New jersey available to pre-order

New Mayo jersey

Photo: @Elverys

Elvery’s announced yesterday evening that the new county jersey would be available to pre-order from today. And so it is – here. This is only for kids’ sizes and I’m not sure if adult sizes are available to order at this point but sure there’s a while to go yet until they’ll be needed for active service duties.

UPDATE: Adults sizes are also available – here. Thanks to Joe for pointing this out in the comments.

14 thoughts on “New jersey available to pre-order

  1. €62 is very expensive.I was part of buying a set where sponsors,numbers,crests,logos etc were applied and each Jersey worked out about €35 each.There is a serious mark up on these jerseys.

  2. Yea nice apart form the intersport.

    All clothing like that generally has 200% mark up from production, so 100% for wholesale then 100% for Elverys etc

  3. I like the màyo Jersey but I agree is really deer hope ballintubber win today they have a hugh test but I hope they do well

  4. Is there an away jersey? No evidence of it yet, which is strange as our first real match – against Kerry – will or should necessitate a change of colours.

  5. I’d like to bring a little perspective to bear in relation to the excitement generated by the New Jersey. As long as it is red and green I couldn’t care less. Of more concern to me is the manner in which our worthy representatives where so comprehensively outclassed in all aspects and in every area of the park today by Corofin.

  6. A very disappointing display from ‘Tubber today. They never seemed to get to the pace of the game and were comprehensively outplayed, esp. in midfield. Tactic seemed to be to isolate Cillian on Fitzgerald but Corofin did not fall for it and anyway Tubber never got enough possession to make it work. Only Alan Dillon made the expected contribution although Diarmuid and a few others tried hard.
    Anyway you will have no conflicts of interest in the rest of the club campaign, Willie J.

    Regards jersies, I sincerely hope the GAA does not go down the soccer route of home and away jersies as Catcol seems to suggest. It is totally exploits supporters, esp. young supporters and their families. Whatever jersey Mayo wear in a clash situation our colours are green and red.

  7. Hard luck to tubber today they where outplayed by a corofin team who will give Vincent’s a run for their money changing the subject who will be màyo captain this year.

  8. I think we will have to wait until spring at the earliest, Cait, to find the answer to that. It is totally in the hands of the management and in my opinion there are several candidates available. It may even be the eve of the championship before a final decision is made.

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