Newbridge it is

In a quite stunning volte face, one that opens up a whole Pandora’s box in terms of ramifications for the organisation, the GAA has today blinked first and reversed its decision in relation to the scheduling of our Round 3 qualifier match on Saturday against Kildare. The match will now go ahead at St Conleth’s Park in Newbridge, where throw-in will be 7pm. David Gough will ref the game.

There’s been more than enough said about the scheduling of this game in the last few days to last a lifetime. The implications for this decision are hugely wide-ranging for the GAA but that’s a consideration for others at another time. For us, it’s time now to start focusing on the match itself. Newbridge, for good or ill, is where the match will be played and it’s the match itself that is of sole relevance now.

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  1. flabbergasted but relieved a decision has been made. selfishly can I assume Sky will still be showing? I’m in Spain this weekend and hoping to catch on sky go!

  2. Finally its sorted and we can concentrate on the game, fair play to mayo on this one, they kept out of it and concentrated on the game. Be interesting to see how we line up on sat and what the midfield pairing will be. Kildare will have wind in their sails now after their victory over the gaa but i think we’l still win fairly comfortably.

  3. I’m Kildare prevailed on this, but it will change little – the CCCC will tighten the rules on venues and that will be that. We need to get going early on Sat and break their spirit

  4. I posted here already somewhere so I might as well post it again, I would like to see Keegan and Diarmuid at 8 & 9 with Aidan dropping back for kickouts from 11. Interesting to see who is in the fullback line for Sat?

  5. Yes WJ . Enough said . I’m not a season ticket holder . But I know you guys who have one will represent us with pride .While there might be only 4000 going , you will show the country and Kildare what Mayo support is all about and get behind the lads like never before !!!

  6. Rachel – move fast. Season ticket holders will be sorted, though clearly only a small minority with a seat. A small number of tickets will go to each county for distribution, an even smaller number will go on general sale.

  7. As I said on the other thread, a good day for the GAA – shows that they can’t ride roughshod over their own members to suit the coffers.
    Now onwards we go – there’s no doubt Kildare will never have been as pumped up for a qualifier match.
    We’re going into a bear-pit and we need to be ready for it.

  8. Sound. so that’s 6000 mayo supporters & 2000 from Kildare. Sounds like home to me.

    Make no mistake here. Kildare are expecting to win this.

  9. Mayo will win the game no matter where it’s played.
    The one and only reason imo that the GAA backed down on this is because Kildare would undoubtedly have gone down the legal route which would have fucked up the whole schedule for the rest of the championship.

  10. Well if Kildare cannot get a performance after that then they never will.
    I think it changes dimension of game from an easy win to the exact opposite.
    Kildare now hav a cause to perform..

  11. Haven’t read any of the posts here since Monday but am sure the arguments have been hot and heavy. I’m happy for Kildare; they were entitled to this fixture, and I’m impressed with the stand they took. It would have been a PR disaster for the GAA had Kildare had to concede the game and they clearly read the mood and conceded that climbing down was the lesser of two evils. Incidentally, had that happened, we would have instantly become the bad guys.

    I understand that many of our supporters will be disappointed and that is regrettable given the huge support we bring, which may well be diluted on Saturday; but there is a bigger picture here and it’s time someone stood up to the arrogance that has pervaded the corridors of power in the GAA for far too long and if nothing else, remind them that they cannot just make things up as they go along.

    All-in-all an absolutely fascinating incident with so many elements to it; the ramifications will be far-reaching but for now, we have a game to play. Beat them now we must, and beat them well.

  12. Not ideal prep for us at all but we gotta get on with it.Huge loss in the middle too that will weigh us down at some stage hopefully not saturday.Get any tickets ye can as the lads will need us.Its a relief to know at least.

  13. Thanks WJ. I haven’t seen any tickets on general sale yet? GAA website still has Croker as venue.

  14. Joe D (I’ve added the D) – can you please stop posting using the “Joe” handle? Someone else got there before you and I see that comments from both of you appeared one after the other there. I’ve enough to be doing than sorting out stuff like this …

  15. Surprised at the u turn Brolly and Christy Moore will probably claim the credit . I am sure the high moral grounders will all be thrilled. Some really red faces in GAA this morning The chap yesterday who was worried about clashes between supporters won’t sleep a wink. Heath and safety issues must have been solved during the night. Any possibility of them running the Derby in Croke Park now to alleviate the traffic congestion. On a more serious level this is a tough game which has now become tougher. The Kildare players will be bursting a gut on Saturday evening and we were caught up in a storm that had nothing to do with us. Stand up and be counted boys like you always have done in the past Up Mayo.

  16. Thank god it’s over.
    Thank God some of the loudest of us all will be in there – our season ticket holders. I know you will do us proud along with whoever else can get in.
    War mentality!! I’m actually annoyed with Kildare for putting us through shit even though essentially I think they are right.

  17. hmmmm not so fast for the season ticket holders, the T&Cs of my season ticket state;

    In the event that the number of Season Ticket holders exceeds stadium
    capacity the GAA offers no guarantee of the availability of seats or entry to
    that fixture.
    43. In the event of safety or capacity concerns the GAA reserves the right to relocate
    GAA Season Ticket holders on or before match day without any prior
    notice to the GAA Season Ticket holder.

    This is a bloody mess and I would not be at all surprised if half of Mayo’s season ticket holders do not get access to this game.

  18. Rachel – I’m told Centra/SuperValu is the best option for general sale tickets. But these tickets will go faster than those for the Pope in Knock so don’t hang around. I’ve no idea, unfortunately, when they’ll go on sale via this route.

  19. Citywest…. I would have taken that to mean we are not guaranteed a seat… we will get a ticket but not necessarily a seat. If there is 4000 season ticket holders in Mayo ( that’s the figure bandied about) then the capacity is well able to take 4000…

    am I reading that correctly?

  20. Should make for a great game and atmosphere , im actually delighted Sky have it as their coverage and analysis is streets ahead of Brolly and co. One thing i noticed on Sat last was how the heat effected players from both sides and i believe the conditions will have a huge impact.

  21. I’m glad they were big enough to admit they were wrong and do the right thing.

    So Mayo for Sam anyhow.

  22. A Livery I’ll wear and I’ll comb back my hair
    And in Velvet so green I will appear
    For I’m going far away ah but I’ll return some day
    I’ll return to the land that I hold dear

    And it’s straight I will repair to the Curragh of Kildare
    For it’s there I’ll find tidings of my dear.

    Up Kildare someone had to hold their ground pardon the pun . Delighted for them and their local economy , ” but what about the health and safety ? ” seems to have gone out the window since Sky said they’d go anywhere ! They stuck to their guns and won fair play to them . Now heres hoping we beat them.

  23. I can’t go anyway because my daughter has a show to perform in at the same time but I live in Kildare so will try and get some and pass on.

  24. This was the only sane outcome. Kildare Everest drawn first, Home advantage and now they have it. Mayo to win by 5 points.
    I see Jim mcguinness is asking that Dublin now do the right thing and play their “away” game outside Dublin. Could the fuse have been lit on the inequality of what has been happening and allowed to happen by everyone?

  25. @wayne scales
    No not just a seat it’s quite clear
    “In the event that the number of Season Ticket holders exceeds stadium
    capacity the GAA offers no guarantee of the availability of seats or entry to
    that fixture.”

    “or entry to that fixture”
    Just like it was quite clear too on Monday morning “Subject to the approval of the CCCC”

    My Season ticket is still saying 10 fixtures it was saying 11 this morning (and yesterday I could even bring a friend to Croke Park)

  26. Hate to say I told you so WJ but that conversation I had who said the CCCC hadn’t a leg to stand on was with an official from another Leinster County, a picture of a dinosaur in a corner this morning would be apt. As I said nothing against Mayo, Kildare but this is a sign that enough is enough, the smaller counties don’t care how many supporters the too teams have, having 20k stadiums in every county will never happen

  27. Wj or mayo mick any idea how the season ticket holders that opted out will fair out, can’t get anything out of them

  28. It’s only right that Kildare got their home game. However, from our own perspective our prospects on Saturday have now taken a nose dive after all of the events of the psst few days. Kildare will win. They will be carried high on a wave of pride and passion onto their home field. It will ignite a fire in them that we may not be able to quell.

  29. 45, pride and passion will only get you so far im afraid. They will burst out of the blocks but Mayo should pull clear in the final quarter id imagine.

  30. Makes me wonder what would have happened if we had refused to go to Limerick to play Kerry.Water under bridge now.
    This is a huge banana skin for Mayo as per Skyline comment.Will make it really difficult.Omens are poor tbh.

  31. I’m amused that people think that this will change anything. The funding imbalances will not change, Dublin will continue to play all their games in Croke Park and the club player will continue to be ignored. All that will happen is the gaa will tighten up some regulations.

    Anyways, on the match I’d be worried about Keegan and DIARMUID playing midfield because of the size of the Kildare lads. I think we need to drop aido back there too or bring in Vaughan if fit. Will probably need a 3 man midfield with one going forward .

