NFL prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 5

What happened to Week 4, you might ask? Well, that was last weekend, where a few matches that had been called off before then were played and the resultant points were added to the table (as you can see from below). I didn’t think there was any point doing a post last week to provide an update on that, hence the jump from Week 3 to Week 5.

The table below also confirms where match prediction bragging rights in our house belong right now. The young lad has hit the front, his outsized haul of 390 points from last weekend’s matches shooting him close on 50 points clear at the top of the table.

As I keep reminding him, a cool head and a clean trousers could well see him safely into the winner’s enclosure from here. But sure why should he listen to me? He’s doing perfectly fine under his own steam.

I’m still trudging through the mud back down the field, mid-table mediocrity the best I can hope for now. Oh well, it’s only the League.


3 thoughts on “NFL prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 5

  1. Willie Joe ,don’t be so hard on yourself . You are top third with an upward trajectory . Division one certainly .

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