside about other counties not trying hard enough. Did he not try hard enough in his own days as a player??
    John Cooper is also interviewed on the same paper, today, and tells us how he flew to England to visit Saracens rugby training and then spent the afternoon having lunch with the manager of the club , john says he paid for it himself because he wants to understand how he can improve.

  5. We have said it here already – Dublin GAA and the people in Croke Park who run the gaa are living in a bubble.
    They haven’t a clue about the real world of gaa outside of Dublin which is – trying to fundraise to keep clubs and county boards afloat, club and county players travelling 3-4 hours for training because they are not living or going to college in their home county etc

  6. I was just about to put up that link Wide Ball but you got in first. Good man.I work with the guy who did the podcast. It’s well worth a listen. Two very well spoken young lads & the interviewer ain’t bad either!

  7. Liam Moffat’s interview in this week’s Mayo News is sobering on the financial situation. Trying to raise 300 thousand from the tiles to resurface the pitch seems to be a tough task in these times. No mention of the debt and what is going to be done with that. Best of luck to Westport GAA with their second win a house fundraiser.

  8. Does anyone know what the story is on the Cairde Mhaigheo Season tickets? Is the scheme suspended? Will the 2020 holders be offered a straightforward renewal when it starts up again?
    I have emailed Mayo GAA Co Board and didn’t get any reply

  9. Joe brolly whatever you think of his football opinions, if people aren’t aware he jumped in the moy for an extremely worthy cause, (if that’s the attention yer talking about) . Thats publicity thats greatly needed, for a sensory garden for kids with special needs in ballina. By the way I don’t think much of his football analysis.

  10. The more controversial a panellist can be, the higher the viewership, listenership, or readership, and regardless of the validity of what they have to say, their fake news results in them becoming more in demand and getting paid more.
    Roy Keane has it nailed but others like Dunphy, Hook, Spillane, and Brolly have practiced on purpose a similar dark art in a smaller way… So don’t give the likes of Brolly any oxygen, because he’ll ridicule Mayo or anyone at any opportunity for the ratings and entertainment value it will give his following.

  11. Louis, I emailed seasontickets a few weeks ago as the site would not allow logins.
    They replied with: “our website is undergoing maintenance. We will update you when it is available to access”.
    I heard nothing since.
    I tried login just now. It still does not allow logins.

  12. I’m sure joe made a big donation too, he couldn’t be as tight as the jersey he was wearing.

  13. Dave,
    The Saracens manager must have a lot on his plate so how he managed to fit Johnny’s lunch in is amazing. I suppose Johnny paid for that too.
    Or wait, are Saracens not suspended for breaking Rugby Union regulations on wage caps? I’m sure Johnny had advice on how to avoid being caught on that again so maybe the Saracens manager came up with the price of the lunch.

  14. Andy
    I think we can guess who paid for the lunches and travel expenses and it was neither johnboy or saracens.

  15. Louis,
    Re Cairde Maigheo season tickets, since nobody know what will be happening on GAA fields for the foreseeable future looking for info on season tickets looks a bit futile. We can only be sure, or reasonably sure, that there will be no spectators at games before April and probably May. Maybe not even then. A lot depends on vaccination progress and that is all up in the air for the next few months at least.

  16. Why would AIG or the Dublin County Board pay for Cooper to go on that trip? He did it for himself to improve as a player and as an individual in his professional career. The man sets high standards in everything he does so not surprising he has made these trips to gain as much insight as possible.

  17. Not sure why Cooper has been brought up as it’s got nothing to do with Mayo or anything that’s been discussed but a simple Google search would reveal Johnny met the Sarasens coach at a Leinster rugby speaking event in 2018 and was invited over after which he took them up on the offer, so I dont see the problem. I’m by no means a fan of Cooper but I do admire how he works at his game and tries to find that extra percent. I wonder if this was a Mayo player would it be an issue???

  18. I agree Mayomad that it has nothing to do with Mayo football but the usual loose comments that “sure AIG pay for everything” can’t be allowed go unchallenged. Cooper has also visited AFL clubs to gain an insight into their setups. If we are going down the road of who is paying for what then did James Horan pay for his own expenses when he visited the Leinster Rugby set up in December 2019?

  19. Real dub
    A wild guess, I would say horans journey to Leinster rugby was funded by sponsorship money. Is that ok? Paddy power have your lads (Dublin) at 1-100 to win Leinster this year and 4-1 to win the next 4 AllIrelands to make it 10 in a row. How do you feel about that?
    Not a trick question, just want hear your thoughts.

  20. I have no problem with Horan’s trip funded by sponsors. The issue I have is the comments that are routinely made about the Dublin players having things paid for them by AIG/county board. The comments about Cooper are completely unfounded. He is an extremely driven individual who simply wants to get the best out of himself sporting and professionally.

    As regards the dominance of Dublin, it’s not good for the game. What young lad in Wicklow or Laois would want to play football when they know they could get to Croke Park against Dublin and be humiliated. Ultimately Dublin’s dominance will drive young people away from the game. I certainly don’t have all the answers as to what can be done but that’s my honest opinion.

  21. Real Dub21: Why did Cooper choose Saracens? He must have known that they were relegated for cheating. Also they are the most hated club team in English rugby. Very strange choice and all paid for by his own good self. What could he hope to learn?

  22. dooniver swifts, I think I answered your question in my previous post. Cooper met the Saracens coach at a Leinster rugby event in 2018 BEFORE they were relegated at the end of the 2019/20 season. Again what he hell does this have to do with Mayo football? Would there be an issue with a Mayo player doing similar? Didnt Mayo train at London Irish not so long ago? think it was in 2016.

  23. Mayomad, anyone with a passing interest in rugby would be aware than Saracens were bending the rules since 2016 and were the most reviled team in English rugby for years. I’m surprised that someone with the profile of J Cooper would want to associate himself with such a team.

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