NFL Mini-League: the final result

The league’s over and so too is this year’s NFL prediction mini-league. We have a winner and that winner is Enda McGearty of Garrymore who managed to hold off a late, late surge from Albany to make it over the line first. Incidentally, both of the top two started the campaign poorly enough, with Enda moored way back in 22nd after the first week while Albany was just two places above him at that stage. But, like the league itself, early form wasn’t decisive and steady progress in the weeks since brought its reward. In Enda’s case, that reward comes in the form of a new Mayo jersey and I’ll be in touch with him shortly about the logistics of getting that to him.

The rest of you lot will – like myself – have to be content with turning your thoughts towards the summer campaign. Because Allianz aren’t involved in sponsoring the championship, it’s back to (where were you on Saturday night, by the way? I thought you wanted to get that pint you were owed) we’ll be headed for the purposes of inputting all the championship predictions. Although the Sligo/New York game is on this coming weekend, it isn’t being included for prediction purposes and so throw-in for the championship prediction competition won’t be taking place for another few weeks yet. I’ll keep you all posted on developments there.

Meanwhile, here’s the final leaderboard for this year’s NFL prediction competition:


6 thoughts on “NFL Mini-League: the final result

  1. Have allready signed up to facetheball, used the same account as last year 🙂

  2. I’ll do a proper post on it at a later stage but if anyone else has already registered for the championship prediction competition on, you might like to know that I’ve now set up the mini-league for it. To join, you need to log in, go into the championship competition, click “Join Mini-League” and enter the code xBGPk05bma7N. That’s all there is to it.

  3. Can no-one else join the mini-league please?
    I’m currently top as it stands, so I’d like these 2 1/2 weeks of glory after coming shag all near the top over the past few years

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