National titles for Kerry, Cork and SixPointsUp

It was all-Munster at Croke Park today – as it probably will be next weekend, too – but there’ll be no wild celebrations down South over today’s low-key annexation of the Division 1 and 2 NFL titles.  Sure, Kerry will have been happy to have won a final after losing the last three they were in (Christ, the hunger must have been something wogeous today) but this one was their 20th NFL title in all (and we used to be league specialists) and it was their third this decade.  Given that their 2004 and 2006 victories, also under Jack O’Connor, were followed up by All-Ireland titles later in the year, it’s easier than usual to see why Kerry will be raging, roaring favourites for Sam again dish ear.

The real action to report on today, however, comes with the climax of the inaugural Green and Red/Club Mayo Dublin prediction mini-league (brought to you via the technological wizardry of Face The  Given that today’s two matches at HQ were the only ones in which points were on offer, it’s no surprise that there was little change in the final table from the Week 7 standings and so SixPointsUp has made it safely to the winner’s enclosure, holding off yengae in second place.  Well done to you, Sir – those yummy DVDs will be winging their way to you shortly.  Here’s the final table, by the way:


Thanks everyone for taking part in what was, I thought, quite a fun way to liven up the NFL (even if I did get empirical evidence to show that my forecasting skills aren’t all that great).  Face The Ball is doing the championship too so maybe we’ll all reassemble for another mini-league for that.  Any takers?

6 thoughts on “National titles for Kerry, Cork and SixPointsUp

  1. well done SixPointsUp, hope you had a few bets with Paddy Power as well.
    Now, what’s your tips for the championship ? Kerry are shaping up strong and already setting eyes on Sep glory but Cork might be waiting to trip them up in Munster.

  2. Thanks Ma-yoman. A lot more luck than skill!

    Youre right about Kerry, they looked good yesterday but its a long four months to the business end in August.

    WJ I’m on for another mini-league as well. Thanks

  3. yeah count me in as well…

    it starts the weekend after this…Our “huge” match against NYC!

    One of the guys over on asks a good question though…Could it be cancelled with the Swine Flu outbreak?

  4. I’ve already signed up to the championship ones on Face The Ball, so count me in as well for any mini league.
    Obviously we’ll all understand if you don’t want to do it agin WJ, after your terrible showing in the league!
    You still finished higher than me though, it has to be said…although I’ve always been one for the championship, the league is pretty irrelevant

  5. Meant to say, congratulations sixpointsup.
    Although you may well suffer the ‘Austin O’Malley’ disease. Looking good in the league, but a major disappointment come championship time!

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