No return to the hot seat for Horan

James Horan

Photo: Irish Examiner

James Horan has this morning, via his column in the Western People (paper and digital editions), confirmed that he is not allowing his name to go forward for the vacant position as manager of the county’s senior football team.

Saying that it was “a little unusual to have to pull out of a race I was never in” James cites coaching and performance commitments he already has elsewhere, combined with “everyday life” as the reasons why he’s not contemplating a return to the position he held with such distinction from 2011 to 2014. He added that with the right structures in place to support the ambition of the players to “drive on” next year, “great things are possible” for us.

With James out of the running, the focus is now squarely on Stephen Rochford. It was reported the other day – article in the Irish Examiner here – that the Crossmolina native is in the process of putting together and impressive-sounding backroom team. Despite reports of this encouraging development, though, there’s still no firm evidence that he is in fact willing to let his name go forward for the job.

Indeed, with Corofin preparing for a Connacht club semi-final against St Mary’s of Sligo on Sunday week, Stephen has more than enough to be thinking about in the short-term. The deadline for nominations in relation to the Mayo job is, though, this coming Sunday (November 1st) so, with the way now apparently clear for him to land the post if he’s interested in it, Stephen has a big decision to make over the next few days.

197 thoughts on “No return to the hot seat for Horan

  1. Best of luck to Stephen Rochford on making his decision I hope he takes it if the reports are true he is assembling a fine and exciting backroom team. Can understand James Horan’s decision I hope we see him back again as Mayo manager one day

  2. Delighted Stevie Rochford has the big gig in the bag.

    He has been my choice since Day 1 and just glad that the way he was treated poorly by the County Board did not see him lost elsewhere.
    His backroom team is impressive and gives the players every opportunity to be the best they can be.

    dying to get going in Cork with the real stuff

  3. Isn’t James the divil too, couldn’t he have said this two week ago and put us out of our misery! Can’t say I’m too surprised though despite rumours to the contrary doing the rounds. He would be mad to step back in there, particularly with the setup he has now. All the best to him. Maybe this will put paid to the “outside influences with vested interests” line for once and for all.

    We’ll be on a fine pickle now if Roch decides not to go for it 😉 Though I can’t see him passing up the opportunity. Any other realistic contenders? Maughan?

  4. Heard some fella saying to his mate that we should get Mick O’Dwyer. His mate wasn’t having it and started going on about getting Billy Fitzptrick!!!. They were serious too. Fecking hell. Heard it all now.

  5. Ger Bohan for a man who speaks a lot of sense on this blog you should know that Rochford does not have it in the bag , this is Mayo GAA!!

    I certainly hope it is him but as the old saying goes many a slip betwixt cup and lip !

  6. Have to admit, this is disappointing news.
    While Rochford may be the man for the future, I did feel Horan was the man for the short term – and Mayo are only thinking short term in reality.
    It’s an interesting ticket that Rochford has proposed – but at the end of the day, it’s all about the manager.

  7. If Corofin have another extended run, possibly to Paddy’s Day, i’m still waiting for someone to tell me, how Rochford will adequately manage both jobs.

  8. At least this puts to bed the conspiracy theories that James Horan was in some way behind the coup that led to Noel and Pat resigning as managers. This really does make a mockery of the piece that Aidan Henry wrote in the Connaught Telegraph implying that James would be coming back to pick up a handy All-Ireland title with Mayo. Best of luck to James, his objective was achieved, to make Mayo consistently competitive against the top teams, the question now is, can we move on to the next level of winning national titles.

    Hopefully it will be Stephen Rochford who will be our next manager. You could say that James Horan got pretty much most things right up until the 70 minutes of the biggest games been played out, he just seemed to lack the ability to make the right changes at the right times. It will now be up to Stephen to maintain the standard of putting everything in place pre the 70 minutes of the biggest games and then to be able to read the games correctly and make the correct changes. According to some of the players that have worked under him, he is a smart man so best of luck to him if he takes the job.

    If Buckley and Barry Solan stay on, then we would be keeping the best part of the last management team and adding in some more intelligence in Rochford and McEntee. There was mention of Maurice Horan been involved too, he managed Limerick in the past and is related to James Horan as far as I know so you’d think that he would be a good addition as well.

    At least the slate can be wiped clean now and it will probably make the current wounds between the county board, players and supporters easier to heal, rather than there been more recriminations if James came back again and the supporters having to read more crazy articles been written by the likes of Henry. We’ll see how it goes anyway!

  9. Think it is a big mistake.

    Rochford actually has very little experience at county level and club is NOT the same.Even if McEntee does come he has little experience too.
    In fact if a county team played like Corofin they would be beaten out the gate.
    Anyway it looks like there is hardly any other choice so of course we must support him.Maybe some others may apply.

  10. This development makes that article from Aiden Henry a few weeks ago even more incredible now. How do we have a situation where a journalist writing for a Mayo newspaper is happy to apparently invent rumours and speculation to the detriment of the senior team with the paper seemingly being content to print whatever nonsense pops into his head next?

  11. would imagine Rochford would have to pull the plug after the Connacht club championship if he is to take Mayo job and come to an arrangement with Corofin for someone else to takeover should they win Connacht.

    Can’t be any half measures after last years appointment fiasco. Also would be ammo to be used against him later on if he tried to keep the 2 jobs going into the new year

  12. crikey, if corofin keep winning like they should then Rochford wont have time for Mayo. A fine pickle indeed. I was sure horan would step in for a year anyway and right the ship, maybe he still will if it comes to it? who else would be available? maughan? gandhi? jfk? bill gates? horan not running for this job and corofin looking good could mean we get a half baked manager that was asked if he would like the job rather than prove that he did.
    I cannot think of one man other than those two that i would want in the job, itll be an interesting few weeks. My bet is that horan will be coaxed back.

  13. If it’s to be Stephen Richfield then so be it, did Jim Gavin or Eamon fitz for that matter have inter county experience ?? Time to have the football to the forefront and not the politics, we need a few new players, a back and a forward for sure, what’s out there I wonder ?? Did anyone impress ye folks in the county this year who is not already in the frame, wonder how Adam Gallagher is playing ?

  14. I think today and tomorrow could be critical. With the Horan issue out of the way, if Stephen Rochford doesn’t want the job he should and likely will say so in the next day or two.

    The Examiner piece and the gathering speculation miss the fact that, as you rightly point out Willie Joe, there is no definitive commitment as yet, so I feel he has to quell it now if he is not going forward.

    And God help us if he is not.

  15. Rochfords CV is just as good as Horans was when he took the job.

    Horan won a great title with Tubber who won little before or since, Rochford took a more gifted Corofin set up to the ulitmate title and might do so again.

    if Mcentee has to mind the shop until March when Rochford can fully commit then so be it but hopefully castlebar put them to the sword before christmas and its a win/win for mayo football.