  32. Whatever your view on the big picture ramifications, this is not good for Mayo:

    – The whole saga and victory for Kildare will galvanise them, could be worth a couple of extra points
    – Our style of play suits Croker moreso than a tight pitch, it will negatively impact us
    – Substantially less of our support there to lift our team when the going inevitably gets tough

    The only plus to this is that Kildare may have had precious time eaten up that could have been spent on preparation. Still, should we lose on Saturday I’ll be doubly sickened. But hey, the grassroots have prevailed against the evil overlords in HQ.

  33. Mayo supporters are rarely unanimous on anything but the vast vast majority agree that our Co Board did the right thing in saying nothing even if there is the odd dissenting voice. Kildare remind me of little Belgium in WW1. There was huge outrage when it was invaded but the countries expressing the most outrage had their own agendas and didn’t really care a damn about Belgium. It’s the same here. All the great twitterers etc are pretending to care about Kildare but really have an anti GAA agenda and in some cases an anti Mayo agenda. Some of these same guys tore into Kildare when Seanie Johnson transferred to them but saw little wrong when Fahy and Tompkins deserted them and went to Cork. They are every ones favourite county today because they stood up to the big bad wolf. Pity they didn’t stand up to the big bad wolf when they ceded home advantage each time the played Dublin. Pity the didn’t put in a good word for their neighbours in Wicklow who should also have had home advantage in their game. V Dublin And what stones were o Rourke and brolly and rte under then Why didn’t protect the little county on that occasion.For what it’s worth I think Kildare deserve home advantage but it is the hypocrisy of it all that really sickens I hope we go to Newbridge, beat them, and Sky do a wonderful job and then all the do-gooders and moral high grounders can find another cause to lend their support to.

  34. Sorry 45, no they wont. They have their morale victory and the pressure that brings. Hurt is a great motivator

  35. I just noticed my Gaa season ticket account is now only showing 10 games whereas it had 11 yesterday!! I haven’t missed a championship game since I got the ticket in 2012 and in 2014& 2015 I had 100% attendance record for league and championship but in fairness if I don’t get a ticket for Sat looking back at all the games I have come out well on top in terms of games I have had a ticket for!
    In all sports not every fan (even the most loyal of fans) gets to go to every game especailly if your team are away from home!! I think everyone should remember that if not every season ticket holder gets a ticket!!

  36. But I don’t think that the number of season ticket holders combined between both counties will exceed the capacity….so we should be ok……we’re sorted before everyone else.

    If not, how do they decide which season ticket holders get in?

    One salient point in all this relates to the GAA’s excuse for not having the match at Newbridge (should be Newbridge-gate at this stage) – that it related to H&S. if it really did then it would not be going ahead there! Effectively the GAA’s bluff has been called.

    What this will mean is that from now on future draws will stipulate that venue selection wont be made until AFTER the draw …ahem ….for ‘health and safety reasons’. They wont get caught on this again.

    Have to agree though it does make you wonder will Kildare will be inspired Saturday? After all, are they not much the same in quality as Tipp (who caused us plenty of problems)?

  37. Hope Kildare and the rest of the Leinster counties now get up off their asses and insist that only the Leinster final is guaranteed in Croker next year and that all other Leinster games follow along the open draw approach with first out of the draw entitled to home advantage pure and simple be it in Aughrim, Cullen Park, Newbridge, Croke Park or whenever else the county ground exists – otherwise this will wash through will some new stringent in your face degrees from CCCC coming to a store near you soon.

  38. This has become a much stickier exercise for Mayo now
    Kildare have a decent team and if they are not fired up for this game they never will be. I cant remember a 3rd round match that has ever caught public attention like this one will.

    They have height in their forwards and MF options so I do expect them to go after our FB line with plenty of long balls as Tipp tried to do on Sat and to be much more aggressive on our kickouts than Tipp were (we won 100% of our own kickouts last Sat). They have the forwards to run up a bigger score than Tipp did on Sat –
    i could see them getting to 2-13/14 in which case we are talking about a very tight match

    Tight pitch does not really suit Mayo’s style as CP so will be interesting to see what team and tactics Rochy deploys- I think we will need to score something similar to last Sat to win this one but expect that we will

  39. The atmosphere will be savage now. This game will now be a war. A few days ago we thought it would be a mild skirmish on our way to the super 8. It’s a massive game now.

  40. @bigmike. I hear at lot of people saying this is a victory for the smaller counties. Newsflash for you Kildare has a bigger population than mayo, is a far more wealthy county. The reason Mayo are competing at such a high level is because we work so hard at it. Kildare like Meath are a disgrace with the resources they have. So please leave this smaller county nonsense.

  41. but Citywest…. if there is 8000 season tickets between both counties… then everyone gets a ticket… the capacity is still greater then the total season tickets…. I do not have figures to hand.. but I genuinely cannot see Kildare having 4000… we apparently have 4000… so even if they have say 2000…. that means 6000 season tickets , all with a ticket for Saturday.. then 2000 on sale to the masses ?

  42. How many season ticket holders are there exactly including Cairde members and Gaa season ticket holders? I have heard figures from 3,700 to 5,500 being bandied about?
    Have Kildare agreed to a 50/50 split? After all it is a home game so surley they are entitled to have the majority of the tickets go on sale through Kildare clubs and outlets? Is the GAA different from this on other sports when it is an all ticket affair excluding the All Ireland final of course?

  43. There is no such thing as a 50/50 split or a home/away allocation. Everyone with an ST or CM needs to be granted access

  44. I didn’t see the GAA backing down on this one to be honest but they did. If anything it’ll get them to have absolute clarity around venues depending on draws etc. If it does and everyone knows where they stand, even before the draw, then it’s been worth it I suppose.
    Kildare will have shnouts on them now for sure and I still predict a Mayo victory.

  45. There is something seriously wrong in Kildare if it takes a row like this to give them motivation for a championship game. But perhaps it does and, if so, that is why Kildare are in the doldrums for so long. It will make little difference to Mayo’s motivation which is always top notch and explains why they are on the one road since 2011.

  46. 50:50 split ?
    This isn’t soccer !!!!!!!!
    Tickets for qualifiers have always gone on general sale not thought county/clubs

    If Kildare supporters have a problem with this then I suggest they contact their county board and ask why they didn’t play on Croker 😉

  47. To win just once… You must be a fair old age by now if this reminds you of Belgium being Invaded in World War 1….The wonderful (Catholic Belgium’s, their Catholic King Leopold ) as we were told in Ireland, and many foolish enough to kill and die for had just reintroduced ‘Slavery’ in the Belgium Congo.. Of course that particular King was from the House of Saxe Botha and Gotha, same as the English (German Royals) & Kaiser Wilhelm, all cousins … Surely the most evil family ever to curse the World… What’s this got to do with Mayo.and a football match .. Well it’s this, Victor’s write the history…….

  48. I’d like to echo DecM’s comment there. Im also not a season ticket holder and have succumbed to the reality ill be watching it on the box. But I know all the ticket holders will do the rest of us proud! Keep shouting and shouting no matter what!. Kildare fans will be up for this like no other, so we could be in bother now. No sloppy high ball goals. Id even place Aidan back further for the 1st 15 mins, dont want another quinlivanesque 3 pointer rousing the home crowd.

  49. JasonB, I never mentioned Kildare as a small County, the reason the victory is for small counties is that they get a raw deal time and time again, they are to have gone advantage in round 1,2 and 3, if longford, leitrim, westmeath get home games, they should play at home, they are weaker counties down the divisions, that’s not nonsense

  50. Crete Boom.. If we already have our season tickets and paid for them, an option open to Kildare fan’s we are entitled to them all, and the remaining 4,000 split to each team!

  51. I don’t believe moving the game back to Newbridge makes it a harder game for Mayo. Quite the opposite Kildare are now in the spotlight, they got what they wanted and now they have to back it up on the pitch. The pressure is all on them and O’Neill now. Since Monday morning nothing has changed for Mayo, and not a word from them. Since Monday morning everything has changed for Kildare, the whole country backed them and now the whole country will be watching to see how they get on. Beating the GAA does not make them a better team on the pitch come Saturday. All pressure on them now.

  52. Jeez,we haven’t even togged yet and some believe we’re beaten already!.Why?-is it because Kildare got a moral victory?.Wise up people.If anything the pressure on themselves to perform will be huge after all their whinging.

  53. Does anyone have any idea when or where tickets will go on sale? Fairly concerned I wont get a ticket for this game 🙁

  54. The time for talking is over now at least. A lot of the emotion will gone by Saturday evening.

    Kildare have been very poor this year, that is a fact. It’s our game to lose and I’d back us to win it and win it well.

