New poll: how will this weekend’s senior semi-final go?

We’ve another big weekend of football facing us, what with the Junior All-Ireland final against Kerry down in Ennis on Saturday (throw-inย 2.30pm) and the Minor semi-final against Meath the following day at Croke Park (throw-in 1.30pm). Then there’s the ladies’ All-Ireland quarter-final against Monaghan, which also takes place on Saturday and where the throw-in at Hyde Park has been set for 2.30pm. So, just like the August Bank Holiday weekend, we’ll be looking for three wins out of three this coming weekend.

Top billing for the weekend, though, will undoubtedly go to the first of this year’s senior football semi-finals, where a shuddering clash between Cork and Donegal is in prospect. Our own focus at senior level has to remain on the challenge that Dublin will present us the weekend after but it’s also the case that whichever one of us emerges from our semi-final will have to face the winner from this coming Sunday in the final. So, regardless of whether or not it’s ourselves or the Dubs they’ll have to face, who do you think will prevail in this Sunday’s semi-final showdown between Cork and Donegal?

Who'll win this weekend's senior semi-final?

  • Cork (76%, 113 Votes)
  • Donegal (24%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 148

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22 thoughts on “New poll: how will this weekend’s senior semi-final go?

  1. Cork for me , donegal ( like ourselves ) are only part of the way into their cycle while cork are at their peak , should be a good game , but as eamonn dunphy would say , not a great game…

  2. Cork will edge it by a goal. I agree with Roger, Cork are on the cusp of the championship, don’t believe Donegal are there yet.

  3. Could be the first AI Semi ever where the football was not kicked by an outfield player
    There will be some amount of handpassing. Awful to watch.

  4. I am a new poster to this site which looks great and is a real achievement.
    I am one who weathered during the paper hat days and truth be told I have seen more bad days than good following the green and red but every year I am proud to support them. I believe Mayo supporters are the best in the world. Many claim that acolade but falsely in my view. One of these days ( but please sooner rather than later) we will win Sam and when we do we are never giving it back!
    Donegal v Cork- has to be Cork for me though I think they border on illegality a lot and truth be told I’d shed no tears if they lost. I’d shed none for Donegal either for I personally do not like the game they play but then I am unashamedly old fashioned!
    Keep up the good work Willie Joe- it is people like you who deserve the true supporter tag.

  5. lovely post ‘makingprogress’ ๐Ÿ™‚ we are indeed the best supporters … For the past 35 years I have been attending Mayo matches with my Dad my first one at the tender age of 5 . Together we have travelled the length and breath of this country and beyond friendlies leagues and every championship match played [ semi of 96 only one I did miss ] we have missed out on weddings funerals christenings and birthdays have had to put up with long faces from wives and husbands and I narrowly missed having my 3rd child in the hoganstand during the quarter final against Kerry in 2005 child born on following Tuesday morning !!! We have put up with awful abuse from opposing fans been escorted of Mc hale park due to the fact that during a league match against Dublin { was the one after the famous semi of 2006 } dub supporters refused to give the ball back and dad being dad wasn’t having this … Together we have cried tears of real pain and joy argued over players have watched and analyised games over and over every year we hope and dream this year THIS will be the one … He was 6 when they last won and doesn’t really remember it … Every year me and my siblings say wouldn’t it be great for Dad if they did … Well July 2011 me and my dad attended our last match together it was against Galway … In March of this year he was diagnosed with the awful Motor Neurons disease he has an aggressive form of it … We don’t know how long we have with Dad no one can tell us the only thing that lights up his beautiful blue eyes now is chatting about Mayo he was heartbroken for Andy and hopes he is on the mend soon am so honoured to have been with him through all Mayo’s ups and downs … So for me and my family it really does mean everything to see our Dad see his beloved Mayo win Sam … Am sure there are a lot of others like me and my Dad just wanted to tell our story of 2 devoted Mayo lunatics …. UP MAYO ….

  6. Donegal will win, as I believe Corks antics in the league final against us has backfired badly on them. Refs are now watching Canty and O’Leary and I believe one or both could see red this weekend. Late high dangerous tackles are all this pair have to offer. Donegal will put Cork under extreme pressure and I think they will crack.
    Much like Tipp in the hurling Cork have taken their eye off the ball, literally and are now more worried about the man.
    Cork Have excellent forwards, however the tight spaces in Donegalโ€™s back line will be hard to navigate. We proved last year Cork are vulnerable and Donegal will repeat the dose this year.

  7. Tight call. Cork have experience and forwards. Wonder if Donegal can produce the goods? Best case scenario- we beat dubs, cork beat donegal, and we beat cork with last minute winner and mayo closes down for winter to do some serious bonfire burning.

  8. I reckon Cork could well win this one handy, if they manage to keep mcFadden quiet and follow mchugh all over the pitch (old fashioned style) they will win it fairly handy imo.
    Cork are a beast of a team.

    Livenhope, that was a nice post, i do hope your Dad gets to see us lift Sam this year but if he doesn’t them golden memories of watching Mayo with you are what he will treasure anyway. It will go from generation to generation till time ceases to exist, that is the romance of our game and it’s a bit unique to Mayo people in my bias opinion.