  16. Yes, hope some others do apply. Have no opinion on Rochford or McEntee. Maybe Buckley could assemble a backroom team.
    So disappointed about James Horan. Now he will only be back if the team flops.
    All that matters is how Rochford and the players get on.
    Connelly and Holmes had more Big Time experience and local knowledge. McEntee might be like Joe Kernan and Galway. Wrong style.
    Maybe maybe C & H and the players could be reconciled. Now there’s one for you.
    Anyone else out there? Hope i am so wrong.
    Does Rochford have any contact with the current Mayo players? What do they think of him if anything?
    I’d feel safer with Andy Moran and at least some of you would like Ciaran Mac in the backroom team. I also have a soft spot for James Nallen. I fear this one horse race. Ciaran 2.

  17. Agree Roger Milla, Rochford has a much better CV than JH did on appointment. If I am not mistaken, Tubber hadn’t actually won the title when he was appointed.

  18. He had just won the title, Catcol, I think.
    Seem to remember them winning on the Sunday and him being appointed on the Wednesday!
    Fair enough point about CVs, I guess, particularly in relation to Fitzmaurice and Gavin.
    Definitely agree that Mayo cannot play the same way that Corofin do, mind, Though maybe that’s why McEntee is being brought on board.

  19. The below profile of Stephen was in The Mayo News a couple of weeks ago. He was actually involved with the Mayo minors as a selector in 2005 and 2006 when he was only 27, so it just shows that he is an ambitious man. Mayo reached the All-Ireland Final in 2005 and among the current Mayo players who were involved in those two seasons were Ger Cafferkey, Tom Cunniffe, Chris Barrett, Donie Vaughan, Seamie O’Shea, Tom Parsons and Kevin McLoughlin.

  20. Anyone see the report from the county board meeting last week in today’s western? Who are these “outside influences” New York debacle being blamed for the backlash from the players!

  21. Mayo Brigade, don’t want to get too pedantic about it, but Mayo News of 29 Sept 2010 reported the appointment and county final was played on 24th Oct 2010 between Mitchels and Tubber.

    It stuck in my mind because I was in Rome that weekend and I was keeping in touch, yet wondering if a Tubber defeat would be a big blow for Horan, just after taking over.

    And, I can see now looking back that the same issue had arisen, a club and county manager with a run in Connaught and further in the offing. That one didn’t last long.

  22. I’m glad James FINALLY came out and said he won’t be taking over! The fact he went to ground just after his article saying the players took a very brave step, he had plenty time to come out and distance himself from it, he didn’t and the rumours intensified!
    This leaves us with Stephen Rochford, a great candidate, not just because he’s a crossmolina clubman, it’s because he has a pretty impressive CV for a man who could be still playing. he was always a very intelligent footballer, and corofin are thankfull that his attention to detail, and his attention to little things in training are undoubtedly over a level of most managers, just ask any corofin player! They rave about him. So if it’s rochie that takes over, or indeed anyone else, please give them space to do the job unlike previous management were given!

  23. I was not in New York but god knows I heard enough about it !

    Correct me if I am wrong here.

    Money was taken from Mayo supporters by county board representatives who led these fans to believe that the Mayo team would attend an event.

    The Mayo management took the players home as they had a championship match the next day.

    The Mayo fans did not get to meet the players.

    The money was not returned to the Mayo fans.

    The county board believe that this occurrence was someone elses fault!!!

    You actually could not make it up.

    I would ask anyone who was in attendance to write to the western and ask the board for their money back , these lads don’t need outside influences they are well able to eff things up themselves.

  24. Ciaran there is more hope of Me marrying the Caillin from Claregalway than H & C coming back again and s reconciliation taking place

  25. Disappointed and unlike some of ye I was surprised . Only good thing to come out of it is Henry looks like the twat he is now, that’s for sure.

    Can never fathom why possible candidates hold out at expressing whether they are interested or not . In fairness to Kevin mc stay last year he made it clear he wanted the gig and bizzarely enough actually Holmes said he wasn’t interested.

    Rochford hasn’t been quoted as saying he wants to put himself forward and again I can’t fathom where the big back room team being assembled for his ticket is coming from either.

    Could be the end of the road for this team if things don’t pan out right , really dangerous crossroads we are heading for . Need a big balls to take over that’s for sure.

  26. The thing is, last year you could say that we took the safe option by appointing Noel and Pat, the mantra was, teak a few things things here and there and we can get over the line. It didn’t work out for us. If James had taken over, then again it would be seen as the less risky option. As was the mantra last year, teak a few things here and there and we could get over the line. But what if the same things happened again under James as happened in the past, changes not been made, the same subs been brought on all of the time, where would we be then.

    Our play was getting a bit stale the last couple of years, even if we were still so close to the holy grail. We were at our peak in the 2013 season. Maybe its time for a new approach, a new smart voice to see where that takes us. That is if Stephen wants the job, we’ll see how it goes anyway!

  27. Thanks for that link to the Rochford file HSE.

    I had seen it before and looked at it again just now. Interestingly, it informs us that Rochie was beaten by one vote in 2012 for the U21 job. I’m sure the County Board knew what they were doing.

  28. Someone mentioned up the page that Rochford would have to pack in the Corofin job after the Connacht Championship.. That won’t happen. He publically stated on TG4 after the Galway Co Final, that he was ” commited to staying with Corofin, while they remain in the Championship’? Don’t forget, that this man has an All Ireland Club title to defend.

  29. I remember that Horan actually found very few mew players from O Mahony but he did make them competitive.Mortimer and Ronaldson were let go so to speak and he got more out of Aidan and Seamie.
    I think new manager has to shake it up if we are to win anything.At least 5 or 6 places must be in doubt. Dont want to disrespect anyone but only so many poor performances can be tolerated.
    Who will look after mental and psychological side of things.To me thats always been wanting.

  30. We need a new voice, new leadership, new thinking, new strategy, new players in some key positions. Even if Horan had decided to throw his hat back in the ring it would have been extremely short sighted to reinstate him and revert to the same old tactics. We need to move forward with a new manager. Hopefully Rochford will apply for the post.

  31. You do not get the mayo management job by applying for it, The county board sounds you out to put your name forward. Obviously the county board did not approach James Horan this time round and thus he has withdrawn from the race he was never in the running for in the first place.

  32. @ hueyandlouis; “Mortimor was let go so to speak”. He walked away from the team, the week of the Connacht final too remember. Anyway, that’s history and we’re as well to leave it there!

