It sounds as if the inter-county exchanges on the booing and all that are beginning to quieten down, which they should at this stage. Hopefully this will help to draw a line under it so we can move on to think more about next Monday’s replay.

All kinds of catcalling are wrong. Mayo supporters – probably outraged (as I was too) about the decision to give that late free to Roscommon – were wrong to give vent to their frustration by booing Donie Smith as he shaped up to take the free. By the way, I haven’t seen the incident again on TV but I accept fully what others have said about it, i.e. that the decision to award the free appeared, in fact, to be correct.

If that was wrong then the constant targeting of Andy Moran by sections of the Roscommon support was doubly so. Attempting to justify Sunday’s carry-on by what happened at a January kick-about in Kiltoom holds no water, in particular given the vile abuse Andy had directed at him, up close and personal, that day. Wrong then, wrong last Sunday too.

But it needs to be noted that both sets of booing last Sunday were carried out by a small minority of people in the 65,000+ attendance at Croke Park. Their actions shouldn’t overshadow what was a special day out for us folk from west of the Shannon, a day when HQ was taken over by fans from Galway, Mayo and Roscommon.

We’re people who, as Ciaran Murphy noted in the Irish Times last week, are all cut from the same cloth. There’s not a whole pile of difference between your average punter from Ballinlough and his counterpart from Ballyhaunis and no amount of yobbo booing should persuade any fair-minded Mayo or Roscommon person that there is.

As well as being united by the fact that we’re all boggers, we’re all football people too. Rob Murphy remarked to me during the game the last day that the Rossie supporters are, if anything, more stone cracked about their football than we are and I think he could have a point. The bottom line, though, is that we’re all passionate about the game and we all want our team to win.

On Monday – barring some unforeseen occurrence (mind you, who’d bet against that in a match involving us this year?) – either ourselves or the Rossies will emerge as victors from this fascinating All-Ireland quarter-final tie. I’m hoping fervently that it’ll be us but if it’s not I know who I’ll be supporting in the semi-final and that’s the neighbours. As all of you should be too.

Back in 1946 – when the world was a very different place – ourselves and Roscommon played out what turned out to be a very controversial Connacht final (more details on which are in the results archive – here). There was a disputed goal the first day – where Roscommon won by a point – and after objections and counter-objections a replay was ordered.

Feelings between the two counties were clearly running high the day the replay took place, a match played at St Coman’s Park in Roscommon. Perhaps in recognition of this and maybe to show that opposing forces can come together in times of adversity, the unique photo above – in which Mayo and Roscommon players mingled with each other, two teams briefly coming together as one – was taken at half-time in the replay.

That, to me, is the real spirit that binds together the people of our two West of Ireland counties. The above photo didn’t, of course, stop the two teams laying into each other afresh after the break that day and equally we shouldn’t expect any kind of brotherly love breaking out between the teams when the ball is thrown in again at Croke Park next Monday.

But what we can expect is that, as neighbouring counties where country decencies still hold sway to a large extent, those mores come to the fore the next day. So, leave off the booing on Monday and concentrate on roaring your own county to victory. May the best team win … with the hope that, unlike 1946, this time it’ll be us.

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  1. That is a superbly written article and sums up exactly how I feel. Fair play.

  2. Sorry WJ, the Rossies are the only Connacht county that I will never support for reasons previously alluded to. Enjoyed the rest of your blog entry though.

    Do we need to rein in a section of our own support ? It’s saddening to see some slightly yobbish tendencies creeping in from a minority.

    Also, if anyone can tell me a place where I could watch the reply in Melbourne, Australia, I’d be much obliged! Thanks in advance.

  3. We’re a house divided the last week and will be until Monday. If we win himself will square his shoulders and shout Mayo onwards as he has the last seven years. He’s been as loud,and as passionate a supporter of the green and red as anyone and will support them against any other team except Roscommon. It goes without saying that if the Rossies emerge victorious I’ll be shouting for them. It works for us and it’s cheaper than a divorce!!

  4. It means nothing to me, I used to watch games in Pint on Punt in St Kilda and if in the city center the celtic Club on queens street was always good for a game

  5. Great piece , really well written , as always whet the appetite to go again , you are some man for one man wj , I’d go as far as to say a legend in your own rite!
    Cmon mayo

  6. Simple but timely piece on what our game is all about.

    Some of the ‘fans’ on both sides really need to get a grip. I don’t think the booing has any effect on the players, but it’s pretty dispiriting to hear it in the stands.

    I had to explain why grown men were bleating like goats each time Moran got the ball to my five year old twins.

