NFL prediction mini-league 2017: the official launch

I swear I heard a bird tweeting early this morning – really tweeting, not fiddling round on social media with a smartphone – so spring must be in the air. With spring comes the League and, as night follows day, with the League comes the annual Mayo GAA Blog NFL prediction mini-league. Welcome, folks, to the official launch of the ninth annual mini-league competition.

It’s the usual crack to sign up, which is as follows:

  • Go to the Allianz League Predictions website (here);
  • Log in or register and then join the “Allianz Football League Competition”, a link to which is on the left-hand side of the page;
  • Once you’ve done that and have entered the competition, you’ll arrive at the Week 1 predictions page, which has a load of links on the left-hand side. Click the one that says “Join Football Mini League”;
  • Enter the code RqinmBMZKkpl when prompted to do so. From previous experience, it’s best to copy and paste that code directly into the box provided.

That’s all there’s to it.

This year’s mini-league is once again fronted by Allianz with technical support from Face The Ball. As well as achieving immortality here on the site as one of annual winners (hang on a second there while I rummage round for the names of previous victors …) there’s also some filthy lucre on offer should you manage to come out on top in the overall competition (i.e. not just the mini-league). Win the big one and your nominated club will get €2,500 while you’ll pocket €500 yourself. There are also weekly and monthly prizes to be won too.

The deadline for Week 1 predictions is this coming Saturday (4th February) at 7pm so if you want to take part then best do so right away. Best of luck to everyone who decides to have a go in this year’s competition.

9 thoughts on “NFL prediction mini-league 2017: the official launch

  1. Ah, mini-league time. This is my favourite week of the year – my one and only week at the top of the leaderboard, by virtue of my name 😉 (You might just give me a couple of days there Aidan, good man!)

  2. My prediction for Monaaghan? A likely win for the visitors.

    Posters have been pencilling in this one as a gimme for months now. I don’t know why. From Monaghan insiders I believe they are training , or engaged in some form of collective activity 4 nights a week. We are only doing a night a week and with Sigerson, a lot of Dublin based players , plus injuries I believe our TEAM for next Sunday won’t be strong in the cohesive sense of having a match-winning 15 out. Remember Pairc Ui Linn last year? In addition our record in McHale Park is becoming a bit of a joke.

  3. I agree with Catcol i think we could struggle for the 1st couple of games may even take to the Rossie game to get our 1st win….We were playing until October whereas Monaghan have been preparing for league opener since November.
    Looking forwars to seeing new lads in flesh i hope SR plays as many new lads as posible Loftus Boland Irwin Regan Kirby Conor O shea Newcombe Plunket….It must be last chance saloon for the likes of Alan Freeman he needs to grab his chance by the neck….Will we still be playing sweeper system in league and how will Gibbons and Kirby fair out in midfield…Aidan is out ijured untill Kerry game as well as Seamie Thanks be to God for Tom Parsons for experience in midfield and of course Stephen Coen ciuld play midfield also….I wonder does the league panel have to be named before the league starts I heard Kevin Mcstay saying he would be naming Rossies Tuesday night..

  4. Wonder who’s going to play full back on Saturday, Ger Cafferkey still out, Kevin Keane with Westport. Does anyone know whats the story with Ger McDonagh, is he injured or still on the panel ? This is the team id like to see start against Monaghan. David Clarke; Donie Newcombe, Stephen Coen, Keith Higgins; Donal Vaughan, Colm Boyle, Paddy Durcan; Tom Parsons, Danny Kirby; Kevin Mc Loughlin, Cillian O Connor, Fergal Boland; Evan Regan, Liam Irwin, Alan Freeman. With lads like Andy Moran, Diarmuid O Connor Brian Reape and Jason Doherty to come into the forwards when needed, Jason Gibbons at midfield and Eoin O Donoghue, Shane Nally, Michael Plunkett and David Kenny at the back. Anyway really looking forward to the game.

  5. That’s a fairly decent stab at the team though it could be Donie full back and Coen in half backs. Freeman might be played for experience if the other 2 FF line are rookies but Andy is the likely game changer if we need to dig it out. Gibbons might be given the nod ahead if Tom to build his confidence and Kirby it seems deserves to start given FBD, ditto Boland given he clocked 9 from 3. McLoughlin could be rested in some league games and Cillian be the sweeper / link man.

  6. That’s the beauty of the national league – competitive games where the result is very much unknown until the game. Totally at odds from the prehistoric mess of the championship with so many meaningless games.

    Ps our friends in PP have Monaghan at 9/4 to beat us on Saturday evening. Tempting for those of us who believe we may struggle in the opening game

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