New Mayo jersey unveiled

Photo: Mayo GAA

Mayo GAA have just released details of the new Mayo jersey, shown above, which replaces the one introduced at the start of 2021. As with that one, the new model will be worn by the county’s footballers, both men and women, as well as the hurlers and camógs in 2023.

The new design strips back the county’s colours to their core essentials and, at first blush, it’s a really sleek number. I was never a huge fan of the last version but I’m warming to this new one right away.

Press release from Mayo GAA about the new jersey is here and they’ve also released a promotional video on it:

The new Mayo GAA home jersey is available to purchase from today at Elvery’s, with the LGFA, Camogie and goalkeeper’s variants all available for pre-order.

Let’s finish with a quick poll on the new number:

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138 thoughts on “New Mayo jersey unveiled

  1. Whatever about the jersey, at least they switched back to a decent pair of shorts.

    Tommy Tan looking fit and healthy! Thought it was Ronaldo modelling the jersey there for a second.

  2. Agreed KeepMovingForward, our alternative jersey should be white in my opinion. Sick of all the extravagant jerseys they’ve come up with in the past few years.

  3. Nice! Thank God the shorts are changed, the other ones looked like beachwear!

    One would wonder could they not get a camogie rep for the photo shoot? Mary McAleese wouldn’t be too impressed!!

  4. It’s a bit better than the last one, but why the white at the end of the sleeves and on the collar? Make the collar all one colour.

  5. Glad to see new Jersey is red and green the County colours didn’t like the black ones

  6. I was going to ask why the retired Keith Higgins was modelling the new kit when I realized he’s still darting around the place with the small ball. Shows how much my mind is skewed towards the football!

  7. That same thought hit me too, Seamus! For the same reason as well. It’s great, though, to see representatives of all our teams, men and women, involved in the launch.

  8. Huge day for Enda Hession. By a long way the best club footballer in Mayo last year prior to injury. Hard to see anything but a Westport win though.

  9. No idea why McLaughlin was sent off as he missed it, second yellow I know but for what

  10. Westport win by 2, very poor match. Westport playing with 13 men for the last 8 or 9 minutes.
    Westport will be happy, got a good test, giving plenty of timber

  11. And then we wonder why players managers and supporters get upset with officials. That was a terribly reffed game. Garrymore will regret the missed chances.

  12. Green and red I was at the Shrule game and I swear to god it was the worst display of officiating I’ve ever seen. The ref must have blown his whistle twice a minute the enter game. Stopped any and all quick frees. Booked players on both sides for nothing fouls (in some cases not even fouls ) which then gave him a huge problem as the game moved on.
    Eastern gaels finished with 13 (both reds were second yellows )
    Shrule finished with 14 (second yellow)
    There was genuinely not one dirty blow in the whole game . If either team had been dirty it would have been a pure mess as frustration levels were high on and off the pitch !
    Fair play to both teams for keeping their cool.
    Shrule won so it is not sour grapes and the ref didn’t “do” either team he was just incredibly whistle happy . And gave way way way too many soft frees and subsequent cards . Ruined the game

  13. I agree KM79, but what’s even more worrying is that it’s not just the refs that have to be questioned. Garrymore got a point today that a blind man would see and some how the umpire waved it wide. He was right next to it. I don’t want to get personal but the standard has to get higher across the board. The 50/50 shoulder from David Dolan was never a free – which Westport scored from. The training and standards of refs just have to improve and that’s the end of the story. Sorry for the rant but you can see how frustrating it is. And I was a neutral watching that game. Of course no violence is acceptable.

  14. Attended the Westport Garrymore game, very poor standard of football. Based on today Westport overrated, best defender on view C Crowe. Oisin McLaughlin few nice points from play, and Lee stood out also.

  15. Disappointed with Mark Morans performance today. Got on very little ball, well marked by Crowe and didn’t look like a forward who can win hard ball when chips are down.
    Dawson looks like a player for the future – kicked good scores with both feet and comfortable on the ball.

