NFL Mini-League: Week 3 update

I never got around to posting an update for the NFL mini-league after the second round of matches a few weeks back so before I forget it again, here’s the situation after last weekend’s games.

I’m not sure who was leading before the matches were played last weekend but what I do know is that we’ve a new leader compared to the opening week, with Kiltimagh’s Devel ousting Dromore’s Paul McCaffrey. There’s also been a fair bit of impressive movement in the leaderbord, with Yew Tree bursting from mid-table to third and with Terry Reilly, Enda McGearty and Daire Eagney all making significant advances.

I’m a bit surprised that I’m still on the leaderboard at all as I thought I’d got a fair few results wrong at the weekend. But there were a number of odd results on Saturday and Sunday and obviously I wasn’t the only one to get tripped up by them.


2 thoughts on “NFL Mini-League: Week 3 update

  1. Just saw this post on the Hogan Stand site for anyone wondering where the fixtures for the Mayo Club scene are look no further than the Kilkenny GAA site. Good job by the Mayo GAA sure we’re always looking for Club updates above in Kilkenny. Classic

    Well Folks the league fixtures are up surprisingly but not on the mayo website.
    For Division 1A fixtures go this this link
    Can’t seem to find 1F

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