No new injury concerns ahead of Hyde Park showdown

The question of injuries within the squad and whether or not any fresh ones occurred as a result of the weekend’s first round of club championship games was mentioned earlier on in the comments. It’s a question worthy of an answer and, according to today’s papers, that answer is a positive one.

The coverage in the papers today focuses on James Horan’s statement – presumably made at last night’s press event ahead of the June 8th Connacht semi-final against Roscommon – about refereeing inconsistencies and his suggestion that refs should be put in a semi-pro footing. Reports on what James had to say were carried today in the Irish Times, Irish Independent and Irish Examiner.

Those articles also contain some information on the injury situation in the squad and, as already noted, the position appears positive enough. We’re not without our injury problems at the minute but nothing untoward appears to have occurred on the club scene last weekend, which is obviously a major relief. Allied to positive news about players on the long-term injury list, this leaves us in a better position in terms of player availability than we’ve been in over the past few summers.

The bad news first. In that Examiner piece, James says that Jason Gibbons and Barry Moran are “extremely doubtful” for the Roscommon game, while he also confirms that Shane McHale is four or five weeks away from full fitness and so will not feature at Hyde Park either.

That same report, however, confirms (as do the pieces in the other two papers) that Chris Barrett and David Clarke are back in action, both having played for their respective clubs at the weekend. All three papers also state that the knocks currently being nursed by Enda Varley and Michael Conroy are of the minor variety which should mean that both are available for selection for Sunday week.

Aside from that lot, this week’s Mayo News (paper and digital versions) reports that Ger Cafferkey has recovered from the quad injury he picked up in the League semi-final and that Lee Keegan was due back in training this week following a bout of tonsillitis.

Overall, then, the squad appears to be in pretty good shape heading into the Connacht semi-final. Jason Gibbons will, of course, be a big loss for Hyde Park, given that he was arguably our stand-out performer during the League but hopefully we’ll see him back in action sooner rather than later during the summer.

26 thoughts on “No new injury concerns ahead of Hyde Park showdown

  1. To be fair, the one area in which we are over subscribed is midfield. Even without Jason Gibbons and Barry Moran, either of which could have started given their form over the Spring, we still have the midfield of last year in the two O’Sheas and an able sub in Tom Parsons. Good to see Barrett making a comeback too, as well as Dillon. Can’t really see either starting the Roscommon match at this stage but should hopefully come on and make an impact.
    Any word on tickets? I’d expect it to be a sell out myself.

  2. Thanks for update WJ. We will miss Jason Gibbons disappointing for him as he was stand out performer in league. Still midfield is one area where we have plenty of quality cover. Rules out using one of our midfielders in the forwards against Roscommon, what about Duffy on the forty? we haven’t had a physical presence here since the days of Colm McMeniman.

  3. Horan started Dillon last year against Galway even though he played no league football. Same could happen on June 8th. The two O’Sheas should be the midfield partnership while for Barrett to regain his place one of the forwards will have to be dropped.

  4. Major pity that J Gibbons is missing, an Moran too. Would love to see them at 8 & 9, with O’Shea snr at 6 & Aidan on the ’40’. Vaughan an Parsons on the bench.
    We need a big and mobile midfield diamond, operating from the start for what will, i think, be another long (& sucessfull) campaign.
    Maigh Eo Abu..

  5. Anyone hear anything about the scuffle between O’Shea and Freeman at the weekend? Any truth in it?

  6. I heard there was a bit of a shamozzle in the Breaffy Aghamore game but I didn’t hear who were the culprits.

    On Clarkie last weekend was his third game in a row for Ballina having played full games against Ballagh and Ballintubber in the league as well. The battle for the goalkeeping jersey is going to get fierce over the next couple of months.

    The big winner out of this will be Hennelly becuase it can’t have been easy knowing in the back of your mind that your place was almost guaranteed during the league regardless of your level of performance. I predict this competition will bring out the best in Robbie and if not Kenny and Clarkie will be waiting to step in.

  7. The Rossie folks are getting worried about ticket allocations due to the small stand and the size of the Mayo GAA season ticket holder contingent.
    It’ll be a case of getting there good and early folks, this is gonna be a big day out.

    We are throwing in at 2pm – anyone know if there’s a game beforehand?

  8. Just got email from season tickets will be scanned at the gate so it will be first come first served for seating.

  9. Can’t tell from official Mayo/Roscommon GAA sites whether there’s an opening game or not. Would be surprised if there wasn’t a game of some description.