  16. I am surprised that a New Jersey was unveiled as the County Championships are reaching an important quarter final/ relegation stage. Surely all focus should be on the club championship.
    Not on what to Mayo many Mayo supporters is a matter of lesser importance.

    Also the negative comments about the perceived poor refereeing decisions at today’s games are not helpful in today’s climate as it leads to a disrespect for officials. We know from recent publicised happenings in Roscommon / Mayo where that leads…..

  17. Really poor fare in Ballinrobe. Little to say about it. Agreed Inisbofin, Moran was no match for Crowe. Crowe one of the best players on the pitch today.

    I think Hessian picked up an injury early on. Fionn Mc drifted out of the match completely.

    Garrymore could easily have sneaked the win, if they’d a little more composure.

    I’d be shocked if that Westport team win it outright.

  18. How is it not confirmed yet when the county final is on or am I missing something?
    There’s been no fixture list of dates or did I miss it?

  19. As a wise footballing man said to me today about Crowe, “his face just didn’t fit” with Mayo management over the past decade for whatever reason. It’s appalling really, especially when you think of how many times our backs were scorched. Even by small forwards. In the air. Crowe never put a foot wrong with Mayo.

    Not sure what his age is but McStay should at least have a look at him. He didn’t break a sweat today and pushed up more in the second half, doing his best to aid the attack.

  20. Hello Willie Joe….
    For those interested in wider provincial matters,
    the reigning Connacht champions (Pádraig Pearses) have been dumped out of the Ros championship today, by a Frankie Dolan managed Roscommon Gaels. St. Brigid’s are hot favourites for the title though, after they registered a relatively comfortable victory Clann na nGael.
    Anyway, looking forward to checking out some of the Mayo contenders on TG4 tomorrow. The clubs are providing great fare this time of year, it has to be said.

  21. I agree with liberal role and if there’s a better full back in mayo than caolan Crowe I’ve yet to see him

  22. Caolan Crowe brilliant but is only playing games, hasn’t trained in months.
    Did his cruciate and the operation didn’t go well.
    Played through a lot of pain and punishment this year and would be shocked if he tried to play with Mayo.

  23. – There were some very good points scored in the Westport v Garrymore match despite a very strong wind which lessened in the second half., it’s a club quarter final you cannot expect David Clifford like perfection.
    – Westport showed grit in the last 10 minutes when down to 13 men, they need to show that for the entire semi-final. It’s fine having plenty of possession and pace but too many easy chances missed.
    – I seen an comment about the late Brian Mullins RIP. that he was an enforcer. Westport need another enforcer, cannot leave all that to Keegan alone.
    – Into the semi final and that will do for now.

  24. Wow, didn’t know that Retrocut. That’s tough on him. He seemed to be moving amazingly today. Still possible to get back to Mayo though. Look at Andy etc. Sport is strange, it’s the fight in the dog etc….
    He needs to be brought in for a look, health permitting. Long time yet till next spring. Unbelievable football brain, and loads of agility. He could do a serious job for us yet, I truly believe that.

  25. Totally agree Liberal role, exhibition full back play today, didn’t give a look in to Mark Moran. Was so impressed with him.

  26. Anyone know when the semi finals and finals? And dont say ‘ check the Mayo Gaa website ‘ because its an absolute mess of a site

  27. Jersey itself OK but my god, why would anyone think that releasing it at 9am on random Friday morning was a good idea. Is there nobody in mayo gaa with any sort of a basic understanding of marketing.
    With a televised double header in castlebar tomorrow, why not unveil it between the 2 games (or leave to the semis).
    Get to mchale Park, be the first to see the new jersey, 10 new jerseys to be raffled on the day etc. etc.
    Good luck to Andy Moran on his retirement from football today. 3 goals and a few points nice tally for your last game.
    A few comments above basically stating westport overrated. Could be right, but there’s no better team in Mayo than garrymore to take you down a peg or two.

