New commercial role is a positive development

The announcement yesterday by Mayo GAA that a full-time commercial role within the organisation is being created is, for sure, a positive development. The job, which is being offered initially as a 12-month contract, is for a Chief Commercial Officer and, as begets such a lofty title, it comes with a wide-ranging list of commercial and marketing responsibilities.

As an organisation, Mayo GAA has grown into quite a financial behemoth in recent years. Its revenues have grown strongly year-on-year but so too have its costs, in particular in relation to team training expenses.

This is money that simply has to be spent if we’re to have any hope of continuing to punch at the weight we’ve all become accustomed to since 2011. Based on the 2018 accounts, this means annual income and expenditure – which, let’s face it, is only going to increase – of over €3 million each.

These sums, vast as they are, only relate, in the main, to operating expenditure and income of a recurrent and so largely, though not wholly, predictable kind. That still leaves a major gap in relation to cash that needs to be generated for major capital projects, including the Lough Lannagh base and, one hopes, significant – and well overdue – work on the playing surface at MacHale Park.

The recruitment of this senior commercial person offers us the chance to seek out new revenue lines and to build different sustainable revenue streams. Mayo GAA is an extremely strong sporting brand, one that generates enormous goodwill across the country and abroad, and it’s a brand that can, for sure, attract additional revenues. The aim of the new role will be to make this happen and so it’s a development that is as welcome as it is timely.

Full particulars on the job, including – for those interested – how to apply are here. The closing date for applications is Friday, 5th April.

26 thoughts on “New commercial role is a positive development

  1. Great news and despite being critical at time of the CB at times I think Mike Connelly has achieved a considerable amount during his time as chairman. Expectations need to be tempered though, as without the proper supports and backing the role could easily become a poisoned chalice. It will take time to develop new relationships with businesses and potential donors but if we get the right person this will be a game changer.

  2. Its positive but in reality on a 12 month contract you are unlikely to get a real professional with a strong background in a commercial role

  3. Hopefully we see this new commercial manager can get after the likes of Baxter, Coca Cola , Allergan, Hollister, CBE, Smyths Toys, McHale engineering and Ashford Castle for Sponsorship.
    Why not try and get some of Mayos wealthiest people on board like JP McManus has done with the Limerick Senior Hurling team. The Billonaire Glen Dimplex owner Martin Naughton has strong connections in Belcarra and Charles Kenny from Westport who owns a Property company in Dublin is not far off the billion .The County Board have never pushed hard for extra sponsorship like Kerry and Dublin have.Mayo is the 2nd biggest County brand in Gaelic football after Dublin.

  4. The fact that this is only a 12 month contract tells us all we need to know. We are not going to attract the right person in that timeframe and how can we expect the person to implement a long term viable commercial plan for the county when all the county board see fit is to offer a 12 mont role.

    The person we need is person with experience in business development and negotiation. Reported salary plus the 12 month contract does not instill me with hope that this role will attract the person we need.

  5. are another company who could help out with Mayo sponsorship owned by Castlebar man Niall McGarry.

  6. They might already know who they want for this. It would only suit someone with cash in the bank and time on their hands.
    Its possible there is a candidate like that lined up. As long as they have commercial experience it could work fine.
    If you have a long term contract and its not working then it turns out to be an expensive venture.
    Gavan Duffy was in a fulltime role for Connacht Rugby which was very like this but i suspect someone like that needs a long term contract.

  7. Re Pat: If it’s not working out you let them go with statutory redundancy. Don’t know how that would be an expensive venture. We should be showing that we are committing to this long term.

    Agree re your point about this suiting someone with cash in bank and time on hands. You won’t attract high calibre individuals outside that bracket.

  8. The person I’d love to get this job would be the connacht rugby CEO and ballina native Willie Ruane…heard him speak once at the mayo business awards and was very impressive…appeared to have a genuine interest in mayo gaa…plus he comes a strong finance banking background…

  9. Willie unfortunately won’t be available for the foreseeable future but he would be a good candidate next time around!! Played for the Stephenites before having a successful rugby career then played for Knockmore after retirement from rugby!!

  10. Turnip head
    Letting someone go is never that easy. Not whrn the lawyers get involved. Thats the risk they are trying to mitigate i suspect

  11. Hi All,
    Just a quick post to wish Mayo all the best of luck tomorrow, I know it can be a struggle for Mayo sometimes in McHale Park but a Mayo v Kerry League Final would be a great game. Hope to see you all again in the Super 8s if we get there cheers.

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  12. @ Martin the Dub.
    Ye have as good a chance as we have…
    Stay calm and keep the faith ….

  13. Fair play JH You designed a plan for the league and you had the courage to see it through to the final league game. I am over the moon about the team named for the final game. if JH set out to win the league we would have won the Mayo v Dublin game by 3 points + in my opinion. For what its worth this is the best league we have had since 2014. Jh is a great manager like it or not. Best wishes to EOD tomorrow. Never doubted he would be involved during the summer. Watch out for M McRuane, F. McDonagh, Sephen C, James D, EOD, D Drake in defence , F Boland this summer

  14. Willie Ruane a great Ballina man, but i believe a great Knockmore woman persuaded him to kick ball with them in the end.

  15. Turnip Head, not exactly true. You make the position redundant, not the person. So, the actual job would have to cease for the person to be made redundant. If, for instance, the position was a 3 year contract but after 12 months the candidate is a disaster and you want to get rid of him/her, then the county board would have to pay out the remaining 2 years in order to keep the lawyers at bay. That’s an expensive day out.
    Therefore, a 12 month deal limits the financial exposure for the county board. In truth, the almost certainly have their man lined up already.

  16. Pebblesmeller,
    You outline the position re redundancy very well. If you enter a contract you have to fulfil that contract or enter prolonged and expensive negotiations, probably paying two sets of expensive lawyers to end it as well as paying up on the contract.

  17. I’m sure they have their preference lined up already and I’m guessing Willie Joe might know who it is?

  18. I’ve no idea, Joet1480. There’s an appointment process underway so I think it’s best to let this happen and see who gets the job arising from this.

  19. Fair play martin the dub ..
    Dubs will enjoy watching the final for a change before the return of Connolly anf ocarrroll fot the all out assault ..
    I cant see ye being stopped

    Monaghan to win for me .. hope im wrong

  20. Just curious all the same about the process.
    From a legislation point of view, are the County Board exempt from making this publicly available like other organizations/groups?

  21. Re Pebblesmeller: I’m sure to mitigate against a disastrous candidate the CB could have given the position a full time position with a 12 month probationary period. A full time position is likely to result in a very competitive recruitment process.

    Anyway it is what it is.

  22. These few points really jumped out when I read the essential qualifications.
    1. A passion for Gaelic Games and an understanding of the unique structures of the GAA;
    2. Knowledge and understanding of Mayo GAA;
    3. Exceptional interpersonal skills and experience of building strong business relationships and working with multiple stakeholders

    Points 2 and 3 will really be a test for someone from a non GAA background!

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