    I really resent that and have no time for anyone in green and red repeating this behaviour at the end of the game.

  7. Agree with the piece. Rather than Boo, particularly when an opposition player is taking a free, shout for your county, wave your flag, anything but booing.

    if you have been to games and don’t know how to shout for your county, then learn, or perhaps stay at home and watch the game with your arse firmly planted on your equally silent couch.

  8. Great photos going round today of Barry Solan putting Alexis Sanchez through his paces at Arsenal
    after his Summer holidays.
    What a busy man Barry is, working with the best in GAA and World Soccer.
    Fair dues to him. Doing a great job.

  9. Very fair of you WJ
    Front page of Ros Herald
    Statement from Ros Co Players and management on Monday said that they do not condone the booing of Ballaghaderren man Andy Moran Mayos Star Forward by Roscommon GAA fans on Sunday
    We do not condone this behaviour from any set of fans “but especially our Own ”
    And we believe it has no place in Gaelic games or indeed any sport
    We strongly urge all supporters to please refrain from booing any player.
    We as a team have a value set and we always try and play the game in a sporting manner and expect our supporters to support in a similar manner


  10. hope mayo win did so well to come back from sx point. i see the gooch on the sunday game saying the ros have the advantage i am not so sure.

  11. If Ros beat us I will support them as I would any Connaught County. Back in the early 90’s all of Ulster GAA folk would support whoever represented their province and they reaped the rewards. I live in Galway and cheered Galway’s 2 AI’s, one of them from a Dublin pub but stopped short of taking a ticket off a Galway supporter and going to the game.

  12. We expect the players from both sides to shake hands after each game regardless of how much fireworks there is during the game and it should be the same for the supporters. Be man and woman enough to shake hands afterwards unless there is good reason not too. It’s called supporter for a reason. Support your own and no need to boo the other team. Mayo are the best supporters in the country and everyone knows that. Let’s keep it that way. We’ll shake the rossies hands on Mondsy and in a few weeks we will be shaking the kerry hands. I seem to remember that the mayo players carried the great Dermot Early on their shoulders after his last game against Mayo. Now that’s what I call sportsmanship.

  13. We had more than enough chances to win the game in the last few minutes, so let’s not blame a ref for giving a free in. And fair play to the fella that scored a fine point from that free.
    On the booing, it’s stupid and consumes too much energy that was badly needed elsewhere on the day. I believe today that if the right changes and benchings are made before the ball if thrown in that Mayo will be the ones asking the big questions from Ross
    2 of our bucks need to take a seat and not start and 1 midfielder that appears to be fatigued needs to be positioned elsewhere for this next game. Kirby and loftus up front with coc and stay up there except when tracking a player. And don’t be dragged out, stay in near goal and outfield players have to hit it in early and often. A defender won’t abandon his man in case the ball is turned over and he’s caught out. Our play before scores seems so labored, you’d imagine with the size and ability of our players we should be testing all defenses in every game with the long pass into a number of players near the goal. Instead it’s handpass the ball all the way into position and get turned over
    We do have big players, let’s use the size and power up front and act as thought we are 7 goals behind. If we cover the fb position on Monday and leave Keegan out the field it could be a long day for Roscommon, because as we seen the last day, he’s in top form.

  14. Great piece Willie Joe. Time to move on and concentrate on supporting the lads despite all the madness we are still in it and I think we will progress on Monday tho it won’t be easy we can do it

  15. Coen was adamant that he did not pick the ball off the ground for the equalising score according to Rochford on the Pundit Arena podcast

  16. As for who will win replay I think Ros sideline edged it but Mayo management made some correct calls to. I think Mayo based on 1) Rossies low scoring rate from play after their early purple patch 2) Recovery evening out a bit better with Ros having to recover from a big day in Croker and Mayo not playing 100+ the previous game 3) Mayo’s big game experience 4) McStay was always going to figure out Mayo being a long time supporter and analyst. This time Roch may even it out or get the upper hand like he did vs M Harte last year because we know more about what Ros bring to the table.

  17. Contradicting myself, Ros may still be fresh and will have gained some confidence and recovery might not be a big issue for them. Dublin Joe won’t play a whistling part which is a good thing for the player welfare of the eventual winners.
    Also I think Parsons may be needed but expect SOS to improve.
    Question is do we play Donie or Coen in midfield or Keegan again. Despite Keegan’s great contribution Mayo only had 45% possession in 1st half which has to be our worst such stat vs Ros in many a year. That would tempt me to say AOS should be in midfield for a good bit of this game to turn around the possession stat.
    Also I think Mayo need to freshen it and at the very least give a panelist or 2 a starting role with Diarmaid to lose out and may J Doc or Andy too. Kirby and Nally are my preference but Loftus, Regan, COS or a half back in forwards with sweeper role all positive options. And not forgetting the rabbit out of the hat Alan Dillon option to start or come on.

