NFL Mini-League: Week 8 update

There’s one bit of housekeeping that remains to be done from last weekend, which is to provide an update on the NFL prediction mini-league. Here’s the new leaderboard following last weekend’s action:

As you can see, Garrymore’s Enda McGearty is still out in front and is, I reckon, already wondering to himself whether his shiny new Mayo jersey should come in an M, L or XL size. Long-time members of the leading pack, Shane Prendergast and Devel, are still keeping the pressure on and Albany has made a late dash up to fourth, though he may have left it too late.

I completely screwed up on my own predictions last weekend – I took a punt on a few unlikely results coming in, as I figured such an oh-so-clever approach might be just the thing to catapult me into the lead. Instead it turned out to be an oh-so-dumb plan, one that has landed me on my arse back in sixth. Oh well, it’s only the league (as we hope the Kerrymen will be saying on Sunday).

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