New Mayo jersey launched

This is what the Mayo jersey will look like when the lads take the field again early in the New Year (with thanks to Dan for tipping me off about it).  It doesn’t look totally hideous, I think, and there appears to be ample amounts of red and green on it (though regular readers will know that I’m not to be trusted when it comes to matters related to colours).  Those garish stripes are obviously the result of what passes for design within O’Neills but overall I don’t think it’s a bad effort.  It’s certainly far better than that girlie new design that the Dubs have got.

Elvery’s are already taking orders for the new geansaí online and will start delivering from tomorrow.  No doubt stocks will make their way to the shops in the near future and we’ll have the usual media launch hoopla at some point over the next few weeks as well.  The new shirt costs sixty notes (forty for the chisellers’ version) but the good news is that the old one has already been marked down to forty-five and it’s sure to be available for less than that before too long.

The burgeoning choices now available in the world of replica kits also mean that, if you don’t like the new jersey, you can always go for one of the retro options, like this or this or this (the latter would go well with this, I think, if you wanted to sport the Eamon Mongey look).  Alternatively, given the credit-constrained times we live in, you could, of course, always stick with the gear you already have.

5 thoughts on “New Mayo jersey launched

  1. I am old fashioned as regards jersies Willie, I dont dislike modernity but I do like taste. I am afraid that O Neills stuck the stripes on because they felt they had to change from the last two years. Why have they got rid of the red band on the back of the jerseys? By the way I would prefer if we went back to the old hooped green and red socks like Kerry and Kilkenny. They never changed that style. We wore them for the last time in the 1985 minor final and since we went all red with the two little green bands we have’nt had much luck…probably grasping at straws there!

  2. it looks the same as the old one
    why did they change it anyway?
    just because they have a new jersey dosent mean they will win every thing!!!
    any up may ……

  3. I think the jersey is pretty nice. It’s an improvement on the last one anyway. I dont think the picture shown quite does it justice when it’s just lying flat on a table. I saw it on display on Elvery’s window in Ballina and it look the business. The ‘ontheroad’ contributer will be glad to know that they have reintroduced the red band at the back. I agree that was needed.
    As for the white stripes well I think that’s a good idea too because you need some white trim to really set the jersey off and that was lacking in the previous one. It’s a matter of preference I suppose but I’m happy with it.

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