  33. Agree with 45, fresh thinking needed. I don’t see any issue with Rochford doing both jobs for a while. Managing either team is not a one man job, it’s a collective effort that he oversees.

  34. Stephen already turned down an approach to join James Horan’s team so it is great to see him forging ahead with getting his own team together. James obviously felt that he had no choice but to withdraw when he saw the popularity of Stephen. This, along with all the negative press on his perceived involvement in the coup would have made it difficult for him to stay in the race. The players must feel very let down.

  35. Stephen Rochford didn’t rule himself out of the running anyway:

    Speaking to RTÉ Sport, he said: “I genuinely have had no contact with the Mayo board. Everybody is aware that the nominations opened last week. But again, and not to sound like a broken record, my focus has been on Corofin.

    “As I have indicated in the past, it is something that would interest me and we’ll probably know a lot more in the next seven days.”

  36. Knockmore Lad, why do you think the players are feeling let down by James not allowing his name to go forward? As this is suggesting he was in some way involved with the players, in orchestrating the coup in the first place. I would be surprised if that were the case, or maybe you know stuff I don’t.

  37. James Horan ruling himself out could have something to do with that Connaught Telegraph article or maybe like the bookies he knew Rochford would win the club vote and decided to withdraw before it?

    Castlebar could end beat Corofin in the Connacht final which would mean Rochford would be available to take over by the end of November.

  38. Hi Magic McHale, to me it was obvious that the players had Horan in mind.
    In January, Hennelly commented on Horan’s resignation, that it felt like his parents were breaking up.
    The players seem to have an emotional bond with Horan and as many posters to this blog have commented, the players would not have blindly taken this route without having someone they deemed suitable in mind.

  39. Of course Rochford could do the 2jobs.pat o Shea managed crokes to a club final in 06 and also Kerry that year.the only difference here is its 2 different counties.
    Realistically if corofin were to go all the way to paddys day they will play 4 more competitive games.
    No doubt they play a challenge or two along the way.couldnt they play a Mayo team made up of players trying to get on our panel.
    The max he would have to be combining jobs is 3/4 months at this stage.

  40. I am very dissapointed to hear that JH will not be going for the job. He took a team at a very low ebb and made into one of the top teams in a very short period. The team was committed to his style and leadership. I should not leave out the backroom team at this time as they also played their part. Their MO was hard work honesty and continuous improvement. It all mounted into a success story unequaled before in Mayo football history. Yet and surprisingly for some people this period amounted to a failure?
    I think when you take the opportunity to look in the mirror and are truly honest with ourselves you will realize that it wasn’t JH who failed during this period. In fact he delivered all that he had promised. Having a management team and squad that are prepared to operate at the top table is not all that it takes. Our support systems are still in the stone age and ultimately this is down to you and me.

  41. Of course Rochford could do the 2jobs.pat o Shea managed crokes to a club final in 06 and also Kerry that year.the only difference here is its 2 different counties.
    Realistically if corofin were to go all the way to paddys day they will play 4 more competitive games.
    No doubt they play a challenge or two along the way.couldnt they play a Mayo team made up of players trying to get on our panel.
    The max he would have to be combining jobs is 3/4 months at this stage.
    The other difference with OShea is that he took over one of the best teams of all time that had won 2 of the previous 3 all Irelands and didn’t need to find 2-3 players (at least) like Mayo.

    Its going to be no problem for Rochford to hold down a job as a bank mgr, manage a top club team and also run a top 3 inter county team (that had issues with the way things were done the previous season by management) at the same time !?

    I think Rochford is the best candidate but it would have to be 100% commitment from XMas onwards

  42. A few posters now have referred to Castlebar ‘beating’ Corofin in the Connacht Final. Might i remind you that Castlebar have to beat Clann na nGael before that. They went to Kiltoom and beat Brigid’s in their own back yard.

  43. I agree with you there Knockmore Lad. I have no evidence and like others I am reading between the lines. The players would not have pushed the nuclear button unless they believed that JH was already behind them or would come to their rescue it they took the big step. So maybe he has let them down or maybe as someone suggested there could be another chapter in this yet.
    It’s all a bit messy and it could get a lot messier before it gets better. And the CB seem to be determined to weaken the players as an entity under the guise of an ‘Independent’ inquiry. It’s all about trying to regain power, divide and conquer, maybe isolate and name a few players over the coming weeks. And they’ll try to get clubs and supporters on side.
    I can see that the CB wouldn’t want to reunite the players with JH. That might seem like giving in to player power.
    I don’t agree that for StephenR he can do the 2 jobs at the same time. To do that he would not possibly be able to be 100 percent on either. That wouldn’t be fair to Corrofin or ourselves. For this team time is not on their side all minds need to be focused one hundred percent or else we are looking to future years and a different team for success. The CB may well be prepared to wait.

  44. Personally, I am glad Horan is out of the picture. In AIF winning terms, what were we hoping to achieve with him, again, in a second run at management ? Regardless of his making Mayo ‘consistently competitive’ as a person above puts it, that’s no good after 26 years of chasing Sam, in the modern era, if you don’t finally get your team across the line. For me, his big blunder was in the All-Ireland Final V Dublin when, after our team grafted so hard to pull back the Dubs lead and draw level with 20 minutes to go, JH couldn’t get the tactics right to close out the Dubs and win it………..we lost by 1 point, but that was one final for sure that we left behind, and I mainly blame the ineptitude of our management and sideline reps that day for the loss.

  45. Observer I thought Brigids looked in decline in defeat against ballintubber last year. Castlebar have the experience of winning Connacht only two years ago and beat Corofin under Rochford on route to that success. Losing to inexperienced Clann na nGael side would be a shock tbh.

  46. Hi Backdoor Sam, Good to hear you are as free as a bird. Hope. your love life blossoms.and that you make a wise decision in 2016. C. 2.

    Also glad to hear that Rochford is familiar with 7 or 8 of the 2005 minors.

    Still don’t like this I horse race.

    I’d be happier with Buckley at this stage. He has the apprenticeship done and by all accounts the respect of the players. Ciaran 2.

  47. Thanks for throwing in the “Magic” bit Knockmore Lad, but sadly I don’t possess such gifts 🙂 On the Horan/Players coup, I would be amazed if Horan thought he could walk back as Manager, unopposed, or more so the players thinking they could make that happen. But then I suppose, stranger things have happened.

  48. I’d be worried if Rochford doesn’t apply. There only seems one other option we’re aware of which is Buckley… if he’s interested in the #1 spot. After that there’s no one we know about unless someone like Pat Fallon or John Casey puts their name in or James Nallen who was on the JH team for a while so only he would have realistic chance (as the likelihood is that CB won’t go for anyone who hasn’t managed a minor or U21 or good Club team to a high level).
    I support players decision but it’s a fair risk and really hope it pays off.
    McEntee could be good for the management team too but travel time would rule him out as manager presuming he lives in some other corner of the Country.