  28. Ah now I would think the release dates, times etc. Are down to INTERSPORT ELVERYS and not Mayo GAA.

  29. As Ed said on the pod, this was always gonna be a huge match for Westport to get over, ie a hyped team that have yet to get over the line. Time will tell whether or not they’re overrated. They might be.
    Think we’d all love to see Lee win a County medal.

  30. The point he was making is this: the further they progress the more wind in their sails etc ..
    So watch out their semi final opponents…..

  31. Westport still clearly have a long way to go and it’s only going to get tougher from here for them. There’ll be 3 teams only delighted to knock them out in the next round. If they don’t do it this year I don’t think they will for the foreseeable future tbh, they’re long enough now waiting to make a significant breakthrough

    Yet today will be completely forgotten if they can get over the next hurdle.. a results business and all that

    Very much looking forward to the games tomorrow. Bound to be a surprise of sorts somewhere

  32. Great pic of him bring presented jersey at the end. Club is king

    He looks absolutely incredible for knocking up to 40, in serious shape, would pass for early 20s

  33. Would love to see Andy to still be a Mayo sub.
    Why not?
    He’d certainly make the panel.

  34. I was told they were doing two week gap to semi and final.
    I’m genuinely annoyed because I rearranged my work to make it if final is 23rd weekend and working if final is Oct 30th weekend.
    I was forced to just guess as there’s nothing published and hearing 3 weeks time and 4 weeks time.

  35. At Westport game. At least six direct balls sent in to full forward line and they failed to win any of them. Target man needed as you cant run of the shoulder all te time.
    Conal Dawson outstanding. Took scores from both feet at long range. A lot of intelligent support play. Fionn McD. Needs to learn how to tackle without fouling.
    A return of Eoghan McLoughlin and Kev keane as ff would see a different Westport team imo.

  36. Gizmobobs
    I doubt that very much. Surely some sort of a proper marketing release would have been more beneficial for both parties.
    Maybe neither need the money……

  37. Westport a way to go yet after seeing them in action yesterday. Dawson, Oisin McLaughlin and Darren Quinn the 3 standouts. Really looking forward to todays games

  38. Ballina incredibly cynical. Fouls constantly and blocking frees. Amazing referees don’t deal with it. Claremorris frustrated. A scandalous red card for Claremorris ruining the game

  39. Two yellows did the Ballina lad go down holding his face after it for the red??

    The fly keeper didn’t play out to well for Claremorris. Think this game going as expected with Ballina to easily beat the handicap.

  40. Burrishoole and Knockmore to contest this year’s ladies senior final.
    Some going. Westport would be very disappointed, a bit like their senior men they struggling to make that final step just yet.
    Impressive return to final again, especially with three of their main players from last years winning team out this year.

  41. Quick change of subject here but I’m just trying to figure something out , is Killarney going to get govt funding to revamp Fitzgerald stadium ?

  42. @Sean Burke, I think they might well be. Not 100% sure but I thought I heard that they had got a development grant a few weeks ago. Just underlines the advantage of having competent men running a CB. The ability of the Kerry CB to generate money from wealthy business men who live abroad but originally from Kerry is brilliant

  43. Moy Davitts and Louisburgh played out an absolute classic.
    Great win for MD, Conor Reid outstanding.

  44. Great win for Moy Davitts, and Killala as well yesterday, I Think Ah Ref called it.

    You’d imagine Ballina be fairly strong favourites now, especially after the way Westport performed yesterday. Obviously Garrymore more of a threat than Claremorris.

  45. Fair play to Ethan Gibbons. He’s having one of those days. Win or lose he’s certainly put his hand up.

  46. Massively entertaining game. McStay must be impressed with the talent on display. Knockmore made the mitchels fight all the way. Orme gave great leadership, just came up short in the end. Castlebar with strength in depth. The future is bright!!

