New York match reviewed

Mayo team Gaelic Park

Photo: Club ’51 (via Facebook)

In the build up to this year’s Connacht championship opener in Gaelic Park, New York, the outgoing GAA president Liam O’Neill had raised serious questions over the future of this tie. He doubted whether the counties involved had the appetite and the financial wherewithal to take part in the fixture and he helped to cast doubt on any future participation of New York GAA in the Connacht championship.

Well, if O’Neill and his fellow Croke Park bureaucrats had paid as much attention to what supporters and the grassroots GAA community actually want, as opposed to sneaking off and doing exclusive TV deals with a foreign broadcaster, they might see for themselves just how wrong they are. O’Neill’s comments were all the more confusing when you consider that the justification for the Sky deal is purely for the benefit of our emigrant/ex-pat community.

If this game did nothing else it highlighted the efforts that the GAA community in New York and America went to in welcoming the Mayo supporters to their home, and, it reinforced yet again the almost maniacal support that the Mayo team get from the Green and Red army. These two points should not be forgotten. As someone posted on Twitter in the build-up to this game, “If Mayo were playing on the moon there is a fair chance that they’d get a huge crowd at it!”

Gaelic Park is a lovely little ground, like so many club grounds throughout the country. Dressing rooms in one corner of the ground, a club house in the other and seated terracing running along the length of the pitch on one side. The “executive boxes” on the opposite side of the pitch were made up of a parked subway train, just to remind us all, if we needed it, that we were far from MacHale Park.

The “homeliness” of the ground was nice on one level, but slightly dangerous on another. The venue was not capable of handling the huge crowd (estimated to be slightly over 5,000 – take notice Mr. O’Neill!) and the lack of stewarding made for a worrying situation at half-time when the crowd going to and coming from the clubhouse got “funnelled” along the walkway to the terracing and everything came to a standstill. I don’t want to be critical but our hosts obviously were not used to handling such a big and thirsty crowd.

Crowd shot Gaelic Park

Photo: Club ’51 (via Facebook)

The bright and sunny day was perfect for football and only a brief rattle of thunder and flash of lightning threatened to spoil the day. As a warm-up to the main event an underage ladies’ match between St. Brigids and a Feile Girls selection got things rolling. This was followed by an U14s Feile Boys contest between New York and Philadelphia.

The standard of football in this match was easily on a par with U14s at home and the No.7 for Philadelphia was as good a player as I have seen at this age group anywhere. There has been a shift in focus in GAA circles in America lately. No longer are the clubs content to entice Irish lads out to play for them for three or four months of the Summer. The focus is now on underage development and producing the next generation of footballers. If the level of skills execution that the New York and Philadelphia sides displayed is anything to go by then they certainly have the coaching structures right.

The main event itself started after the singing of Amhran na bhFiann and The Star Spangled Banner. The only change to the side listed in the programme was the late inclusion of Alan Dillon. He took Adam Gallagher’s no.24 shirt in what was, for me anyway, a slightly disappointing development as I had been looking forward to seeing if Adam would get a run out to build on his excellent early league form. Aidan O’Shea lined out at no. 9 for the throw-in but then immediately switched places with his brother Seamus at no.11 and remained there for the entire game.

Mayo, as they have been doing all year, won the throw-in and within 23 seconds of the start we had registered our first point of the day. New York had obviously studied the tactics employed by London in last year’s championship and had decided to “timber in” to the Mayo lads. Mayo made it clear from the outset however that they were more than happy to play it that way if New York so decided.

One impressive off the ball schemozzle involved Gary O’Driscoll and Kevin Keane early in the first half. O’Driscoll had hit a sly dig at Kevin however Kevin responded with interest and ended the contest with two sweet left hooks to the body that lifted O’Driscoll off the ground and dropped him to his knees. It was as good as anything Foreman delivered in Madison Square Garden.

Action shot Gaelic Park

Photo: Club ’51 (via Facebook)

This all contributed to a scrappy enough first half that saw us strangely looking to bat down and break ball around the middle of the field instead of fetching cleanly. We were guilty of running the ball into congested central areas of the field, delaying and overplaying the ball instead of taking the shot, going scoreless for two five-minute periods and failing to see and pick out our runners when they were wide and in space. In the first half alone Diarmuid O’Connor made three excellent runs into space but was not picked out and Doherty was another whose runs went unrewarded.

