NFL prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 3

One bit of housekeeping to be done before moving on from last weekend’s third round of National Football League action. It’s the usual job that gets left ‘till last and here it is – the updated leaderboard in the prediction mini-league.

My good performance in Week 2 proved a bit illusory, I’m afraid, as I’m down to 30th in the overall standings now. The young buck is happy with his weekend’s work, however, as he had a few gambles that paid off and so he’s now up to fifth overall.

Jason Duffy is still out in front, leading by more than 30 points at this stage. We’re not yet at the half-way point, though, so there’s time for plenty more ups and downs in the leaderboard from here to the finish.


5 thoughts on “NFL prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 3

  1. We all might be a few places higher if we stopped letting our hearts rule our heads and stoped tipping Mayo to win..!!

  2. I have a plan for the Dub match on Saturday week, it came to me as I was settling down in bed last night ( seems to be the time when football tactics come into my head ). If I were the Mayo management I would field a rookie team, with a good few hard nuts, ie, that will dish it out ( maybe a few fellas not on the current panel ), inflict a good bit of pain, forget about the score for once, take the red / yellow or black cards, rest a good few of the seasoned campaigners, ie, Boyle, Clarke, O Shea, the O Connors, etc.
    Play long ball / or long diagonal ball into the full forward line, is their anyway the match could be changed to a smaller / tighter pitch that has lighting ?.
    True supporters will support their team in good and bad times, my best days ever were in Croker when Mayo got the wins, the enjoyment / satisfaction cant be matched, for me the club scene is secondary, ie, I got fed up of most of the clubs I played for and moved on, but the one constant in all this is supporting Mayo, this never waned even in the bad days of the early 1990’s. Supporters need to go easy on guys getting red cards, everybody gets frustrated at some time or another, Spring is coming.

  3. NUIG beat DIT in the semi final tonight, 2-12 to 0-15.

    Adam Gallagher scored 0-4 (2F) for NUI while Conor Loftus scored 0-3 (1F) for DIT.

  4. Yew tree, I will be at the Nuig v UCD final next Saturday in Dublin, I am mates with the uncle of one of the South Mayo lads on the Nuig team, my mate was a mighty club footballer when growing up, we played together from U12 to U21, he would nearly win matches on his own, a great midfielder for his small club, I will never know how he didn’t get to play County U 16 or minor.

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