  47. Great game between two very good teams in mchale park today. Castlebar ruthless in front of the posts. Knockmore showed that desire to never give in but ultimately just came up short. But the most amazing stat of the whole game that I saw, Knockmore didn’t get a free in the whole first half. That must be a record

  48. The pull on arm on Orme fielding in air at end first half was a very bad miss!!

    Well done Castlebar, deserving winners on day, very entertaining game. Knockmore didn’t seem get going as well this year but by God they never lie down.

    Orme 3 lovely points from play, and worked like a dog often from his own full back line all the way up.
    Some of Mitchels kicking was superb. Exceptionally defensive with often one one of 6 forwards up front they are hard to break down. They will certainly give Ballina a test if meet.

  49. Breaffy pretty dreadful at kicking the ball to Aiden, they’ve a tennis court sized patch of grass to aim at……. they’re missing the tennis court.

  50. Lads and ladies, call a spade a spade. Forward play in both games is really poor. No inside forward threat. No real danger forwards with pace or power with scoring ability. Really is worrying.

  51. I read a lot of ‘great talent coming through’ but I think that kind of talk needs to be tempered a bit. The scoring stats and therefore overall attack play is not very impressive. I don’t buy the talk that this equates to their being a high standard of defending. While it can, and is of course, a factor, a top intercounty forward should be able to rip up a defence, not every week but certainly, every so often. Has any forward at senior or even intermediate scored more than 10pts from play in any game other than Towey? Would be great to see a scoring chart (from play) over the course of the championship. Has anyone averaged 4 to 6 points from play in every game??

  52. Ethan Gibbons a stand out performancefor Mitchels today. Great scores, great positioning, and sensible on the ball all the time.

  53. And…any of our established county players or even aspiring County players who happen to be playing with an intermediate or junior club should be absolutely ripping it up. Even as midfielders. Like Carney with Kilmeena…has he dominated games. Or others? Mullin?

  54. Absolutely dire stuff in the second game but Tubber are still great warriors

    O’Connor looked half fit and still head and shoulders above anyone out there

  55. Groundhog Day watching breaffy , terrible game but that’s nothing new with them two sides . Nothing coming through in Mayo that will improve the county team by any meaningful way . Might sound harsh but it’s just very stale in the context of exciting players coming through . Doesn’t mean the county side will be poor or even average just don’t see the improvement needed to make us much better .

    Ruane has gone like diarmuid , looks like he’d rather not be playing football .

  56. Agree JP
    Our young forwards on paper look very very strong, going to be interesting tracking their development on the u20s.
    Hurley Clarke Neary Mark Cunningham Adam Beirne Jack Melvin Conall Dawson Fenton Kelly

  57. Ballintubber are some team to win big games without playing really well, breaffy do what they have done for the past 10 years unfortunately.

  58. Thought Orme had a very good game, appears to have bulked up a bit has great vision albeit I thought some of his team mates weren’t alert at times at things he was doing. He is worth sticking with. Ethan Gibbons looked good also.

  59. Spot on mayonaze. I thought the standard of forward play was worrying in both televised games.

  60. Ballintubber just have a higher football iq than most teams.
    They used Cillian and Stephen O’Malley really well.
    I still think Ballina or Westport would beat them convincingly.

  61. Stark contrast in FF play in the second match. Cillian gave a masterclass, Aido struggled hugely. It won’t work out for him there with Mayo. I’d be shocked if McStay even considers it. Cillian was always out in front even though he was half fit. He made the right run all the time. Scored a goal and gave the key assist for the second goal. Aido looked lost out there.

  62. Sean Burke-“Diarmuid would prefer not to be playing football”….what in the name of god is that all about.He puts his heart and soul into every game he plays-but he’d obviously prefer to be drinkin’ pints with the likes of Jimmy Sloyan.He was superb in everything he done today,but obviously thats never enough for some.