Aidan O’Shea operated on the ’40 but was given license to roam across the line and also inside to the full-forward line. The Mayo tactic was to try to pick him out in front of goal and it almost came off as he hit the woodwork. Andy Moran had an effort blocked and Keegan had another goal effort saved. While Gavin Joyce in the New York goal should be credited with having a fine game, this annoying habit we have of creating goal chances and not taking them must be sorted and quick. One thing is for sure, we will need goals in the Hyde.

The disjointed and scrappy nature of the game continued into the last few minutes of the first half when Kevin McLoughlin was taken out of the game with a high and dangerous forearm to his face. He was receiving a pass from Keegan and was on the turn when McGinley met him full-on. There is no doubt it was a straight red card challenge and I think the Kerry referee Padraig O’Sullivan took the occasion and difference in class into account when producing just the yellow. Kevin was bleeding and well shook and was replaced by Enda Varley in the first substitution of SEVEN of the day.

My Nose Hurts

Photo: Club ’51 (via Facebook)

A 0-11 to 0-2 lead at half time was about fair. New York had kicked four wides in the first half, had some terrific performers in Jason Kelly and Brendan Quigley, and had tried to exploit our supposed weakness under the high ball into our square. To be fair to Mayo both Hennelly and Keane dealt with anything coming in high, Vaughan and Keegan had attacked from the wingback positions to add to the scoreboard and our full-forward line scored four points in that first half.

Another factor Mayo had to deal with was their inexperience of playing on an astroturf pitch that had a heavy dosing of rubber pellets. This type of surface makes for a lovely running surface as it is very zippy and springy but the difficulty is with the bounce of the ball as it “carries” very far and will “bounce-on” much higher and farther than on a grass surface. This made it difficult for our midfielders and half-backs to judge the delivery of the ball into the forwards.

New York Mayo action shot

Photo: @MayoGAA

Mayo introduced Tom Parsons for Jason Gibbons (who’d scored an excellent long range point and made two clean fetches) and Richie Feeney for Jason Doherty (disappointingly quiet) at half-time and straight away after the restart scored 1-1. The impressive Diarmuid O’Connor finally got his rewards for a very good performance with a goal. I know he is young and still learning the game, and I know that this was only New York, but Diarmuid didn’t put a foot wrong. He makes very intelligent runs into space, has a massive pair of legs for a young lad that helps him cover the ground at ease and he collected three or four breaking balls from midfield where his ability to read the ball and time his run meant that he was in the right place at the right time. The boy is a player already, make no mistake and I believe in time, may be a more natural ball-playing forward than his older brother. Alan Dillon was brought on for Diarmuid shortly after his goal but he can be happy with his contribution.

Mayo started going through the gears at this stage and Seamus O’Shea, whom I thought had a very good consistent game throughout (although he didn’t agree when I was talking to him later), was beginning to exert his influence in the middle of the field where he was carrying ball forward and bursting through tackles. Tom Parsons’ movement around the middle third and his ball-winning ability made it very difficult for New York to gain primary possession and with Feeney hoovering up any rare loose balls, New York were starved of possession. Conor O’Shea was introduced for Andy Moran on 54 minutes and he showed well for the ball, turning to carry it forward when he could. Conor, like his brothers, is a big man but he looks more mobile and quicker than either Seamus or Aidan and is another one to look out for over the coming seasons.

Mayo were now finding space in the forward line at will and their superior fitness was telling as we scored three goals in the last 15 minutes. Varley netted one to go with his point and then Cillian O’Connor slotted away two identical penalties (although the second one was harshly given I felt) in the space of seven minutes to give him a personal tally of 2-5 with only one point from play.

Brendan Harrison was brought on for Keith Higgins with eleven minutes to go and Darren Coen came on for Cillian with five to go. Darren was our seventh sub of the day and as I didn’t bring my GAA Rulebook with me I can only assume that there is an unconfirmed blood sub somewhere in the substitute listings. Darren got a peach of a score, as he so often does when he is given a chance, when he took the ball in the left half-forward position, cut inside, side-stepped two Yanks and drilled the ball over the bar from 35 metres out.

Enough was enough and the ref called a halt to the game. The players hung around on the field to chat to supporters, swap geansais and sign autographs for the kids; however it was interesting to note that Dillion was away in the corner with the trainer carrying out lung-bursting shuttle sprints as everyone else relaxed.