  55. Mayo GAA site has ticket update but the news is not much help

    hope Mayo CB got some consultation and an opportunity to make the case into how many tickets were now going to be available to Mayo fans. The way this debacle has unraveled that might be wishful thinking

  56. Didn’t really care where we played the game Newbridge, Croke Park, Portlaoise, wherever even if it meant not all who wanted to go getting in.
    However this whole mess has made it tougher for us – that I care about. Kildare aren’t at our level – when both of use were going poorly in the League we beat them handily enough (in Newbridge ironically). They lost all their games in the League. They got beaten by Carlow – on the up but hardly world beaters. In the qualifiers they beat a mess of a Derry team handily enough and scraped by a Longford team coming off a defeat to Dublin in the last 10 mins – probably due to superior fitness more than anything else. Under normal circumstances we should beat them, we have better players, a better panel (notwithstanding our injuries), superior fitness, more top level experience, etc.
    Now though they’ll be wound up – they’ll be coming out of the traps hard and will hit everything they see over the grass. A bit of siege mentality and on a high from then moral victory. IMO it’s moved from a Tipp-like game to a tight one – one that we are still favourites for but the odds of an upset have increased, the odds of another injury have increased, the odds of really tough hard game in hot conditions have increased. All things we’d prefer to be without.

    In terms of our team I’d like something along the lines of
    O’Donoghue Caff Higgins
    Boyle Barrett P Durcan
    Keegan Aido DOC
    Kev Mc Doherty
    J Durcan COC Andy

  57. Still very confident of winning. Kildare have been consistently poor over the last few years for a reason – they recently went a whole year without winning a game. They’ll give us a good cut but there was a reason they lost to Carlow or got relegated in the league with zero points. This kind of debacle never does anyone good as it’s a distraction – dare I say it – Roscommon didn’t exactly benefit from their stance on having the Connacht final at the Hyde. Look it if we play as we can (I thought midfield did well even after SOS went off injured the last day) we will win. We have bags of experience of digging it out over 7 years at the very highest level and Kildare can only fall back on the last 2 games against Derry and Longford (those worldbeaters!) We have to get the match-ups right and respect the opposition but that’s how a manager earns his spurs.

  58. IMO, all these lads (both Kildare & Mayo), are well trained in maintaining focus and performing under pressure. I think it will be a close enough game – but Mayo to pull away in the last 10 minutes. Delighted that GAA displayed a morsel of generosity – and it just goes to show, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

    I think both sets of supporters atcould do worse that join in the on a chorus of Christy’s song “The Voyage” as Conleth’s Park:

    Life is an ocean and love is a boat
    In troubled water that keeps us afloat
    When we started the voyage, there was just me and you
    Now gathered round us, we have our own crew
    Together we’re in this relationship
    We built it with care to last the whole trip
    Our true destination’s not marked on any charts
    We’re navigating to the shores of the heart

  59. This decision to go back to Newbridge should give Kildare a massive boost, but contrary to most I think it will put more pressure on them, now they have to win to prove everyone else wrong..not ideal, if all of this hadn’t happened they would have simply prepared for their round 3 clash. What was their management doing for the past 3 days, not concentrating on getting the team ready for the clash in my opinion with all the interviews and media appearances. Prediction….Kildare to come out roaring, Mayo to weather the storm and then pull away and win easily !

    What’s the story on Cavan v Tyrone now ? The preparation of all four teams must have been thrown of kilter but in my opinion least so Mayo, they sat and waited, CP or Newbridge no problem but I guess Cavan and Tyrone would have been changing things to prepare for CP.

  60. I am one of the lucky season ticket holders so will definitely be going to Newbridge. I was at the league game there and it is a very small venue. It is a huge boost to Kildare to get one over on the GAA hierarchy but it also piles huge pressure on them to perform as losing leaves them with nothing. If played in Croker at least they would have a few bob to invest in upgrading the ground.
    The GAA will now move to close any loopholes regarding venues. We need to be ready for battle on the field and the terraces. Will be very interesting so can’t wait!

  61. @ Mayo Mark, thanks for the confirmation on the Season ticket issue.

    @KM79, as far as I know there is no 50/50 split in soccer, the away team get about 10% of the grounds capacity.
    Does each county not get an even amount of tickets for provincial finals and All Ireland finals?

  62. Now that #Lilygate has been resolved, we need to get as many mayo people into Newbridge as possible. We need to be there and queuing long before the gates open

  63. Of course it goes without saying that ALL ST holders need to take up their tickets and pass them on if they can’t go! Kildare were correct to demand their home game, least of all because it would dilute the Mayo support. We cannot be outnumbered at this game!

  64. So Cavan and Tyrone are off to Enniskilllen! This whole saga has been pretty unfair on their supporters as well, many of whom have probably already made arrangements for Dublin as there was no talk of their game being moved! Lots of egg on faces in HQ! They better have free 99s for all on Sat evening 🙂

  65. Kildare can have all the heart in the world they want, but as Mike Tyson said “Everybody has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth”. They lost to Carlow FFS. You’d want to be off yer trolley if you think that pound-for-pound Kildare can compete with any of the bigger guns.

    Honestly, I think they’re happy enough with their moral victory. They might put up a fight for maybe 50 minutes, but that’s about as much as you can expect.

    The only Caveat to this, is the notion that Mayo always find a way to play to the level of their opponents. Kildare are week – they went 11 months without a win, so warning is served.

    Verdict on the game:
    Lots of colour, lots of noise, great atmosphere. Squeaky bum time for Mayo for 50 minutes, until Kildare run out of gas and ideas. Mayo by 6-8 pulling up.

    Best case scenario, no more midfielders lost to injury, and Hanley to actually have a noticeable impact.

  66. Lads, we are a better team than Kildare – that is a fact – and they have already had a big win this week. While being the better team doesn’t always guarantee the win, and with all of these qualifier games it’s highly likely we won’t make it easy on ourselves on the day but I will eat my hat above in Newbridge if they beat us. They are now under far more pressure to deliver than we are. We got this.

    Also – season tickets will all be accommodated (the vast majority will be ours) and the rest will likely go on general sale. Which means that if we are quick off the mark (as we always are) we can get our hands on as many Mayo tickets as possible. Hopefully we will manage to restrain ourselves from rioting on the streets with the Kildare fans if not … All things told it is highly likely we will outnumber and outshout them so I don’t see why we are so concerned about that.

    To win just once, your comments are pretty fair and Kildare are no saints; they absolutely lay down in Leinster for long enough, they have had ample time to sort our their stadium and yes, you’re right a lot of this was driven by an anti-GAA-adminstration agenda – and in fairness it’s not hard to see why given the contempt that has been shown in recent years towards teams and supporters by those in high office. But I guess because Kildare were (a) unanimous and (b) willing to put their season on the line on paper at least, that people got behind them. Wicklow didn’t do that (and not for a second am I suggesting they should they have had to) but this just made it an easier bandwagon to jump on. I don’t think that makes people hypocrites; there have been lots of rumblings of discontent in recent years about issues like these, and loathe as I am to defend Brolly on any matter, he has been banging the drum for a while.

    NiallMc1983 you are spot on; this won’t lead to any kind of change; these guys will just tighten up the regulations and that will be it.

  67. Looking on from here in Italy, seems a strange turn off events. It has raised alot of questions in my head.
    1, Mayo were foolish to agree to play Kerry in Limerick for the replayed 2014 semi final. Or were the Mayo Board compensated / given a sweetner to agree to Limerick.
    Either our Board are seen as a soft touch or are like Croke Parke, in it for the big money / pay day.
    2, Kildare were obviously able to enforce the Gaa’s rules on the venue issue and stuck to their rights.
    3, Mayo beat Kildare there in the league a few months ago.
    4, Mayo need a very mobile guy in midfield to partner Aidan O Shea going forward, Coen would not be the answer for this job.
    5, Kildare should realise that the main matches are played in Croker, I think they fear this arena, good open long passes seem to open them up, got hammered there in the past few years.

  68. I’m abroad and literally could not give my season tickets away before I left
    Nobody wanted them
    Now ………’s like All Ireland time
    Joe duffy will be busy 😉

  69. The rule favoured kildare, listening to radio yesterday I forget his name stated that first second and third rounds back door first team out has home venue full stop, fhourth round the cccc can fix venue
    But sure newbridge is state of art pitch (not)

  70. update;

    My Season ticket account is showing 6 X season (family) tickets for Game 11;

    38537 GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Round 3- Kildare v Mayo (7pm) 30/06/2018 19:00 St. Conleth’s Park Not Attended

  71. Getting back to the game, saw Kildare on Saturday night. Don’t expect Mayo to have any bother, best players were Doyle at centre back, moolick in the middle and the three inside forwards were good, Brophy and Flynn particularly, niall Kelly went off after about 2 mins with a BC so should be fresh and he’s a decent player but obviously didn’t see him the other night

  72. John Cuffe… You are quite wrong to suggest that the Mayo County Board should have made a public statement.. In sympathy with Kildare and their (very new found principles,) Kildare have been ‘Selling Out’ for year’s now… And we would look very stupid if we were backing and once again Kildare sold out… I am not a huge fan of the Mayo County Board, and particularly some of its exmembers EG .. John Prunty currently a member of the CCCC, but I have to back the County Board stance on this occasion..

  73. MayoLady92 – my earlier comment to Rachel refers. Online or, even better, Centra/SuperValu, which I’m told might be the better option. It’s inevitable that thousands who want to go to the game now won’t be able to do so.

  74. Tickets not on sale in super value. Taken down since change of venue. I’m going to Newbridge ticket or no ticket. I’d luv if mayo supporters descended in their thousands to Newbridge.
    They need us inside and outside after this fiasco.

