New jersey design on the way

The current jersey design – including the black and lime green ‘Dare to be Different’ variant of it – dates back to the start of the 2015 season. From the beatings of the social media jungle drums, it appears that a revamp is about to be unveiled.

Last night, Mayo GAA tweeted this teaser:

With the Christmas shopping splurge about to go into overdrive, I guess we can expect the new jersey design to be revealed in all its undoubted glory very shortly.

30 thoughts on “New jersey design on the way

  1. It used be every 3 years for a jersey change and we wouldn’t have being due a New Jersey until 2018 season however we seem to be moving to English football clubs ways of changing every odd year.if ya bought the current jersey this year you wouldn’t be to happy.
    Anyway it makes “commercial ” since if releasing a New Jersey to release it in time for Christmas.

  2. The increase in popularity will increase the amount of merchandise and new shirts. Soon there will be one every year. Who gets the profits from the new shirts, after ONeills and the various outlets get their cut im sure Mayogaa get very little.

    From the teaser shown I can say I dont like the look of it, they look to have moved the red stripe up. Two years ago they allowed the fans to choose between three options, would have been nice to involve the fans again. I am happy though with the possibility of the black and lime being scrapped, never liked it, no connection with Mayo colours.

  3. One slight bugbear I have. The Mayo team on match day look like the Down squad.
    They get off the bus and you would think it was the Down team.
    I was busy pre-match and glanced at the television and thought “Down are on screen why?”. The polo shirts and match day gear is red with black. The other gear is mainly blue. Then we had the training gear that had black with luminous. It’s like there is a conscious effort that all of Mayos gear should not be simply Green and Red.

  4. I was hoping they’d go a bit retro ‘Willie Joe with the head bandage’ vintage with the new jersey but it doesn’t look like it. I liked the simplicity of the old green and red cotton jersey with a big number stitched on the back. Ah, the memories!!!!
    Anyway, looking forward to 2017 all things leagues and championship. We have a great team that are going to get better again in ’17 I have no doubt.
    Hoping I can get a night or two away following the team but with an indifferent partner and a young buck only 7 months old any away fixtures will have to be quick return journeys I’d say. Either way, I look forward to following our great teams and being part of the whole thing. It’s great to be from Mayo. ?

  5. If there is a new alternative jersey i hope that it is plain white like the jersey in 1951 served us well that day the white of connacht.

  6. Joel, where there’s a will there’s a way. Just put your foot down and tell her you’ll see her later.

  7. How long will this jersey last? 2 years or 3? Like Aidan I’m growing increasingly wary of changing jerseys for change sake.

  8. @joet1480 you need to buy yer woman a Spa weekend early in the season. Friday through to Sunday. There’ll be no problem heading off to a few matches then.
    As for All Ireland final weekend that is just undisturbable. No holidays, no shopping trips, no weddings.

  9. Majella Donoghue’s body is being flown into Knock today to be met by her grieving family. My heart aches each time the internet shows the picture of the beautiful, happy Majella in her green and red jersey at Croke Park cheering on Mayo in the All-Ireland final just a few weeks before her tragic death.

    Could I suggest that a blown-up copy of that photograph be put up on every Mayo dressing room in 2017 – to keep reminding our footballers that Majella is with them praying for the ultimate win?

  10. Kind of like the current jersey. Will have to see the full picture of the new one. Would have preferred a true “hoop” that goes all the way ’round.

  11. I agree with you John Mc Hale and obviously Michelle Lord rest her was a huge Mayo fan like us all she wanted to see Mayo win Sam condolences to her friends and family.

  12. Sunday world article on Leeroy today a new low in Amateur sport. The Dublin media really took the player of the year award to heart. That paper should not be purchased in Mayo again like the Sun paper in Liverpool.

  13. Jack Reilly another 2-05 from play today. That’s 5-24 in his last 3 games. Sunday World should genuinely be boycotted, not that anyone outside of a inner city tenement should have been buying it in the first place.

  14. Unbelievable by Jack Reilly. I’v never come across a run of form like this in Mayo club football at u21 upwards.
    A player might score heavy at U16 or minor.
    Great to hear he is continuing this form.

  15. Sunday world was always toilet paper, pat Spillane , Brolly etc may have been great players but that’s the end of it, they are clueless in breaking down a game or how the game is played these days.
    And Keegan is by a long distance the best overall player in the game today. Name who’s better than him? Connolly? Quinlivan? Sweeney? Cooper? Macaulay? None, they all do certain things very well but Keegan is as good as any of them at what they are stars for.
    Scoring goals, crazy points, defending and being an anti Christ for all opponents.
    Thank God he’s a Mayo player.

  16. Gave up reading the Sunday World years ago who wants to read about the Monk the Penguin And where big Tom and TR Dallas is playing next weekend it’s a load of muck imagine if we had beat Dublin the stuff they’d be writing about us

  17. JP, any suggestions on how to get an indifferent husband from Leinster let a Mayo mother of 2 young kids who lives in Kildare travel to matches?!!?!?!!!!!! Unfortunately I’m in Joet1480’s camp!!

  18. Sinead, I think I have the answer. Divorce the Kildare fella and hook up with Joel T. That way all league, find, championship and challenge games can be attended with no noses put out of joint and the kids can be indoctrinated as they will be going to the games too.
    Don’t forget to invite us all along for wedding.

  19. @Sinead Iv found the secret to a happy Mayo + indifferent Partner marriage (I’m in one) is to just educate the other person on how big this is. But you have to put your Mayo stuff at the top of your own list. As in might have to knock on the head a few other things.

  20. Pure muck from the Sunday World.

    Unfortunately our County Board wrote the article for them. You’d think they would keep their traps closed.

  21. It’s not today that the Sunday World became a shit-rag. It’s been that way for many a year. Nice comment Backdoor Sam “who wants to read about the Monk the Penguin And where big Tom and TR Dallas is playing next weekend” and a true one.
    Remember, today’s newspapers wraps tomorrows chips.

  22. Let’s not get into Sunday world. Thats exactly what they want. It has probably less active readership in Mayo than this blog.
    It’s a muck newspaper that would have you believe Dublin is like Medellin in 1989.

  23. Ya have seen better designed jerseys than that current one. Poor design or not the kids will still want one for Christmas.

  24. I kinda like the red hoop at chest level, but the green barcodes combined with the different fonts for Elverys & Intersport are just too all over the place for me. Won’t be on my Xmas shopping list.

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