  18. We need to win throw ins and use as a platform going forward. I don’t think we have won any since clare. I noticed roscommon nr 10 against aidan played the man and got in aidans way and spilled into roscommon hands.

  19. Lads with all due respect, I think Kirby is suffering from “Richie Feeney syndrome”. He appears to be getting better with each game he doesn’t play. I personally think he hasn’t the required fitness to make an impact at the top level. If any of ye have the Derry game recorded, fast forward to around the 60th min when he came on. He chased a ball into the corner at the bacon factory end, lost possession, and was burned for pace by a Derry back (who played 60mins at that stage), Danny looked shattered trying to close him down, must have been 8 yards behind him….all this after only coming on the pitch?. No doubt he has great potential, but for me hasn’t the gas to operate at the top level.

    Theirs no point making 4 or 5 changes for the sake of it, Jason Doc is playing unreal this summer, wins all the dirty ball and is chipping over the odd point. I do agree that seamie needs a rest, but that’s all I’d be changing, Andy is our most accurate forward, no point bringing him on if the game is gone. Loftus is the perfect impact sub, great energy and an eye for goal. Regan has disappointed when introduced, and Boland needs more time, lacks physicality and continually just plays safe hand passes backwards and sideways.

    We just need to tweak what we have, and be more clinical in front of the posts. If we do that we’ll beat the Ross.

  20. May i suggest that both sets of fans refrain from clapping, shouting, whistling or any other loud noises that can trigger micro anxieties amongst certain sections of the crowd. I suggest we replace the above with vigourous flag waving, jazz hands or in the case of a particularly skillful piece of play by one of the sportsmen, a polite golf clap followed with a “bravo”.

  21. In fairness, the free at the end was not a free. The ball was a couple of inches off the ground.

    It was right in front of us. (I wasn’t booing though)

    I can see how it looked like a pickup because he didn’t put the boot under it, but it was off the ground.

    We had been given a line ball earlier that should have been to Roscommon tbh.

  22. We will beat them this time thats all that matters . Andy to get a couple of goals .

  23. Perspective please . Breaffy and castlebar guys to have a tough couple of days with David Gavin memorial . Mayo to win by 3 .

  24. Well who would be a manager, with so many knowledgeable posters,we don’t need a management team,I certainly don’t envy Willie Joe after a match trying to keep manners on posters after a match we did not lose,I cannot agree that Mcstay won the tactical battle,as we both finished even,I believe they both won some battles, eg Lee to midfield, and Smith to full toward,now we can agree that Armagh,Monaghan, and Kerry won the mind games,but neither Mayo or Ros did,also the amount of critics that were way over the top need to take a step back and realize that the players owe us nothing whatsoever, they have gave us the outmost entertainment over the last seven years and when we are just lazing during the winter they are still in the gym and keeping careful on diets,also as some other posters have said that some players have a better chance of winning an all star by not playing, as they grow in status every time they don’t play ,as against the players who do play,now this is not to criticize the fringe players but management see them in training and I am sure if they felt they would improve the team they would have them togged out the day before, also I must have missed something with Ger as I thought he played quite well,I don’t see what management done wrong with sub’s ,as I feel most of the players were out on their feet at the end,I thought the silliest remark this season was the sweaty bus,but after this week with the talk about GPS and stats I feel it is just as silly,all the top teams in all the top sports in the world use them,so they must have some benefit, leave the management to do their work they will beat Ros,up Mayo

  25. Two things that are a bit daft from Mayomanindublin and Mayodunphy. Throw ins, we don’t have a divine right to win them and dependent on where ref throws the ball. In earlier games AOS won lots of them easily but if it breaks it becomes 50 50.
    Kirby’s game is based on good score taking and decision making / distribution. Anyone who plays knows the first few minutes can be lung bursting so I wouldn’t read too much into one example. Management used him as midfielder in league so his fitness can’t be bad. He doesnโ€™t show up as a speedster but we’ve seen Tom P burned on occasion and other times make sprints to disposses players excellently. I would guess that most of the bigger players are below average on sprinting and stamina drills. Can’t imagine AOS wins any stamina drills and he’s at best half way up the pack in speed… but on front foot game sprinting over 10m he’s explosive.
    Tom P and Donie are stamina freaks for big men but generally with big guys you’re looking for strength, ball winning, free winning, hits and if a big man is a scorer that’s a big bonus. Kirby is very accurate indeed. If started it would probably be at FF.
    Would be hoping his high ball winning has improved from his introduction in league game vs Donegal where he struggled a bit on the McGees (who admittedly are/were pretty good) but when he drifted out to HF showed an ability to spray kick passes.

