Need to maintain the momentum in Mullingar

Up Mayo sheep

The hurdles in this year’s league campaign are now coming up quickly and regularly, with tomorrow’s trip to Cusack Park to play Westmeath coming hot on the heels of last Sunday’s uplifting win over Kerry at MacHale Park. Not forgetting, of course, that Cork are then due in town next weekend following which there’s a slight breather before the trip to Croke Park to play the Dubs at the end of the month.

Last Sunday’s win over the Kingdom was obviously an important result for us but tomorrow’s clash with the Lake County is of equal significance. If we beat Westmeath Β tomorrow and Kerry lose again – they’re at home to Tyrone – then, with head-to-head advantage over the bottom two and four league points to spare over them, just one win from our final three matches would be good enough to keep us in the top flight yet again.

Of more importance, though, is that the good form we showed last Sunday is evident again at Cusack Park tomorrow. There was plenty we didn’t do right in beating the Kerrymen but there was all the same a noticeable improvement in our performance compared to our opening two matches. It’s vital, then, that we build on that and put in another committed showing tomorrow.

We’re huge favourites to win this one – with 92% of you in the poll I’ve just taken down also saying we’ll do it – but that doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed to get the result we want, especially if the kind of errors in our play so evident in those first two frustrating outings creep into our performance. If we play to our potential, we should definitely do the business tomorrow so here’s hoping that this is what we’ll do at Cusack Park.

Safe travelling to all heading for Joe Dolan territory tomorrow. Up Mayo!

36 thoughts on “Need to maintain the momentum in Mullingar

  1. “it’s ewe,, it’s ewe, it’s ewe”….baaaaa. !! πŸ˜‰ Up mayo. Hat trick for Freeman…..

  2. Lets hope we do the biz in Joe Dolam country and there’s a few “good lookin Women” knocking around the Greville Arms Hup Mayo

  3. Well it looks like the Dubs are back in business anyway, Kildare are dragged into the relegation battle now, as they still have to play both Kerry and Westmeath. The result from tonight’s game:

    Dublin 1-22 Kildare 1-12

    A win for us tomorrow would put three teams below us in the table. We’d really be looking at pushing on for a semi-final place then. A loss would drag us into a relegation dogfight which we really don’t want.

  4. There are goals to be had in this game tomorrow.If we don’t get 2 or 3 id be disappointed.Looking for attacking play like the Dubs to and as they did again to nite.Westmeath will play defensive id say .So could be tight up to last quarter.But i think with the intensity that Mayo will be bring to the game i don’t think Westmeath will be able to withstand it for full 70.Freeman will obviously be the target man.If we can get good ball into him and if Doc and Sweeny are in space to collect the ball serious damage could be inflicted.

  5. Dubs were magnificent , people need to start admiring, not a hope of them losing Sam Maguire. It’s staying in the capital , I’m convinced. Their passing tonight was majestic.

  6. Dubs great tonight Fantastic team to watch. If we win tomorrow and Kerry get beat we in a good position with Kerry Kildare and Westmeath below us. I know people will say that’s negative thinking but priority is not to be relegated and after that we re in bonus territory .Up Mayo.

  7. The likes of Dublin ya have to suffocate them before they start their attack.Easier said than done because they always have an inch or 2 on their markers and its flat out pace then all the way.But if you can get on top of them immediately before they start their attack your in business.Kildares attack on a whole was far slower but again when they did speed it up got the goal because they split the Dublin defense and let there be no mistake about it there are some serious weaknesses in the Dublin full back line as there was there was last year.

  8. Yeah that’s the key tomorrow, to take our goal chances when they come, as we did against Kerry rather than blazing them over the bar as we did in the Tyrone match. Derry got a couple of early goals against them last week, which put them in a great position. When Dublin played them, they missed some great goal chances and the game turned into a dogfight then. Westmeath have played very defensively so far, it’ll be very interesting to see if they will play that way tomorrow or if they’ll go for broke with relegation staring them in the face.

  9. Am I missing something, with all Dublins talents , I can’t see how o Gara makes that team.

  10. Kildare missed two open goal chances and three easy points plus Cluxton got away with pushing O’Connor to the ground in the small square that should have been a peno and black card! Scoreline doesn’t tell the full story.
    A good solid 70 mins tomorrow and 2 points home with us. Mayo by 8.
    Already encamped behind enemy lines in preparation. Hon Mayo.