    Last time out in the Hyde (v Sligo 2012) I was there well before the minor game – and still couldn’t get into the stand! So the choices are – either get there mad early, or else pray for a fine day…

    Have Club51 picked their meeting point Anne-Marie?

  10. Or get a raincoat or get into a pub to listen to the mad west radio version.
    Spoilt for choice but a win is all we want.

  11. I wonder whats the story with the Mayo minors this year, who and when are they playing?

  12. Good to see Barrett and Clarke back. Barrett was superd against Tyrone last year when the chips were down, them are the kind of bucks you need in big games in summer, hopefully a few of the newer lads will prove themselves in that environment.

    On a different topic, does anyone here follow Mayo Gaa Banter Page on Facebook? I’m not sure who is running this page, but they are doing a fine job of making mayo fans look like arrogant overconfident tossers. Last week there was a post complaining about not having enough competition in Connaught and hoping that Roscommon and Galway have really improved from last year, while appearing to rule out the possibility that mayo could actually be beaten, in a very arrogant tone. Unsurprisingly it attracted a few negative comments from non mayo fans, then today I see a post calling Hyde park a sh*thole and complaining as to why all mayo games aren’t just played in MacHale park! Talk about being disrespectful!
    The funny thing is they will likely be the first to put the boot into Horan and the team if we lose a game this year. Idiots

  13. Agree 100% Macs Left Boot , i follow it on twitter but I’m not on Facebook and have often thought its someone from outside mayo running it….

  14. I know some of them to see, there definitely not from outside mayo but u wud think it based on there knowledge of mayo football after a short conversation i had with one of dem

  15. Talk of intermediate hurling Connacht final on at 12. HopeSpringsEternal Mayo minors will be away to the winners of Galway or Sligo on June 28th. Going by the league form Mayo will have to improve only one win from five games i think.

    Mac’s left boot the guy behind Mayo Gaa Banter Page on Facebook is probably the same troll that has many usernames on various forums such as larryin89,51longago and Ballycroy and the rossies are normally his number one target and whenever Mayo lose he doesn’t waste any time to put the boot into Horan and the team.

  16. Hi DavyJ – we’ll have a post up over the weekend, but chatting to the lads about it we reckon having a meetup before the game is a bit of a non-runner. It throws in at 2, we don’t know yet if there’s a game before that and the Hyde will be jam packed. I think we’ll be planning to get in there very early and get set up, and try get a couple of groups together in the ground. We’ll keep you posted.

  17. Yeah, that’s fair enough Anne-Marie, it would be a bit tight alright. Thanks for the update anyway.

  18. that lad “ballycroy” is a pure troll alright but as he is trolling rossies i am nearly prepared to forgive him 😉

    are you sure it is the same fella with all those alter ego’s MO2014 ? there are lots of fellas out there in troll-land!

  19. Hey Roger read the posts and they give away tell tale signs that it’s the same user. This particular internet forum genius I am almost sure has at least two Roscomon accounts as well. Truely a very inertesting character once you get past the insanity of it all.

  20. fair enough Crete , these fellas tend to leave a trail alright. i think the sheep steale forum users have him blocked so to all intents he is just looking for attention in an empty room

  21. Sick to my hole of this season ticket crack and the complete incompetance of both their website and the delay in getting a reply out of them.
    I’m trying to “opt out” 2 juvenile tickets for the Hyde Park match and do you think it will let me? The messing this year with scans, unscans and now this is all making me strongly consider ditching it for next year.
    #badmoodgettingworse !!!

  22. I don’t think you can “opt out” from a First-round match. (I’m assuming they did not count NY as a REAL First-round match since they charged an entry fee for it.)

    You can opt out from Credit-Card Payment for one later-round match.
    The opt-out I think will still count as a “not attended” when counting up that 60% for late Sept…. fingers crossed !!

  23. Roger i’m pretty sure alright as Crete said the tell tale signs are there and he use to post under his real name on here was the guy that slated the players and management was given a few warnings didn’t accept it and said goodbye that he wouldn’t be back, though he’s probably still around.

  24. Thanks MO2014 for the info about our minors. That will be a big game for them so against the winners of the Galway v Sligo game. If they lose that game then their season is over. At least if they make the Connacht final, win or lose, they’ll still have at least one more game after that. Its interesting to note that apart from the All-Ireland Minor title we have, Dublin are currently holders of all of the other titles: All-Ireland Senior, U21, Club and they are League champions as well.

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