  26. Ger was badly exposed for the second goal. His marker won the ball unchallenged and set up the inrushing murtagh. At this level one mistake like that can cost you the game. I think cafferkey needs to be dropped with maybe Vaughan to line out there instead. Suggestions that the cumbersome 2017 version of Seamus o shea could play full back are foolish. He was gassed by half time last week and only for parsons came on instead of him with 10 mins left we’d be out of the championship. In fairness seamie was brilliant in the final replay last year after a similar dire performance in the drawn game so he’s worth a start the next day, just about.

  27. I’ve said it before, these lads owe no one but themselves. I think the whole booing thing has got a bit out of hand, though I was disappointed to hear it at the time, as were many Ross supporters around me. But it’s a non issue. I’m going to be the ultimate key board warrior here and give my two cents on what I would do, for nothing more than the craic, we all need some light relief! I’d put leeroy in at chf and let him off, run down their throats all day long. Drop aido into cm, drop seamy for Vaughan, bring Chrissy back to the corner, put harry in fb, and put Keith at 6. I’d then look to spring s fresher seamy and parsons at 50 mins. I’d also bring coen in to the hb line and detail him on smith. I love these guys, they’ve done so much for us, given us great great days, I want it for them so badly.

  28. At some point the next day for 20 mins at least Mayo should have Aidan, Kirby or Barry inside at full forward and land in a few well placed high balls. How good are the Ros full back line under high ball? We don’t know- they could be very weak. Galway, and Mayo the last day didn’t send in one decent long high ball to test full back line. After the good performane against Cork – we were back to our old habits against Ros of playing balls into Andy and Cilian running away from goal towards the corner flag and no support then when they won the ball. Agree with WJ – this is a game of football – let’s go back to enjoying the game – support our own to the end – have respect for the opposition. Always remember the player you are shouting abuse at has family at the game and could be sitting beside you. Ask yourself the question – would you like other people shouting the same insults about your own brother or son.

  29. I had a run in with Rossie supporters ( middle aged men) way back in 1986 / 87 at a championship match in Castlebar, I was 15 or 16 at the time, the subject in dispute was the territory of Ballaghadereen, I was never one to back down on the pitch or off the pitch, my older Brother diffused the situation.
    I witnessed a fight in the terrace behind the goal at the Connacht final in Castlebar in 2004, teenagers from Ross and Mayo started a full punch up.
    In all my years going to Croke Park, I have never witnessed anything that bad, even in the hostile Hill 16 / David stand. The only thing I can’t stand in Croker is the booing, the Dubs are the worst culprits for this, usually when a player takes a free kick into the Hill or when a player is being introduced in the team line up and ( reminds me of the one time I was in Old Trafford). Mayo supporters are guilty of this also, but do it in response to the Dubs, The Donegal supporters are lethal for this also when playing the Dubs.
    This booing is rotten and supporters should not join in with the few idiots that do it to get a reaction. Keegan receives a lot of it from the Dubs supporters
    PS, when I was at the Mayo v Cork match back in 2011, I was sitting right behind a Claremorris man in the Cusack stand, he cursed Cork and the referee for the entire match, some people actually moved away, funny thing I found out that this fella was never into football or attended matches in his home town.

  30. I agree with high ball in but we must also deliver quality Andy Moran wins a lot of ball but there is too many times he is left isolated and the ball is either lost or has to be recycled out and around the house…it is energy sapping stuff to generate one score.