  63. Just a major theme of caution. What may be around are players that are intercounty after two years development.
    So, yes, we’re not going to see players who look like they can contribute. Most are two years development away from being able to contribute.

  64. Ballina v Tubber
    Westport v Mitchels

    Tubber likely without Gibbons for straight red and aging defence will likely be no match for Ballina.
    The other game could be a cracker.

  65. 100% correct JP…….you dont find guys in club these days that can make a contribution in the Inter-County game immediatley.
    You gind guys who yoh can develop to have an impact 2 years from now…
    Ethan Gibbons looked like that today…..can he develop…..does he want to….thats the question

  66. Lack of natural forwards caught up with Breaffy.
    Cant understand how Tubber full back wasnt at least booked for persistent fouling of Aidan.
    Agree with comments that overall forward play was poor in both games. Do players practice shooting for points anymore – or are they too busy in the gym. There were numerous times in both games today where forwards had the ball only 20-25 yards from goal and either didn’t shoot or shot wide – in perfect playing conditions.

  67. I thought a few of the Ballina lads like McStay, Irwin brothers, Calanan, Thornton looked good. Evan Regan man of the match! Any better forward in the county?
    Ethan Gibbons and a few of the Castlebar young team. No 10 Tubber looks good-mcDonald?
    Westport v Garrymore- Oisin McLoughlin. Calaon Crowe very good but was tried previously but maybe not given a proper chance?
    Other posters have put up a number of young players previously. Surely we have plenty of talent but it is a huge commitment of course!
    Mhuigeo Abu!

  68. McStay will have to hold trials at the end of this, impossible to judge a potential player playing
    with a much weaker team against a much more superior team.Can the media please find this out from Kevin.James Horan held a number of trials back in 2019.

  69. Don’t really get the criticism of forward play. Ethan Gibbons got 7 points, 5 from play. Aiden Orme was also very good, 3 from play and a free which he won himself. Both of those are left footed corner forwards, which our county team badly needs. Now I don’t know if either of them will make the grade, but they were excellent today. 18 year old Conall Dawson yesterday kicked some brilliant points off both feet as did Oisín McLaughlin. Didn’t see the Ballina game but looking at reports Regan, McStay and Frank Irwin put up decent scores.

    Mayonaze – how many times have you seen someone score 10 points from play?! That doesn’t or at least shouldn’t happen at adult level.

    I think Shane Walsh got 2 points from play today for Kilmacud and 1 from play in the previous round. A game doesn’t need to be 1-20 to 1-19 for it to be a high standard.

  70. Had to go out and only saw first 15mins of Tubber game. Commented to my son on the way out, ‘Cillian should be taken off’.

  71. Overall a Brilliant performance by Mitchells. I wasn’t expecting it to be honest. Excellent defence, winning most of the breaking ball, taking some wonderful scores. Hugely promising. Makings of a great team there.

  72. Back home and fed after a long weekend of football. All in all enjoyable weekend of football

    Westport had to fight hard against Garrymore – they were the better team but with a bit of luck Garrymore could have got something out of it. Lack of depth was an issue for Garrymore – they only made one sub which was injury enforced when Ciaran McGrath was replaced. They could have done with freshening things up front but must have had no options. Oisin McLaughlin, Luke Tunney were impressive for Westport. Very disappointed with Mark Moran. Its games like this where you would have hoped to see him play well but he gets another chance. Garrymore defended really well. Man on man – they did benefit defensively from Westport playing a sweeper but they didnt pull any forwards back. Caolan Crowe and Colin Cummins pick of defenders with Darren Quinn only forward to impress. Despite getting two reds I do think Westport faired better from the refereeing.

    Ballina won and it was even easier then expected. Hard to really judge any of the Ballina players as they had it so easy but Evan Regan took some super scores. Ger Cafferkey instructing the Ballina defence (from outside the wire) – was really interesting to watch.

