NFL Prediction Mini-League 2019 – the Launch

Every year since 2009 I’ve run prediction mini-leagues here on the site for both the League and the Championship, using the excellent services of the website. With the first round of matches set to be played this coming weekend in this year’s League, it’s time to launch the 2019 Mayo GAA Blog prediction mini-league competition.

It’s a veritable piece of cake to get yourself signed up for the prediction mini-league I’ve set up on Here’s what you have to do:

Log in, or register if you haven’t already done so, on, join the 2019 Allianz Football League competition and then click to enter it. Then click on the “Join Mini-League” option on the panel on the left-hand side and, when prompted to do so, enter the code mayoforsam. (The code used to be a jumble of random letters and numbers but, to mark James Horan’s return to the hot-seat, those kind souls at Facetheball have made it easier for you this year).

Entering the code tends to work best if you copy it directly from here and paste it into the box (without the full-stop after it). Once you do this and hit the ‘Join’ button that should be you signed up.

Once you’re entered for the competition, don’t forget to fill in your Week 1 predictions ahead of the 7pm deadline on Saturday evening. There’s a whole slew of results to predict so best to get cracking on them sooner rather than later. As in previous years, I’ll provide updates on the mini-league leaderboard after every League round that’s played.

Best of luck to all who take part in this year’s prediction mini-league.

6 thoughts on “NFL Prediction Mini-League 2019 – the Launch

  1. How does prediction league work, do you just pick the winner from each game, I am going to join, yes facetheball, there should be a winners prize.

  2. The team is selected in good time I like the look of it a mixture of the old and new strong team given all the injuries and players late returning to training. Onwards and upwards from here and the best of luck to the 2 debutants.

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