  75. get buying….just got two no probs….follow the link…we need as many as possible….even if you have a ST you will have friends who want them

  76. Good man dermooooo for the link. I hope loads of Mayo fans get tickets. After all this nonsense it would be great if we out numbered them.

  77. Jp2/all – mail from the Season Ticket account confirms full arrangements for season tickets holders, including previous opt-outs. In short, PREVIOUS OPT-OUT CHOICE IS VOID. Here’s the mail.


    A Chara,

    GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Round 3 fixture between Kildare and Mayo will now take place at St Conleth’s Park, Newbridge.

    Saturday 30/06/2018 – KILDARE V MAYO – 7.00pm



    All Bring a Friend purchases will be cancelled and refunded in full.
    Any tickets issued for Croke Park on June 30th will not be valid for St Conleth’s Park on Saturday June 30th.
    There is no Bring a Friend option for St Conleth’s Park.
    E-tickets will not be accepted St Conleth’s Park.

    Once payments have been processed you will simply be required to present your GAA Season Ticket card at the designated turnstiles on the day. Unreserved seating will be in operation.

    (2) PAY & PLAY

    We will now be processing payments on Thursday June 28th. The pricing is as follows:

    Adult – €15 (€5 discount included)

    Juvenile (U16) – €5

    Please note that your Season Ticket will not be valid for this fixture if the payment cannot be processed.

    To update your card details please click here to log into your Account.

    Click HERE for a simple User Guide on managing credit/debit cards in your Season Ticket Account.

    (3) OPT-OUT

    If you had opted out of the Croke Park Double Header this will not apply for the re-fixture at St Conleth’s Park. You must log in to your Season Ticket account and Opt Out of the new fixture.

    The “Opt Out” option is non-reversible and is available until midnight on Wednesday June 27th.

    Details on how to complete this are available HERE

    Le meas,

    GAA Ticket Office

  78. The good thing about today’s development is it removes the uncertainty that had been swirling around. Also, I believe Kildare have put a lot of pressure on themselves. We are a better side and now is the time to show it. Let’s hope the game lives up to it’s billing and we get a right humdinger

    I noted Danny Kirby getting a run the last day, maybe with a view to giving him a bigger role in the next match bearing in mind Seamie’s injury. Not sure if he has sufficient mobility for midfield, but may be useful in winning ball against a tall Kildare outfit as mentioned in previous posts

  79. While I’m sure we are all disappointed that a substantial number of Mayo fans are going to miss out on the match, we should not be encouraging people without tickets to travel to Newbridge. There is no upside to hordes of ticketless fans descending on Newbridge and plenty of potential (serious) downsides. Health and safety does come first.

  80. @Mayo 88

    I thought Mayo county board had agreed to a replay in Limerick in the event of one prior to the drawn game?

    Leantimes-You are really in the minority with your opinion so I have no idea why you’re so disgusted.

  81. Its a pity it wasnt e tickets
    Having said that it was e tickets for Croker and nobody wanted to use mine !

  82. My season ticket is also showing as “not attended” I would imagine there is a bit of head scratching going on at the moment in Croker as to how this circle will be squared.

  83. Tickets on sale on
    Got email from that site as I had ordered tickets for Croke Park

  84. There are tickets on link above. Get them fast. Also if you had tickets bought for Croke Park – an email arrived in last hour with a link to buy tickets for Newbridge. Limited availability

  85. Kildare players will now die on the pitch for their manager because he stood up for them. O Neill believes they have a great chance of defeating Mayo in their home pitch. By playing game in Newbridge Mayo’s 16th man (the size of the Mayo supporter) will be greatly be reduced, advantage Kildare. Peter Canavan and James Horan I read in the Mayo News said at half time on Sky that Mayo did not show respect to Tipperary and that Mayo were complacent , if any of the Mayo players are complacent or do not show respect to Kildare on Saturday, the dream will end for us (we were beaten in Thurles only for Jame’s goal). It is going to be some battle on Saturday (no black or red cards for us please, cool heads required)

  86. Mayo Gaa said they want a passionate Mayo support in Newbridge. Yeah we can do that. No bother!!

  87. Wasn’t a case of GAA HQ blinking more to the fact they hadn’t a leg to stand on. The rules states first drawn out are at home, no rule in place that CCCC could overrule that decision then (they can for super 8 games) the case was simple either the game was played in Newbridge or Kildare GAA would bring GAA HQ to court.

    Have to say i’m disappointed on your stance on this whole situation Willie Joe, backing HQ over trying to fix this game for Croke park. What crowd can attend a game in Newbridge was neither here nor there. When Man United or Liverpool are drawn away against non league sides in the FA Cup the game is played there and the big clubs know they won’t get many tickets.

  88. Must have missed them by seconds. Balls.
    One ticket wanted if anyone got extra. Thanks

  89. It was a link sent out to people who bought Croke Park tickets so I imagine it will Sean – they’re sold out now so I presume they had a certain amount and that was it

  90. I got one ticket was looking for juvenile they gave the option but didn’t fulfill…

  91. Where are all of these tickets coming from? Basic math suggests that Mayo will have over 2/3 of the total allocation. Some home advantage for them..

  92. keep trying, on my first attempt it said there were no tickets but eventually got one ok. UP MAYO.

  93. Gerard – we beat Tipp by 8 points. While J Durcan’s goal was lucky, we still would have won, likely by a smaller margin. Tipp were dead on their feet for the last 20 minutes and failed to score for that period. Barely got the ball into our half.
    Kildare have had their victories for the week by getting the game in Newbridge. Fair play to them for taking the stand, they were drawn as the home team and are entitled to have the game there.
    Now lets just get on with the business at hand, and hopefully running up a big score and Cillian getting closer still to overtaking Gooch in the scoring record.

  94. The injustice driving Kildare would have been more pronounced if they’d caved and played (as is the custom) in Croke Park. They’ve had their moral victory now so I’m not sure what more they can take from it. Mayo will have prepared as normal, and they correctly stayed well out of this discussion.

    We need to start as we did against Tipp, but this time keep our foot on their throat.

  95. I’d like to know how the hell did paddy Power know a day or so ago that this match was going to be in Newbridge. He obviously did by the pricing. It was 1/5 to be in Newbridge and 4/1 croke park when everyone in the country was saying the cccc would not be backing down.

    1 Where did pp get the information.

    2 If he had inside information, why wasn’t Newbridge announced yesterday.

    3 If he knew the result beforehand there should be an investigation. There would be if it was a football match and the result was known in advance.

  96. revellino , paddy power would have marked the prices down due to the stake being bet. Someone in the know or someone close to them must have placed a large bet . It should definitely be investigated.

  97. dermoooooo thanks a mill for the link. this is my first post ever and just wanted to say thx. mayo folk are great! just picked up a couple tix.

  98. Anyone lucky enough to have a ticket for Saturday….bring a flag!!! Let’s try to make this our best performance yet, visually and vocally. Big Bertha, Nephin Beg and the gang will set up camp behind one of the goals.

  99. I have to say that the whole thing adds such a compelling slant to proceedings that its going to be absolutely fascinating to watch it unfold. The two narratives that I find most interesting are the potential for Kildare to play like men possessed with the flip side of there being a 2 to 1 Mayo support making it more like a home game for us, after all the palaver. Its really very difficult to predict what will happen but the bottom line is I still think we’re better than them and will have have 4/5 to spare in the end. I find the prospect utterly tantalising. a heaving, tight ground, sun splitting the rocks, more than a few with a few on board – all the makings of an epic encounter

  100. So are all the tickets gone then folks? They went to those who had Croker tickets already booked it seems? I wonder if there will still be a small allocation on general sale?

  101. So 4.5 k Mayo season ticket holders are going to get a ticket, another 1.5 k are going to Mayo clubs….it’s going to be anything but an away game for Mayo

  102. Hats off to Kildare GAA ( from a Mayoman) They won that game of poker in some style! Its about time someone stood up to Croke Park.
    They got away with the Sky deal shambles all too easily.

  103. @joe I would imagine those 1500 tickets for mayo Gaa are for chairde Maigheo.mayo have 2500 Croke Park season tickets.the two schemes are different.
    So that be 4000 guaranteed tickets for mayo plus what people got online so hopefully we could have anything up to 5000 supporters.
    Whether you agree with Kildare holding the game or not there is genuine fans from both counties that will miss out on the game and that a real shame.

  104. No ticket – just in the shops now buying my rioting gear. I’m wondering should I bring a few bricks with me or will I be able to buy them in Newbridge?

  105. The way things have panned out favours an ambush. A febrile home support, diminished Mayo numbers and a few injuries in key positions of our side, you can just smell it.

    Our lads need to be perfectly tuned in from the off, and ready for a battle, because that’s what this game will be, at least in the opening period.
    And it’s something we’ve struggled to do in the majority of games during Rochford’s reign.

    Siege mentality time, folks. Feck those useless ass clowns in the CCCC, the media, and the thousands of anonymous social media sock puppets who love running us down. Let’s snap up these tickets and descend on Newbridge donning the green and red, stick our chests out and let the Lillies know GAA HQ may be overawed, but we’re not.