    For me the best game of the weekend for the first game in McHale Park. Think the referee did a great job. Castlebar have really come on leaps and bounds this year. Ethan Gibbons was super reliable for them. Kevin McStay, Damien Mulligan, Stephen Rockford plus ?? Finnegan from backroom team all in attendance and had to be impressed with him. Castlebar had a strong bench to shake things up. They were always on top but struggled to kill of Knockmore. Aidan Orme did keep them in the game. Rory Byrne gave the best goalkeeping performance of the weekend. Didnt think Castlebar would be contenders but I think they could win it out this year.

    The best game was followed by the worst! What looked to be a 75% Cillian showed that he is better than a lot of other forwards at 100%. Really bad goal for Breaffy to consede. Wonder did lack of game time recently for Robbie have anything to do with this? Usually he is sharp in situations like this. His free taking was also off today. Really frustrating to watch Breaffy with Aidan in full forward and not use the direct ball a bit more. And even when they did give a long ball it was way of the mark. Along with Cillian Keelan McDonnell also very good for Ballintubber.

    Wonder could fixtures be looked at next year and could the quarter finals be staggered. Perhaps play Intermediate and senior on sperate weekends. I know there is fixture dates to be met for Connacht games but if one competition took a break this week and the other next week they could allign again the following for the semi final and then another week of before the final.

  73. Castlebar played the better style of football and won the tactical battle on the line …
    Tubber v Breaffy was dire stuff .. Hard watch but fair play to Ballintubber .. their experience ground it out ..

  74. Overseas at the moment and the quarters didn’t seem like great fare going by comments here and commentary on midwest as well which is disappointing ?
    Ballina v Mitchels final is most likely.
    I’d fancy Ballina to win it out and to see a large number of new players in inter county panel next year.
    Could be 1 to 2 years before we see full potential at peak strength and conditioning but I’ll hold faith.
    How did ladies semis go?

  75. Wouldn’t agree.
    The last few weeks of championship football has been great. No classics this weekend, but still great games and enjoyable.
    Club championship has a new energy due to spilt season , club is the most important and split is helping.

  76. Last 4 minutes of Knockmore vs Mitchels sums up what is wrong with Mayo football. Knockmore dual County champions basically owned the ball during this period. But they hand passed it back and forth and back again. 3 or 4 forwards had the chance to score but back it went. Finally they had a free to level in a decent position that I’ve seen county minors scoring from but Orme who had a good game up to that point played the ball back once again! Where eventually it was turned over. I’m observing this as a neutral.

  77. Dooniver, that chance Orme had was low percentage in fairness. Excellent defensive pressure from Mitchells. They should have won by more, but were understandably nervous, but alas they held out very well. They nullified Knockmore’s danger men for most of the match. It was a great match.

  78. Liberal, my point is that an experienced Mayo forward didn’t have the confidence to go for it, in perfect weather conditions, sums up the lack of confidence in our forward line over the last 2 years and I’m not blaming Horan for this.

  79. Dooniver – he played it short to get a chance closer to the goals, which he did, but it went wide.

    It’s not a Mayo football thing to pass the ball over and back when faced with 15 defenders, while waiting for an opening.

  80. Wide ball, he is an inter County forward with a fairly straight forward shot at goal. He didn’t have the confidence to go for it. Dare I say it that any Dublin, Kerry or Galway forward would have taken the shot on. Over the weekend which of our established forwards put their hands up? Andy Moran at 42 years of age scored 3 goals in his last club match!!

  81. Orme does so much good and trys clever things and good movement , just think he isn’t very accurate and I’ve seen him a bit, would say he’s around 40% accuracy , if he could significantly improve this and improve his distribution could be good.

    Also, all teams seem to bring all players back now
    And sweeper / keepers are the norm, this is leading to difficulties in getting scores.
    Rule change fix and debate I’m afraid. Stop the back pass to keepers for one.

