News on Cillian improving + tickets

They’re still positively gushing up here in the capital about Dublin’s display on Sunday and the clear inkling I’m getting from all this bonhomie is that they’re utterly convinced Sunday’s display means that the final is already in the bag.

The media overdrive about the bestest match that was ever ever played – which continues unabated today (Irish Times, Irish Independent) – is helping to feed this particular beast but, from our perspective, this is just fine. The more people that queue up to tell the Dublin players what a great bunch of lads they are and to congratulate them on playing the game the way the game should be played and tell them what great champions they’ll be, the better it is for us. And the more people who confidently predict that the final will be another exhibition of completely shite defending all-out attack, the better we’re going to like it too. I really think they haven’t one iota about the tornado that’s going to hit them come 3.30pm on the 22nd. They’ll know soon enough.

This morning’s papers aren’t solely taken up with over-the-top stuff about the Kerry match, though, and this report in the Irish Examiner – which starts with that Rory O’Carroll gouging story (one that’s clearly going nowhere, without proper video evidence there’s no way it merits further action) – has a bit about Cillian O’Connor, who has returned to non-contact training and is busy practicing his freetaking (with, one assumes, the headphones on and the catcalling from the Hill turned up full volume). That piece says that Cillian’s latest dislocation, while necessitating surgery in the Autumn, “isn’t as serious as first feared” which is certainly good to hear.

The Mayo News (print version – the digital variant of the paper is, for a modest charge, available here) also has news about Cillian. The report I’m looking at has a quote from James Horan who says he still doesn’t know if Cillian will feature against Dublin but confirms that he’s “working with the medical team and progressing well.” According to James “we have the best medical team in the country” on the case but he also cautions that “he’s on track but we just don’t know if he’ll be in a position to play.”

Clearly, this is one that’s going to be determined by the medical prognosis in the days ahead. It’d be fantastic to have him back – and I think if he is back, it’d make far more sense to start him than to list him in the subs – but, as the boss says, we simply don’t know yet if this will happen. Fingers crossed and all that.

Have you got your ticket sorted yet? Well, if you’re one of the self-satisfied members of Cáirde Mhaigheo (which I am and feeling pretty damn smug about it, truth be told) then you’re sorted – with one guaranteed ticket already in the bag and the right to get another one by simply renewing and paying for the annual sub for 2014. Right from when it was first launched, Cáirde Mhaigheo membership was an utter no-brainer as far as I was concerned and this All-Ireland ticket scheme – which was also in operation last year – proves the point in spades. Full details on what Cáirde Mhaigheo members need to do about getting their hands on their final tickets are here.

Aside from this, it’ll be the usual scramble for tickets but, seeing as this is our seventh final appearance (eighth if you count 1996 twice) since 1989, most should be well versed by now in the rituals of the hunt. Things usually don’t get going in earnest until after the hurling final is over and, even then, it can be well into final week itself before the precious paper starts to materialise. So, if you’re not sorted yet, don’t despair – there’s loads of time left yet and plenty of trees to be shaken ahead of the 22nd.

One bit of non-All-Ireland news to finish up: Ballina’s Niall Heffernan was last night confirmed as the new manager of the county’s U21 team, where he’ll be hoping to engineer an improvement in our fortunes following a number of years in the doldrums for us at this level. Best of luck to Niall and his management team as they take up the reins in charge of the young guns.

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  1. Surely he’s been In Claremorris long enough now WJ to be called Claremorris’s Niall Heffernan instead!?

  2. Maybe I should have said “Ballina native” or some sort. I’m in Dublin a long while but if anyone tried to put that particular tag on me I wouldn’t be impressed!

  3. To a call A Stephenites man a Claremorris man regarless of the length of time he has lived there , is like calling a Mitchel’s native a Breaffy man or vice versa!! Ballina and Claremorris rivalry goes back to the late 50’s early 60’s long before any of the recent upstarts began to claim the Moclair cup for themselves!!!!

  4. Encouraging news on Cillian. Cairdre member myself. Great weight of the shoulders not having to worry about tickets.

    On a side note – I rang the Citywest today. Hotel is fully booked and Mayo CC took out a large block. Both minor and senior teams are staying there.

    Now I don’t know the story with the Banquet Sunday night but id imagine anyone that’s booked into the hotel will take those. Might not be any Banquet tickets therefore for people not booked into citywest but then again I’m just guessing here?

  5. Lads, do any of ye have details on the Cairde Mhaigheo membership?

    Obviously I know I’m screwed for this year, but just thinking ahead to next year and after that.
    As I only fly home for a few league and championship games, I never considered it worth my while. But the guarantee of tickets and reductions on other games (from what I’ve heard on here) does make it appealing.

    The extra AI ticket for signing up for next year is also a great initiative for members.

  6. Great news about Cillian, he must be a tough customer.
    Best of luck to Gavin and co keeping the players feet on the ground, we too were involved in “game of the century” a few years back. The next game was over in 10 minutes.

  7. Got the citywest for sat night this morning.

    Question to any Mayo supporters who like to have an aul flutter?

    Would ya back Mayo to win it?

  8. Hard to believe how far we have slipped at under-21 level since 2009 – especially when you see the quality of player we have brought through since then. There have been some baffling selections and omissions in the last few years. This is a chance of a fresh start at this level.

    I would like to see the team adopt the same style shown by the minors and seniors to great effect this year to allow for continuity – a bit like Tyrone do but playing football that you’d actually want to watch. In 2006 quite a few 05 minors made the jump to under 21 level with great success – maybe this year’s team can do the same.

  9. Lads can anyone confirm or deny that we will be taking our 50% allocation for the Hill? It would be fantastic if we did

  10. @SeanBurke Of course back us to win it! Looking forward to withdrawing my winnings @ 11/1 staked after the league semi defeat come 3 weeks time 🙂

  11. If Cillian starts that game he will be targeted from the first minute. The disruption and psychological impact of potentially seeing him having to go off early in the final would be a disaster. We know from the past the impact an early injury can have, 1997 springs to mind.

