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The design of the new jersey was unveiled this afternoon, when it was announced that it’ll be available in Elvery’s from this coming Friday.

New jersey designs always bring mixed views in their wake and this one will, I’m sure, be no different. But, lookit, it’s got some green and it’s got some red and if the lads win Sam wearing it there’ll be few complaints. Here’s hoping that the battles that lie ahead for the lads in the new jersey are ones that go well for us.

46 thoughts on “New jersey unveiled

  1. Which mistake was that MD?!!!

    On a side issue, are there any published figures for Elverys sponsorship of our lads? 2 names on the front and website address on the back of jersey plus naming rights of McHale park is some exposure!!

  2. Don’t like this practice of regularly changing jerseys like the Premier League but at the end of the day as long as the wearers of it bring home the main prize can live with it

  3. Do we have a say? No. Que bono? Hoop is going higher and thinner. Four stakeholders prominently displayed on front of jersey, going very rugby league, waiting for something on arse of togs. Green and Red, simple colours, personally I hate billboard sports gear. I would like to buy a plain version of that jersey. If Elverys , Inter Sport O Neil’s and the GAA want me to advertise for them, then sell me that jersey €20 cheaper. I follow Mayo, not necessarily those who use our brand to promote themselves. Anyway, as usual, I’m howling at the moon.

  4. Well let’s just hope we don’t end up playing the same as Limerick as well.

    Way too busy. How hard is it to get green with a red hoop right?
    It would be nice to see a white away strip for a change.

    Still, who gives a shite as long as we win in it.

  5. Really dont like it, the red just looks wrong but I will happily live with it if it means the end of the dreadfull black shirt (which was only itroduced to cash in on the large Mayo supporter).

  6. Good luck to those talented and dedicated enough to sacrifice loads to train and be on the panel and wear the New Jersey

  7. Maurice ya simple auld pleb, you’re more to be pitied than laughed at. No one saw anything? I was in Foxford and I saw it ffs.

  8. Number one rule of fashion, stripes make you look twice the size you are (and sometimes more) depending what size you are to begin with of course. Awful shade of green, too much branding and zero style. Intersport doesn’t give me any inspiration either.

    So will not be purchasing this for myself or anyone else.

  9. Is that Colm Boyle or that 007 fella Daniel Craig ???
    Am not keen on all the advertising, it is supposed to be an amateur sport not 15 sandwichboard players.
    As for Maurice,,,,,,,,he should be the one making all the money, ,,,,,,,,from those specsaver ads.

  10. IMO it resembles a advertisement you would see in the newspaper or along the side of the road. Way too busy.
    It has GAA, O Neills, Elvery’s and Intersport.

    Only thing missing seems to be MAYO. Good God
    I would gladly pay 25 Euro more for one without the sponsors plastered all over it. Maybe even in one place.

    I know they pay for exposure but this is way over the top. It looks like something a Formula one driver would wear.

    Ive got chills, they’re multiplying,
    Are Mayo loosing their soul,
    This jerseys their supplying,
    Ain’t electrifying.

  12. Not crazy about it…too Connacht Rugby looking for me. It’s not the worst looking Jersey we have worn and I liked this years one the best.

    That said I understand economics and the need to fundraise for Mayo GAA. Every kid in Mayo will want this under the tree on Christmas morning.

    P.S does anyone know if we actually have a marketing manager now?

  13. Why are some people so damn negative? Buy it if you want to, or else continue to wear the older version. Let’s be positive . Hon Mayo

  14. Being honest, I’m not mad on it. Preferred the previous two versions.
    It’s not the worst one I’ve ever seen in my life either now. I wouldn’t have minded seeing more red!
    Unlike most of the posters here, I actually liked the black and lime jersey. Though a white away one might be nice too. Anything but a red away jersey. Too many bad memories, particularly of ’14!
    Anyway, it’s all pretty irrelevant now!
    Yes – was there a marketing manager put in place? Haven’t heard anything since!