  82. Orme was far from knockmore’s biggest problem today

    Did some silly things, but kicked some great scores and his movement off the ball was excellent

    People get way too carried away with group form of individual players and team performances but the knockouts are a different sport

    Despite all the excitement in advance it was the much more seasoned outfits that ended up in the intermediate semis, with kilmeena being the exception

    The junior champs always seem to use their momentum well. Their clearly should be 2 up and 2 down at all tiers

  83. ”’Andy at 42” . Jesus. Lads I think we are being way over the top with the criticism. I thought for the most part all games over the weekend,senior anyway, showed glimpses of very good forward play and good defenses,individually and collectively. I think there were a few new faces who will figure in some capacity at least in the next year or two . With packed defenses, which is all the rage nowadays it is hard to find the yard of space to pull the trigger for fear of being blocked down and being turned over but in fairness to Orme he kept probing for an opening and did take on the shot eventually. A bit like v Galway last spring it didn’t work out unfortunately. J.Doherty,D.Coen among others from intermediate ranks seemed to figure prominently at the weekend also so not all doom & gloom and we have semis to see who impresses again.

  84. Dooniver, a player doesn’t have a crystal ball!!

    I still think Orme has a long way to go yet in terms of development. But he was correct to recycle there even if he is still a work in progress. If he took the shot there and missed, ie like the moment V Galway last year, he’d be ridiculed.

  85. Ciaran, You are right but the problem remains that over not just the weekend our established forwards are not delivering at club levels so where does that leave us for 2023?

  86. Plus, Orme was shaky from frees with club last year from what i saw. Perhaps Naughton could have taken that free today??

  87. Anyone expecting a player to score 10 points from play in a county senior championship quarter final in Mayo can be serious. That just doesn’t happen in modern football anymore.
    Orme player well today, I think he’s improving all the time his decision making is a bit loose at time but he was a real handful for castlebar.
    Joe Tuohy at fullback was also quite good. The sub the came on, Bob Tuohy looks like he has some incredible high fielding ability that could be developed too.

  88. Liberal, it not a question of a crystal ball, a bit facetious there. The point is that he didn’t have the confidence as a senior inter County forward to take the shot on. Any one of the Dublin, Kerry or Galway forwards would have gone for it. This was not some Junior B team.

  89. Knockmore simply weren’t good enough today. Stop blaming Orme.
    When his teammates managed to get the ball into him, he looked dangerous, but he didn’t get enough supply.

  90. Dooniver – the original kick Orme had was 40m out and close to the sideline. How in the name of god is that a straight forward shot? I didn’t see one score today from that distance today. He was right to play it short and try to get closer.

    Also, what do you mean our established forwards didn’t deliver over the weekend? Cillian got man of the match. Orme played well. Darren McHale was quiet admittedly. Darren Coen scored 10 points for Holly Carra. Which “established” forward were you hoping would play better?

  91. Dooniver how is he so experienced at intercounty level? How many minutes has he played?? he’s only in panel a year and half or so and can see his physique is changing in that time is he 23? In modern game takes a player 2-3 years to get S&C up to intercounty level.
    As others said he won a lot of ball in a hyper defensive Castlebar rearguard, got 3 from play among that crowded triple sweeper blanket. If he could revert to a more traditional corner forward role his scoring percentages would I’m sure improve. How many balls did he pick up in his own backline today? It’s a long way from there to the other goal. That level of effort takes it out of the legs.

  92. Orme was knockmores best player today, overall he is a dam good footballer,
    But unfortunately he will be judged at a level higher
    Than most, because of county experiences,
    So his flaws are magnified, as people are hoping he
    Is all star grade. When you play at that level it comes with harsher criticism, I’m not saying that’s right, but it’s what happens.

  93. That’s understandable skyline, but with what? 1 championship start he’s hardly the established intercounty Dooniver makes out. He’s only really starting out, hopefully he will make it for county only time will tell.

  94. The Breaffy Ballintubber game was very disappointing. On social media again I see some players getting the usual abuse, legislation requiring accounts to be verified will have to be introduced the way things are going.