    Massive decision to be made here…..

  12. That’s true, Young Fella, but logic suggests that if he’s going to play any part in the final it should be from the start. That way if he has to go off early we have Plan B ready to activate and only one sub is used up. If he were to come on and then have to go off again, using up two substitutions in the process, that really would be a disaster.

  13. WJ or anyone there an outlet for fans like me who couldnt afford the cairde maigh eo thing when it came out but who’ve been to every game and ticket stubs to prove so to get preferential treatment from the county board. Growing up and living most my life in galway im not affiliated to a mayo club so i have always had to go on a ticket hunt frenzy to avail of one. Fortunatey ive been to all the finls from 89 up to last year but my ticket source in mayo has gone.

    Is there no outlet for ‘just as loyal’ fans, who dont live in the county but who didnt have the means to buy a season tkt???

  14. Young fella,

    I agree with you on him being targeted but that’s a 2 way game. Tom cunniffe and co know how to hit properly and legally. I think jh will start him if he’s available and have the players ready for if he goes off straight away or after 65 minutes, it’s gravy to have him in there but they are ready if he goes off. Luckily Mayo dont count on any one man, cillian and aos being the two standout type fellas on the team but the work ethic of any 15 of this panel would cover a high percentage of the loss of those guys.

  15. I don’t see your logic WJ, as whoever would come on for COC, would presumably start if he didn’t. So where is the waste of a sub?

    If he was to start, he’d be one of the cool heads needed at the start of the game and could be a settling effect on freeman as there would be less pressure on him.

    Alternatively, he could be the ultimate supersub, as he was in the connaght final. Horan would have figured the dubs back line at that stage and drop him in where he would have most impact.

  16. Lads while the Chairde Mahigh Eo ticket at 200 euro is a good deal for the loyal Mayo fan I bought the Gaa season ticket for an early bird price of 75 euro which gave me free entry to all league games , 5 euro off all championship games (apart from the connacht final and All Ireland final) with a guaranteed stand seat for all games ( I have been on the halfway line for all so far) and a guaranteed All Ireland final ticket in you attend 60% of the games played by Mayo in League and championship. Also you can create a seating group which allows me and my Uncle sit beside each other at the matches.

    Now I know the Chairde Mahigh Eo package gets club and U21 games but I am a fully paid (if not fully active) member of my home club and it is mainly their club games I attend and I have no problem paying at the gate of Ballintubber, Claremorris , Knockmore etc.. because at least I am safe in the knowledge that the money is going to the club in question and in a indirect way helping to prepare our county players present and future.

    I have yet to be convinced that a county board that charged my friends kids 2 eruos just to wear their county colours to school , dissappeared a couple of thousand tickets to County Council/Town Council officials last year and didn’t even allocate enough tickets so every paid up member in my club got at least 1 ( 450 members where St. Euanans in Letterkenny got 720 for 720 members!) that any of the Chairde Maigh Eo money goes anywhere but to pay off the black hole that was the bodged/suspect process of redevolping the Stand in McHale Park.

  17. Mayonaze, I know a few people have a Croke Park season ticket, I think €70, and you have the same entitlement to an All Ireland ticket too.
    Would Horan consider using Cillian a-la Canavan, where he starts the game, comes off for a while and then is re-introduced for the last 10 to 15 mins?
    Sean Burke, I am not a betting man and I am not going to curse the lads by starting now (anyway, I would gladly lose a fortune to see us win this one) but I would love to know of you can get odds on us winning 2 of the next 3 All-Irelands? I am convinced if we can get over the hump of winning this one we would be away like spuds! Munster is going to be quiet for a while, Ulster have been found out so there is only ourselves and the Dubs that should be there or thereabouts, particularly when you look at the ages of both squads, the quality on the bench and the quality coming through at underage.

  18. If Cillian is declared fit and ready to play, that wil be some call for james Horan. Given that he hasnt had the surgery yet, there’s a high probability he wil start, barring any further injury in A/B games, still though…he would be a sitting duck for Dublin, or any team for that matter.

    WJ, I dig the “strike though”..;-)

    I’m not sorted with tickets yet..but am promised…ah well, airfare booked anyway, we’ll see, I’m not panicking just yet.

  19. good news on Cillian ,as a taxi driver in Dublin I have to agree the dubs are totally convinced they have it in the bag ,i dont think half them know who they are even playing in the final. They will soon enough though

  20. Tonyk – the waste of a sub that I meant was if Cillian came on as a sub himself but then had to go off (2 subs used during the game) versus him having to go off having started the game (one sub used). We could, as you say, opt to use him as a super-sub but if we think there are goals to be got against the Dubs (and I think there are, more than one for sure) then we’ve a far better chance of getting them with Cillian on. A Peter Canavan role might well be the answer, then, if we do succeed in carving them open early on.

  21. If ever there was a need for a “special teams” rule in the GAA, this is the perfect case.

  22. I have to agree with the posters who say that if Cillian is fit to play we should start him. If he was to be a used sub who then came off injured it would effectively take two out of our five allowed substitutions whereas if he started it would only require one cahnge and this could be a change could have a plan in place for!

  23. We are going to need all of our subs for this one.
    We will have to re-set when the likes of McManamon, Rock & O’Gara enter the fray.
    We certainly cannot afford two substitutions to cover one injured player.
    Our injured players have to start for this reason … if they are deemed capable of contributing … otherwise they dont play at all.

  24. With all this talk of starting injured players/leaving them on the bench etc. is anyone having flash backs of the ’97 final when we all knew Dermot Flanagans hammer was dodgy, yet, he was picked to start, went down injured and we made 7 positional changes and 1 substitution to repair the damage. Horan will remember that disaster better than anyone and it will be in his thoughts.
    However, all we can do is wait and see. Let the medical boys do their stuff and let Cillian do what he has to do. I doubt there will be any serious decision taken before Saturday week anyway, when a full blooded, all-out, full contact A v B game will go a long way to making up Horans mind.

  25. @ Pebblesmeller….good point about Flanagan in 97’…Horan wont make the mistake of playing someone who’s unfit to play.

