NFL prediction mini-league 2018 – the final result

The 2018 National Football League is over and so too is the prediction mini-league that’s been running here on the blog, once again with thanks to, since late January. We have a winner – ladies and gentlemen, give it up for this year’s Mayo GAA Blog NFL prediction mini-league champion Jason Duffy. Huge congrats to him.

We had to be content this year with minor placings in our house. I finished a mediocre 42nd but the young lad came in a very respectable eleventh, having flirted with outright glory there for a while. But, you know, there’s no point emptying the tank for the League – sure, isn’t the real fun set to start in the championship shortly?

On that very subject, I see that the championship prediction competition has already been loaded on facetheball so I’ll need to post details of the mini-league for that one at some point over the next few weeks. The fun never stops.

Here’s the final leaderboard in this year’s NFL prediction mini-league:

One thought on “NFL prediction mini-league 2018 – the final result

  1. Jaysus. 42nd in the table Willie Joe.

    Are you “considering your position” as guvnor of this place? !!!!!!!!

    Okay, i’m off to take me place on the naughty step.

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