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The County Board have this morning announced that next Thursday (September 18th) is the deadline for clubs to submit nominations for the vacant Mayo manager’s position. Nominations from clubs have to be in by 11pm that night and have also to include written confirmation from the person being nominated that they’re happy to let their name go forward for the post. The County Board Executive then plan to meet to consider the next stage in the process, which presumably will be to draw up a shortlist for interview.

The odds on who will get the job, by the way, have fluctuated a bit over the last 24 hours. Galway bookie John Mulholland now has Noel Connelly priced as the 4/9 favourite with Kevin McStay now on offer at 13/8, while Tony McGarry and James Nallen are both priced at 5/1. Paddy Power, meanwhile, still lists McStay as the favourite at 4/6, with Connelly at 5/4, McGarry at 11/2 and Nallen at 6/1.

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  1. Wow them odds changing like that say a lot….. Tom Prendergast has a young family like JH so as far as I’m aware he’s not made himself available. Fun and games.

  2. Well, Mulhollands have a branch in Ballinrobe, only a few miles from Noel’s homestead so those odds indicate that they’re clearly keeping their ear to the ground. I doubt those Paddy Power odds on Connelly will last too much longer.

    That said, should both Connelly and McStay get nominated, they will then be interviewed for the post, and the County Board will make the selection, correct?

  3. I’m very surprised there isn’t more big name interest in the job. Nobody from outside the county has expressed an interest. Usually there is one or two celebrity types going for it. Why is this, do people see this panel as a beaten docket who have blown their chance regardless of who manages them or is it a fear that the only benchmark is winning the AI? For a top 4 team there seems to be very little interest in it…

  4. Lads, i found this as i did a search on Noel Connelly, J Horan is not even in the running so it means the bokkies odds mean fuck all. Hang on to your money and go for a dark horse maybe.

    Home SPORT Sport Noel Connelly favourite to be next Mayo manager
    Noel Connelly favourite to be next Mayo manager
    Monday, 28 June 2010 18:28

    Connelly favourite to take the top job

    Edwin McGreal

    FORMER Mayo captain Noel Connelly is the early favourite to replace John O’Mahony as Mayo senior football manager.
    The Mayo News understands that the executive of the Mayo GAA Board are due to meet tomorrow night (Wednesday) to discuss the matter. Stagg Betting in Ballindine have installed Hollymount’s Noel Connelly as the 6/4 favourite for the vacant post.
    However, this newspaper has learned that former Mayo senior boss Pat Holmes, Connelly’s partner in management with the Mayo Under 21s for four years, is not in a position to let his name go forward due to work and family commitments. He has, nevertheless, been made 7/4 second favourite.
    Former Galway and Sligo manager Peter Ford, another former Mayo captain, is priced at 9/4 with current Mayo under 21 manager Raymond Dempsey at 7/2.
    The two men who managed Mayo prior to John O’Mahony, John Maughan and Mickey Moran, are available at 6/1 and 10/1 respectively.
    And if you think the County Board will go outside both county and national borders, Jose Mourinho is 66/1 to bring some Portuguese magic to McHale Park.

  5. It is all speculation at this stage. As for people panicking that there is no outside interest…..well they are hardly going to announce it here. I reckon their could be a surprise or two yet.

  6. Steve – i was neither panicking or expecting a post on here from a potential candidate.
    But I was expecting more interest in the job, that’s all…

  7. I was full sure Connelly had it with that sudden move with mullhollands bookie but crikey i’m not sure now at all. Its all very interesting ,i’ll give it that.

  8. Fuck what the betting and what the bookies say,what’s most important now is that the county board pick the right man for the job regardless who that is or what we think.This time 4 years ago who’d have picked James or given him a look in,the bookies didnt yet look at what he has done since.Whoever it is we as supporters have to get behind the management team and the lads as much as we can,it’s time to finish what James and the lads started.Fuck what happened in Limerick,it’s history,time to start looking forward again.It will be interesting to see who might show up in McHale Park over the weekend.

  9. puckout – I was not picking out you but there have been various comments asking why no high profile people are taking the job….Id take more of a wait and see approach….I rather things to be done behind closed doors and then we are told.

    I am from Hollymount and word here is Noel is too busy for the job with work and family life etc…that’s not to say things will change…maybe they have already.

  10. Cant understand where A Mcgarry is coming from he didn’t wait too long with Ballintubber or the Stephinites

  11. The only money being bet is Mickey Mouse stuff. Mulholland is a fairly small outfit, €50 or €100 on any candidate would be enough to explain the shortening of odds. He’s doing it more for the free publicity he’s garnering off of this site and others like it.

  12. I think Kevin or noel would both do a good job but would slightly go for Kevin ,,, sorry carramore… Holly mount supporters !

  13. Heard Martin Barretts name from Kiltane mentioned in Dublin from a source that used to be close to County board. He brought Kiltane to All Ireland Intermediate final as ye probably know last season. Any mention of him in the barony of Erris?!

  14. Noel Connelly should be our man if he is available.. Young, dynamic and has worked with most of these players at U-21 level.. What is important is that the finances are there to get the best back room team as possible something Horan excelled at.. Any drop of in training/medical/dietary support could have a negative impact in the squad..

