NFL Mini-League: how it looks after Week 1

Our lads may have done okay in their opening NFL Division One fixture last weekend but the same can’t be said of a lot of us in the NFL Mini-League. Usually it takes a few rounds to get the field strung out but as you’ll see from the table below, there’s already a fair bit of daylight opening up among the participants and a number of them (myself included I reckon) can already start thinking about how we might do better in 2013.

As you can see from the table, this year I’ve added details about club affiliations (which you had to provide when entering the competition on the new Allianz platform) and it’s clear that there’s a wide spread of representation in this respect, both from within the county and beyond. Indeed, the man at the top of the pile hails from (or is, at the very least, attached to) a club from outside the county and I see that the same gent is also, for good measure, tucked in at seventh spot as well. A touch of the blanket defence there, I reckon.

Like last year, I won’t be able to post details of the full table every week (I do have a life to be getting on with too you know) and what you see here is a bit more than the top half of the full mini-league which this year stretches to 58 participants. As a result, there’s a fair few fellas lying in the long grass after Week 1 and I’m sure they’re only waiting for an opportune moment to pounce.

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