  15. Really not liking the different shades of green all..Can’t keep everyone happy and plenty of them.will be sitting under trees on Christmas morning..

  16. Yew_tree and Rochford’s Brigade, this was in The Mayo News Sport section in relation to next Sunday’s Mayo GAA Convention:

    Among the motions down for decision is one from Charlestown calling for the appointment of a full-time Mayo GAA commercial director.

  17. Looks like a T-shirt to me and always will until the collar is reinstated and how cool was that in its day?
    This shirt is over designed with all those unnecessary lines camouflaging what comes through as a sort of dirty green. I’d imagine they squabbled as well over whether there should be a red trim along the bottom and what about a lock of red spots on the belly while you’re at it? And as regards all the red on those boots, is it tap dancing practice time or what? Oh let’s dance up in McHale, let’s dance up in McHale, what a glorious feeling we n’er again will fail!
    Seriously though,on the positive side I’d still like a navy collar and trim and does Regan seem to be filling out a bit?

  18. Not liking this jersey. Its like Limerick with a patch of red near the top.

    We seem to be going further away from our traditional lovely hoop going all the way around. We peaked in the 1980s with jerseys and its downhill ever since to a new low.
    We had a unique jersey for decades and now we just join the crowd of ordinary crap with no soul in it. This sight of this jersey does not get the blood racing.

    Whoever signed this off as a good idea should resign their post and go and work for Limerick.

  19. Crap. Crap. Crap.

    Everything about it is crap.

    There’s a fashion designer somewhere saying to him/herself, this red hoop is all wrong. Let’s get rid of it by stealth. Move it up, keep it to the front only and leave the back green and eventually we can drop the red hoop altogether. Note how we don’t see any view of the back of the jersey. The darker green shades insert throughout is another current fashion trope. And now we have to add Intersport to it so that we have two sponsors names; yes I know Elverys is a member of the group, but it all adds to what I consider will be the worst ever jersey.

    Do the fans (those who keep the show on the road) not get any say in this?

  20. Catcol the red hoop is at the back as well and further down the back of the jersey is the Mayo crest. In fairness there is no onus on anyone to buy the new jersey

  21. Not liking this jersey at all Willie Joe,don’t think I’ll be asking Santa for it… But wouldn’t care if they changed it to Maroon and White (only joking) as long as the hunger is finally satisfied in September..

    Deegan admitting that he got the Small call wrong but the others right is a bit much to take…

  22. This design is gone daft.Its the result of a mind that feels it has to announce that ‘I’m a designer’! IMO a well considered less is more always bears fruit!
    Anyways though, it’s proving to be a bit of diversion for the times that are in it.
    Would anyone think that Deegan could pos have had a hand in this fidgity creation?

  23. It is not right to use the language or sentiments shown by Home sweet Home Mayo.

    However at least referee Deegan admitted his mistake unlike others in crucial Mayo
    games: but what about the umpires and the linesmen.How did all officials miss this
    when many many in the stands clearly saw the foul.

    Is there any censure and are they allowed to officiate at other games?

  24. Off topic I heard Diarmuid O Connor went off injury before half time in last nights college league final for DCU.

    Surely a player like him that had a long year is entitled to a few months off and DCU can cope without him until the sigerson cup in January.

  25. I remember being at one of the games this year and I was chatting to someone about the match a couple of days later and he was saying to me, ‘What did you think of the jerseys, they are horrible’. I couldn’t even remember what jerseys we were wearing! What I did remember though was the no. of times we gave the ball away cheaply so I said back to him, ‘Whatever about the colour of the jerseys we wear I am convinced that some of our players are colour blind, the amount of times we give the ball away’. My point is I don’t care what kind of jerseys we wear as long as we are doing the right things while wearing the Mayo jerseys.

