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New Mayo jersey

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Whatever about the admin arrangements ahead of tonight’s bash at the Sportlann, the stuff unveiled at the event itself all sounds positive enough. Top of the list in this respect was the unveiling of the new Mayo jersey for 2015. I like it – the return of the red band across the front is a welcome nod to the traditional county jersey design and the look and feel appears similar enough to the Design 1a prototype that the County Board sought views on last month.

The new jersey will go on sale before Christmas so between that and Conor Mortimer’s book (a copy of which I bought earlier on today and which I’ll do a review of here in due course) the options for Christmas pressies for the Mayo GAA nut that’s near and dear to you are looking fairly healthy this year.

That wasn’t all that was revealed at tonight’s event. As well as the Cairde Mhaigheo 2015 launch, it was also announced tonight that shirt sponsors Elvery’s have extended their contract with the county until “at least” 2020, which surely makes it the longest such tie-in to be announced by any county. I’ve no idea what the commercials are on this new deal with the county’s long-running shirt sponsors but hopefully we’ll be getting a good bang for our buck over the coming five years.

Aside from that, the County Board also announced tonight a three-year player welfare programme. This sees Dr Sean Moffatt appointed as Mayo GAA Medical Director with Liam Moffatt as lead physiotherapist. Both of them spoke at the event tonight and I’m sure what they had to say will be reported on in detail in the locals over the coming days, as no doubt will the contributions made at tonight’s event by Pat Holmes and Noel Connelly.

The snippets picked up about tonight’s meeting, by the way, come courtesy of @MayoGAA, @mayonewssport and @ColmGannon.

But back to the new jersey, what do you reckon to it? Time to vote.

Do you like the newly designed Mayo jersey?

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18 thoughts on “New jersey and more

  1. Excellent news and only a month ago I remember us all going mad about the medical team not being retained!

  2. I have to say I do like it, it must be the missing jersey 1 C !! All sounds positive enough too from tonight’s launch. Delighted to hear Elverys extending their sponsorship till 2020 “at least” Good to hear about the “player welfare” programme too, I was worried about that aspect with the managerial changeover.

  3. Despite my disappointment in regards Cairdre tickets, I Love the New Jersey and great to hear of medical and sponsorship announcements.

  4. Who the màyo new medical team may I ask màyo team jersey I really nice. But will the colour change if màyo meet kerry Best of luck to ballintubber and they give it everything

  5. Have checked your earlier post Willie Joe on the options at the time and it seems to be different again – better in the sense of no white trim of any sort. Still don’t like the absence of a proper collar.

    Thought the Springboks’ jersey looked very well last night, and the Irish alternative strip terrible. Still it didn’t stop them doing the business.

  6. Congrats to the design team it is a lovely jersey. If I was to be picky I would like to see a small link of red across the back of the jersey but I think it’s a good choice. I hope all that wear it will be safe and well rewarded. Comhghairdeas le gach duine ata bainteach.

  7. Catcol wouldn’t suit Conor Mortimer (who says he will be available for selection) not to be able to turn the collar up!!!

  8. Is this a joke the mort coming back if they bring him back it would be 10 steps backwards he is not a team player. Well done to ballintubber today.

  9. Ah Cait, back off on the Mort would you? Whatever else may be said about him, he still is the county’s all-time top scorer and deserves a bit of respect as a result.

  10. Take your point Wensamsuun about Mortimer’s collar. The white would reappear too for displaying his ‘messages’.

    But here is another question. Do O’Neill’s pay for the appearance of their name in a prominent position on the new jersey?

  11. Nice geansai. The red band and darker green are harking back to the olden days. When we were shite! New geansai, new management team, new medical structures (despite all the furore), new chairman in the pipeline and time for a new attitude.
    Roll on the FBD.
    Hon Mayo.

  12. Will màyo still have the red jersey the one they had against Kerry. Wonder what new lads the new manager will bring in.