  26. Speaking of Cillian’s injury, how about this (extracted from Sean Rice’s column in today’s Mayo News):

    No one kicks frees with the accuracy or confidence of Cillian O’Connor. His loss is immense.

    But hope that the Ballintubber star could play some role in the final comes from Professor Tom Brett, director of General Practice and Health Care Research School of Medicine at the University of Notre Dame, Australia.

    The Charlestown native, an avid online reader of this column, has more than a passing interest in the shoulder injury which has been plaguing O’Connor.
    Brett dislocated his left shoulder on three occasions, once playing GAA and twice subsequently at rugby, and says it is eminently possible to learn how to tackle and play with minimal risk of the injury recurring … if you’re smart.
    “As a doctor looking at Cillian O’Connor’s left shoulder injury and considering his own personal and the team’s perspective, I hope he trains on and seeks to make the bench for the final.”

    The key, he says, is to learn to play with the forearm held in such a manner (internally rotated) so that the back of the hand is facing upwards with the thumb on the inside.
    Dislocation of the shoulder occurs only when the arm is in the opposite situation (externally rotated) with the palm of hand facing upwards and thumb on outside.
    Professor Brett says these injuries are often innocuous enough and usually happen when the arm, rotated outwards, is caught forcefully and the player hasn’t time to avoid the sudden jerking movement that causes the dislocation.
    “Players with prior shoulder dislocations need to learn the habit of always operating with their weaker side (upper arm) held in internal rotation, that is with the palm of the hand facing down and thumb on the inside.

    “The good news is that fit, young players who get the original injury iced, get the swelling down quickly and rest the damaged area for two weeks, make a rapid recovery and will be literally aching to play by the third week.

    “I hope O’Connor’s injury fits this category and that his rehab is planned accordingly. He could be our key off the bench,” says Professor Brett,

    “Good to see Mayo back again for All-Ireland final day … we must make this one count.”

  27. Make no mistake, Mayo will have the best advice possible on this. Cillian is a very intelligent young man, with a very mature head on his shoulders. He will not play himself if he does not feel ready.

    But if it is felt that he is ready to play, then he absolutley should start. For every minute he is on the field we are in bonus territory.
    The very fact that Dublin would have to spend their pre match planning having to consider him is a bonus,
    It takes pressure off the others (Freeman will still be practicing his frees of course)
    It allows us the luxury of keeping more cards such as Mickey C and Darren Coen to come off the bench when we need that extra threat.
    Its great!
    I was not concerned about us losing because of Dublins performance on Sunday, I was if Cillian could not play any part. If this happens, make no mistake its an absolutely huge bonus for us.

  28. the mayo boss keep cillian on the subs would be awful to start him the dubs will target him. bring him on in second half what do you think

  29. could we consider him “targeted” if he’s to be on the receiving end of a fair shoulder? A fair shoulder in the first minute of the match would probably cause a reoccurance….resulting in us having to use a substitute early in the match and go to plan B….is that a risk Cillian and Horan are willing to take? Sure glad I’m not making that call.

    Me thinks Freezer will be the “designated hitter” of the placed ball…with perhaps Doc (he must be chomping at the bitt) to play some part too.

  30. I see the Mayo county board has said the ticket allocation to the clubs will be indentical as 2012 so I wouldn’t hold out much hope of sourcing a ticket through the clubs even if you are an absentee member like myself. Unfortunately this will probably mean we will be outnumbered by the Dubs inside Croker like happened last year but I would stress that a hell of a lot of tickets turned up through unconventional sources from Friday evening on last year, with my group of friends being short 6 tickets on Thurs, the last man getting sorted on the morning of the game, so don’t despair and still book those flights! The sevens tournament is great spot fo ticket hunting and Quinns early on Sunday is another great spot but stay away from Gills!

  31. Some good advice posted yesterday, if Mayo get Hill tickets? I was just a bit dissappionted at the semis that every Mayo fan was not in position for the start of the minor match. let everyone be in early and get the best positions, that should be done anyway for our minors that deserve support just as much as the seniors. I know where to be and what time to be there at, now just the EASY part and get myself a ticket. For the many thousands Mayo fans that were in Croker versus Tyrone. the minor starts at 1.30pm, Forget the pints in the pubs, leave that for the Dubs, Be there before half past one, Give the minors every decibale of our vocal support. If they win and I believe they will, its worth at least as much as the home venue is to Dublin. Maybe its worth even more with the Mayo faithfull in full voice. Just the right way to start thr day, you know as they say “WELL BEGUN, HALF DONE”

  32. Mister Mayor I’d consider him targeted if he’s on the receiving end of an eye gouge! Or even if a Dublin player stuck a finger in his eye and made out he was only posing for the photo! Think RoC may have mixed up ‘keep an eye on him’ and ‘ cant put my finger on it’ !!

  33. I can see Doc coming on at some stage .I think a game against the dubs will suit him perfectly.

  34. If Cillian is deemed fit enough to play then he plays from the start.. If his injury is anyway a concern then he does not play.. there will be no bench for Cillian IMO.. he is among the more important and influential players we have but unfit he is not worth an early substitution and in doing so removing the opportunity for another player to get a chance to play on the greatest football day of their lives.. I’ve seen here before, “there’s no room for sentiment”, and James will know this.. I hope he makes it in time

  35. Remember docs point against dublin last year away out on the left, beautiful.
    Then he missed a goal that would have killed Dublin , he will likely be used for his goal ability at some stage this time again and he has to take the chances he will get.
    We spurned at least 2 goals near the end with Tyrone. It could have been 3 14 instead of 1 16, means nothing now but those 4 points may mean winning or losing Sam.
    I wonder will kh be left in defense? It would be a crime to drop Barrett after his displays, but what do you do? Hb line is set in stone
    FB line has caff and Tom cunniffe, someone will be disappointed
    I have no idea if you start coc if he’s ok to play, maybe leave him til later and see how they are going without him for 15/20 minutes? Hard questions for jh.