    In relation to refs, surely the penny must have dropped by now that to blame losing on the ref is a loser’s mentality. It was striking the number of similarities there was between our two games against Dublin and the two games between Ireland and New Zealand in the Rugby. The phrase, poking the bear was even mentioned after the first set of games in each code!

    Both Dublin and New Zealand made 100% sure that they would do whatever they had to do to win, the second day out and they did do that. Was part of that, taking advantage of a weak ref, it probably was. We have to live with that. Both teams, Dublin and New Zealand did as much as possible to come out on top in the physical stakes firstly, both legally and illegally in some cases and then finished off their opposition, Mayo and Ireland with a bit of extra flair.

    For us, all we can do is try to learn from that and make sure that it is us that does whatever we have to do to win, as we did in the 2012 All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin. Our goal should be to be the best team in Ireland in 2017 and forget about the rest of the teams and the refs.

  26. Yeah Catcol, that must have something to do with it as well!

    All joking aside, what both them teams have as well, Dublin and New Zealand, is players who come off the bench who are equally as good or even better in some cases than the players that they replace.

    Joe Schmidt the Ireland manager knows this and has really cultivated a culture of competition for places in the last year and I am sure that Stephen Rochford will have this in the forefront of his mind too in relation to the FBD and National League games. Finishing with our strongest 15 on the field will be key in the big games next year.

  27. If Diarmuid was playing University league this time of year then the mind despairs. He definitely needs a rest. No University cares about the league.
    He’s a proven player who needs a rest.
    He was still playing with Ballintubber u21s until semi final stage in the A championship last week.

  28. If he has a scholarship from the college they will expect him to play. Mayo should rest him for the league.

  29. I like the new jersey and I am writing to Santa at the weekend. I agree it looks a bit Rugby like, similar to some of the stuff we were treated to in Croke Park a few weeks ago. I don’t really understand the fascination with hoops, shades and colars. I am firmly in the camp that if it is a new jersey it should look different from the last one. It does that with a bit to spare and I like it.

  30. jr, yes if DOC has a scholarship then he would be expected to play. If his own club wont rest him then really why should the collage.

    This is a prime example of the mess the GAA calender has become and the outrageous expectations placed on young players. A talented player who has played senior and U21 for Mayo and Tubber then collage football, thats 5 teams in one year. DOC was definitely showing the effects of burnout in the latter stages of the championship. There really needs to be a limit on the amount of teams a player can play for, eg if he is senior county footballer then no more U21, same for club.

  31. Mayomad i think he got a kick–i could be wrong-just as the Kildare match ended, & never recovered.

  32. The kick DOC got was from Emmett Bolton after he’d scored the goal against them. As far as I know he got another knock in the same area in training a short time later, which resulted in his missing the Westmeath game. For sure, he was never operating at close to 100% for the matches after that.

  33. Yes, interesting there jr and Willie Joe. I have been scratching my head a bit on DOC. I’d love to know the exact state of his physical state, in the latter stages of the championship. It make you wonder about his impact at 100%.

    In any case he should be rested for the league – early stage anyhow. So should most of the stalwarts, but Tom P, Caff, Keane, Evan R, Conor Loftus, Freezer, should be fixtures as their game time last year was reduced or minimised in some cases.

  34. Yes DOC got a knock in the Kildare game an d he missed the westmeath game beacuse of it. He played a hell of a lot of football this year and I would think there is a connection between this and recovery periods. All professional sports coaches will say rest and recovery are very important in injury prevention and recovery. Irish rubgy players playing time is tightly managed for this very reason while GAA players play an unreal amount of games at various grades.

  35. What is the story with Freeman—he gets very little game time .Robbie OMalley of Meath was sitting beside a friend of mine at the replay & before CoC took the last free he reckoned he was too tired to take it. Could Freeman have nailed it or indeed would CoC have scored from the ground? Remember the 2 points he got against Cork a few years ago—-winning margins are very small.

  36. I will love this jersey if they lift sam in it. Otherwise….. whats the training gear like then?

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