  106. Better not be this hot on saturday. Anyway it’s us who will have the fitness to survive a cauldron in more ways than one! AI pressure will stand to us. This was nothing compared to the Lee campaign either. Mayo will win. Will need to conserve energy and when Kildare are wilting, go for home. Although even just standing in this is sapping ?

  107. The way things have panned out has actually heaped pressure on Kildare and Cian O Neill in particular now
    For a man over a Div 1 team knocked out of Leinster by Carlow he has had a lot to say .

  108. The losing provincial finalists are so poor this year (with Roscommon potentially having more) that this match is effectively, arguably, to qualify for Super 8s. If Kildare do it it will have been some achievement considering they hadn’t won a match for 12 months and he will be lauded for his leadership in winning the “lanigans ball” showdown on Newbridge. If he doesn’t i think he will still come away with credit.

    Despite the added pressure on Kildare now I think it will be tight enough with Mayo to prevail by 3-4pts. I think all in Mayo would happily take that over a steam roll job if it came with the bonus of no more injuries.

  109. All I was doing, Mayomagic, was expressing my view on the issue. Which, on a website I’ve developed and funded myself, I reckon I’m more than entitled to do. I also gave everyone – and it really has felt like everyone over the last few days! – a platform to express whatever view they wanted on this topic, providing they did so in a reasonable fashion. For my own part, I’m disappointed that you’re advancing an irrelevant English soccer analogy to support your argument. That comparison was laughable the first time someone made it, it’s just silly now.

  110. For what it’s worth Willie Joe I 100% agrees with your stance. The only people I heard talking any sense were you, Sean Moran of the Irish Times and Dick Clerkin. Unfortunately in the modern age of social media and outrage mobs they sheer hypocrisy of Kildare stance was lost and the fact the Cian O’Neill used to to deflect form that terrible job he has done this year.
    I noticed lots of new names posting on this blog over the past few days so you had your work cut out. Let’s all turn our attention to Saturday and let’s see how brave Cian O’Neill men are.
    I think I speak for every fan of this blog when I say Thanks Willie Joe. I’ll just put it this way I’m a patience man but there would be a lot of people banned over the last few days if it was me.

  111. If Aidan’s ticket numbers above are correct Mayo have 2500 Croke Park season ticket holders and 1500 Chairde Maigh Eo members.

    The GAA statement said each county would get 1500 tickets for distribution to clubs (3000) and the rest of the tickets (5200) would be used to satisfy season tickets, sponsors and players. Assuming Kildare only have around 500 season ticket holders and 700 should cover players and sponsors the breakdown of tickets for next Saturday could be approximately

    2500 Croke Park season ticket holders
    1500 Chairde Maigh Eo
    1500 Mayo clubs
    5500 Total

    1500 Kildare clubs
    500 Croke Park season ticket holders
    2000 Total

    Players and sponsors

    To use Willie Joe’s phrase, Kildare really have painted themselves into a corner* with that kind of ‘home advantage’

    *assuming my numbers are accurate.

  112. Thank God for The Sky deal now , at least we can see the game on TV , while our national broadcaster is busy with rubbish from Russia day and night

  113. Down town in Castlebar today everyone I met was delighted that Kildare had prevailed. One man even said that if it meant Mayo would lose the game he would be glad “It’s only fair” he said. We’re a very fair minded county. Castlebar Mitchels have been allocated a total of 20 tickets to distribute among their members. Names will be taken for these on Thursday!

  114. I was trying to do that tot myself, Southside Dub, so thanks for beating me to it! I’ll try to validate those numbers but I think you could be right. You’re welcome, by the way, for your use of the phrase I’d employed. If those numbers are accurate, then it could prove to be apposite.

  115. Thanks, JasonB, it was heavy lifting for a while but thankfully I was okay with it. To be fair, the overwhelming majority of comments were fine and this was as true of newbies as it was of the more established contributors. A small number have had a problem – some stooping to abusive comments – with my taking the less popular road on this issue. Sadly, that’s the way with public debate nowadays, in this country and across the world, but in the main the debate’s been fine here. I’m glad it’s over, though, and that we can now concentrate on the game.

  116. By all calculations out there, would it be safe to assume an absolute minimum of 6k Mayo fans the next day?

  117. In the interest of public safety and fairness, I think that it would be only right to move the Irish Derby from the Curragh to Ballinrobe on Saturday.

  118. Ditto Grainne Uaile, the vast majority of folk down here are with Kildare wholeheartedly on this.
    Who’s right or wrong here is a tad complex complex here but I can’t help siding with Kildare on this, especially in context on Sky deal and the amount of matches not available to a lot of people as a result. I believe Kildare stuck to their guns on this one for the right reasons so what has gone before, ie ceding home advantage to the dubs when it suited etc, isn’t really relevant. Especially given the Gaa hadn’t made it clear before Monday’s draw.
    Newbridge correct decision. Let’s move on.
    May the best team win.

  119. I will add my thanks to Willie Joe as well – a terrific job and your stance was correct – you were basically saying that up to 10,000 supporters are deprived of seeing the game – I know a few heartbroken grandkids!!

  120. @ Dave, I think the joke deserves 1 out of 10 for effort but keep trying you will turn out funny in the end!!

  121. Can we get back to the match now???

    I think we should start this game very tight. Maybe employ 2 sweepers. Whatever bounce Kildare get from their moral victory will soon disapate if they’ve only scored 2 points after 20 mins.

    I also don’t believe cian O’Neil has turned into a good manager overnight. He’s totally underachieved in a county with a large population and good underage teams. I think it was mark O’Shea to compared him to a mad scientist more interested in ocular googles then footballs.

  122. This time last week, we were happily debating the relative strengths and weaknesses of SKY, RTE and their various pundit’s.. I made the point that in fairness to RTE, Brian Carty on the Radio Programme ‘The Championship’ did ask the Director General of the GAA how much he was being paid?.. He did not get an answer, or an even cogent explanation as to why a paid executive of a Volunteer /Amature Sport’s Association would not reveal the amount of money!.. We did get plenty of guff as to the ‘Ethos’ and the ‘ Future of the GAA’…. ‘The next question for the New Director General, has to be… How much is he being OVERPAID?.. Every cent he’s getting by the look of the Fiasco this week, is a cent too much!…. And who’s paying him? .. You Are!

  123. Entitled your opinion no doubt Willie Joe never said your weren’t. All i am saying is it disappointing that someone of your position and normally knowledgeable self would/should have known the set rules that was in place and CCCC or Croke Park can not change those rules as they go long.

    My English soccer analogy is not irrelevant or laughable either when people like yourself were thinking the reason for this game to be played in Croke Park was mostly based on how many Mayo supporters could attend.

  124. Why would Mayo get cairde mayo tickets and also 1500 for clubs. Surely the gaa central only have to satisfy season ticket holders

  125. Mike Heveran – that’s a disgraceful comment, how dare you come on here posting crap like that. You’ll be in moderation for a long while after that one.

  126. Well, Mayomagic, I’m glad you recognise I’m entitled to my opinion! For what it’s worth, I did read the rules (all of them, not just those being quoted) and the GAA were well within their rights to hold firm if they wanted to. The rules weren’t the issue. In my view (again only my view) a rookie President and a rookie DG took fright at the populist revolt and turned tail. Personally, I feel it’s a surrender the GAA will rue for many a long day but there you go.

    On the supporters, it appears about 10,000 Mayo supporters – including families with small kids for whom the terraces won’t be suitable, older people and those who need a seat – now won’t be able to go. The game didn’t have to be in Croke Park to accommodate all the fans who’ll now be locked out, Portlaoise would have catered fine in that respect, but, if I’m reading what you say correctly, that’s not an issue you’re concerned with at all. Mayomagic indeed.

    And your English soccer analogy is irrelevant. I lived in England for years and went to soccer matches in many different locations. How soccer operates, in particular relating to rival fans, is a universe away from what we have in the GAA. If we ever go that way, I certainly won’t be wasting my time and money on a blog about such a sport.

  127. Willie Joe I did disagree with some of your views on this – specifically I think referring to Kildare as being hypocritical as a tad harsh, but I absolutely respect your right to say it, if I’m to apply a Voltarian principal to this.
    Aside from that, it’s your house here and you pay for the lights so you’re more entitled than anyone else where to have your say.

    I think our CB did an exceptional job by staying out of this, instead letting it be known to the media that we would play wherever the game was scheduled to play – that was as much as they could or should have done.

    Fair play to Kildare, I never thought I’d see the CCCC climbdown despite the fact that it was a somewhat farcical position for them to put themselves in in the first instance…

  128. Wellpastit – and why wouldn’t they? Both counties’ season ticket holders will get tickets and then both counties will get the same equal share from what’s left over, with the balance for players’ families, corporates and the like.

  129. If players have already been looked after and both counties are getting 1500 each for clubs how come mayo clubs seems to have less than 1000 tickets for distribution?