  31. Wifi all of a sudden ….en Bretagne!.. Et au jeu….!!! No swarm defence ….legs? Not one off the shoulder …. legs? How many bad passes… legs!Not Andys day from the off and left on till……? Cillians misses..legs?How can Lof do anything when on so late? Boyler off and why?.What was wrong with TP and then to be thrown on then? Rochford seems to have just an Aaaa game with this team!! But really they looked worn out …..and yet I’ll back them to cross the line in first place the next day.Anything beyond that will be just another day out!
    Even my wife says that ‘they didn’t seem to have a clear pattern of play’. Their consistency is…they keep on coming back says she and she never kicked a ball in her life! The overall picture depicts a team over managed or else on the verge of extinction.Theres a great lot of territory between those two points I know and none of us much wish to spell it out clearly but it is true that no team in the history of the game has ever done what this one has and on that point I think we alllll need to appreciate this and proceed into the days ahead with confidence and pride.
    There’s a call for an unleashing of shackles and a licence issued to bring the game to the opposition. It appeared much of the time that the green and reds were the underdogs on Sun.Surely, if we can score two goals for Dublin,allow Ros two early goals, play the last day with an ineffective MF….two main forwards way below par, FB finding his feet…goal keeper caught napping and mentors on the line seemingly hummin’and hawin’ then the omens can be pretty good for the rest of this term.
    We don’t know what’s goin on back stage but we do feel that it can be incisive…I will only say that Mc Stay once reffed an U-16 game between Mayo and Ros back in time … a challenge in Hyde and the aftermatch consensus was one of universal acclaim……. for the support and encouragement that he was offering to both sides on the day ….I’m only saying what I know for sure and don’t wish to be pissing on anyones tune in anyway.
    And I’m not too sure of where to go from here except to say what I’ve said oft times before as others have and that’s …….we, on a team basis need to see our game as through a periscope ….we see our target and set aim to manufacture a score ….through proper precise movement …. like a fucking dance in which the steps are marked out on the floor and numbered to the tune of a recognisable rhythm and pattern ….Is this too much to ask of this team at this time or have we indeed seen nothing yet? Or else it is …we re not up to it …. and so be it!

  32. Have we got a jack in the box and is our management prepared to play it.
    Are we seriously considering dropping g a guy who has scored 9 I repeat 9 points from play in the last 3 games??????

  33. I was about 15 yards away from the pickup that was`t. It looked fine to me. Anyway … that`s all water under

    the bridge now. Lets focus more on being two points up near the end as we were against Cork. The insurance

    score DV.

    Lastly – – – not tempting the fates but what happens if it finishes level?

  34. I love my county and I love my team and I always trust those in charge to do the right thing. I believe we have a 1 to 26 who are more than capable. Again I suggest we finish with our best 15 whatever that may be-I know who I think that might be but there is no point in me putting forward names as it means nothing. Will we do what gavin did against us in AI replay and mix it up-no I dont TBH?
    As for booing opponents frees which I first witnessed v Cork can we go back to chanting mayo mayo mayo as we so often did in the past or is that a generational thing that has died a death????

  35. The image at present out there in GAA land is of a Mayo team on its last lap, burdened down by mileage in the legs and unfulfilled dreams. Many expect them to be run off their feet by Roscommon next Monday
    Wouldn’t it be just great then to change that narrative. Suppose Stephen Rochford selected the following panel members to start next Monday – Boland, Kirby, Regan, Nally and also give Barry Moran a run out as a rehersal for a marking job on Kerry’s full forward Donaghy, if Mayo get over Ros. Irrespective of the legitimacy of the tiredness argument it is irresponsible not to be seriously blooding new talent otherwise we face a cliff edge sooner rather than later. Succession planning one would hope was part of the Managers job description.
    Even if they all don’t prosper next Monday, it would still be the right thing to do. In addition it gives some of the senior players at least half-a-game off.

  36. Super piece WJ, well timed and very relevant. I thought McQuillan was poor from where I was sitting, but when I watched it back on tv I didnt think he was not quite so bad. I detest the black card but it exists and I thought Ros should have got at least one on Sunday. Diarmaids yellow was ridiculous and Aiden was impeded for both throw ins resulting in 2 Rossie points. I think tv also showed Coen did pick the ball off the ground. Anyway looking forward its all very well calling for 4 or 5 changes but management would be silly to do that. Possibly start Loftus, but at whose expense. Even a below par Andy was our top forward scorer from play. Still to be convinced by Kirby or Regan so forward replacements are a bit thin on the ground, hence the constant use of Drake, Vaughan and Coen as subs. Need Cillian closer to goals to pose a greater threat. I expect another really tight game but I expect Mayo to be more physical and aggressive. I thought last Sundays game was clean and sporting. It could be a bit nastier the next day. Mayo to shade it by 2

  37. Well said Willie Joe. There is more uniting ourselves and the Rossies than dividing us, and the game the last day was played in a sporting manner. Hopefully the supporters will take their lead from the teams and cut out the booing. I think Mayo supporters need to up their game in relation to chanting and noise. Despite the car crash nature of Daithi O Shea at half time, the Rossies were far more vocal, and this was the case throughout the match

  38. I’m afraid succession planning has nothing to do with the current manager in any intercounty team. Rochfords job is to play the best available players to Mayo at this moment in time, in the correct positions. He doesn’t give a shit about the 2020 season and who might be playing where, and why should he? He will be judged on this season not the future. It’s all about the here and now.