  49. “James obviously felt that he had no choice but to withdraw when he saw the popularity of Stephen.”


    I haven’t gotten the sense from either this blog or the outside world that Rochford has been the preferred choice of candidate. There has been no unanimous preference and the prospect of Horan returning had been almost as widely welcomed as Rochford potentially taking over, so I really can’t fathom how you’re making that assertion, Knockmore Lad.

    And I have never, ever gotten the sense that James Horan is a man that’s easily scared by competition.

  50. Goodman Ciaran 2. I hear you on the one horse race bit but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in the job which I find hard to understand. It will be interesting to see how the league pans out hopefully we will see new faces get a run people are saying we have an easy route to the final playing Ulster which I think is dangerous talk because we have no divine right to get to or win a final you have to earn it as we all know well.

  51. Hueyandloius,

    Of course James Horan got more out of the O’Shea Bros than O’Mahony did. Aiden was only 20 when O’Mahony retired and Seamus’ football was terribly raw. In his early days on the team it was not unusual to see him miscue his toe to hand and actually kick the ball out of his reach. He has been improving on his ball control ever since.
    O’Mahony”s team was a team in transition. Players like Nallen, Heaney and McDonald were coming to the end of their day, there was little enough young minor talent from the mid nineties to 2004 so he was waiting on the 2005 – 08 minors to mature.


    What 2 of the previous 3 All Irelands did the Kerry team which Pat O’Shea took over in 2006 win? Tyrone won 2003 and 2005 and Kerry won 2004 unless I am mistaken. Kerry’s last all Ireland prior to that was 2000 under Paudie O’Shea.


    You say that you don’t get the Mayo job by applying for it, rather the Co Board ask you to put your name forward. If so what is the point of asking the clubs to make nominations? Have the Co Board already decided who is going to get the job? If so will they got through the ritual of interviewing people for a job which is already filled? I know that is a lot like the way it was done last time but please God let us not have a repeat of that. If we do the credibility of the Board is shot and I don’t think that the players would stand for it. They have made one stand and they may make another. They would, in those circumstances, have my full support.

  52. Yes PJ;

    He took a team that had been All Ireland Champions at U-21 level and got them to the final in Senior.

    They were committed to his style and leadership, which was rigid and inflexible, and didn’t yield the ultimate dividend.

    Their MO was to continuously make the same mistakes again and again, and never learn from them.

    It all amounted to ultimate failures in the All Ireland series unequalled in Gaelic football. The closest examples would be the Cork team of ’87 & ’88, who subsequently went on to claim 2 All Ireland titles.

    Of course, laughably, it was only a matter of time before someone would suggest that it is we, the fans, that need to look in the mirror and not the players who have consistently failed us.

    As Sean Mac Éil said at last weeks board meeting, we, the supporters and clubs who have shelled out €500,000 each year to finance the quest for glory, had to suffer the indignity of the players giving us the two fingers, instead of using the clubs and prescribed procedures to resolve the situation.

  53. I think Horan should have ruled himself out, much earlier than he did. He said that he decided very early on that he wasn’t going to stand…Yet, at pitchside last Sunday, i’m sure many of us saw TG4 interview Aidan Mc Loughlin about the manager’s position. He confirmed that there haven’t been any nominations so far, and when asked specifically about Rochford and Horan, he said that they were both fine managers and were welcome to be nominated.. 24 Hours later, Horan informs the world that he effectively decided weeks ago, that he wasn’t standing.

  54. I cannot fathom how there isn’t over 25 nominations in at this stage. I mean people on here were saying that the players themselves were going to beat everyone in their path.

  55. People who are slating horan need to read what he has wrote for the last year.never does he run down any player of the game from any county.
    He constantly talks about improvement in mayo and get the best out of everybody and he includes himself in that.
    Now I don’t know the man personally but I admire the time and thought he puts in to the game.
    Sad to see him pull out but rochford comes across as a good reader of the modern game.Same old delegates do the talking a these meetings.
    Get the right structures in place get someone in to help with fund raising and things will fall in place.
    Its not rocket science.
    Dare to be different.
    Where that alrigth for all the wrong reasons.
    Getting very frustrated as a supporter can only imagine what it like to be a player.

  56. Good morning Anne-Marie,
    The assertions I’m making about Rochford being the most popular candidate come simply from
    a)he is the bookies favourite,
    b) he was favourite in the poll which WJ conducted here,
    c) we obviously mix in different circles as the majority of fans that I have chatted to in the past fortnight are all for Rochford,
    d) you, yourself commented here that while you have great time for Horan, Rochford is your preferred choice.

    And lastly,
    e) I also heard from a reliable source that Horan approached Rochford with a view to combine forces but Rochford declined the offer. Even Horan respects him as a candidate.

  57. There are such wide ranging views on here regarding different managers we sound like complete basket cases. Not saying we should all be signing off the same hymn sheet, that’s never going to happen and life would be boring if that were the case but we’re a bit all over the map with views on this one.

    Just to add my view of the world, Rochford is the only logical candidate. If he can balance the jobs, only he knows that, and of course its up to the selection committee to be convinced of that if he does in fact put his name forward. Its like interviewing people for a job, they might tell you they have a 60 mile commute each way every day to get to work. They’ll convince you its doable, but you as the interviewer have to decide if that’s reasonable. Mind you legally your not actually allowed to not hire someone because of their personal circumstances but its always part of it

  58. Roger Milla – you state “Horan won a great title with Tubber who won little before or since.” The facts are that Ballintubber pre James Horan Ballintubber won a County Minor “A” title, a County Under 21 “B” title and two under 21 “A” titles in 08 and 09. Since James won the first senior title with ‘Tubber in 2010 they have won the senior Championship with Anthony McGarry in 2011 and in 2014 under Peter Ford! They have appeared in four County Finals winning three. Ballintubber have beaten Castlebar Mitchells in three County Senior Finals and also in a County Quarter Final in the past five years – a fantastic achievement considering the undoubted quality of Castlebar Mitchells. Please get your facts right before you make comments regarding the achievements of a great rural club.

    The negative comments regarding James here are quite astonishing. People have short memories of where we were before he came along.

  59. Patriot – I just excised that direct pop at Roger in your reply to him. The facts you’ve listed are response enough on the point you’re making. I agree 100% with you, by the way, on the negative comments about James. Eaten bread is soon forgotten and all that!

