NFL 2010 Mini-League: the result

With the 2010 NFL now headed for the results archive, it’s time to reveal the final table in our mini-league (with thanks to for providing all that under-the-bonnet IT plumbing, which made it all possible).  Unlike the real thing, there’s no need for any post-match analysis as to how this finished up the way it did, as Mick C was already safely ensconced in the winner’s enclosure before the ball was thrown in at Croke Park on Sunday.  And not just for our little parochial set-to either – he had the overall prize in the bag by then as well.  Who said Mayomen can’t come out on top?

I’ve having a little snigger at the expense of my old pal, ontheroad, as I managed to elbow past him into the bronze medal position in the mini-league.  Just to make you feel even better, OTR, I made a mistake in my predictions, as I thought I’d gone for Down to win but must have opted for Armagh by mistake.  Like shite refereeing, however, what’s done is done and so I’m not giving back the bauble for third for love or money.

Which reminds me – Mick will, for his efforts, shortly be getting two books and a DVD.  The books are The GAA: A People’s History, which I reviewed here late last year and which I thought was excellent and Ireland’s Professional Amateurs, an interesting outsider’s account of a year spent traipsing round the country learning at first hand about the GAA.  It’s also very good and I might get a chance to do a proper review of it at some point before the championship action gets underway.  I’ve got one of these already but I still have to get the other one so I’ll be in contact with you, Mick, once I’ve done so.

Oh yes, the DVD – Gerry at Club Mayo (who knows Mick) tells me that he has a DVD of last year’s quarter-final defeat to Meath which he reckons will fit the bill perfectly.  Add in last Sunday’s one and that’s halfway to a box set.

The 2010 championship is, of course, just around the corner now and I’ve already got an email from the Face the Ball lads telling me what great crack it would be to organise a mini-league.  Sure, don’t I know that already?  I’ll do the necessary admin to set up one for the championship and hopefully a good number of you will take the plunge.  I’m expecting Mortified back in the field for that to defend the title he won in fine style last September.  He decided, like half the Kerry team, to sit out the league but I’d say that, like those cute hoors from down South, he now has his eye on back-to-back championship titles.

6 thoughts on “NFL 2010 Mini-League: the result

  1. Am looking for a recount Willie Joe! ha, ha. Only joking. If Rafa was to wind up where I am with Liverpool he would consider that a success. It is good crack. Have the brain out doing six mile runs for the Championship at the moment.

  2. I’d always expect a Mort to be confident!

    I think we’ll have to refer this one to the DRA, ontheroad – I don’t think their in-tray is all that full this weather so they might be glad of the work.

  3. Well Willie Joe, when looking at the mini-league scores it appears myself and yourself are closely matched. We finished 6th and 7th in last years championship and 2nd and 3rd in this years league.

    Here’s hoping the trend continues and you finish second in this years championship predictions!!

    Oh and I seemed to have the opposite problem to you, I thought I predicted Armagh to win D2 league but it appears I picked Down by mistake.

  4. Barney I had Armagh to win too and thought I’d have half points from this. Surprised to see I had gone for Down when I checked results. I wasnt in the mini league didnt know about it ..just the other one.
    Any way thanks WJ it was good craic

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