In a game where Mayo had very little to gain and a lot to lose we did enough to keep things ticking over and our opponents guessing as to what our starting fifteen will be like. This time last year Harrison, Gibbons, Parsons and Sweeney were not real options but going into this Summer I believe they all are. In Diarmuid O’Connor and Adam Gallagher we have two players of undoubted ability and all they need is time to gain experience at this level. Playing Aidan O’Shea on the ’40 was not without its faults but he scored two points, hit a wide and the woodwork and is yet another option for Horan for this summer. Kevin Keane is finally shaking off the crisis of confidence that he has struggled with since September 2012 and is back in contention for a spot, as is Richie Feeney. The only disappointments for me were the performances of Doherty and Moran where both were far from impressive in a game where they should have shone.

On the subway

Photo: Club ’51 (via Facebook)

That was New York and all it had to offer us. A great spot, a brilliant time and the place was well named when they called it The City that Never Sleeps because we didn’t get much ourselves. As for the future of the fixture? Well, Liam and the great and the good at GAA HQ, open your eyes and see what it meant to those that organised everything Stateside and those who travelled to follow our team. More travelled to New York to see Mayo than will travel to Australia to see the International Rules. See what it meant to the Mayo ex-pats over there where they couldn’t do enough for us.  I say “Roll on NYC 2019”.

But first, we have the Hyde and the Rossies to deal with. Hon Mayo!


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  1. I see Gavin Duffy, the Connaught rugby player, is considering playing for salthill in Galway. As far fetched asit sounds, could he be worth inviting into the mayo squad?! Probably a fanciful notion, he was an outstanding minor in 1999 though. Played midfield with James gill I think, Alan Dillon also played that year.

  2. Leitrim will have a say in who we play next. Lets not kid ourselves, Ross aren’t THAT far ahead of their rivals, and Leitrim can be a very difficult place to get a win

  3. Enjoyed that a lot Pebblesmeller and I thought it was a very fair reflection of the day and of the occasion. I have to say hearing our anthem and the Star Spangled Banner played together was a really special moment, and I thought the atmosphere on the day was just lovely. As I was saying to someone earlier on it’s pretty rare you’ll hear both sides applauding each others’ scores 🙂 I’m also chuffed to see my photos featuring above (there are loads more to come by the way)! Unfortunately our paths still didn’t cross even in the Big Apple – it’ll have to be the Hyde or Carrick so 🙂

    I agree that McGinley should have received a straight red for what was a deadly dangerous challenge. We’ve seen evidence before of refs taking it easy on “weaker” teams (ref: 2013 Connacht final where it was a miracle someone wasn’t injured) and frankly not penalising wanton challenges like that is an insult to both teams. I’m pretty sure poor Kevin Mc would have preferred to avoid the walrus look for his evening in NY but he was fortunate not to have been more seriously hurt, and refs need to step up in this regard and stop making allowances, regardless of the occasion.

    I have also said it elsewhere but Roscommon, while they are obviously hot favourites are by no means a certainty to beat our Leitrim friends and I would like to see the latter afforded the respect of – at the very least – being acknowledged as potential opponents for us. If we as Mayo supporters back in the bad old days read posts like this writing us off, we’d be pretty damn annoyed.

    MLB you’re the second person I’ve heard this week suggesting Gavin as a potential return. Interesting!

  4. The idea that Gavin Duffy, after 14 years out of GAA, can come back to play serious football is ludicrous, I’m afraid. The two games are too much different to allow such a transition. Approx 4 years was too much for Ger Brady, an equally talented GAA player even if he did have a few impressive league games on his return. It’s Junior club for Gavin, unless I’m very, very much surprised. Or maybe Salthill have regressed bigtime.

    I agree with Pebblesmeller about his comments on Liam O’Neill’s opinions on playing New York. I’m told by a few who should know that O’Neill has a special brand of arrogance. He tried to emasculate Scor without consulting anybody but I wouldn’t credit him with being the prime mover in the Sky deal, which I have no problem with for the reasons given. That, I believe. was Padraig Duffy’s idea.

    Re Roscommon v Leitrim, unless Roscommom themselves take Leitrim very much for granted they will win comfortably. There is no way a team which has failed to get out of Div 4 for a good number of years now should beat a team winning Div 3 comfortably and with a good U21 campaign behind them despite the Dublin hammering. Carrick is not such a strange environment fot the Rossies. Something [memory from programme notes?] tells me that Rosc have never been beaten by Leitrim in Carrick in the championship and that a couple of draws have been Leitrim’s best results.
    Devious thought: Perhaps we should be encouraging Roscommon to take Leitrim for granted.