  36. Way I see it with Cillian, either he is able to start or he does not make the bench. Introducing him if things are going unwell is impractical. Remember Alan Brogan last year. Came on and then clearly unfit and had to be re-substituted. I’d say the answer will be fairly clear if he is able to come through a couple of AvB matches.

  37. Willie Joe

    The Chairde Maigheo season ticket certainly looks a no brainer now. I hear they did the same thing last year.

    The normal season ticket via is 75 for existing holders and 85 for new season ticket holders although there is also an early bird special to get it down to 75. This entitles you to all league games, the first championship game and the London and New york games if it is your turn to play them. It also gets you into the league semi finals whether Mayo are in them or not. It also gets you into the club finals at Croke park, junior to senior. Last year you were also allowed to attend any league match in any division as well but I did not specifically this offered this year.

    The key thing is that you must go to 60%(by getting your ticket scanned) of all Mayo’s league fixtures and championship games up to and including the semi final to qualify for an all Ireland ticket.
    You are only allowed to opt out of one game, for games you have to pay for, after the galway game this year for example, but as stated elsewhere you get 5 euro off these games bar the connaught final and the all ireland.

    Is there any attendance requirement with Chairde maigheo season ticket or is it a case of you pay the money so you are entitled to your final ticket(s)?
    Do you have to buy tickets after your entitlement is used which I understand is the same as the normal season ticket, which this year was all the league games and the Galway game as well?


  38. I think Keith will start centre half forward.He will flourish against a Dublin style of play compared to Tyrone and Ger Brennan wont be able to handle him .I said it before Keith is a fantastic game reader great footballing brain.I know most of the Dublin supporters will be cock sure they can beat us.But really don’t believe they can beat us.Not alone have we improved since league we also a tough physical team that Dublin hadn’t met in Championship.All i seen from Dublin is they can attack and try to beat teams with their pace pure and simple.Our lads will be out to turn teams over .He have to dominate midfield,we have to contain there runs from the back and put pressure on there forwards and on every shot they take.Easier said than done i know but the lads have done it before.They know the bitter taste of defeat in an all Ireland final and that is going to be factor.Its now time to smell the sweet smell of success.This year is as good as any.This is our fucking year lads and lassies.The dubs have had their egos massaged enough this year.Im going to predict that we will have them knocked spark out before end of match.CMON MAYO!!!!!

  39. Truly believe Keith Higgins needed in backs with Cunniffe moving to centre and Vaughan moving up.

    Vaughan is a superb player but not a marker. The winning of the game could be in this move.

    Great to think Cillian will start. These injuries can be managed and he could get whole game. Coldrick probably will get final.

    Finally – a question for all you doubters

    How much better are Dublin than last year and how well did the new guys play last Sunday?
    Every game is different and I have NEVER been as confident.

  40. KOB – on the Cairde Mhaigheo ticket, there’s no attendance requirement so it is a case of pay your money and you’re entitled to buy the ticket for the final. Also they’re re-running last year’s offer whereby if you renew (and pay for) your annual sub for next year you’re entitled to buy a second ticket for the final. Aside from that (and the nice comfy jacket) I think it’s basically the same rules and entitlements that come with the Croke Park ticket.

  41. Regards the 1997 situation re injuries and substitutions the crucial injury was Maurice Sheridan’s as we had no freetaker to replace him.
    I’m quite sure that the Dermot Flanagan injury would have been planned for as would any other injury in the defence.
    Probably the Maurice Sheridan injury was planned for too as a competent manager plans for all eventualities but the problem was nobody else had taken a scorable free for Mayo in competition for a the previous two years. Planning and training is all very well but until a free taker takes the free under pressure one cannot be sure.
    I would be inclined to start Cillian if he has a reasonable chance of making a contribution as I do not think the Peter Canavan situation has much relevance. It was very much a once off.

  42. Re swapping Hill tickets with the Dubs for Stand tickets who has the final call on that?

    Is it the county board?

    I spoke to a diehard supporter who last year ended up in the back row of the Cusack Stand, not knowing one single person sitting around them. They commented that with a terrace ticket they could have watched the game with a group of their mates who they go to every game with

    My vote, if I had one, would be to take the Hill tickets and get in early for the primo spots

    There’s 364 other days in the year if you want to sit in the pub

  43. Makingprogress,

    Dublin were coming of the back of winning Sam last summer and its hard to have the drive needed to repeat it over so quickly. I think mayo could have their hands full with Dublin, but, if Stephen cluxtons kick outs are upset and he is forced to hit it out the field we have them where we want them, going 50/50 with the o Shea’s and co.
    If we allow Dublin build from the back they will run up the field in a flash.
    It’s a simple game, pressure the dubs like we did donegal and Galway and we are in with a shout.

  44. I think we are taking Hill tickets, if the Mayo News is anything to go by, stating that Senior Clubs will be getting 50 Stand and 50 Terrace each, Intermediate 40 and Junior 30. Great news!

  45. Great news if we are taking our hill allocation,Ive never seen Dublin play with a sizable opposition support on the hill.Could rattle the Dublin team a bit,first psychological battle won,we’re not going to back down.

    However having said all that I don’t know for sure if we are going to have many hill tickets,can anybody shed any light on this?

  46. I believe that COC contribution to the Mayo team has been exemplerary. Horan and his management team will be the ones that will ultimately decide if COC will be fit to contribute further, on the field. Whatever their decision, the decision will be based solely on the best interests of the team as a whole and not the individual. Horan’s focus will not be inhibited by sentiment. You can run that by Conor Mort if you need further clarification.

    Whatever happens I personally will trust and respect the decision that Horan makes. He’s done all right by us.

    I’m not naive. I realise that fully fit COC should start. That is not the case. It is disrespectful to the rest of the team to hold any one man up as being more important than another. This Mayo team, I believe has learrned from the mistakes of the past.

    The majority of COC goal contribution have come as a direct result of team effort, rather than individualistic flair. COC is a cool finisher and thankfully Freeman is as well.

