NFL Week 7 predictions – the results

It’s almost the end of the line as regards the two prediction competitions that have been running here on the site since early February to coincide with this year’s NFL. While it’s not yet time to declare victors in either of the two competitions just yet, it’s certainly the case that the eponymous fat lady is starting to clear her throat in relation to both.

The Setanta competition first, where the final weekly winner is Trevor Naughton. He now joins all the other weekly winners – Daire Eagney, Patrick Rochford, Paul McCaffrey, Brian Gallagher, Enda McGearty and Edwin McGreal – in the hat for the grand prize of a year’s sub via satellite to Setanta Sports.  I’m away again at the minute for a few days but once I’m back at base (most likely at the weekend) I’ll conduct the draw for the grand prize, announce the winner and put whoever this is in touch with the lads at Setanta to sort out the prize.

By the way, before I headed off this morning I did at last manage to get my act together and post those copies of Over The Bar to Paul, Brian, Enda and Ed and I’ll send on one to Trevor as well once I get back home.

And so to the mini-league where, barring a final round collapse of Rory McIlroy proportions, I think we have a winner.  Yew Tree now has a full forty point cushion on yengae – who has made a brave fightback, rising from fourth to second – and seeing as the final round is only an itsy-bitsy one involving the Division One and Two finals, I can’t seeing him being overhauled at this late stage.

I guess I’ll now need to start thinking about prizes for this competition too.  I’ve one final copy of Over The Bar left so that can go into the pot for starters but I think I’ll be able to rise to a bit more than that and so will see what else in the books and DVD line might fit the bill for this august achievement.

21 thoughts on “NFL Week 7 predictions – the results

  1. Your consistent WJ. A top three finish means champions league for you next season again. I am plying my trade in the conference.

  2. Congrats Bro! Assuming there’s no Kerry lad in the table you should be ok for the final week!

  3. Does anybody know what the final panel is for the Championship announced last night? Who was knocked off the panel do any of ye know? I’ve been hearing rumours of Ronaldson and Kilcoyne, hopefully not true as both are smashing when on form!

  4. Just read the article about Cavan and Dublin and the saga of the jerseys (pride in the jersey). Excellent. Finally I get the answer as to why a great side like Cavan simply melted away. Read the article and see the “vision” of their county board head guy. Says it all!

  5. Parsons, Kilcoyne, Ronaldson, B Moran, T Mortimer and Benson are all gone.
    Kilcoyne would be the only one I might have kept, although he’s had a few chances in the league and hasn’t really impressed.

    Where can I find the article ontheroad?

  6. Dan, the article is on this site. Look up at twitter on the right above us and click it. Its good.

  7. This is an extract from the Mayo News. ”

    “The Mayo News understands that a number of other players will be released in the coming weeks as the Mayo management team decide on the final 30 footballers that will make up their championship panel.
    Among the newcomers who are still in line to be included in Mayo’s championship panel for the first time are Alan Feeney, Richie Feeney, Robert Hennelly, Eoin O’Reilly, Lee Keegan, Cathal Hallinan, Ruaidhrí O’Connor, James Burke, Ronan Rochford, Jason Doherty and Jason Gibbons.
    Donal Vaughan and Trevor Howley, both of whom have been sidelined with injuries so far this season, have also been retained in James Horan’s plans.
    Tourmakeady’s Kevin Dolan, who broke his jaw three months ago during his inter-county debut against GMIT, has also been included.”

  8. This list has appeared over on Hogan Stand posted by someone called xxx. He said that he has included K O’Malley but is not sure whether or not he is on the list. However, the huge question that I would raise, if this list is correct, is what about James Kilcullen?

    David Clarke
    Cathal Hallinan
    Alan Feeney
    Keith Higgins
    Peadar Gardiner
    Ger Cafferkey
    James Burke
    Seamus O Shea
    Aidan Campbell
    Andy Moran
    Kevin McLoughlin
    Enda Varley
    Alan Freeman
    Jason Doherty

    Robert Hennelly
    Chris Barrett
    Eoghan Reilly
    Ruaidhri O’Connor
    Ronan Rochford
    Lee Keegan
    Jason Gibbons
    Cillian O’Connor
    Alan Dillon
    Aidan O Shea
    Richie Feeney
    Tom Cunniffe
    R McGarrity
    D Vaughan
    T Howley
    B Benson
    K O Malley

  9. Not sure of the exact line up, but if you take those 6 out I think that list above is pretty accurate.
    I’d be amazed if Kilcullen isn’t included though, so not sure who else is dropped.

    Thanks ontheroad, I’ll have a look

  10. Lads, anybody know what has happened to Pat Harte? Surely a valuable addition.
    From what I see this squad can be changed between now and the championship.It would be hard to imagine that Neil Douglas would be there and Aidan Kilcoyne not,that is not disrespect to Neil. Obviously James is laying down a marker for the year early on which is good to see.
    Is the blogger gone missing?

  11. that post on Hoganstand from XXX. Who says that is the correct panel. Everyone seems to accept that it is. How come?
    AFAIK the panel is not released yet. So its all still speculation

  12. I think that it is a case of the rumour becoming the only news available, and therefore being viewed as fact. And leaving Longford last June we were all looking for serious change so getting news of it now seems very feasible. However, James Horan is the man who sees what they are doing in training so I would accept that he is best placed to make the hard calls.

    IHaving said that, I would be very surprised if Kilcullen was dropped at this stage.

    Keep the Faith!

  13. According to the Mayo News 5 players have been dropped so far from the panel. T Parsons, B Benson, A Kilcoyne, B Moran and M Ronaldson. More are expected to follow in coming weeks. check it out for yourself at the Mayo News website.

  14. He has been, Damo! Just arrived back in Dublin airport after a night of flying so I’m a touch off the pace at the minute, I’m afraid.

  15. Yeah Damo, I totally forgot about Pat Harte-where is the lad? When he’s on form, he’s one of our greatest assets.

  16. He’s injured for sure: I think it might be a cruciate problem but I’m not 100% certain on that. As far as I remember he was injured sometime in the autumn last year but I don’t know when he’s expected to be fully fit again.

  17. RTE had the story yesterday lunchtime:

    “Those, who have been deemed surplus to requirements include midfielder Tom Parson, forwards Aidan Kilcoyne and Mark Ronaldson, while Barry Moran, Brian Benson and former county captain Trevor Mortimer have also been told that they will not feature this summer.”

    It’s a fairly big cull.

  18. Brave call by JH. I hope he has done this for the right reasons and I’m sure he has and that it is not a naive display of ‘macho leaderrship’!
    I feel sorry for the lads who lost out especially those who have been there for a while. It is a huge personal disappointment for them.
    I hope all those players who have been selected ahead of Ronnie, Kilcoyne and Parsons prove themseles worthy.

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