  11. I suppose we’re near enough the mid term in terms of the league campaigne. I’m not that sure where we stand. We lost two games argueably we could have won and we won one game that we could have lost. Tomorrow won’t shine much light no matter how it turns on.

    I expect us to win because we should win but with Mayo anything can happen to quote from one of the most annoying song lyrics in the history of song.

    A good bating could do us the world of good. A good win wouldn’t make that much difference.

    I listened to the club 51 podcast with interest. It is a positive thing but you must bear in mind that when a good player is in difficulty that is the time when he needs your support most. Hennelly in my opinion struck each 45 well and I didn’t appreciate the immediate slow prediictable put downs by my fellow Mayo supporters. Bottom line without Hennellys presence on the field of play, Mayo would be facing into amarachs game without any points.

    I’ll be there tomorrow with my voice and the flag roaring on the only county that I can lay claim too, half way and somewhere in between a luvie and a man who could really bleed red and green.

  12. Yeah mayomaningalway, cutting off their source is the key, to getting on top of them. Paul Flynn actually said that after the All-Ireland final, about Dublin’s first goal (We were getting nothing from Mayo early in the game, so I just played a long ball into their danger area and luckily Bernard Brogran got a touch on it to score a goal). That was the moment the final changed.

  13. @ Nephin
    Ya i cant make up my mind on OGara.When he plays well he is worth a start but i think he is just not consistent.Im not sure if Gavin will use him come championship.

  14. The thing about O’Gara is that he gives them power and strength up-front. That’s the thing about Dublin. They have a lot of variety in their attack. Kilkenny and Alan Brogan give them creativity. Bernard Brogan and Mannion are scorers. Kevin McManamon has pace. Flynn is a worker. Diarmuid Connally can score with both feet. Andrews is reliable, and will get a few scores. Again that was why, when Freeman was taken off in the All-Ireland final, Mayo lost some of their variety up-front. The same thing happened with Keith Higgins been moved back into defence. Dublin have different options for different situations and Jim Gavin seems to be well able to decide which player’s are needed at the right time and in the right position.

  15. Ya we wouldn’t say no to have the scope in the forward line like the Dubs have.

  16. Dubs passing was good but it was helped greatly by the way Kildare gave the ball away time after time. Dublin hit them on the counter attack and every signle one of those nearly got a score. But they didn’t look half as good last week when Cork suffocated them in defense and made them scrap it out.

  17. How come we couldn’t do the same to Kildare ? Dublin are way ahead of the pack if they play at full tilt, they played poorly in AIF last year and still beat us . We are being very unrealistic about certain things as regards our chances imo . We are a very good team but we are not the best team in Ireland and you have to be to win Sam Maguire .

  18. A good win over Westmeath is a must if we’re to have any chance of making the playoffs, on the other hand, anything less would leave us in a dog fight to avoid relegation, that’s how important tomorrows match is. With our last three matches against the three top teams in the League, Cork, Dublin, Derry in that order – there will be no easy points going a begging. This though is exactly what Mayo needs, a few tough matches with everything to play for, as we face into the 2014 Championship.

    Of course the stand out tie will be against Dublin in Croke Park on Saturday evening the 29th March and has all the makings of classic. As well as chasing valuable points Mayo will be hoping to extract some revenge, while the Dubs won’t want to give an inch. The importance of the outcome of this match won’t be lost on either Manager, so one can expect plenty of fire works and a very busy ref ……

  19. Yeah Joe Mike raised that in the interview alright. I was surprised to hear it – from where I was sitting I genuinely didn’t feel that was the case and I’m disappointed to hear Robbie got that reaction. On another day any or all of those misses could have gone over and indeed he has done the business for us many times before and deserves more respect than that. That said, I do think Freeman made the right call and followed through under pressure. But it’d be a cold day in hell before id abuse any player out there regardless of how frustrated you might be – its just not on.

    C’mere, anyone know whether Nally Stand got sorted for a lift tomorrow?