  9. I don’t believe in this circle talk it’s the hear and now. A semi final defeat for Mayo,Donegal now may send them back. The self life of inter county footballers is short If Mayo are good enough they will beat Dublin and beat Donegal,Cork in the final.

    As for Sunday Donegal have improved their tactics from last year their scoring stats is most impressive and they don’t rely on one two forwards for example if McFadden has off day another player steps up. Mayo ruffled Cork last year and they didn’t like it Donegal can do the same on Sunday.

  10. Such powerful stuff from makinprogress and livenhope. Couldn’t agree with you more makeinprogress on Cork’s illegality and the scoreboard at 4.50 on Sunday. To you livenhope We all wish for your Dad’s dream to come true but he and you can treasure that he comes from the proudest of all football counties, and whatever the next step there won’t be any white feathers. We all wish you and your family the very best.

  11. Cork and comfortable. Donegal have surprised me, normally at this stage inter club bull would have torn them apart. McGuinness is from the same finishing school as McGeeney, northern monosylabic replies to questions, an apparent coolness under pressure but unlike Kildare he is lucky, he has two excellent forwards. However Donegals gameplan does not get best out of them.

    Cork physically, mentally and footballwise on a different planet than Donegal. Will win 5/6/7 points ahead.

  12. What terrific posts from making progress and liven hope. This is the essence of following Mayo footballers. Of course other counties have similar stories but Mayo supporters have endured longer with more passion than any others. Mayo is a proud county and football is the glue that holds us together. Will we make it this year? I don’t know but the holy grail will come and when it does there will be an outpouring of emotion that will remain unmatched for many a year. Supporting is not a competition.We respect all other supporters .It is the quiet satisfaction,the unswaying hope,the thrill of anticipation that leads us all on.
    We have never been arrogant ,how could we be. But we are staunch and true.
    Cork will win precisely because we exposed their vulnerability last year. Like Galway with Kilkenny we woke them up and they won’t slip up a second time.
    For footballs sake I hope the referee does his job . Both counties can play outside the rules and fair play is all any county asks for.
    Hope the minors do the business …we may need some talent from there in the next few years.

  13. Livenhope I understand your desire. I am involved with our club and we have a supporter who also has motor neurone. He received his text from the club this week advising of the availabililty of tickets for the Meath and Dublin games. It was a poignant moment for his family as all he could say was ‘not this year’. Even still his house is bedecked with Red and Green and he will be glued to that TV roaring and shouting. If he was going he would be leaving his house at 9 o clock and he would catch all of the games. He would also be out in the cold and wet watching the FBD or league game in March. He would be first in the door for the monthly club meeting. For those that can go -go for our man who would give anything to go.

  14. @sinabhuil … Bet his name is Paddy … Has to be that’s him to a t … Time always a huge issue for him the amount of days we have frozen our rear ends and fingers off getting soaked waiting for gates to open … For a 3.30 match in dub we would be getting the 700am bus… If he was driving it would be 6am on the dot … Remember being in Fitzgerald stadium for a league game we there before they opened gates and got chatting to some of the players on way in … Well he did I refused ๐Ÿ™‚ … In the matter of who will win on Sunday Cork at a canter … Donegal way over rated IMO … Thanks to all for the lovely comments its a great site and great to be able to voice your opinions without being shot down unlike other GAA sites … Lets all be loud and proud on the 2nd …

  15. and he will indeed be glued to the tv with the sound down and mwr on !! Surrounded by family and good pals of his ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be sticking to the football after this Willie Joe sorry !!!

  16. No need for any apologies, liveinhope – you (and Sinabhuil) have reminded us that there’s more to life, and to being a supporter, than the game itself. Best wishes to your Dad and I hope he enjoys the match even if he can’t be there on this occasion.

  17. I think Cork will win. I have seen Kildare and Tyrone in the league 2 final. I thought both were very poor. The fact that Donegal struggled to beat Tyrone told a lot. Also who else have they played? They beat Down easy but then how strong were they? Kerry beat a poor Tyrone team. Kerry had already climbed the hill before they met Donegal. I feel Kerry over did the celebration of the win over Tyrone. Even then they still troubled them. The most sickening thing I hear on TV are county players from the likes of Counties, Kerry, Kilkenny and Cork crying that they have suffered great hurt when they are occassionly beaten. Lads you know nothing about hurt. Supporters dont buy into this bull. Cork are the team with a superb manager. I dont think he will be looking at Mr. McGuinness admiring his grey curls and the formations he comes up with. He will have his own plan and he has an excellent team and bench to carry out his schemes. Hopefully the game wont resemble a rugby match too much. If the game keeps going the way it is the rugby clubs will poach our players rather than Aussie Rules.

  18. Has to be Cork,much more strength,depth and skill, which if used with discipline will see them win by a margin.If they do play football like they can ,without the dirty stuff,then the game itself will be the winner……….if the dark side takes over,they could find themselves down a player or two and surrender the final spot to Donegal, which imo would be very bad for the future of the game.
    Great posts above, especially the poignant one from Livinhope, heres to Team Mayo to deliver your Dads wishes on the third sunday.

  19. Great post livenhope, I as well as many others here can relate to the bond created between father and sons, over Mayo’s football fortunes.

  20. I think i was one of the few that tipped Donegal to win were some here rating Cork on league finals v us or something?

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