NFL prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 2

Okay, it’s time, I reckon, for a bit of diversion. There’s one final piece of admin to sort from last weekend before turning thoughts towards the Galway game this coming Sunday, which I’ll get to tomorrow.

This is the weekly update in relation to the NFL prediction mini-league, brought to you as always by the technical wizardry of For a change, it’s a update update from my perspective.

I haven’t made it onto the leaderboard this week but the 311 points garnered from the weekend’s matches have seen me shoot up from 59th to 18th in the table. The young buck has done even better, his 300 points from the weekend landing him in 11th place overall. We’re on the march, hombres.

In the lead overall at this point is Jason Duffy, who has opened up a small bit of a gap at the top. It’s still early days, however, with plenty more opportunities to sparkle and tumble before this particular race is run.

One thought on “NFL prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 2

  1. Moving on from the Evan Regan injury,does anybody know what players were released by Stephen Rochford last week?
    Mike Finnerrty wrote there were several players released last week with some going back to Michaels Solans Under 20 panel.

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