  15. Pat pot, would it already be having a negative impact? Remember how it was well documented last year, the players were asking for winter progs, diets etc straight away after the final.

    The quicker everything is settled the better.

  16. Would agree with Philor. Here in Roscommon Kevin is very highly regarded after his stint with St. Bridget’s; Noel could add the on-the-ground knowledge that Kevin might lack from living outside the county. Both seem intelligent and bloody-minded enough to do a great job.

  17. Mayo were in 2 finals in a row, and 4 semis in a row, it took massive effort to get to that position and though they didn’t win the finals they had to have a certain amount of fatigue or burnout in the legs like the champions of each passing year do these days.
    Whoever gets the job should allow the panel to rest, maybe they can do the weights and diet thing but running should be left to the side until January.
    That’s if we want fresh legs next year, and these are amateur players too don’t forget.

  18. What about Kevin mc s and n Connelly together in management team would it work. Also club quater finals today who will win.

  19. Cait

    I doubt the two would work together, who’s the boss? One boss is the best way unless you’re Roy keane.
    Unless there’s a major problem mcstay will be the man. Some are saying we need a lot more than tweaking, I don’t, a few new faces in defense and attack and a good tactical man setting them out and changing it as he needs to is the way forward. It’s a simple plan, we have the players, give them rest and get them ready in 2015.
    A donegal lad that seems to know his stuff reckons mcguinness doesn’t have near the quality in donegal to work with as mayo do, and still he will be a god on Monday week in that county, it’s frustrating as hell. Roll on 2015

  20. I forget that what about bringing c loftus on next year he was a great minor what happened hiim or L Irwin.

  21. Agree we still need to find new players in the FBd and league whoever is manager, a lot of the younger lads will be pushing hard givin the opportunity ,!,

  22. @sean, that’s a shocking result…I know it’s u16 but c’mon now, surely that’s a selection issue.

  23. According to the a lad called Alan plunkett starred up front for Balintubber tonight. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of him, I do know there’s a Michael plunkett from last years mayo minor team and he may be a relation, however the point is if he is standing out in a senior championship game v ballaghdereen then he should definitely be coming into consideration for a run with mayo in the FBD league at least. Anyone at the games last night and notice any new talent worth a run out in the mayo team next spring??

  24. Was at the games last night but no new stand out performances IMO if looking at 2015 new additions. I was impressed at how Sharoize Akram handled himself at Senior level for Ballagh – explosive pace and will be one for the future but not 2015.

  25. Tadhg Keneally has already had akram at trials with afl clubs. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him joining his club mates the Hanley brothers in oz at some stage. Would be so disheartening for ballaghdereen and mayo if it happened. Sick of AFL clubs taking our best talent.

  26. Agree with earlier post..akram was a stand out last night but very young..Alan plunkett looked good for ballintubber…

  27. I noticed some mention of Liam Irwin as a possible panel member in 2015. He was taken off today against knockmore. I think he has gone backwards a lot since last year and would not be remotely close to senior IC standard at present.

  28. I bellieve that Donegal will win the AIF this year. This I also believe will be the “kick up the hole” for next years squad that will vault us home. It’s a hard lesson but hard lessons remain learned.

    For fucks sake this is a weaker Donegal team then the one that Mayo annihilated last year by sixteen points. I believe that these lads know that in their core and it will hurt them and gnaw at them. It’s hard to swallow and difficult to digest but both must be done.

    The last thing Mayo need at this time is for some mercenary manager with a messiah complex jumping on board with the sole purpose of glittering their ego.

    We need one good man who is willing to accept the baton from James with the full appreciation that all the hard work is done all he has to do is jog the final leg.

    For refresh, watch Mayo’s annihilation of Donegal and Donegals refusal to be beaten by a Dublin team that are mentally fragile.

    We have come to far to go back.

  29. Joe, I couldn’t agree with you more. When we consider how mad it was too allow an overweight and well past it donaghy to clean up, totally because we were blind to the obvious fact pointed out all week after the drawn game that we needed a muscle man to close him down, seamie or Duffy were the men to stop him, even aiden could have been sacrificed. Donegal won’t be caught, mcguinness is playing with a squad a lot weaker than ours and will win Sam next Sunday, ask yourselves this, would donaghue have gotten a fraction of his supply against Mayo if donaghy was stopped or half stopped, I think we should have won the game by 6 to 10 points even with the referee absolutely riding us.

    Next year, Andy or whoever is captain must make a stand, they had to know that we were going to be under massive pressure if we allowed donaghy to get ball uncontested, all the sweat and pain in training and make the most obvious mistake that we could have.

  30. Joe,
    I watched that Mayo v Donegal QF again last night and I can agree with a lot you say, it seems we peaked in that game and have never reached that level since. In ways it was similar to our performance against Down in the previous year’s QF and the first 50 mins against the Dubs in that years semi.
    In all honesty it took Kerry 150 mins + and a bias referee to overcome us and we only firing at 60% this year………………….The mind boggles and the reputed curse breeds an unwelcome doubt on the subconscious.

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