  39. Mayo exile, there’s no way changes that drastic will happen because Ros have to be taken very seriously. They made plenty of mistakes the last day and will probably improve.

  40. I never boo opposition players or cheer when they kick a wide. It’s so immature and disrespectful.

  41. Clarke
    Harrison Vaughan Higgins
    Keegan Coen Durcan
    Aos Parsons
    Mcloughlin Doherty Nally
    Loftus kirby Cillian

  42. i agree W.j. no room for booing in the game from either side
    the Rossies surprised me and probably surprised the mayo team and management also
    their tackling was very physical but within the rules ..just …
    i agree with TO WIN JUST ONCE.. Aidan was impeded at both throw ins ,which looked like a plan …..the Rossies scored directly from the throw in in the second half and gave them impetus and belief

  43. To the poster further up who asked what happens if it ends in a draw on Monday .
    There will be extra time.

    One thing worries me on Monday`s game.The 2 Murtaghs and Enda Smith are bound to play better, while for us, Lee Keegan is unlikely to score 1-3 again…Tight margins.

  44. Observer 2 – what should worry Roscommon is that Cillian, , Diarmuid, Andy and Aido are likely to improve, and I would expect Seamie to as well.
    If we get that and Tom can recover from what ever it is that ails him, the margins might not be tight at all.

    Plenty room for our bucks to improve from the last day. Countless mistakes made by our lads that I don’t expect they will want to repeat.

  45. Aido..seamie…cillian are also unlikely to play as below par aswell……(hopefully!) Also hoping rochy has a surprise up his sleeve like starting dillo against Tyrone last year

  46. How many High tempo Consecutive Championship Games have Roscommon played in recent years without a number of weeks break. None that I can remember. Mayo had 4 if not 5 good chances in the last 5 to 7 min to win. I re-watched the match again and some of the Roscommon players were out on their feet those last few minutes. Every one is saying how tired Mayo were and that our legs are gone – will Roscommon be able to recovery with this quick turn around. Mayo are more experienced with the quick turnaround of games and time management will be vital the next day. I cant see Roscommon play any better than they did the last say . so its all the way for me for a Mayo Win.

  47. Two or three posters have referenced the two throw ins. I’ve watched and rewatched them over and over. The Ros strategy was obvious. Aido’s direct opponent had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the ball or where it might land. On both occasions he simply impeded Aido. Both were fouls but hey?… it’s Aiden O’Shea we’re talking about here. From experience we all now know that you would almost need an ambulance on the field before he gets a free.

    Sorry to bring up the disgraceful booing again. Anyone who thinks it might have put Andy off doesn’t know Andy. Counterproductive is a word which springs to mind.

  48. I expect both teams to play better in terms of shooting. Ros’ first half stats were poor and Mayo’s good apart from Andy. In 2nd half Ros improved a bit and Mayo deteriorated. Ros really should have had 3 or 4 more on the board as some of their wides were very scorable. Most of ours were poor shot selection especially Andy’s 3 misses. Mayo also played some poor kick passes which was probably from bit of mental fatigue but more so not allowing enough for tricky pitch conditions.
    I expect different players to shine the next day and repeat of high intensity which was a positive for both teams. Kerry managed 1-18 albeit in lower intensity game and I think Monday’s winners will need at least 1-15.

  49. Many thanks Athlonerossie, there are obvious a few decent skins left in Ros ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will give one of those establishments a try.

  50. All I can describe lee Keegan as is an absolute warrior and probably Mayo’s greatest player of all time

    I think we will take them the next day , only lee, Higgins , Harrison , Boyler and Paddy durcan performed

    Big games in a lot more …….Come on lads , there’s life in the dog yet !!!

  51. Thinks it’s nonsense to be honest about people giving out about the booing of Andy Moran

    It’s sport at the top level it happens , one way to answer it though is next Monday !!!

  52. Watched game again last night. Coen did not touch the ball on ground. Dodgy decisions both ways. Mayo very lucky to get draw and serious improvement required. Roscommon kicked some horrendous wides and showed lots of nerves. Expect first game to stand to them and seriously concerned if we do not play to our potential.

  53. With Roscommon releasing the statement asking their supporters not to boo or jeer Andy Moran, maybe the Mayo supporters who are using the picture of Andy Moran kissing the Mayo crest on his jersey (after he scored his winning goal against Roscommon in Kiltoom) as their facebook, twitter main profile picture should change the picture to the one of Andy Moran sitting on the Croke Park pitch with his daughter, to show our support for Andy in that way. We can’t let them get one up on us by taking the morale high ground. Let that be an end to it, then go out and beat them on the field of play next Monday!