  60. Piece in today’s Indo by John Fallon is here:

    Seems to elaborate slightly on the RTE audio yesterday. Fallon’s take implies that he is still trying to get a backroom team together, a rowback from the Examiner article which implied that the team was in place.

    At least nobody in the potential backroom team has come out and denied the reports – as yet!

  61. Castlebar are certainly becoming a force to be reckoned with at club level and rightly so considering the structures and professionalism that has been instilled over the past few years. Breaffy’s poor performance on Sunday is a cause for concern considering that some of our Senior County players and so called leaders were involved. I would have expected to see a rally from these players in the second half but they appeared to give up. The new Mayo Manager needs to entrust the leadership role to some new up and coming players who do not have the mileage, baggage and sense of entitlement that some of the current players have. For that reason it is just as well that JH has pulled out as he has far too much loyalty to some of these senior players. Rochford needs to be ruthless and instill a bit of humility and responsibility in this current squad over the next five years. I say five years as that is how long I believe it will take to get over the current fiasco.

  62. Sean O’Reilly. Most of what you said in your reply regarding Jh was of a very negative nature indeed. But you are entitled to your opinion. Here’s the thing. I an earlier post you had a go at someone giving out about JM. I agree completely with the point you made about supporters showing respect for our past managers. Why did not extend this courtesy to JH. Why are u making an exception of him. So what’s it to me. Here’s the point. You want SR, you want a clean slate, systems reset. It has taken us 5 year’s to reach the level we have at. Be that second best or third best. What we need is a CoBo that will get us the extra inches. Do you want people in position that are easier to manipulate no matter what the consequences are. You have not told us in the last month how you see a rookie manager hit the ground running, maintain Div 1 status, 6 th title in Connacht and reach a semi final at least. I am not trying to put you in a spot, but I feel for all that you have said re management you have left a whole lot out.

  63. Assuming Rochford gets the role and doesn’t win Sam. Are we any better off than we were with C & H?
    we weren’t far off this year, maybe another year with H&C would have delivered the holy grail.
    Will we be looking for Rochfords head in 2 years???
    A fine mess if you ask me.

  64. Haven’t logged on here for a few days and to read some of the stuff being written about JH truly is incredible. If/ when S Rochford takes the job I wish him the very best of luck by God he’s going to need it with some of the crap thats written on here and elsewhere. Paidi’s line about Kerry supporters springs to mind.

  65. Most potential managers would not touch a team that got rid of their manager with a 40 foot pole.
    We will be lucky to have any applicants.
    I am surprised the squad had not an alternative set up before the heave.

  66. Totally agree with you jr, does a new manager ask what the players’ grievances with C and H were (if the CB fail to do so in the meantime) in a bid to avoid a similar fate, or will he be his own man and plough ahead?
    As Daniel said above, it’s going to take a strong character to reign in the egos of some of our players.
    Tactical intelligence is vital but ego management is whole different skill set.

  67. Mickk, the plan B might be this.

    No Rochford, so go back to JH and try to persuade him to run/take over. Would put him in a strong position.

    Could that eventuality be somewhere at the back of his mind?

  68. Apologies, Catcol, I had a totally different memory of what happened!
    In fairness, Rochford is saying all the right things at present. Bringing in Duffy in Solan’s stead is a decent enough call.
    I’d still prefer Horan as a short term solution but Rochford is probably the best remaining prospect and it seems, reading between the lines, that he’s very much interested so go for it, I say.
    The sooner they get it sorted, the better and let him get on with the work.

  69. Has Aiden Henry gone yet from the Connaught Telegraph for that utter shite he wrote about Horan involved in a plot to get rid of the two boys?

    I presume he will do the decent thing and resign after he publishes an apology.

    John Mawn is staying very quiet during all this. He could have it in the bag already and be keeping a low profile.

  70. I sincerely hope that neither Stephen Rochford or any other potential management candidate reads this forum, for fear they get a glimpse of what might lie ahead for them. And I certainly hope the man who brought us to the dizzy heights we have reached over the past five years (how quickly we have forgotten Longford, eh?), raised the standard of competitiveness within the Mayo setup and raised expectations among the Mayo public has better things to do with his time than read this forum and read some of the disparaging remarks directed towards him.

    And above all, I hope none of the players that have served their county so well over the past five – and in some cases, more than ten – years read this forum. I mean, why would you bother? Why would you put yourself through the hours of training, restricted diet, limited socialising, late night/early morning commuting, rehab from short and long-term injuries, putting your career on hold, to watch people on the internet goading you and calling your reputations into question?

    Ego? You’d want an ego the size of a small planet, and the hide of a rhinocerous.

    Just because the Joe Soap on the street doesn’t see the players self-flagellating in public, doesn’t mean they are not questioning their own role in not reaching the target this year, or last. Any sportsperson or athlete worth their salt who does not reach their goal will engage in a process of self-assessment afterwards, and it’s incredible to read so many suggestions to the contrary that seem to think they all “blame the management”. A little simplistic, to say the least. You can bet your lives that every single player on that panel questioned their own role and their own contribution to the outcome of this year’s championship. A process some of the administration could well engage in themselves.

    And just because the reasons for this heave are not being aired for all and sundry on the street to tear apart, vulture-like, does not mean they will not be aired and addressed when the time and the forum is right. More than likely, whoever does come in to manage will have a very frank, adult discussion with the (existing) panel before they begin and commit standards, boundaries and expectations from the outset. Of course, that panel is likely to change over the next couple of months. Reading this forum every day only reinforces my firmly-held belief that the players were right to keep their counsel, though their stoicism in the wake of some of the more contempt-laden commentary is rather admirable.

    On a separate note, Edwin McGreal mentions in an overview in today’s Mayo News that the chairman addressed a room of 88 men last week. Not sight nor sound of a woman in the place. Maybe, as was suggested to me on air once, it’s rare to see women expressing opinions with the GAA world because they are so busy doing such a good job on the ground making the tea and sandwiches … 🙂

    At this stage, roll on November or whenever this bloody appointment is made because the rot has well and truly set in at this point.. Robert, I’d say even Paidi, god rest him, had seen nothing compared to what goes on in Mayo! And yet, come January, there we will be again .. .this too will pass, as has every other incident down the years.

  71. WJ would it sound bad to request some kind of limitation on amount of words in any single contribution; some on here are of epic proportion and have all the batteries in my ‘mouse’ worn out on scrolling.

    p.s no insult to anyone intended but please don’t ‘novel’ your ‘grovel’

  72. People may say that Mayo football is in a bad place right now and we can talk all we like about where the blame lies. Maybe there was still some residue from last year and how the Co Board handled the appointment of the new Management team, there may be issues with Pat and Noels approached to training, or who was allowed into the inner circle, that maybe shouldn’t be there, or maybe a whole lot of little things that were building up over the season? Either way, we are where we are and what happens from here, will be a big test for the Co Board.

