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The new Mayo jersey, which will be worn this year by the county’s footballers (men and women) and hurlers, was unveiled this morning. The new design has strong echoes of the jersey that was used back in the Noughties and it marks a definite shift away from the version that was used up until the end of last year.

Here’s the promotional video on the new jersey:

So, what do you think of the new design? I’m usually positive enough about such makeovers but I have to confess that this one doesn’t really do it for me. Mind you, were it to turn out to be the one in which the lads finally win Sam I certainly won’t be complaining about the sartorial side of things.

I feel a poll coming on about this. (Fun fact – the very first poll I ever ran on the blog, back in 2012, was also about the design of a new Mayo jersey). Here you go, then – where do you stand on the 2021 Mayo jersey design?

What's your reaction to the new Mayo jersey design?

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21 thoughts on “New jersey launched

  1. If sleeves were green I think it would have made all the difference. Great to have Portwest added to back and supporting home team.

  2. I’m not gone on the jersey either but no doubt it will end up in my wardrobe it looks a bit like something Ballymun Kickhams would wear but as Willie Joe said if we win our fourth Sam Maguire with our captain decked out in it we won’t mind

  3. I actually think its alright. Kinda retro.
    Good to see another sponsor on the back . Few extra euro to put into paying the huge cost of running the organisation

  4. I don’t mean to be harsh, but If ever there was a manifestation of the term ‘cat melodeon’, this jersey is it. It feels like they took every jersey from the past 25 years, chucked them in a blender and this is the result. There are nice elements in it for sure, and they were clearly going for some sort of retro vibe, but the combination of everything doesn’t work. That collar is unforgivable. And yet, it will probably somehow find its way into my wardrobe, as inevitably happens.

    It’s great to see Portwest on there. It’s a shame that Elverys, in their promotional video, didn’t acknowledged Portwest’s sponsorship. Portwest might indeed be regarded as a rival, but Elverys have no such qualms around rivalry when it comes to promoting Dublin (a team of whom they are not a main sponsor) over Mayo.

    Hope you are all keeping well and safe in this interminable lockdown. The days of road trips and league games feel very distant – nearly as distant as the prospect of an All-Ireland title!

  5. I like the New Jersey and I am delighted to see Portwest on the back. The collar is different and I think that is my favourite bit. Pity we will have to wait until May to place an order for it

  6. Hello,

    For what it is worth, also would prefer if the sleeves were green. As for the collar I do like a collarless shirt myself but have not had one for years. You probably need a nice neck for the full effect?.

    I am no sartorial expert but there are colours I would not wear. (The back is fine I think.)

    Is Diarmuid O’connor the new fashion icon? Where is the Tik Tok guy from Westport. Diarmuid has a very upbeat assessment of the current Mayo squad despite missing his old friends. The newbies see him as old. He teaches Maths and PE. Read that on 42 or SportsJoe. He is looking forward to getting back playing.

    I am very hopeful for this year.

  7. White bit on the collar would be handy for a priest if he wanted to wear it under the black shirt

  8. The next jersey mayo launch will be designed by a child possibly a 4 year old.

  9. As usual I seem to disagree with the majority of comments. I think the new jersey is excellent with the red sleeves and the collar the highlights. Great to see Portwest, a real Mayo success story, adding their weight to the cause. Now where are MacHale’s and a few more?
    Good too to see Mayo ladies united once again.

  10. Backdoorsam You have really put me off by comparing it to a ballymun jersey. The thought of philly Mcmahon wearing something like that does not appeal to me.

  11. Sorry about that to win just once but that’s the first team I thought of when I saw the New Jersey

  12. Really like the GRG jersey – well done to those guys. Think its better than the new one.

  13. It’s okay to win just once and backdoor Sam, its the complete reverse of the Kickhams Jersey.. Muns Jersey is nearly all red with a green hoop…plus as most clubs and the Dubs has a collar(is this a dublin thing? Do most clubs down the country still have the collar Jersey??) . The Mayo retro Jersey is a thing of beauty and if I was a Mayo man know which one I’d go for

  14. Thanks for that clarification Outta the blue. Was only joking about Philly as well. Great servant to the Dubs. Prefer jerseys with collar. Probably reflects my age profile.

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