  130. Are we going to have the same issues in super 8 where demand for tickets will far exceed supply. Bit of disaster. KildareCo Board need to get the finger out and develop a proper stadium with assistance from the GAA. Hosting a high profile game with capacity of 10 000 is a joke

  131. I think any possible bounce Kildare get from their “victory over the GAA” will be gone after 5 minutes when you break it down this is a football match and if Mayo get stuck in and play ball and take their soceres we will win. Seamus and Tom are huge losses no doubt but we have to try and get on with it. Actually I remember being in St Conleth’s Park a few years ago when Jason Gibbons scored a screamer of a goal we will need our new midfield at full tilt but hopefully we’ll get over the line by 3-4 points

  132. I just seen online Castlebar Mitchell’s said they were getting roughly 20, Swinford said they were getting 14, that’s a senior and intermediate club so don’t know what junior clubs are getting. There are around 50 clubs so say each got 20 that’s still only 2/3s of the tickets. Statement earlier said players tickets had been allowed for.

  133. WJ, thanks for the attentive moderation of the debate over the past few days. Been very interesting.

  134. Mike Heveren – now you’ve compounded it by making an accusation against me which is a downright falsehood. All kinds of opinions – many of which I vehemently disagreed with – have been expressed here on this issue. Several hundred comments have been posted every day for the last few days. The only ones I have a problem with are those from people who fail to ensure that what they have to say is reasonable. Which you failed to do and which you’ve now added to by making a false accusation against me. That’s your quota, I’m afraid – you won’t be posting comments here again. Goodbye and good riddance.

  135. Correct me if I’m wrong the season tickets bought from are from central council while cairde mayo are dished out by the mayo county board. Would the county board not have to honour these as well as the ones the clubs get?

  136. At no stage did i say you weren’t entitled to your opinion Willie. Thats what you have read wrong here. HQ did a u-turn because they knew Kildare would have brought this case to the courts if they weren’t allowed their right to host this game and that would have held up the championship and who needed that messy situation? Yes loads of Mayo supporters will miss out thats the luck of the draw but i’m sure most if not all of the loyal and season ticket holders will be there in attendance on Saturday. The way the GAA is going where money is king i fear it’s going down the road of English soccer and i too will have little interest in the sport if it goes down that route.

  137. Guys, will ye please give Willie Joe a break, no point in venting ones anger / frustration on the blog, if Mayo have any real ambition to win the All Ireland, playing Kildare on Saturday should be a stepping stone to the Super 8’s, where new guys can be tried and tested in the midfield area.
    I expect a good win.

  138. Mayo67 – that “joke” is so far out of line I’m just staggered that you’d have the neck to post it here. Off to moderation with you too.

    I know that South Korean/Chinese joke was in jest too Dave/Ultair but it’s not appropriate either. This is 2018 not the 1970s.

    There I was saying that everything was nice and fine in the comments. The last hour’s been batshit. The sun’s clearly getting to some people.

  139. That’s your opinion on the u-turn, Mayomagic, but it’s not one I share for the reasons I’ve explained. Clearly, we’ll agree to disagree on it.

    Well tough on those poor Mayo supporters – at least 10,000 – who’re now locked out of going to the game because of “the luck of the draw.” I think you can rest easy, for now at least, about the GAA going down the money-is-king route. This decision makes zero sense from a money perspective!

  140. Can we turn our attention to the actual match now people and leave the fixation on sporting social justice behind us?

  141. No, Wellpastit – both come from the same source. Mayo, unlike Kildare, have two different types of season tickets (as have Dublin, as have a few other counties too), which, combined, number around 4,000. The Cairde Mhaigheo ticket scheme used to be run by the County Board but it was subsumed into the overall season ticket arrangement some years ago, so the same set-up applies, as regards online season ticket account, card scanning etc etc. This means that we’re somewhere between close to 4k ahead of them on punters with tickets before the rest of the tickets are allocated, which is more or less on a 50:50 basis. I think Kildare fans will also over the coming days get a taste for our ticket-hunting skills, which have been well honed from being in so many finals in recent years. As a result, I’d say we could have at least 6,000 there on the day, out of a total capacity of 8,200.

  142. At least the venue sorted I wonder could the fans get a train to newbridge is this hot weather

  143. That’s the Plan anyway, Wille Joe… To seriously outnumber them and and out shout them, and even, out ‘Sing’.. them….Where’s the’ big flag ‘Big Bertha’ :going to fit?.. Fair Play to those responsible for bring her to Limerick and Thurles.. And fair play for letting the fan’s from both the people in Limerick and Thurles for letting them bring it… I went online around 2pm just to buy a few tickets for people who I knew would be there, but despite being 645 in the queue.. When I got there alas no tickets.. I have a season ticket for myself…

  144. Any chance of some football talk–our backs were very for a lot of the Tipp game. What is the word on Crowe? he had a great league. Should we revert to Mc Loughlin as sweeper? Will be forced into a more mobile midfield? Will SoS & Parsons be elevated in opinion now that they are not playing? surely we should discard B. Moran & Kirby if we do not play them.

  145. I won’t make it back home this weekend so please go to town people! Hoover up the tickets and take the place over for the day.

  146. 6000 mayo fans! And I bet some of their allocation will get Into Mayo hands too as a lot of Mayo people involved in clubs here. A lot of Kildare born and bred actually support Mayo anyway. I’ve met many. I assumed when playing Kildare they would root for Kildare but told no! Mayo parents good at indoctrination of their young!!!

  147. Sorry wj and anyone else that’s offended. No offense intended by my humor. I’ll stick to giving my expert view on football and leave the jokes out.

  148. Twas ‘Newbridge or Nowhere’ was O’Neil’s war cry….
    For the love of their ‘Home Ground’ the ‘Lilywhites would do, or they would die…
    For never in the history of mankind or before, was a ground so ignored, that became so loved once more……………
    Was it the prayer’s to St Conleth or St Bridget, I don’t know?……
    That gave Kildare the home venue to play the County Mayo…………….
    And now fewer thousands of us, to Newbridge will drive………………….
    To cheer on Mayo, and our dream’s to keep alive!


  149. Don’t often bring a flag , goin to this game. Be great if we could really go to town on the flags for the hell of it.

  150. If some of you think that killdare were right what about the right of the fans of both countries to go and support them in comfort. Killdare cb have done nothing in this regard but to pocket gate money from croke park for year’s. Hypocrites the lot of them. I can’t get a season ticket as none left so for the first time this year my friends and I might not get to shout on my beloved mayo.

  151. Sean Burke – I’m bringing a flag…hope to see flares and green and red smoke too….like we had in limerick…:bring the noise and the color..

  152. If anyone has drums bring them too…most of us will be standing which creates a better atmosphere anyway….

  153. Before you go to bed tonight WJ, assuming of course that you do sleep, if you get a chance I would love to know the hit count on the site. I know 2 days ago broke the record for a day but Id like to know the total for the few days. It’s been like grand central station here for the past few days.

  154. Over on a Kildare gaa boards page that ticket link was going around too. All getting their fill of tickets. My brother put up a link to it as some funny bits on what they think of us.

  155. Will anyone that’s gpin to Newbridge bring back some sweets for the ones that couldn’t get tickets.

  156. I’m delighted for Kildare – they are such a sporting crowd. Lived there for a few years and must say the support for their club teams is unreal. Most clubs organise buses for transportation to club/ county fixtures. And always a mighty nights celebration afterwards. I’ve no doubt that the Mayo supporters lucky enough to get tickets will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Knowing Newbridge I’ve no doubt the local businesses will pull out all the stops, so whether or not you have a ticket go along.. Makes me laugh this talk of crowd trouble!

  157. Revellino – here you go, the numbers are for page views recorded.

    Monday – 32,398
    Tuesday – 28,967
    Today (so far) – 20,679

    The previous daily high (30,317) was recorded the day after last year’s All-Ireland final.

  158. Fair play to you WJ for your running and handling of everything on here. Patience of a saint.

  159. Fuck in hell this issue got many talking. The way I thought of it was its Kildare’s battle let them sort it out and until we know any different we train for match. Anyway roll on Saturday. Will Donie link up with Ó Shea or Duirmuid?

  160. Thanks very much WJ.
    Fair play, that’s alot of people your keeping entertained. It’s no wonder we have such a loyal bunch of supporters. The county is football crazy.
    Hats off to you for providing the site. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your site is a credit to yourself and to Mayo football.
    Good health to you and yours and may you be doing this for manies the long year to come.

  161. Good man Wille Joe, u have taken a lot of stick over the last few days, and a lot of it over the top I might add, I agree with a lot of what you said, especially when they did nothing before about it, but at the same time, justice has been done now, and its the right call, We will beat them anyway, no matter where it would be played, but fair play to u for sticking to ur guns, it’s our belief’s and opinions that makes us what we are, Stout hearted men from the Co Mayo.