    Bottom line, if COC starts, starts and comes off again, is an impact sub, or doesn’t start at all, it won’t have any bearing on the end result. That’s what we all want including COC.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”

  47. are mayo underdogs for this match personally the dubs are overated and hyped up am not having a go at them but i think mayo could catch them and hope cillian comes on as a sub

  48. Well, just to be triple sure, could someone call their contacts in the County Board and make sure that no one takes it upon themselves to make a good will gesture and cede the Hill……..stranger things have happened!!!!!!!

    (I know..I’m paranoid to the point of insanity at this point)

  49. Honestly..after that day in 2002 id be apprehensive about being on the hill when the dubs r playing (snd wevwerent even against them) though I was completely surrounded… Snd I’m used to away sections at English football games.

    I really think they shud segregate the sections on the hill if its the case of Msyo taking its allocation. Otherwise every Mayo fan going to the hill better get in damn early and congregate together.

  50. As i said Mayonaze i was on the hill that day as well and it was nasty,BUT if there is a good crowd of Mayos on the hill as it seems will be the case there’d be nothing to worry about .It’ll be great,they wont know what hit them,might rattle the Dublin team a bit as well.We have to make it happen.

  51. Andy D, if Flanagans injury had been planned for, well why the 7 positional switches? You are right about Sheridan and his injury, however, when we had a free-taker that good no-one else was ever going to be taking the frees. A bit like Michael Fitzmaurice in ’89 in that at that time, it was reckoned, that a good team should be able to “carry” a free taker. I imagine that only for Cillians recent troubles with injuries no-one would be taking frees at all bar him. Freeman doesn’t even take penalties for Aughamore but he soon put his laces through it the last day!
    On Canavan, it was a one-of situation for an exceptional footballer. Much like our situation now. And, it worked. Tyrone won the All-Ireland and he was instrumental in both periods of the game he played so I believe there is some relevance there.
    On the Hill, just think the boost the players could get if they run out and see half, or even a third, of the Hill covered in Green and Red. It would be as good a sign we could give them we are all in this together and this day is ours.

  52. Great news if Cillian can play some part especially for the frees, as he brilliant against the Dubs last year.
    What a great young man after the year he’s just had to keep on trying to make it.
    On the ticket situation , it’s ridiculous that clubs only get 100/80 /60 tickets while one club in Donegal got over 700 last year. While I understand that Mayo have more clubs it still doesn’t add up. We can be sure that like last year, every Tom , Dick and Harry will have some to raffle.
    It’s not sour grapes either as I have a season ticket , don’t live in Mayo and never got a ticket from home for any game. It’s just that the County Board could look after its club members a bit better,and tell us when we are outnumbered that we didn’t try hard enough.
    By the way I’m colour blind , is sky blue brighter than green and red.

  53. Nephin, you are right about the raffle. Last year, in my home club, a man won an All-Ireland final stand ticket in a draw. He never kicked a ball in his life, never helped out with the club at any level, never ever watched Mayo (live or on TV) and yet he still went. Now I know a raffle is all about luck but sweet Jesus how can that be right? He didn’t even have the cop on to sell the ticket to a proper supporter.
    Anyway, we all know that we will see people up there that wouldn’t know a football if it was driven up their arse with a kick. You certainly won’t see them at a league game never mind the FBD but they will be there on All Ireland final day. A social event see, some of them think it is the place to be seen, you probably will hear them asking “which was are Mayo playing?” and “what time is kick-off?”. Anyway, I promised myself that I am not going to let that end of things annoy me this year. Those people will be there whether I like it or not.
    19 more sleeps. Hon Mayo.

  54. Segregation exacerbates the rivalry and or hatred and IMO has no place in GAA.
    As for Cillian, his injury is not about his overall fitness but his shoulder and if the guy thinks that he can contribute and be part of a winning side, then a lot of the call should be his. That he is under JH, someone that knows him and has been involved with him at both club and county level I don’t think we have any fears of the wrong decision being made here.
    This side with Cillian, Alan Freeman, Dillon,SuperMac and the other giants of footballing prowess that is this Mayo, will have the Dubs wishing they were facing the best Kerry/Tyrone sides that ever played the game………………….This is ours ………………….Let’s just take it.
    MaighEo Abu

    PS pebblesmeller, careful on the subject of winning more than one, you could find yourself in the land of the deluded, I’m with you on it but am cast in that category of purgatory already.

  55. You’re probably right Mayonaze we could have more to fear on the hill than on the pitch but we can’t show the white feather.
    I seem to recall a photo after the semi final last year of a lone Mayo supporter on the hill or was it 2006 I can’t be sure, but I think he lived. If there’s a few thousand there it should be grand.
    And boys pull together.

  56. Im going off the premise that the Hill would be HALF Mayo. Anything less than 1/3 and this wouldnt work.

    I definitely wouldnt show up steamed at 3.25 pm in my Mayo shirt and look to park myself in the last available perch surrounded by a mob of inebriated Dubs.

  57. Yeah , Pebblesmeller we all know them and I’m sure he could tell you on his return, that they were no good.

  58. What an amazing achievement it would be if Cillian were to recover in time to make the starting 15, score 1-3 which would place him as top scorer in the championship and then go on to win young player of the year for the 3rd year in a row. Wishful thinking I know but he would certainly deserve it after everything he’s been through this year.

  59. United are “cihy” at 4 on our big day. Should be interesting to see how many dublin fans with hill tickets don’t bother leaving Meaghers or Gaffneys or the like because the beer starts making the big game on tv seem more attractive.

  60. A lot of the talk here about the conduct of the Dubs on the hill is way of the mark. I’ve stud their on many occasions with my Sons and never found it any different to the atmosphere one can experience in the stands. Dublin supporters are as passionate as any other County, know their football and will roar there team on as best they can, same as ourselves.

    Having raised my family here in Dublin, my Sons, now grown up, are both very proud and passionate Dublin supporters and with their mates, assuming they all have tickets, will be cheering on their hero’s from the hill on the big day, and if I can get a ticket, I’ll probably be there with them, shouting for my beloved Mayo.