    Right now the eyes of the GAA are on them and how they are seeing to deal with things over the next few weeks. Statements they may realise will be scrutinized by everyone, the rumour mills will be busy with all sorts of leaks and no doubt the local papers will be vying for a headline.

    All this is of course a side show to what will be the more serious business of putting in place a new Management team, to take us through the next few years. Who applies is another matter and I’m sure the Board right now are proactive in this regard, as they don’t want a situation where come closing time for nominations, they have no applicants. With so much uncertainty about, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the deadline was pushed out for another week or two and a temporary management structure put in place in the short term. Either way there’s enough going on to keep this brilliant MayoGAABlog a must read.

  73. And I’m still waiting for my off-season break, Mayo McHale! 202k hits so far this month and hardly a ball kicked in anger.

    Agree completely with those sentiments, Anne-Marie. As I said earlier on, eaten bread is quickly forgotten, in this instance incredibly quickly. Didn’t someone suggest on here not long ago that John O’Mahony should come back again as manager?

  74. Brilliantly put anne marie,from reading some of the posts on here you would think that the players just turned up for the match with no preparation, the management had not thought of any other plan,of course it is much easier on hindsight but some posters can only see what JH done wrong or Pat and Noel without seeing the effort put in over the whole year,in fact one county board delegate said the people who paid the five hundred thousand € were the ones were short changed. If we accept that there is thirty five players plus twenty back room staff,plus some from the county board it does not seem an exceptional amount of money,I hope we have a manager soon so we can stop this carping and get on with trying to win Sam

  75. Well citog, you could always just scroll right on past and just not bother reading, I am sure no-one would mind! Alternatively send on your address to WJ thre and someone will put a packet of batteries in the post for you – it’d be a dire situation indeed if the mouse gave up the ghost with no backup and you were stalled in the middle of one of those aforementioned novels! 😉

  76. Knockmore Lad, would our own Kevin McLoughlin come under the big ego thing? I would hope not, as he seems to be a well grounded Rathduff lad, with a good head on his shoulders.

  77. Patriot , complete and utter brain fart on my part about the two post-Horan titles , apologies.

    as for the titles won before his time I stand by that , there was no senior title before he came along , that makes it a massive achievement and on a par with what rochford achieved nationally with more gifted players.

    I was trying to compare both rochford and Horan favourably with each other and wasnt looking to denigrate tubber , I am from a far smaller and more rural club myself ! So as willie joe deleted whatever abuse you directed at me we’ll leave it at that 🙂

  78. Mayo McHale, Kevin was not one of the players I was thinking of, he is as honest a footballer as you’d find anywhere. However, we have a select few superstar/celebrity heads on our panel, who seem as interested in their public image as they do their football career. Reading Thomas O Shea’s book at the moment and have to admire how he kept his head down, during his football career- he says he had no business talking to the media or partaking in cheap tv when his job was on the pitch. This focus certainly shone through.

  79. You can’t dictate to amateur athletes how they go about their daily lives as regards today’s celebrity type stuff , I have my doubts it has any negative impact on performance. It’s not ideal and I know what you mean with the likes of Tomas o se but they are different down there and the o se s are pure alpha in that regard. But then on the other hand you have skinny jean specialist Paul galvin .

  80. Roger Milla – WJ did not delete one word of my post if you read his comment!! nearly always to the best of my ability comply with the rules here and I don’t need to resort to any sort of abuse. Facts speak for themselves with regard to Ballintubber.

  81. PJ;

    It is acceptable to debate the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective candidates and ex-managers. It is unacceptable to personally abuse them. That is the difference.

    I have also stated clearly that I don’t want Stephen Rochford, or any other candidate for that matter, to take the position without the issues surrounding the removal of the previous management being ascertained.

    If I was to put it in horse racing parlance, I would not want to see the new management nobbled again. So the details of the players must be made known to the County Board.(and to the previous management, if for nothing else at this stage but to accord them the respect they deserve).

    So, to your point regarding Stephen Rochford being untested. The clincher here is that James Horan has been tested for 4 years, with what some people here are describing here as the best bunch of players since 1951, and unfortunately has come up short.

  82. I’m not dictating to anybody Sean, but for the players own sake I feel they would be better able to focus on the job at hand, if they keep out of the glare of the media.
    Paul Galvin had won 3 All-Ireland’s before appearing on the Late Late show 5 years ago, prior to that interview he was very much a mystery man.
    There will be plenty of time for media coverage when our boys bring home Sam. But for me having the dessert before the dinner is not the healthiest option.

  83. Horan is obviously not telling the whole truth. Of course he wanted the gig. Why did he not come out the day after H+C resigned and say he was not interested in managing the team again. He didn’t do that for a reason. it took him two weeks !!! He obviously got wind very recently that he was not going to be offered or considered for the job by the CB and then he comes out and says he not going forward for it. He should not have made the comment either about the players being brave and kept quiet out of respect amongst managers to H+C.
    He was a great manager for Mayo and nearly got us the holy grail, but a blind man can see what has happened in the last two weeks. The Connacht Telegraph may not have been far from the truth.

  84. This debate about managers lacking inter-county experience is pure nonsense. All managers lack experience at inter-county level until they actually become inter-county managers!!! What do we want to do? Wait for Rochford to go off and be successful with another county before we offer him the managers job? James Horan lacked inter-county experience until he got the Mayo job and that didn’t turn out too bad!
    Most managers progress to inter-county level on the back of a successful club managerial career. Anyway, It’s not like Rochford has not been involved with Mayo football before now, as he has been part of development staff and under-age structures for a while. Too much is being made of him being “turned down” by the county board for the U-21, or was it minor? job. The county board didn’t “turn him down” it was the club delegates that voted and he narrowly lost on the count.
    For me, Rochford is the obvious candidate with the desire for the post, the successful club stint behind him, experience of sorts of working within the county board set-up and, most importantly, with a clear plan of how he wants to play the game.
    Also, for those that scoffed at my suggestion a few weeks ago that McEntee be another candidate??? I really hope that there is truth to the story that Rochford is attempting to bring him on board, if he is successfully appointed. That would be an inspired choice and a wonderfully insightful voice to have on board.

  85. People must remember that for delegates/club members to nominate a candidate to the position of manager to the senior team, they must have a written letter of acceptance from the nominated person, stating that they will accept the job if selected. The letter must be signed by the potential candidate and must accompany the nomination.
    That’s only correct and proper or else there would be nominations that would never be realistic and could possibly delay the entire process. Also, you could end up with the county board contacting some of the nominated individuals and being made to look foolish.