  54. There have been a number of reactions to criticism of the team or performance with comments of “this team owes us nothing”. I agree to a certain extent with that statement but I think it misses the point. There has been some criticism of individual players but I think the frustrating thing for most people, and this is where the criticism is directed is that we do not seem to be getting the most out of the panel, and the criticism is with management, the style of play and in game tactical and substitution decisions. not the players

  55. Roscommon don’t give a damn about Andy Moran or booing etc. It’s a cheap attempt to take the distraction away from their behaviour and let them concentrate on the game.

  56. Good point Ger, I just thought that it was a bit silly for people in Mayo to be using the Andy Moran picture all week before the game. We are meant to be the mature team who needed to go out and do a professional job. We needed to be cold, clinical and just get the job done. I didn’t see the need for some of our supporters to be trying to rile up Roscommon. That was the last thing that we needed, as you could see that the Roscommon team and supporters were riled up to the last on Sunday. I suppose that’s why Kerry go in for the mantra of killing their opposition with kindness, plamas etc. before the game and then batter them on the pitch in a professional or otherwise way if needed (like they did against Galway).

  57. We would want to learn a bit from Kerry about how to approach big games. They talk up the opposition before every game – tell them they are great and expect a tough game. Kerry go out and hammer the team then – and tell them after the game they are still a great team, were in hard luck and the scoreline didn’t reflect the game. Watch them talk up Mayo or Ros after next Monday – and they will then go out and beat any of us comfortably.

  58. I reckon both management teams are probably secretly delighted about all this boo gate stuff. The teams are quietly going about their business…not a whisper from the Mayo camp.

  59. Agree with east cork exile. A panel of players required to win an all ireland. Substitutions offer different tactical options but do not weaken team. We could arguably be going into an all ireland sf with many of our subs having little or no game time. Its not exactly a vote of confidence in them either. Ultra cautious approach will be the rock we will perish on, eventually. Next Monday offers us one last chance to be adventerous

  60. Sport should be sporting. Booing individual players or free takers is bollox.
    Shout louder than opposition fans if ye can, fine get upset at any dodgy decisions but when the game is done it’s done.
    But if booing happens it happens. Bar pointing out its a sporting event there’s little else ye can do, giving out to a yobbo will only make him worse.

  61. It’s not too long ago that we had a very close escape against roscommon in the Hyde. Think Andy came on and saved the day with a.couple of great points. We’ve done pretty well since then. Okay so we didn’t win Sunday but we will win Monday. In one sense the poor old rossies haven’t got out of connacht yet. Okay so they won the connacht final but then they are drawn against us so are still playing connacht football. We have 2 munster and an ulster team knocked out. The most positive aspect of last Sunday is that 2/3’s of the lads underperformed. Won’t happen again Monday. Roscommon played pretty much as well as they could have hoped. It wasn’t enough to win. We will win on Monday, and if the lads that didn’t perform Sunday put in a performance we’ll be all smiling Monday evening. Mayo played probably to 55% of their potential I think Roscommon played around 90% of their potential. It ain’t goin to happen again. Mayo flags to be flying high Monday evening.

  62. Ros statement is 100% spot on what I’d like to hear on the subject, not any attempt to gain high moral ground by them. I’ve no doubt Ros players don’t want their fans booing anyone.
    Time to move on from boogate now and concentrate on football.

  63. Really looking forward to Monday… Think both teams can improve but reckon we could beat them by 4/5 points..which would be enough to be written off against Kerry

  64. Revelino, I don’t agree with your assessment if Rossies performance. I think Mayo 55% is probably about right but some of Rossies misses were easy ones I wouldn’t expect them to repeat. I would say they put in a huge effort but were at 75-80% allowing for shooting so there’s more in them if they don’t choke from the pressure on Monday. I expect a smarter game plan (and more learned) by Mayo who hadn’t much to go on tactics wise prior to last Sunday. I am expecting a superior quality game from Mayo for sure and Maybe the Rossies too so we could be in for a treat.

  65. Pet hate – will people please stop using soccer expressions to name players- “Aido”, “Boyler” etc. And Lee if you were christened “Leroy” then I apologise!
    Another thing, no one has mentioned the condition of the pitch and how it affected our scoring chances, on many occasions the last day I saw our players loose their footing just as they were about to let fly. I believe Kevin Mc Stay made a comment on the poor standard of the surface. Hopefully next Monday we will have a dry surface and then we will see the quality of our forwards.