  162. Thank you again Willie Joe for your patience and information,and no match is won off the field,Mayo are a at better team, Mayo by ten

  163. Willie joe. Very good and informative blog over the past few days. Cannot understand how there was a h and s issue on Monday and apparently there isn’t now. Anyway let’s concentrate on football now. We are good enough to win easily Let’s leave Colm And andy until the 2nd half. I’ll have to stay here in inchydoney until Sunday as I don’t have a season ticket blessing in disguise Thanks lillywhites

  164. Well it was going to happen at some stage, some county was going to stand up to the “Big boys” in Croke Park. And it is a County Team Manager who called the shots.
    He did not care about County Board or anyone else. All he cared about was his team of players. Maybe Kildare County Board would have gone in another direction, but without a team to play for them, they were goosed. Pity a lot more counties would do the same thing, then maybe the powers to be might cop on. With all the smart technology around today, some body could have seen this problem arising. The Boys in Croke Park and Sky did not even blink when they thought they could get the Mayo Supporters to travel to a match in Dublin for 7.30 pm, if the preceding game ended in a draw and extra time was played, and if Mayo and Kildare had to play extra time, it would be 3.00 am when supporters would arrive back in Blacksod. Our County Board as usual sang dumb. At last it is every County now having a home game, and this as it should be. I listened to John Prenty on radio and as usual he did not know the rules for those round of games. I also now see where Cavan and Tyrone game is now in Fermanagh. This to will help supporters travelling. Next year Croke Park will have sorted this mess out, and also the month of April off for all the clubs, another pie in the sky brainwave. Having said all that we will have to be at our best on Saturday to claim victory. We have a lot of fellows not up to it. Its very poor when we are talking about putting a forward and a back to make up centre field. We got rid of Jason Gibbons, and would it not be too much to ask him to come back. We need some players with a brain, and not all robots. I,m am sorry for the supporters who will not get to attend the game, but I also agree with Cian O Neill. He too has to look after his players, and I agree with that. Players come FIRST.

  165. I can’t go to the game but I bought two tickets to make sure no one else can. Did the same for the Pope.

    Important to be consistent. Kildare should take note of that 🙂

  166. To the posters talking about bringing flares, please please do! Turn Newbridge into a wall of green and red. Searching everywhere for a ticket and nothing coming up. Funny how the bucks I work with from different counties, were all fully behind Kildare this week….now thats it actually in Newbridge, they want us to hammer them!! The Irish mind is fickle.

    Hope to see Harry and Donie get game time here. If we can win this anything is possible for the rest of the summer. Jimmy Durcan’s confidence should be sky high, and any “am I good enough?” doubts in his head should be well gone. Think he’ll put in a massive performance.

  167. Tickets for the Pope @Rock are a whole different ball game but we may thank that great Mayo man Msgr James Horan that he has an airport to fly into in this great county. When the other James Horan wins Sam on his second coming we’ll all be in seventh heaven. And yes the heat has finally got to me.

  168. If any of ye are interested in this ‘Off the ball’ podcast! It features an interview with Alan Milton, GAA Director of Comunacitions!… By all means listen to it all if ye want, and make yer own mind up wheater you believe him or not?.. If you don’t have the patience for that, and I wouldn’t blame you.. You might like to fast forward to about the 25 minute mark and listen for two minutes.. Talking about the possible ramifications of Donegal /Dublin in the Super 8s and Dublin getting to play twice in Croke Park… Alan Milton tells us that, Parnell Park probably isn’t big enough for all the Dublin season ticket holders… Now, I don’t know, is he correct in saying that, but it begs the question in relation to Mayo and the unsatisfied demand for season tickets.. Why should Dublin have more than Mayo, with a home ground only capable of maybe 10-12.thousand depending on where you look for the information… Now you would expect Alan Milton would be very careful to have his facts correct in the week that’s in it… I’m actually convinced that the hirachey of the GAA, have been doing their best to give Dublin every advantage, in every facet.. Be it season tickets, be it venues, be it finance, and funding of the Dublin based player’s and the whole corporate infrastructure surrounding the Dub’s… See what ye think of Alan’s explanation..

  169. Breaking News,
    Pope refusing to go to Knock now, He said it’s Newbridge or nowhere !!!

  170. Missed out on the chance of getting a ticket due to work. If anyone has a spare one I’ll gladly buy it!!
    Thank God it got sorted. Now down to the serious business….I think this drama will give Kildare a bit of gusto for the beginning of the game plus their fans will be well up for it.
    But again as I said last week our experience will come to the fore and we will win this match.
    It’s not that long ago that they lost to Carlow and with no disrespect to both Kildare and Carlow we have consistently been the 2nd best team in the country for several years. We have navigated through the qualifiers and won some tight affairs in recent times and I don’t see this run changing just yet.

    Maigh Eo Abú

  171. The last time the Pope came to Ireland there were 35 matches in the championship.
    We’ll have 10 played ourselves this year if we were to go on and play in the final.

    Whats the total number of championship games that will be played this year ?

  172. Looks like the weather will be scorching hot, could play a part on the big men.

  173. Comment on the Pope is brilliant Gamechanger!!
    Willie Joe, Iam backing you all the way – bottom line is that 10,000 supporters will not get to attend the game!
    Most of those to miss out will be children because of standing only in most of the ground!
    A total disgrace on Kildare Gaa!
    Willie Joe -well done but don’t bother letting every daft comment get to you!,

  174. Thank heavens there’s going to be a match, regardless of where it’s played, or the outcome, it’s a whole lot better than getting a walkover. I was dreading the thought of the Mayo team having to tog out in Croke Park on Saturday evening and have a player kick a ball over the bar or whatever, then have the ref blow the whistle, and bingo. Imagine the slagging we would get from GAA people? regardless of it not being of our doing, we would be looked at in a bad light and any victory after that would seem hollow in that regard. So, whether we like it or not, St Conleth’s Park it is and here’s hoping for a good match with Mayo hopefully coming out on top by a few points.

  175. It’s funny, where are all the Kildare supporters coming from now? Tens of thousands of them on social media all week yet never more than a couple of hundred at the actual games!!
    Only 1 way to put this to bed. Perform for 30 to 40 mins like we did for the 12min spell in Thurles, where we scored 1-9 without reply. Put it to bed early and win handy. Then, offer them a replay in Croke Park.

  176. It has been impossible to source a ticket for this match. I am not a Season Ticket holder but i have followed this great team through thick and thin. Like several thousand die hard supporters i am going to miss this match. Its a disgrace to have to miss a match because of the capacity of the ground. Fair play to you Willie Joe for keeping your cool over the last few days..

  177. I love it when Willie Joe sends a heap of lads into moderation. It reminds me of a referee losing the cool and giving everyone the red card just to get rid of them…..

  178. I’ve managed to nab a season ticket off a friend @MightyMayoMountainMen. Cheers for the offer though.

  179. The real scandal and no one seems to have copped at all it is how come Michael Bubble gets to play in Croker on July 7th.

  180. Cannot see how the outcome of this debacle can be considered a success for Kildare, and their backers, when the nett effect amounts to depriving several thousand of their own fans an opportunity to attend the game and support their team, and depriving an even greater number of Mayo fans similarly. Thousands of negatives can hardly be construed to be a positive ( even in the silly season )

  181. Kevin from kildare and his extended family of 12 walked in the door of the resteraunt. They were followed a minute later by Michael from Mayo who was taking his wife and daughter to dinner.

    The waiter approached. “Are yea here for dinner”? he asked the Kildare family.
    ” We are” Kevin replied.

    “And yourselves”? he enquired off the mayo man.

    “Yes, there are 3 of us for dinner”.

    “I have one free table that seats 3” said the waiter to Michael from mayo “if yea would like to follow me”.

    “Hold your fu8ken horses there sunshine” said the kildare man. “We came in first”.

    “I understand” said the waiter “but I currently only have one free table. It seats 3”.

    “We were in before him. We’ll take that table”.

    “But there are 12 of yea”.

    “I don’t give a sh8te” replied kevin getting slightly agitated. ” We came in that door 1st so we’re entitled to that table”.

    “Is that okay with yea”? the waiter asked Mick from mayo.

    “We don’t give a sh8te where we sit” replied the mayo man. “We’ll sit wherever yea put us”.

    The kildare crowd swarmed around their tiny table. Their sevice was slow. The dinner was cold but the auld fellow kevin was happy. He had made his stand.

    Mick from Mayo and his wife and daughter were seated at a table for 12. 2 waitresses waited on them hand and foot. The food was hot and delicious. The manager came to their table and apologised for the earlier confusion and insisted their meal was on the house.

    The kildare family looked across the resteraunt at the pampering the mayo crowd were getting. They were green with envy.

    “Well f8ck them anyway thought the kildare man to himself. I wish I kept my mouth shut at the door.

  182. A sea of green and red is needed / a must on Saturday galvanise indeed …. we need to be louder than loud!! let’s be the voice for those not able to make it ! Those that have been with this team in the dark cold days / evenings of January … BRING THOSE FLAGS home advantage might mean a point or two but what does our support mean ?? #inthistogether #seaofgreenandred #bringtheflags

  183. @MightyMayoMountainMen
    My old man is desperately seeking a ticket so if it’s still available let me know.

  184. Perhaps I’m a simpleton but I just don’t get it from Kildares point of view , your home gane effectively becomes an away game cause our lot will take over newbridge on sat , ye are used of croke park , crowd influence would of been minimal in 3/4 s empty croker .

    What have they actually gained ? Already I’ve observed disgruntled Kildare supporters on social media now the pennys dropped they won’t get a ticket. Honestly think a lot of the social media Yahoo brigade can’t do math.