  86. AndyD says:
    October 27, 2015 at 2:46 am


    Of course James Horan got more out of the O’Shea Bros than O’Mahony did. Aiden was only 20 when O’Mahony retired and Seamus’ football was terribly raw. In his early days on the team it was not unusual to see him miscue his toe to hand and actually kick the ball out of his reach. He has been improving on his ball control ever since.
    O’Mahony”s team was a team in transition. Players like Nallen, Heaney and McDonald were coming to the end of their day, there was little enough young minor talent from the mid nineties to 2004 so he was waiting on the 2005 – 08 minors to mature.


    What 2 of the previous 3 All Irelands did the Kerry team which Pat O’Shea took over in 2006 win? Tyrone won 2003 and 2005 and Kerry won 2004 unless I am mistaken. Kerry’s last all Ireland prior to that was 2000 under Paudie O’Shea.
    AndyD your point might actually make some sense if Pat O Shea was the manager in 2006????

    Jack OConnor manager 2004-2006. 3 AI Final appearances and 2 wins.

    Pat O Shea manager 2007-2008

  87. I have feeling the McEntee talk is just newspaper speculation. The examiner who ran the story had John Maughan marked down as the U21 manager.

    Here’s a question would James Horan have won the All Ireland for Corofin if he was their manager last year?

  88. MO2015 – re the speculation, you could be right, but I hope you are wrong.

    Tony Leen ran the story and he is the Sports editor, so he’s not a rookie.

    McEntee hasn’t denied it though, and he is a columnist with de paper, so Leen would hardly have run it without checking. Ditto the others, and isn’t it good that Buckley still seems to be heading Mayo’s direction, despite all the talk a few weeks ago.

    I guess there’s nothing much any of them can or will say publicly until Rochie commits definitively.

  89. According to the Western, John Maughan was interviewed for the U21 job, but then withdrew himself after interview.

  90. A lot of hot air and speculation on this site in the past few days. Nobody has a clue how it’s going to pan out….nobody, that is, except and unless a fait accompli has already occurred behind the scenes.

    We’ll have to wait and see folks. But don’t expect not to be disappointed.

    Negative? Ya.
    Realistic? Ya.

  91. I hope that whoever lands the job has the ability to change and adapt gameplans in the white heat of battle. The margins that seperate the top teams are thinner than a MCDonalds rasher. In game one against the Dubs, Mayo despite gifting Dublin the first half, proceeded to mount a heroic comeback in the second that fell just short of the mark. Imagine the disaray the Dublin outfit would be in now if Mayo had finished them off. The slimmest of margins seperate.

    If Mayo come out next year and play with a insatiable ruthlessness than I have no doubt that we will succeed. Also I hope that since the players took the bull by the horns and drew a line in the sand that they don’t stop there. They must not settle for anything less than the best and if they are not happy with the new appointment they must let that be known, Immediately. The players in my opinion have shown great courage both on and off the field and now more than ever they must ensure that they get what they want. Which is ultimately what most everyone on this blog wants.

  92. Ah I think we all need to settle.Really I think we just all want what is best for Mayo and sure this keeps us interested on long winter nights.
    We have had great managers O Mahony and Maughan included and it is a big ask of Rochford to compete with and better that.He is as good as we have though there may be a twist yet.
    Frankly the players need to deliver too on the big days and a new manager may need to have a ruthless streak.
    Some lads are possibly no longer viable options and some new guys may be ready to come.Kirby and Douglas and Loftus and indeed a few more too.
    Time waits for no man…the mores the pity.
    Anne Marie we are all entitled to our views even if you do not agree with whats being said.You too have been critical in the past but it was constructive and useful.Maybe allow everyone else the same right.

  93. Anne Marie Great post really enjoyed it. Not so sure about the full blooded enthusiasm of all the fans come January. We will need a minor miracle in 2016 I believe.

  94. Sean O’Reilly You have avoided giving us an answer to the questions I put to you. In their absence we can take it you don’t know. A little respect for JH is not too much to ask for on a Mayo supporters website.

  95. MO2015;

    You pose an interesting question. Obviously it is only conjecture, but I don’t believe that James Horan would have brought Corofin to All-Ireland glory.

    Kieran Shannon, who was involved with Horan at club level and for the four years at inter-county level, highlighted his inflexibility and lack of ability to adapt. It was clear that tactics were his achilles heel and arguably cost us at least one All-Ireland.

    You can have the team well prepared, but you also need a sharp football intellect to ensure that you negate the strengths of the opposition, while at the same time utilising the strengths of your own team to capitalise on opposition weaknesses. Rochford has shown that he can do that.

    Most good managers overcome shortcomings of this nature by having complimentary strengths within their management team. James never managed to do this unfortunately, and it proved to be his biggest weakness.

  96. That’s very much up to debate Sean O Reilly. I see the Mayo minors got a good draw, only Leitrim is in the way from reaching a Connacht final and All Ireland quarter final.

  97. It is amazing how the players have managed not to comment on what problems they had with H&C. It is a remarkable example of discipline. I wonder if someone is managing this side of things because it strikes me as a well coordinated strategy.
    From what I read in the western it seems to be getting under the skin of some co board members. I have a funny feeling that some members would love to teach this group of players a lesson on who is in charge and who is not……….irrespective of the consequences.
    This could all go horribly wrong yet! Hopefully not.

  98. Huryandlewis, not to get into an argument, but your post is a bit baffling. I don’t recall trying to censor anyone’s views, and if you care to look, I am on record as saying one of the best things about this place is that every opinion on the spectrum is represented, and for the most part, articulated with respect even on a topic so divisive as this.

    I don’t agree with many of your posts; that doesn’t stop me reading them and appreciating that other people think differently. So please don’t throw that accusation my way, thanks.

  99. I think Edwin Mc Greal’s opinion piece “As many questions as answers” in this weeks Mayo News casts a critical eye over the county board meeting. I agree with him that it is not credable that the county board knew nothing of the unrest in the camp throughout the year. Also the “outside influence” theory is just a smokescreen to deflect attention away from the county boards own shortcomings.

  100. Far way from the land of the shamrock and heather .,…….

    Sing along with me now folks

    In search of a living as exiles we roam ……

    Lighten up ffs,losing the run of yourselfs , a few supporters of Mayo GAA voicing their opinions is all .

    And Anne Marie don’t you dare give your opinion as you should be making the sandwiches . (That’s taking the piss btw in relation to an earlier post ,before I’m slaughtered)

  101. Diehard, it is easy for the players to stay quiet on problems if there weren’t any real problems to speak of. I do honestly believe that is the case. The more and more that this unfolds, the clearer it is becoming. How disappointing it all is. This was all so unnecessary.

