Navan pitch inspection in the morning

Photo: @MeathGAA

Meath GAA announced a short while ago that a pitch inspection of Páirc Tailteann in Navan will be undertaken at 8.30am tomorrow morning.

There’s an LGFA Division Two match on at the venue beforehand – in which Meath take on Monaghan at 11.45pm – hence the “both games” reference above.

Assuming our game does go ahead as scheduled, details of the team Meath have selected for it are here.

20 thoughts on “Navan pitch inspection in the morning

  1. Thanks for that info, Willie Joe. Somewhat unsurprisingly the Official Mayo GAA website does not have it up just yet.

  2. We are not the only county to throw away a lead.
    On the black card and the sin bin if a player is injured and the play stop, does the ten minutes continue to wind down….

  3. Repeating what’s been said before but if it goes ahead AOS should start as bad days suits strong players and backs. It also makes a lottery of it so if we have bigger lads we should play them.

  4. Surely Aidan O’shea should be placed in the scoring zone for a big portion of a game going forward. He’d field a high percentage of marks wouldnt he? Or if not draw a free?

  5. Do people not realise at this stage that Aidan O’Shea’s best position is in midfield? He’s not a big scorer and doesn’t get the frees he perhaps warrants at full forward. We need to develop natural scorers into our forward line.

  6. Was due to fly in from Switzerland tomorrow morning but the flight has been cancelled. Can’t see the game going ahead if the weather forecast materializes.

  7. @ Deja but. Thanks. Open to abuse. Player can’t waste time and fake injury while click roll on for black carded player. Doesn’t make sense to me

  8. Rain is coming down hard here in Dublin . Waiting on pitch inspection before I head off . Going to be a horrible day for Gaelic football if this goes ahead .

  9. I am in Meath and can’t see match going ahead. Storm raging, electricity just gone off.

  10. Need a tactic today to suit conditions, start aido (midfield)and put Diarmuid on the edge of the square

  11. Must win game. With Monaghan on 3 points and yet to play Meath, we will need 6 points at least to stay up. Tyrone looking vulnerable too.

  12. Suprised it’s going ahead
    Could be a real banana skin now…..and potential for more injuries !
    Speaking of which. Not much talk about why Parsons and Higgins aren’t in squad ?

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