  95. I agree, but it’s tricky as he came on in an all irl, horan obviously saw a lot of potential and had Galway miss to deal with, all big high profile games for a rookie,
    He will just need to put head down and prove people wrong, hopefully he does, his attitude looked really good today, it’s not all bad to achieve what he has at 23, people hope he becomes a Mannion/o Connor/connolly etc
    he isn’t the first or last to be judged that way,
    It’s tough at the top and that’s the level he’s been judged. Andy Moran for years was questioned why he is on Mayo team, as was doherty. Not a bad group to be associated with or judged if you get me.

  96. Wide ball you answered your own question .
    Gizmobobs, Orme has played in an AI final and most of the last League campaign. My point was that the overall standard of the forwards at senior club level on display not just over the weekend, has been poor. This lack of confidence was epitomised by Orme,who was Knockmores best player, with the last play. I accept that it might be a bit unfair to single him out.
    A lot of comments on here in the past blamed Horan’s style of play for the lack of scoring forwards. The problem lies deeper than that as has been exposed during the current championship.

  97. We don’t have a Walsh, king king or a Clifford,
    But there is some good players that deserve a go.
    Our expectations for all irl will need to be re adjusted I feel, we’re a bit behind the front 2(Kerry/dublin).
    But we have enough to keep us competitive and develop until we find 1 or 2 players as of the above.
    We need to be near the top when we do.

  98. Dooniver – what forwards in the country could have scored that last mark that Orme took short? Apart from maybe David Clifford I can’t think of anyone. You’re really going overboard on that. It was the right decision to go short, since knockmore got a much better scoring opportunity!

  99. I thought AIdo at FF was potentially going to be a thing, based on yesterday it doesnt look so. Now having said that, I think by his own design or instruction when the fat was in the fire he went out the field to get ball and ended up kicking the ball into where he should be. It only works if he stays there and has patience with it, he will always draw two men which has to be an advantage if you set it up to use it properly.
    So I guess its still potentially a runner if a) he is kept in there by whatever means and b) there is a plan to play off him and take advantage of the double marking.

    I think having seen all the matches, Ballina v Castlebar would be the best final and thanks to the lads doing the draw for keeping that a possibility!

  100. Of all 3 games yesterday I watched I thought Aidan Orme had the highest skillset even above Conor McStay ,Evan Regan and Ethan Gibbons some really crazy comments above, some of his scores yesterday were a joy to watch on a day were his partners in crime Peter Naughton and Darren McHale were well below par he kept Knockmore in the game,he always has the head up looking for the next best pass, has great balance and has a lovely Hook kick technique.Give him another year or 2 probably still needs more S and C , but has developed alot over the last 2 years already.

  101. Regarding Aido at FF, it all boils down to the fact that he scored nothing yesterday. Same when playing there for Mayo. You can blame factors such as poor ball going in, and persistent fouling but natural forwards find a way regardless. Cillian is fouled just as much and gets little protection from refs. And doesn’t always get pristine ball.

    It’s not unfair for us to say we just don’t think there’s any point of playing Aidan at FF.

  102. But i dont think Breaffy setup correctly to play Aidan in there – they didnt seem to have a plan. A number of long balls came in where he was outnumbered three or four to one. Even if he had one player playing of him it would have given him something to aim for. But as it was an off target long ball gave him no chance. What were they expecting him to do? Even if he cuaght it he would have been surrounded. He really needed someone to break it to.

  103. None of the Ballintubber full back line have been on the Mayo panel and AOS couldn’t get any joy against them. Plenty of ball went in, you can argue about the quality of the ball, but if he can’t score, or setup multiple scores for team mates, then it hasnt worked, and I cant see how it would work at intercounty level.
    It’s been tried and failed enough times for people to see for themselves.

  104. Agree 100% Tubberman.

    I’m not McStay but I’d be moving away from Aido at 14. We have so many better options for full forward line

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