No decision yet on NFL opener + Johnno on closed season (again)

Midwest are reporting that a decision on whether or not our opening league match next month will go ahead as planned under lights on Saturday, February 6th, will not now be made until early next week.  Sean Feeney was quoted on Tuesday’s Indo saying that the position would be clarified within a “day or two” but a spokesman for the County Board has now apparently confirmed that it’ll be next Monday “at least” before a final decision is made on when the match will take place.

I haven’t heard anything further about this weekend’s opening round of FBD matches but I assume they’re all going ahead.  The temperature up in the capital is a sultry 11 degrees celsius this afternoon and if it’s anything like that in the West, it should help to unfreeze the ground sufficiently to enable the lads to kick the ball in anger for the first time in 2010 this Sunday.  It’ll be nice to have some matches to talk about again but the closest I’ll get to the action will be to follow it on Midwest.  Is Angelina still playing all those cheesy old Dr Hook and Hot Chocolate numbers on her Sunday sports show?  I sincerely hope she isn’t.

Meanwhile, those of you with an aversion to Johnno’s public whinings should look away now as he’s at it again in today’s Irish Times, where once more he raises the issue of the training ban and whether or not transgressing counties are going to be punished.  One can, I think, look at this in two ways: either you take the view that the Deputy is simply pissing and moaning or else he’s giving fair warning that no county (including ourselves) can be expected to observe the ban next year.  I’m not sure which it is but I think we can all agree that he’s got the message across pretty loud and clear at this stage.  As I said before, I don’t exactly expect to see HQ taking a zero tolerance approach on this issue, which, in turn, goes to show just how pointless this whole business is in the first place.  Maybe, indeed, it’s just the case that the GAA and bans are such uncomfortable bedfellows.

3 thoughts on “No decision yet on NFL opener + Johnno on closed season (again)

  1. Slow day here Willie. Now Johnno is actually adding to the myth that we are a bunch of moaners in Mayo. So either(A) he genuinly feels that counties are training when they should not be or(B) else he is getting in his excuses early in the event of another average season for us.
    So if its A , what punishment does Johnno think might be appropriate and of more importance let him name the alleged default counties. However I myself believe that its in keeping with his true demeanour and like the first swallow we are seeing the first of many excuses.

  2. On a different matter, glad to see TIALTNGO back and bearing in mind that the Goverment wants us to check out our neighbours in this inclement weather could some one check out if An Spalpin is o.k? havent heard from him since the 6th.

  3. Agreed, ontheroad – I’m delighted to see my blogging colleague back out of hibernation too. As he’s based on home turf, he can reach those parts that I can’t even scratch – I think he’ll be in Garrymore today while I’m stuck up here with Angelina’s dulcet tones on the radio.

    Your social concern about An Spailpin is touching too. You’re right that he hasn’t been out and about on the blogosphere since that gurrier hit him on the butt of his esteemed lug with a snowball a few weeks back. I have, however, noticed that he’s still active on Twitter so I guess that’s the cyber equivalent of confirming that he’s been taking in his milk bottles in recent days. As a result, I’d say we’re safe enough to conclude that he’s got through the Big Freeze in one piece!

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