NFL Mini-League: Week 5 update

I’d meant to do this earlier in the week but what with the U21 match the other night and the absolute mare and its missus of a working week I’ve just had it totally slipped my mind. So before this weekend’s action, here’s the Mini-League leaderboard as it stands after the fifth round of NFL matches:

There’s only two full rounds of matches to go (and presumably our refixed Round 2 match with the Dubs as well) so the battle for honours is coming nicely to the boil. At the top of the tree Devel and Shane Prendergast have changed places again but this time Kiltimagh’s finest has opened up a bit of a gap on his pursuer, who, in turn, now has Enda McGearty breathing down his neck. I’ve now managed to elbow my way into this leading pack and Paul McCaffrey is still hanging in there too in fifth. There’ll be skin and hair flying between the lot of us, I reckon, over the remaining few weeks of this particular competition.

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