No midnight team news

Nothing to report on team selection for Sunday from the midnight sports news on RTE radio. It looks like we’re holding our fire till tomorrow night when Galway are also due to name their starting fifteen. Alright then, I’m off to bed.

2 thoughts on “No midnight team news

  1. Fair play Willie, your on the ball!
    Im checking this blog more than I check any other site because you have the finger on the pulse!

    Cheers, Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Abbeysider! You’ll see from today’s post that the pulse is a bit weak at the minute. I know it’s only May but this is Mayo v Galway but the buildup seems quieter than I ever remember before.

    As I mentioned in today’s post, I’m heading West early tomorrow so I’ll be later than usual getting to the laptop to talk about what kind of team we’ve announced.

    I hope you keep enjoying the blog.

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