  5. Rossies have to deal with Leitrim first when is that game I hope cillian will start and beat them.

  6. Great photos, Anne-Marie – I was looking for a few images to go with the words and they fitted perfectly. It seems to have been a fantastic occasion all round.

  7. Few comments on the weekend

    Regarding the crowd control (or lack thereof) I am going to send a strongly worded email to the NY County Board. It was borderline lunacy and someone could have gotten seriously hurt (end of rant)

    Regarding the future of the series, I think anyone who has any doubts as to the meaning it has for the Diaspora, need look no further than the crowd who showed up last weekend. I met people I hadn’t see in 30 years Nd made many new friends and acquaintances. Emigration is the new reality for Ireland and the game must be developed outside Ireland

    There was some amount of drink put away last weekend, but that being said, I did not see one person act sloppy or make a show of themselves. In light of the recent tragedies in Aus, it was great to see so many people having a good time without making asses of themselves.

    The GAA is a truly special organization-I didn’t see him myself, but from what I understand Ciaran Whelan received a very warm welcome from all and stood in for photos etc. That is what the GAA is all about-one minute flaking the head off someone, next minute buying them a beer

  8. AndyD, it is true that Leitrim never beat Ros in Carrick, but the game is in Hyde Park!

  9. Thanks WJ, best wishes to Barry for a speedy recovery, we’ll need everyone, onto hyde we go #maigheoabú

  10. I can’t believe it. I must have read the article 3 times before I sent it in and I have Varleys goal before Cillians two!!! Obviously still jet-lagged this morning 🙂
    Whitey, I didn’t want to mention it and I certainly don’t want to create an issue for the New York county board but there were a couple of young kids and some in prams and buggies that could have been scared at the very least. I picked a young lad up, he was maybe 6 or 7, because his head was getting squashed by hips and bums all around him and he couldn’t push his way through. As for Ciaran Whelan, he was sound and was well able for the crack.

  11. Yep, from where I was it looked very dodgy at half time and one of the lads I was sitting with had word of a serious crush down on the “hill”. The ground really didn’t have the capacity to safely hold the crowd that was there, there were very few (if any) visible stewards and when it started raining that time and everyone made a dash for shelter I have to admit my heart was in my mouth. Anyway, all’s well that ends well – in five year’s time I imagine we’ll see some changes in Gaelic Park when we return!

  12. This is the last Im going to say about it…but I got caught both in the crush at half time and inside in the bar when it started raining. Im well able to take care of myself so I wasnt worried about me..moreso all the kids who were there.

    If The Gaelic Park Authorities dont take steps to prevent a repeat, I would have no qualms about taking this further.

  13. F’Deelin,

    Agreed the match is in the Hyde but my point – and i suppose I didn’t express it clearly enough – is the difference in class/results down the years. I have checked my programs and in 50 years Leitrim have had three wins out of 17 meetings [draws excluded], the last in 2000 when Rosc looked lie running away with the game but fell asleep at half time and allowed Paul Kieran take full control of midfield in the second half to run out winners by one point. I was there. Other than that 1994 [which we Mayo people remember well] and 1967 were Leitrim’s only wins. Leitrim have no Paul Kieran this year, or anybody resembling him. Look at Leitrim’s Connacht club championship results over recent years – no win against anybody and several severe beatings – which indicates where football is at in the county. I don’t want to knock them – with their resources they are doing marvelously well to keep the show on the road at all – but reality is reality.

  14. “There is no way a team which has failed to get out of Div 4 for a good number of years now should beat a team winning Div 3 comfortably”

    I think it best not to read into league positions only the top few sides div 1 (which indclude Mayo) are ahead of the rest even then Monaghan or Donegal could beat Tyrone or Cork etc. Longford were in div 4 when they bet Mayo for example and Leitrim on their day could pull off a shock against the rossies.

  15. Pebblesmeller, unbelievable account of the weekend and match. Best guest post in a good while there. Feels like I was there now (w/o all the credit card bills to show). You must be a Keano/perfectionist going hard on yourself re order of goals!! On Gavin Duffy I reckon just let the lad get back playing GAA at whatever level he wants with no expectations. He is like the rest of us, just wanting to kick a size 5 for a bit of fun and sport, anything after that for him i’m sure would be a bonus for him. Up Mayo!!