  61. If we do get a decent portion of tickets for the Hill it should be easy enough to get in early as let’s not forget that we have a minor team playing as well that we need to support.

  62. I would only ever stand on the Hill as a last resort (irrespective of whether the Dubs are playing).

  63. To be fair to the Dubs supporters, those who do make the effort to get in early will be cheering on our minors too. Despite the senior clash, i’d say most of them would be delighted to see our minors win the All Ireland. I remember back in ’85 the great support we got from the Hill when we won the minor final. I remember sitting in the Hogan seeing some Mayo fans on the Hill being held aloft by Dublin fans in celebration of that great win.

  64. Whatever ever about being on the Hill with the Dubs, i was on the Hill in 96 surrounded by Meath fans (Mayo fans had the canal)…it was fantastic to see the green and red take over one end of the ground, but the Hill was an awful place to be when the equalising point bounced over…always found Dubs fans far more preferable than Meath ones!

  65. For a group of posters who are usually fair and intelligent there is a lot of disappointing generalisations been posted.

    Good bad and indifferent in every set of supporters and every walk of life for that matter.

    Some of them Dublin gaels are the finest youll meet.Nextdoor to me here in Dublin, all Ireland final tickets last year,premium tickets for league enconters with dubs and free tickets for semi and q/f, honestly couldnt praise them enough,salt of the earth.

  66. I have to agree with you, Sean – I live up here too and have huge time for Dublin GAA people. As you rightly say, you can meet all types in all walks of life and it’s unfair to characterise all Dublin supporters in a negative way based on the behaviour of a minority (undoubtedly of the fair weather variety) on the Hill.

  67. Would agree with you there lads. At the Tyrone game the only “Lu-La’s” I saw were a group of Mayo supporters who got off a Gillespie’s coach around the Cat and Cage. There was about 10 teenagers (age 12 – 17) off their heads on drink, running through the traffic following the bus. The bus driver seemed to think it was great gas but their behaviour was unacceptable to be honest. Very intimidating, bad language to the Tyrone fans, slapping cars, p!ssing in public. Not the type of stuff that I would normally associate with Mayo fans but the type of stuff you would associate with underage drinking.

    As for the hill – I can tell you a “Fill the Hill” campaign has started up here already on the Dub fans site. I also know some Dub fans manage to get onto the Hill from the Nally stand. Apparently they have some route?

    It is a tricky one, I would hate the match to be spoiled by intimidating behaviour.

  68. After my earlier post, I’m delighted a bit of balance has come into the debate regarding the Dubs on the Hill. And like Sean and yourself Willie Joe, those of us who have lived most of our lives in or around the City, can appreciate and maybe better understand what makes the typical Dublin supporter tick.

    For starters most GAA lads I know have some connection with the Country, through their Parents, Grandparents or whatever and like my Sons will happily support, that County in any other match except when it’s against their own. And in all fairness, they too are a very passionate lot, and like ourselves, have suffered big time at the hands of the Kerry’s, the Meath’s and indeed had a few beatings from our own County along the way. So remember when next time you look from the stands at the sea of blue on the Hill, don’t be too quick to pass judgement……

  69. Lads,
    I am one who would avoid the hill after seeing some of the antics by lads pissing where they stood and spitting on the backs of opposing fans. It’s fine to go there, just be aware of your surroundings.

  70. Bottom line is if Mayo get an allocation to the Hill no Mayo fan should be afraid to go there. Get in early and fill a couple of sections and we wont have any problems

    The percentage of Dublin fans who would cause problems is probably 1/2 of 1 percent, and they’d be causing problems whether they were at the match or not

  71. I can’t say too much against the Jackeens as I am married to one and there is a Dublin flag flying out the top window at home. Even my 5 year old lad tells his mother to “take down that bleedin’ flag missis, will ya”. Go down to Thomas Davies GAA club or Jack Aherns pub in the build up to a big game and the crack is mighty. Her neighbours up there are stone mad gaa followers but are sound with it and readily admit to wanting to see us win the fucking thing, but just not this time! The GAA supporter in Dublin loves his ga as much as we do and, like us, wear their hearts on the sleeves when it comes to supporting them. The fact that a fair few tools appear on match day doesn’t mean that they are all like that. We are not all angels in Mayo either and we will have a few gobshites that will let the side down, just as Coilltemach had described.

  72. The best place to shout id from the Hill. I have no disrespect for the Dubs and when it comes to the chant of “C’mon ye boys in Blue” from the Hill – it is a truly inspiring one.

    However what I would suggest though is that we have to counteract this and take over as much of the Hill as are allocated. Because our team needs our support and Chants of Mayo, Mayo to help them on.

    If we are to win one we will have to take every advantage we can. Using the fans to break the hill chant is just another.

  73. Iv’e worked in dublin for 10 years and actually cannot fault the real Dublin supporters, i watched the 2012 semi surrounded by dubs in the davin end, everyone of them in close proximity shook my hand and the end of the game and genuinely wished us well for the final, the same cannot be said for kerry supporters, in 2011 the goading and laughing from kerry fans towards the end of the game was disgusting. I really hope they are heading into a barren few years. Their over all arrogance is disgusting.

    Having said that, we should do our damn best to take over the hill, i personally know one of the mayo players and you cannot underestimate the lift we give them, he said it really spurs them on and having spoken to him recently, they would absolutely love to see us take a good portion of the hill and bring as much colour and flags as possible. We WILL win it this year!!!

  74. Juan – I’ve had the same experience as yourself after the ’06 and ’12 semi’s – several Dublin supporters shaking my hand and wishing us the best of luck in the final. The vast majority of them are decent skins and are very gracious in defeat – I have not experienced that against any other county that we’ve played down through the years. You’d hear the odd nasty comment from some Dub supporters too but no worse than what I’ve heard out of the mouths of Meath, Kerry, Down or Tyrone supporters in years gone by.