  66. Regarding possible fatigue factor and Mayo , Meath played nine games between the 2/6 and 18/8/91 which included extra time in two games, they played Down in the Final but only lost because there star forward at the time Colm O’ Rourke was injured and only played part of the second half (Teams were not as conditioned then as they are at present). Fatigue should not be an excuse for not playing up to form. Mayo need to improve to beat Roscommon, but it can be done. I totally agree with Kerry’s attitude prior to big games (Talking up the opposition),they have won 37 titles it is part of a winning formula, why not copy it here in Mayo?

  67. The thing is even when James Horan was managing us we were conceding bad goals and not getting enough of a return from our forwards in the biggest games. The same under Holmes and Connelly. This is still happening to us under Stephen Rochford.

    We concede goals that none of the other big teams do, or more often anyway. Then at the other end we can’t be expecting Lee Keegan to do the scoring for us or Colm Boyle or Paddy Durcan.

    Why not start with Conor Loftus at no. 12 and Evan Regan at no. 13 the next day. Give them a chance to see if they can trouble the scoreboard. What have we got to lose. If its not happening for them then we can always bring on Jason Doc or Diarmuid O’Connor (who looks like he needs a rest), if we start Conor and Evan instead of them, be that after 25 minutes or whenever needs be.

  68. The Roscommon County Board have to be admired with their condemnation of the booing of Andy Moran, and to be fair it was a minority…. The serial worst offenders in this regard are Dublin supporter’s, and when you are in the Hill, you will see it’s not such a minority… It would be great if official Gaa authority’s would condemn this behaviour as well. It would also be worthwhile if the Dublin County Board, did just as the Roscommon County Board and issue a statement to that effect…. For that to happen, both would have to recognise that this diabolical behaviour has existed for years on the Hill…. And that won’t happen, the absolute ‘Myth’ must be propagated that the Dublin fan’s are the most gracious the world ever seen and that would not do at all…. Mind we are not all saint’s in Mayo either, Diarmuid Connolly would not want to be too sensitive on occasion when Dublin played Mayo.. I know there were reasons behind it, but booing is booing all the same… It’s something that I meant to post many time’s, on occasions some poster’s on this site, when the subject of Diarmuid Connolly is in vogue, keep bringing up some other events that has nothing to do with football,… I don’t think that is fair, deal with the football not something else… Anyways as for Monday next, Mayo need fresh leg’s, I hope Rochford has the courage to look at the performance of the some of his top name’s last Sunday, and bring in other new players on this considerable panel…
    I believe their were reasons for some of these players not reaching the required level, namely the extra time game in Limerick with only 8 day’s recovery after a very long championship campaign to date,… That will be the same for Monday as well… Start Vaughan for SOS,.. Kirby for AOS, Cafferkey was better against Roscommon than he was versus Cork, but is he up to the level? I suggest that he is not,.. Why not try Nally in the defence, maybe not at full back, but someone else can do that job in a rearranged back Six. These players that would lose out on a starting position can always be brought on when their are tired legs… On Sunday last, Eamonn Fitzmorris acted swiftly in removing James O Donohoe, 2014 Player of the year from the fray in a match where Kerry were always comfortable …You are only as good as you are right at the moment in Kerry, and that is the ruthless way to the best, Kerry should know!

  69. To be fair Gerard that example couldn’t be more incomparable with this Mayo side

    For one the demands and intensity of modern day football are light years ahead of 26 years ago, while this Mayo team has been on the road for a good 5/6 years now

    This Mayo side’s game is more physical than most sides and is based more around stamina and explosive play

  70. Gerard the Meath team say that they would have won the AIF if they had played all there games one week apart–going back to training was apain in the arse.Also they got their matchups in FBL wrong

  71. Won’t contradict yea Shuffly Deck but do think we have more room for improving than they do Would love to see us creating simple scores on Monday. They showed a speeded up replay on the sunday game a few weeks ago of how much work and how far mayo travel to make some of their scores. Jaysus, it looked like a Benny Hill video. Up the field then moving laterally then moving backwards. It actually looked funny when they showed it speeded up.
    I think all in all the rossies have to be more dissapointed not to have won Sunday looking back on the 7 point lead they had but on the other hand will be happy they hung in there when the onslaught came. Mayo team will be dissapointed that they didn’t play altogether well but at least don’t have to question whether they left it behind them. Could have won it but at least didn’t squander any big lead. That would have been hard to digest.for the week.

  72. Catcol reffed the Donegal v Galway game and the Roscommon V Leitrim game off the top of my head. Very fussy with the black card but hopefully he will have learned from the stupid one he gave Murphy against Galway

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