  16. Very well written account Pebblesmeller, gives the rest of us who weren’t there a sense of the unique occasion that it was.

    It was also a timely reminder to the squad that Mayo supporters are once again full square behind them in their quest for glory, well done to all who attended.

    Gavin Duffy isn’t an option but maybe one of D O’Connor, C O’Shea or A Gallagher can bring more pace to the forward line….

  17. Thanks Trevor and Puckout. As for the “Keano/perfectionist”? there maybe something in the surname alright, Keane.

  18. Enjoyed the article pebblesmeller but surprised at your lack of regard for leitrims chances. They pushed for promotion from div 4 this year and are not a bad side. We didnt like it when joe brolly dismissed us in 2011 before the cork game in fairness

  19. Great account Pebblesmeller which gives a real feel of the action and the atmosphere.

    Mayo it seems took the game very seriously and picked a team to match the conditions and opposition. From what I can glean, NY might have been dangerous opposition for a team of rookies if we had decided that it was a foregone conclusion and picked an experimental team.

    Furthermore, as Anne-Marie has also pointed out, the suspension of rules for two teams competing in Connacht, makes it very difficult for good teams and is a scandal. I am blue in the face commenting about the performance of London in McHale Park last year, and it seems NY ‘learned a lot from that game’. What Galway should be doing now is an Alex Ferguson type rant on the standard of refereeing and ‘fearing’ for their players in the upcoming Ruislip Donnybrook.

  20. Tremendous stuff Pebblesmeller (and Anne-Marie) – great to get a feel for the day and how it went. Well done.

  21. Mac’s left boot, you are right and I apologise to any Leitrim readers. I suppose having grown up a stones throw from the Rossie boarder in east Mayo and having gone to school with a lot of them, they are never far from my thoughts. They do that to you, you know! To make matters worse I was in MacHale Park the night their U21’s ripped us a new one and I had to put up with the heckles and screeches. I so dearly want us to do a job on them in their own back yard that I have, unintentionally, dismissed Leitrim.
    Apologies again.

  22. Great report Pebblesmeller and great to get a feel for the occasion. O’Neill and his cronies are no addition to the organisation. Their demise will happen long before that of NY GAA

  23. Thanks Pebblesmeller for your comprehensive report, a job in the media beckons !. There are other ways of honouring our GAA colleagues abroad rather than having them participate in the Connacht Championship. How about a once a year exhibition match in New York and London with each Connacht team rotating to play each year, exact same as what happens currently but it would not be deemed a Connacht Championship match. Liam O’Neill could use some of the revenues from the SKY deal to fund the traveling team, relevant county board AND the Connacht council. !!

    Anyone wonder why both New York and London were added to the Connacht championship, why was London for e.g not entered into the Munster Championship ?? . A Cromwell expression comes to mind.

  24. Pebbles
    I think you’re right, Roscommon will have too much for Leitrim even in Carrick.
    Roscommon probably won’t be able for Mayo this year but after the changes that might come for us when the season is over, anything is likely in 2015.
    As it stands I really can’t see anyone in the province being strong enough for Mayo, with all due respect.




    Sligo /Leitrim/ London

    New York

    In that order

  25. No worries pebbles I enjoy your insights more than most posters here anyway no need to apologise, by the way I think the Rossies will probably beat Leitrim but anything is possible in the championship and one thing is certain, there will be some results no one foresaw over the next few months. That’s what makes it great!

  26. I don’t think i would have the Rossies ahead of Galway. Afterall they won the last meeting well in Hyde park and won 2 U-21 All Ireland’s in the last few years plus they have been in div 2 for a number of years now unlike Roscommon who are just promoted to div 2. Leitrim bet the Rossies in the FBD final this year i wouldn’t normally read into FBD games however it was a final and i’m sure both went all out to win it.

    I fancy a Mayo v Galway Connacht final this July i presume Mayo are due a home game if that happens.

  27. On the subject of Galway i see they bet Westmeath in a challenge on Wed night by 3-14 to 0-16.

  28. On the subject of challenge games, has anyone any info on what the schedule is, if any? I fancy a run down to rural Kildare or deepest Cavan, or even the Monaghan badlands.