  75. As I mentioned a few days ago, I have never come across any as bad as the shower of Meath lads in ’96. I wouldn’t mind, but half of county Meath is made up of Mayo people that were re-settled there during the land commission in the 1950’s. Robbie O’Malleys people came from Mayo and Mick Lyons’ people were Mayo people too. Maybe they still have the hump with Mayo people being given the best of free land!!!

  76. Haha Pebblesmeller haven’t heard that statement about the land since 96 .I was was 10 then and thought it was funny.Cant for Santa he life of me remember who said it to me.Anyway you brought back a memory i hadn’t thought of since i was a boy.

  77. mayomaningalway, I hope I didn’t bring back too many memories from the actual ’96 finals because I still have tremors about those ones. I was 23 then and am still in therapy from those games. You must have been scared for life at that tender impressionable age!!!
    Anyway, that’s all in the past, onwards and upwards and roll on the next 2 weeks.
    New management, new players, new mindset and new champions elect. No more bad days in Croker. Let’s take the Hill and that fucking cursed cup home with us.

  78. I was at the 96 – both matches and I though the Meath fans were sound. I got a ticket for both games but herself and a few friends say both games in the pub with Meath fans and they had great craic. My own experience was soured by sitting beside a guy that read his paper throughout the first game and a woman who kept asking me who the players were including Liam McHale! Why do these gobshites get tickets?

  79. Dublin fans have great respect for Mayo and the way they play.there’s been great games over the years and I can tell you any genuine Dub I have talked to sees this match as 50/50 with a few key match ups deciding it. any knowledgeable gaa man has to have noticed Jim Gavin’s control of the bandwagon this year.Dublin are so quite in between games.The only concern I would have for Mayo is that they just assume that this is their year and they WILL win it. That pressure has to affect players because nobody has a right to win has to be earned. And as Dublin proved against Kerry they will go til the end.some mayo fans need to learn from history and start respecting all Ireland final opponents on their merits instead of the old problem of presuming its Mayo’s year and then getting bet.

  80. Some of our own fans could learn a thing or two. Its not only the Dubs that have issues. After last years final there were loads of Mayo fans laughing and joking as they left the stadium as if nothing had happened. My own daughter was in tears. Thanks to a few Donegal fans who did their best to comfort her. She started the year watching a game against Roscommon in Ballinlough with a few hundred supporters, seen every FBD and every league game with no problems. She then had to see these fools. If they want a piss up they should stay at home. If we win celebrate. If we lose lick our wounds and prepare for the next battle. They may beat us but we will continue to get up again and again!

  81. I watched the 96 replay in a pub in Boston and never set foot inside the door of the place again. (It has since turned into a gay nightclubi for what it’s worth-LOL)

  82. Just spoke to a Dub mate of mine…they reckon that Mayo fans don’t have the appetite for the Hill and will swap with them for stand tickets just like Kerry Fans did in 2013

  83. sinabfhuil

    too bad she took it so hard. she deserves a ticket to the final more than a lot that will be there, hopefully she will be there and smiling walking down O Connell Street afterwards this time.
    don’t worry about the people who wouldn’t cross the street to see them in January but are there for the important game in September, they will never experience the true emotion like your daughter does. And that counts for a lot.

    have Mayo taken the hill 16 allocation?

  84. Reasons other countys dont hav appetite for the hill, is unfotunatly theres alot of scumbags on the hill, not all but never the less plenty of them, had to leav it once assholes throwing coins and spitting.

  85. I am surprised and a little saddened with peoples’ comments upon the “ugly minority”. I do not question posters’ veracity. What is sad is that such behaviour slowly spreads, as it did in football here. Such behaviour is not the preserve of any one county, which again makes it necessary for the GAA, Guards and true fans to stand back and assess where this is leading. Irish supporters are looked upon as role models whenever they attend big sporting occasions and rightly so. Gaelic games are a magnificent opportunity for people to meet. There simply should not be this anxiety about attending an All Ireland Final if your ticket is for the Hill, regardless of the counties playing.

  86. Hear, hear GJ – I think this debate about the Hill and who pissed where and all that has gone far enough so I’d appreciate it if we could close off that particular one and move on to more important matters relating to the 22nd.

  87. Perhaps the minority of disappointing Dublin fans have built up this reputation because they get to play every match at home! :p

  88. I know football is the main topic of discussion on this site. However we should spare a thought and send our collective good wishes to the first Mayo team bidding for All Ireland glory this month. Namely the minor hurlers. They take on Monaghan in the C final next Saturday in Ballinamore. Hopefully the first leg of a treble.

  89. Just a side issue here, there seems to be a slant here from some posters that only the “real”Mayo supporters are the ones who goes to all F.B.D. league, national league home and away and all championship games. I fell this is unfair and self serving, obviously there are going to be different levels of supporters i.e Fanatics, Die hard’s, championship supporters and fair weather supporter’s. Like fans of soccer teams in Ireland and the U.K. some fans follow their team to the hilt and fair play to them but some fans may not be able to do this for financial, family, work and personal reasons. I am following Mayo for thirty years since i was five years old, I go to all the championship games, home league and like most people on here I have been to all the finals we have lost and the drawn game but I don’t consider myself any better of a fan than the next man. We need some solidarity here, if we win this coveted cup it will mean an awful lot to me but what will it mean to an 89 year old man from Belmullet that has not been able to go to a match for what ever reason for the last twenty years. I would say it might mean the world to him to see that cup lifted high up by a Mayo man from the Hogan stand. Lets stick together lads and lassies, we all want the same thing and we all have the same right to be part of this special time in Mayo’s football history. Tiocfaidh ar la.

  90. Well said mayo forever.

    There will be men sat watching on high stools round criklewood broadway and other spots that havent even been home in years and it will swell their hearts with pride if we do it ,means so much .It has become the focal point of identity for Mayo people the world over

    Its the same passion the vast majority feel.