  13. Pebblesmeller, I had to laugh at that 😀 Hopefully we won’t be shite in this one!

    I’m not a major fan of the jersey myself but it’s just personal taste I guess – I don’t like the chequered feature or the shape of the band, but plenty of others will like it. And that said, wouldn’t bet against me being spotted wearing it next February. And as I said elsewhere I wouldn’t give a fiddlers if Mayo togged out in loincloths made from the skin of albino ferrets for the Championship, as long as they were seen standing on the steps of the Hogan next September.

    I overheard an interesting conversation in MacHale Park yesterday, where someone who would be (very) much in the know suggested that one of the reasons the medical team were brought back into the fold was the volume of objections raised at their departure. I can’t claim to know where those objections came from (players, the public, clubs) but the source, who I won’t reveal, is pretty reliable 🙂 It’s good to know that not every decision is set in stone and I think it’s very good news for the panel.

    Mike Finnerty did a lengthy interview with Noel and Pat last week, broadcast on MWR yesterday – it wasn’t fire in the belly inspiring stuff by any means, but rather, it was measured, realistic and it sounds like neither of them are suffering from a shortage of appetite for the job.

    Yesterday was the first time since that fateful day in Limerick that I have felt genuinely optimistic about next year’s chances – I think I’ve turned a corner 🙂

  14. Delighted to see red hoop on front of Jersey. I am a bit of a traditionalist regarding county colours, Kerry and Kilkenny tend not to mess with the jersey.

    Elverys seem to have come up with a tempting offer in securing shirt sponsorship and am I correct in thinking naming rights for the ground over the next five years? Bearing in mind Mayos high profile status over the last 25 years but particularly over the last 10, that’s some coup.

    AIG with Dublin have pledged in excess of over 2€ million to the county over a similar term. Indeed I was impressed with the media attention the Dubs got with photo opportunities linking AIG with the famed Jersey and the players. Regarding Mayo and I apologise if I am wrong here but all I saw was a photo of a Mayo Jersey on a headless maniquin on WJs excellent site.

    I look forward to the county board meeting where undoubtably club delegates will be eager to have flesh put on the new five year deal arranged with the county . Hopefully the figures involved are in line with what Dublin, Kerry, Donegal and Cork would expect. Mayo and its Green and Red, it’s huge diaspora should come in at a high premium. By the way , I wasn’t aware that the O Neills logo was larger than normal. Cheers to the county board if they managed to get them on board too, hopefully at top dollar.

  15. The Mayo News understands that the meeting on Friday was told that each option would be independently assessed by a stylist up from Dublin and the Executive would be told how each jersey fared.
    However, a few short hours later on Saturday morning, one of the jersies, ‘1C’, was excluded from the process by County Board Chairman Paddy McNicholas who indicated that ‘1A’ was the preferred choice.
    Despite a report on a national radio station on Saturday afternoon saying that ‘1C’ was out of the running, Paddy McNicholas stated to Mid West Radio at 6pm on Saturday that no jersey had been selected yet.

    Phantom meeting

    However, at 9.28pm on Saturday night a statement sent by Mayo GAA PRO, Aiden McLoughlin, stated that the ‘Mayo Senior Football Team Fashion Committee’ had met with the Executive of Mayo County Board where ‘they gave the recommendation that ‘1A’ be put forward for the position of Senior Football Team Jersey’.
    Four different members of the Executive have told The Mayo News that no such meeting took place. Gerry Bourke said he received a phone call informing him of the proposed jersey selection before the statement was released, while another member of the Executive said the first he heard of the statement was after a friend rang him having read it online.
    “Everyone on the street knew before we knew ourselves,” said another Executive member.

    Three members of the Executive said they felt Paddy McNicholas’s position as chairman was ‘under pressure’ over the handling of this issue. A number of other members of the Executive were unwilling to comment before they had a chance to try on the jersey themselves.

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