  29. Well done Pebblesmeller – you nailed it as it was.

    But I have a question for anyone who was there. What did we learn from the NY game about individual players, the panel overall, or management thinking ?

  30. Commiserations to the Mayo hurlers today. Reported that David Clarke was back in action for the Stephenites tonight.

  31. Feckit I was hoping the hurlers would do better….

    Cloud9, I don’t know if we learned anything! What I observed too many times was us taking too much out of the ball, running too much with the ball and generally running out of space! Now, maybe that was party due to the small tight field in Gaelic park, but it’s something we tend to do even on big fields like Croke park. We have to move the ball faster, release faster and that doesn’t mean running the length of the park to do it.

  32. Great news that David Clarke is back in action. He is the outstanding goalkeeper of the past God knows how many years, maybe going back to Eugene Rooney.

  33. Let’s not forget Peter Burke – in my book one of the greater keepers we’ve had. Surprised but very happy to hear that Clarke is back in action – all the very best to him.

  34. cloud 09 we learned nothing from this game and it was a complete waste of time. There is nothing to be gained for any serious team to travel 3000 miles to play poor opposition. I know it is a great weekend for the fans but as James Horan said before the game, he would have preferred if the game was in Ireland so players would not have to take time off work and students would be able to concentrate on there final exams without the distraction of this mickey mouse fixture.

  35. Agree Mister Mayor, especially from midfield forward, our inside players have to get out in front more and get quick ball put in front of them. I expect that Freezer and Mikey Sweeney will join Cillian in there, with Kevin Mc back to 10, were he thrives on more space.
    My worry from NY is that Andy and the Doc are not progressing, and that was a game that gave them that opportunity, and in which they showed nothing. They were both outshone by Young Diarmuid.
    Also,we confirmed that AOS is no Michael Murphy in the forward ranks. He’s a great midfielder just like Willie Joe Padden, and like Padden needs to give shorter passes sooner.
    Great to see Dillon back albeit understandably rusty and Feeney getting a half in what is proving a troublesome 12 jersey to fill.
    A word on the backs, and after all the experimenting through the leagues, it was too much to expect Keith to just take up where he left off last year at No.4. Did all the basics carefully and well without dominating, and will be his old self the next day out.
    Finally, with talk of Clarke back for the club, I like to point out that while keeping a clean sheet against NY might not be a great claim to fame, Hennelly’s placement of short and long kick-outs were first class, an aspect of his game that has really improved on. And in Caffs absence, he call the shots at the back. Onwards and upwards…

  36. Take your point Tom B, but From what I saw, it is also a great exercise in bonding for the players and a wonderful experience for the younger players. On exams, it’s not as bad as minors doing the all life defining Leaving Cert, as far as I know, the College exams can all be repeated in August.
    Thankfully, Kevin Mc looked ok after the game, and hard on Barry Moran that he couldn’t travel. But glad he brought Freezer and Caff despite both being injured. He also had Adam Gallager (another one for the future) and Conroy there.
    Overall, I’d say the only negative is the financial cost, but the squad will be the better for the experience.

  37. Cloud9 the experience of tasting new york yes but the experience of championship football i dont think so. Its becoming a big issue for mayo playing much lessor teams than ourselve’s in connaght when we hit up against big guns later on in crocker

  38. Ok Alrightman, but surely if that”s an issue for us, then it should be an even bigger issue for Dublin in Leinster each year, given their total dominance in that province over a longer period than we have ruled in Connacht?
    Given that the later training start this year is designed to have the lads peaking later, I see we have two immediate priorities, 1) getting our defence and midfield back to and ahead of very high standard they showed last year, and 2) getting our best forward line moving as a unit and scoring much more. I’m worried about Andy and I think the Leagues and NY have not given us a satisfactory answer for the 11 and 12 jerseys.
    The next big day out will tell us more, but JH & Co have a lot of work to do in A v B training games and maybe a challenge or two to fill the voids. There’s still plenty time but some lads would need to be putting their hands up very soon.

  39. Back at work today with a big depressed head on me….roll on Mayo’s next game as they say. I was one of those that took the biscuit and decided to stay on another week in NY…with my head still reeling from the organized chaos that is the Big Apple, there is nothing more I can add than has been said above only that we were warmly welcomed in NY and fair play for everyone that traveled over and those Mayo folk all over the US and Canada… a NY man said only Mayo bring that many supporters over.

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