  91. David, “they will never experience the true emotion like your daughter does. And that counts for a lot”. Hit the nail on the head.
    Mayo Forever, I do echo your sentiments and that man in Belmullet is as much, and more, a part of the footballing community in Mayo than most. However, I think the general thread of the discussion is not really what and how many games you can go to but more so that on All Ireland Sunday there will be a huge amount of people in Croker who have no interest or knowledge or emotional attachment to the game sitting in the best of seats. Like the man from my home club I mentioned, like the people Sinabhuil mentioned “a guy that read his paper throughout the first game and a woman who kept asking me who the players were including Liam McHale!”
    On a personal and self-serving point, even though I coach 3 underage Ladies teams I am not entitled to a ticket, or even to put my name in the hat for one. I know it is not Senior mens or anything like it, but, there will be 20 or 30 tickets going to county and town councillors to sit with the great and good.

  92. I know im stating the obvious here, but we really need to start well in this game, we simply cannot afford to give them a lead on us like we did Tyrone. It will be extremely hard to claw back Dublin if they go 4 or 5 points clear in the first 10 minutes. Higgins i feel will be deployed in the sweeper role (starting in the 11 shirt) and hang back early to track McCaffrey/McCarthy’s runs, if K Mac and Dillon are turned over up the field and unable to track back, Keith will be perfect at this role, his tackling his superb and he can really halt that pair in there tracks. We really need to attack like the donegal game, players over lapping and creating space with quick one two’s, if we do that we’ll have serious scoring opportunities and with Cillian hopefully there to punish free’s, we could make hay in their back line.

    Having watched the dub v kerry game numerous times at this stage, our best way to minimize there forwards is to block up the middle, this may result in donnie hanging back more plus one of the O’Sheas. McCauley ran the show the last day and if hes kept quiet and prevented from making those penetrating 20-30 yards runs, we will win game 6. JH is a very intelligent man, and im sure he learned alot last Sunday, and will come up with great ways of stopping the Dubs scoring. Without being arrogant, i think we will definitely win game 6, it may not be a pretty performance but i certaintly see us 2-3 points ahead come the final whistle. Maigh Eo Abu.

  93. Good stuff Bannerexile.. don’t live to far away and should be free on Saturday to go.. never been at a hurling match so shud be a nice change.. do u know what time throw in is at? To be honest my head is wrecked waiting for the 22nd so this will be a good distraction.

    On another note my wife keeps asking me “are you on that Willie John site again”.. I havn’t let on about the Joe part yet.. LOL

  94. See the news on Cillian is still promising!

    Regarding his observations of the “match of the decade”

    “It was an interesting game, there was a lot in it. Dublin did their thing and ran out winners in the end. There was a bit of everything in it. But I’m sure Jim Gavin is dealing with his own players, and we’re just working on our game. We got through Tyrone and we’re just preparing as well as we can for the next game.”

    Classic Horan…mighty!

  95. Toe to Hand,
    The Hurling game throws in at 2.00 p.m. as far as I know. If you were to make a first appearance at a hurling game why not go to an All Ireland Final involving Mayo.

    Our wives have little to worry about if this web site is the only one we look at.

  96. Something I have noticed lately. Indeed, it’s a common theme coming up to big games every year and it leaves a slightly sour taste in the mouth.

    People on here and elsewhere seem to be very quick at turning up their noses and adopting a ‘holier than thou’ stance when it comes to supporters being at a final despite not having attended ‘x’ number of games during the year.

    This, to me, makes little sense for a number of reasons. Firstly, take into consideration the actual number of Mayo supporters who do attend each FBD, League and Championship game. That is probably a relatively small number. Would you prefer 5 or 10,000 (and the number is hardly even close to that) ‘genuine’ Mayo supporters to be in Croke Park on the big day?

    Then we have these massive calls to arms. #seaofgreenandred, #letsfillthehill and whatever else is floating about today. Do you think that that can be accomplished with just your die hard supporters?

    I truly believe that any supporter who attends all or most of Mayo’s games each year should have no, or little difficulty in obtaining a ticket for the big match. You must surely have made connections, know people, have membership to a certain organisation, be a member of your local club…etc. If you have your ticket then what are you complaining about? Assume that the other ‘genuine’ fans have them too and that the other supporters you see on the big day are simply enjoying a momentous occasion. Perhaps they don’t know the name and medical history of each player, perhaps they won a ticket in their local GAA lotto, perhaps they will never attend another game, or perhaps they are living abroad and are lucky to be able to attend one game each year.

    The All Ireland final is, in my opinion, much more meaningful than just the final of a sports competition. It is a huge occasion. One that I wish every man, woman and child could (and should) experience some day. I commend each and every supporter for the personal, emotional and financial sacrifices that they make for the love of the game but please don’t pass judgement or cast scorn on those who also want to be a small part of the big day.

    And spare a thought for those of us who also consider ourselves to be ‘genuine’ supporters but have to make do with blogs, forums, online streams, youtube replays and a million and one other things that prevent us from being in the lucky position to be able to experience that journey in the flesh.

  97. WJ i know you want the hill16 thing put to bed but i think its a very important safety issue…having experienced the dubs on the hill i strongly believe the
    GAA should segregate supporters on the terrace. It only takes one knacker (and there were alot of them trust me) to have had too many ‘gargles’ and stick a head in someone, or worse. If it wasnt for the decent dubs fans on the hill that day i was getting a slap, and Mayo werent even the opposition in 2002.

    It’s naive to think that this wont happen if the gaa persist with open standing on hill16 for a final when dublin are involved.

    I am all on for Mayo being on the Hill…as i have the big flag with me and its too large to take to the stand, but we will need to get in early and stand together.

  98. I agree completely, pfb – Mayo supporters come in many shades and some of the best ones may find themselves thousands of miles away or unable for any number of genuine reasons to follow the team throughout the year. We’re all in this together and hopefully will all be celebrating a long overdue win this time round.

  99. Mayonaze….I’m in total agreement that we need to have our presence on the HIll and not swap Hill tickets with the Dubs for stand tickets (for the faint of heart)

    To help keep Willie Joe happy I have sent a PM to the guy who runs the SEAOFGREENANDRED on Facebook and asked HIM to coordinate it. he has about 1000 followers many of whom will be going to the game

    We’ve probably done it to death here at this point and can now concentrate on other matters

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