  20. Frankly, I don’t give a fiddlers whether or not we beat them on the 29th as long as we beat them this year when it really counts πŸ˜‰

  21. Sean I agree to a certain extent; I’ve said it before, our path to glory goes through Dublin, so we better prepare for it. Course, we will have to deal with landlines and torpedoes’s along the way, but the ultimate goal is Sam and it will be Dublin in our way, once again.
    While they were very impressive again this evening, they’re lethal at creating and taking scores, I feel they are still very vulnerable at the back too. Kildare were labored in their buildup many times, yet they found many opportunities for goals but ultimately didn’t manage to score them! That leaves me with some confidence that on a given day, we can beat them! It would be nice to bate them in three weeks, but it’s September that really matter.
    Someone mentioned O’Gara, I actually thought he had a massive game and gave Kildare all they could handle, along with Kevin Mac, who in my opinion has worked himself into the starting lineup. What’ a player! Sure isn’t his mother from knock more I think? Alan Brogan looks way off the pace, understandable I suppose, and will be luckily to be on the panel come c’ship with the talent they have.
    They are exciting to watch, that’s for sure.

  22. Kildare hit the post 5 times, that 10 point win was extremely flattering however Kildare have only themselves to blame for some non contact defending.

  23. 2pts today coupled with one more win and the avoidance of any heavy defeats in the other two will be enough to keep us up in Div 1. I’m really hoping that Mayo will go at it full tilt today and drive hard to win this one by a large margin as this would also give our scoring difference a turbo boost – could make all the difference in determining our final standing in the league table in a couple of weeks…

  24. ohh youre having me on, man oh man,traveling down without a jacket was a superb idea so.

  25. True, very true, but a win none the less against the Dubs at headquarters, would be very sweet and give the team and indeed James a much needed and timely boost in confidence. A few years back it was Kerry that haunted us, we sure don’t want the Dubs to become our next bogy team. Anyway that’s for another day, for now lets focus on the game in hand ….

  26. Im going to predict that the sun will appear at 2,30pm and Mayo to win by 10 plus points.So no need for the brolly πŸ™‚

  27. Just checked in with the weather man – overcast with a gentle breeze and the odd light shower. Nothing there that would frighten any stout hearted Mayo man or woman, me think πŸ™‚

  28. I’d agree with you there Mayo McHale, it would be great to get a win in that game alright, against the Dubs. Remember they beat us 3 times last year so we really need to bring that losing streak to an end. Also I thought our win over Donegal last year in the league was a really big boost to us for when we met them in the summer. It gave us a much needed psychological advantage. Before that game, the talk had been that Donegal were an unbeatable team, with an unbreakable system, that they would be All-Ireland contenders for years to come, in the end it turned out to be a myth. It’s the same now with Dublin, everyone is saying it’s Dublin’s All-Ireland title to lose, that they are miles ahead of everyone else, you get the feeling that team’s are almost beaten before they take the field against them. Yes Dublin are a great team but they are not unbeatable. So hopefully those myths will be broken on the 29th of March in Croke Park.

  29. Good interview Anne Marie. I was at the game also and did not detect any bad reaction to Robbie. Rather we witnessed Freeman at the peak of his confidence stepping up and saying this one’s mine. And then nailing it. Remember the 3 long range frees in Newbridge (we should have won that one) and also one against Tyrone. Robbie has some thump of a ball. It clears the black spot about 10m above the bar. He seems to execute the kick too guickly. Take a few more seconds in addressing the ball. Watch the rugby lads as they compose a kick. They dont just put it down and thump it.

  30. We can be lucky that Westmeath didn’t show up for the first 15 minutes. I warned about complacency, people were thinking that all we had to do was to show up. They keep picking Keith Higgins in the forwards but when the house starts coming down who does he bring back to corner back, but Keith Higgins. It’s time to cop on and play the player in his best position and that’s corner back.Our backs especially the half back line all race up the field at the same time leaving huge gaps and leaving our full back line totally exposed, Our centre half back when he goes up the field ,He forgets about getting back to his position. If we play like this on sunday next against cork they will will trash us.

  31. Did you have good day without the brolly mayomaningalway. You must have grown up in a different Ireland to me !!!!!!
    You weren’t too far off on the 10 point win prediction though!!

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