    On the game itself , I know it’s old talk but really believe a fast start would kill them.

  185. Sean – its less to do with the crowd and more to do with the pitch. It’s compact and will level things up between the teams. We will not have the space to do what we do best. Cian O’Neill knows that if they apply a blanket defense in those confines we’re more likely to struggle on the scoreboard. They will use their physicality to gain more of an advantage. We are also depleted at mid field. Pride and passion will also be up significantly amongst their supporters present. Advantage Kildare.

  186. If health and safety is the big issue here, where is the concern for the players, playing in such heat? Could it not pe played in a floodlit ground later in the evening, in close proximity for both sets of fans, and agreeable to all? What about player welfare,? Its seems that doesn’t matter? as they say u wouldn’t put a dog out in that heat, Yet they are expected to run up and down the pitch for seventy, or eighty minutes, and entertain the fans and the tv audience, for what? Sweet F.A. If u ask me, They won’t even pay them there expenses from last year. anyway sorry rant over, There’s a game to be played, im sure our lads will give it their all. We’ve got a great bunch of warriors still left, and they wont be found wanting. Up Mayo.

  187. I had to laugh at Culmore and his comment a good bit up the page about RTE broadcasting rubbish from Russia, day and night.
    The World Cup has had many enthralling and exciting matches so far.
    The real rubbish has been this year’s Gaa football championship, where a couple of fingers would be sufficient to count the amount of good games so far.
    Who remembers the rubbish from Castlebar on May 13 v Galway ?

    Here’s something to watch out for. If the form book holds up next weekend, there should be wins for Mayo, Monaghan, Tyrone and probably Armagh.
    They will then be drawn, in some order, against Cork, Roscommon, Laois and Fermanagh.
    However, Fermanagh have already played both Monaghan and Armagh this Summer, and can’t play them again in Round 4.
    That means, if the form book holds up, Fermanagh can only play Tyrone or Mayo in Round 4 !!!

  188. Don’t think we should be over critical of Cian o Neill. Quite a popular guy when he was with Mayo but that’s irrelevant now. How could you blame a manager for wanting what’s best for his team. Kildare have a much better chance in the tight confines of Newbridge than the wide open spaces of Croker. He led this from the front, not their co Board.He couldn’t care less about the extra finances playing at Croke Park would bring. He wasn’t manager of Kildare Inthe past when they always conceded home advantage to Dublin. He has had a horrible year losing all 7 league matches and then getting dumped out by Carlow which was total humiliation. Now they have gained a bit of momentum with two qualifier wins and he has gained huge credibility from taking his stance on Newbridge. Regardless of the crowd this is going to be an extremely difficult assignment for Mayo. If the Kildare players don’t put in a colossal effort in support of their manager I will be amazed. We will have to match that effort.

  189. Lads if anyone has a spare ticket would they please consider selling it to me I’d be forever grateful.

    Maigh Eo Abú

  190. Senior clubs are getting 20 tickets, intermediate clubs are getting 14 and junior clubs are getting 10. 1500 were to be given to mayo clubs. Does anybody know what happened to half the tickets?

  191. I love the way everyone is blaming SKY for this , what has SKY got to do with it ? everyone here seems to see through spillane and brolly on the sunday game but when they do an anti-sky piece everyone laps it up.

    Sky has better coverage , better pundits and a better package. They don’t have a seat on the CCCC as far as I know. If it wasnt for SKY we wouldnt even get to see these games , where was RTE for all the Carlow games ? 2 minutes of highlights at the end of an hour of hurling and then commentary from lads who weren’t even at the match.

    Colm Parkinson is dead right every game could be shown between RTE 1 , 2 , TG4 and Tv3 , there should be no need for SKY at all. whose fault is that ? Sure its SKY’s fault !!!! not the GAA that sold all the rights or RTE that owns them and doesnt use them!!

  192. Done deal the Cairde mayo holders must also be sorted. we will have a huge crowd at this game , i’d say the team will get some roar coming onto the pitch !

  193. no bother @Wide Ball.

    Folks in the interest of fairness I’m offering my spare tickets to those who asked first on this thread. Have actually picked up a 3rd. So

    @Ah now

    do ye still need a ticket?

  194. Rodger – don’t think so they are now linked up to Croke Park scheme and I think there is more than 750 CM members so that would not be enough

  195. Fair enough MMM.

    If there are no takers I would be grateful if you keep me in mind.

  196. My name is Conleth lillywhite. Our crowd is playing on Saturday night. Gainst a team of men of skill and might. On a pitch I admit is a piece of s

  197. Fair play to the pope, Game changer for making his stand. I probably should have included a hashtag somewhere but I don’t know how to stick it in. I feel we should back him all the way and head to Newbridge with as many flags as we can muster. He is probably fed up with the Sky deal like the rest of us.

  198. I like Sky. Analysis is a class apart. Compared to the nonsense drivel coming from RTE on a weekly basis. At least Sky don’t set out to insult as many people as possible

  199. Done Deal – that’s not correct, as I already explained in a comment to someone else last night. Both the standard season tickets and the Cairde Mhaigheo season tickets are administered centrally and both lots have been sorted before the share-out of tickets so our 1,500 allocation doesn’t have to be used up for Cairde Mhaigheo. I’ve no idea what arrangement is being made to distribute the 1,500 tickets we were granted and whether or not all of them are being distributed via the clubs (I wouldn’t have thought so and anecdotal reports on numbers to clubs would suggest this isn’t the case) but whtaever method is being used it is, by necessity, a rushed one.

  200. The main thing here is that all season ticket holders are sorted and then others can get tickets from clubs or general sale.
    That general sale yesterday was very strange indeed. fair play to the lads that posted it up here, I have a feeling mayo fans snapped up a lot of them.

  201. Most important thing is to get the win and secondly is to paint the place with as much green and red as possible.
    Plenty of noise.

  202. I won’t Mayo John, because you clearly haven’t read the rules for posting comments here on the site (which are here). Pay particular attention to the bits about personal abuse, insults etc etc.

    The original comment you attempted to post broke the rules as you were attempting to put into the public domain ‘inside’ information. That’s absolutely banned here – be in about team news, injuries, match venues, whatever – and it’s a ban that I enforce rigorously, as otherwise this place would be destroyed by people who couldn’t help themselves blabbing about stories they’d heard. You clearly got the hump with me about with this and have since resorted to posting comments (none of which, needless to say, have made it to the site) which are personally abusive of me.

    I’m not going to reply to you again but I will say that, seeing as you only appeared on the site for the first time the other day, if you abide by the rules – which allow very wide latitude for people to say what they like as long as what they say is couched in reasonable terms – your comments will, notwithstanding the abuse you’ve attempted to post about me, be put up on the site. If you continue to post unacceptable material or try to post another abusive comment aimed at me, you’ll be blacklisted for good. The choice is yours.

  203. If the Kildare lad at the Roger Waters show in 3 Arena last night is anything to go by, we are in for a torrid time in Newbridge. He was going ballistic, roaring ‘come on Kildare’ and was given a wide berth by all near him. All in all we’re just another brick in the Wall.

  204. @Rock
    Havent heard anything from the ones I offered earlier so let me know if you still need a ticket

  205. I have a season ticket but unfortunately I’m unable to attend, can meet in Castlebar tomorrow evening if someone needs it!

  206. Right then it’s yours @RosTown. I can meet you in newbridge before the match. how can i contact you?

  207. MightyMayoMountainMen and Ros Town – if you’re both okay with this I can mail you both to get you in direct contact and then let you take it from there. Is that okay?

  208. I have a season ticket and also unfortunately cannot attend. If anyone near Carrick on Shannon wants to borrow it and give it back they are welcome to it.

  209. Great, MMMM, will do. Not at all, no rules broken – I just thought it was the easiest way to connect, rather than posting mobile numbers in public.

  210. MightyMayoMountainMen any tickets left? I’m looking for one if you or anyone else has one going spare? Up Mayo

  211. @Forever Mayo – yes have 1 for you. Willie Joe would you mind passing on my email address?

  212. Thanks MightyMayoMountainMen, that’s great. Thanks Willie Joe for helping with this.

  213. Hope that Kildare County Board have been watering the ground regularly this week… You can be sure that the Curragh will have plenty of water sprayed on it!.. It’s incredibly hot weather, I love it by the way, not complaining at all… But wouldn’t it great to be able to throw in at 9pm in a flood lit ground… You know this match has the capacity to go to extra time,.. Not sure is it two, extra times as was envisaged earlier in the year.. And free kicks.. So it’s a concern for the welfare of the player’s and anybody who has to stand in the heat for so long… Mind you, it’s totally gone under the radar this week, but the CCCC in their wisdom (and if wisdom in regards to the CCCC is not a paradox, nothing is)… Decided to throw in Leitrim and Monaghan and 2.30pm tommorow,… Armagh and Clare at 3pm… Hopefully it will have cooled a little by 5pm for Cavan and Tyrone.. But with all these match’s possibly going to extra time and even longer… The CCCC certainly have questions to answer about their commitment to the ‘Health and Welfare’ of their players, and indeed the supporter’s!

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