NFL prediction mini-league leaderboard – Week 8

Just one weekend of matches left to play in this year’s National Football League and the race for glory in the prediction mini-league is coming nicely to boiling point. The lead at the top has changed hands following last weekend’s action but there’s little or nothing to separate the top two as we head into the decisive weekend in this year’s spring campaign.

Jason Duffy’s surge for the line gained momentum over the weekend when another monster haul, 240 points this time, pushed him into top spot. Liam Murphy drops to second but he’s only seven points off the pace going into the final round. Sure, that’s barely a hop of a ball in prediction terms.

The young buck had another mare and is now down to eleventh. At least he’s still on the leaderboard, though – I’m way down in 39th place, having failed to raise a trot at all in this year’s competition.

Here’s the updated leaderboard:

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