    What do you think the County Board have in store for the players? It looks like the players wanted JH but he is no longer an option with one candidate left. What lessons can be taught, except the players’ own realisation that they made an absolute muck of things?

  102. Wonder how the Co Board are getting on with the facilitator, and that charter there supposed to be preparing? From memory, I think the Chairman said this will need to be in place before any new Management team are appointed.

  103. I know your joking Sean Burke but even in jest you should never even think that never mind say to Anne Marie or any other lady that she should be at home making sandwiches if heard someone saying that to a lady at a match or any other disparaging remark I would give him a good slap

  104. Anne Marie
    I am sure you will allow me right of reply.

    Your previous post was very critical of posters .That is all I am saying.Maybe you should read it again.I actually agree with some of it too but believe posters have the right to make their points .
    I actually agree with a lot of what you say but still feel posters are entitled to have their view without being attributed as disloyal.
    I will say no more on this.

  105. Mayo 51 – I’m afraid it’s you who’ll have to pipe down. You’re not allowed to make direct attacks on others who comment here. Please bear in mind for future reference.

  106. Fair enough Willie joe Apologies …. How come you don’t say anything to the poster I mentioned ??

    I see a lot of a messages by this poster where they criticise other people’s posts

  107. Sean I make a grand sandwich too you know, I can even make them while giving opinions and all 😉

    Mayo 51, that gave me a good old laugh. The irony of your own post appears to be lost on you – otherwise you’re actually just a complete wind-up merchant.

    But I will accede to your ever-so gentlemanly and not at all dictatorial instruction, cos at nearly midnight in the “off season” I reckon Willie Joe probably has better things to be doing than defending my honour. 😉

    Sorry WJ, I can’t seem to stay out of trouble these days … Might be time to remember my place and steer clear for a while. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  108. It’s mighty being a Mitchels man 🙂

    So what’s going on with the Mayo management position? Is it McStay or what?

  109. The difference is that you made a direct, personal attack on the other person. It’s the ‘play the ball, not the person’ rule. Criticising other posts is okay, by the way, but making personal attacks on others who post isn’t.

  110. As long as the code of conduct of this forum is adhered to, everyone’s view is valid. A bit of variety is the lifeblood of any debate.

  111. JH is a guy I hugely respect as he made Mayo a serious force Yes he did not manage to win Sam but who did since 1951 I hope Rochford takes job and hope he is a success but even if he doesnt win Sam does that mean he s a failure Maybe henry from the tellygraph might take the job Seemingly he knows whats goin on In truth he had been discredited long before now as anyone with an inkling of knowledge about Mayo football could testify but he has made an even greater idiot of himself on this occasion having been convinced that JH was behind the heave and it was inevitable that he would be new manager. He like a lot of other journalists like to make themselves sound important but they really have no idea whats going on I suggest he join brehony and mcGee for a pint and see if they can invent anymore cock and bull stories

  112. Assuming those FBD fixtures are 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of 2016? An oul trip to Ballinlough will be spicy going by their behaviour in Castlebar last year 😀

  113. In addition a great post as usual from Anne Marie and if all else fails might I suggest Sean o Reilly as new boss with that henry chap as No 2 JH took us to 2 AIFs but according to these 2 boys he fell short big time so a small wee push from this combination could take us over the line

  114. As far as I can see several posters on this site do not seem to realise that the County Board consists of the elected officers plus the Club and Divisional Board delegates. The officers alone comprise the Executive of the Board. As there are more Club delegates than officers it is nonsense to blame the Executive for all failures of the Board. To say that the Co. Board did not reject Stephen Rochford as an underage manager is factually incorrect.
    I suspect that being a Co Board delegate is not a sought after position at Club AGM’s and because of this it is left to a few elder bullshitters in too many cases. I have never been a Mayo Board delegate but served have long years on other Co Boards. I am living outside Mayo for over 50 years and have always been active in the GAA. That is my experience and my fear is that the relatively new rule limiting officers to five years in a position allows a musical chairs scenario be planned when it comes to elections. Frequently it goes Vice Chair, Chair and Central Council Delegate or maybe Connacht Council Vice Chair/Chair when Mayo’s turn comes up. [Connacht operates a rotational system where each county gets its turn in the Chair, which equates to a Vice President of the GAA, regardless of ability]. It is not a healthy method of working and leads to an unwillingness to try something new for fear of rocking the boat. One thing these oldie guys have in common is a belief that players should be kept in their place, like women making the sandwiches. That is why I am not confident that this managerial appointment will work out for the better. It may not be Rochford.

  115. We know the players voted no confidence in H&C, we know they read out a letter to the County Board and we believe they had a plan.

    Based on the information in the various media outlets and making some assumptions I wonder how accurate the following is:

    Scenario 1:
    The players had a clear understanding that JH was interested in returning for one final push for Sam in 2016. JH then approached Rochford with a view to working together for 2016 with Rochford then to take full control for 2017 onwards for say 3 years.
    JH could have quelled speculation about a possible return immediately his name was being mentioned as a candidate but he took 2 weeks to publically state that he was not going to return, why ?

    Scenario 2:
    The players have no preferred successor and once H&C are removed the players are happy to leave it to the County Board to fill the vacant manager position.

    Scenario 3:
    The players have a preferred replacement that is not JH, that person will emerge from the woodwork and be nominated before 1st Nov for post and will be appointed as manager. This could be Rochford …

    Scenario 4:
    The players have a preferred replacement that is not JH but that person will fail to be nominated. This could be Rochford…

    Are things going to the players’ plan or is there another twist in this saga yet ?

  116. I see in the Irish Examiner that Lee Keegan has been named as the vice-captain for the Irish International Rules team for next month’s game, so congrats and well done to him. It has been a tough year for him so it’s a nice honour for him to be given.

  117. thats a decent synopisis Olive and i have a feeling one of those must be the case

    but please allow me to introduce synopisis 5……………

    5 the players have no preferred succesor but have a certain standard which they would expect from the next manaager. The county board will make their own appointment in order to put smacht on the lads and the players will be spending a lot of time running the banks in enniscrone in the next 4 months 😉

  118. I’m a bit surprised Peter Ford hasn’t gotten a mention, good inter county experience with both Galway and Sligo and a few county titles in Mayo too. Also I know a lot of you might not like it but I think John Evans might also have something to offer if he quit some of the mind games that he goes on with, behind it all he’s a decent manager and left our neighbours in division 1. There has to be an alternative on the table or we could be left like right plonkers if Rochford decides he doesn’t quiet fancy it right now.

  119. Olive, it appears that the majority of opinions both on this site and elsewhere are based on ‘assumptions ‘. The key to this would appear to be in the letter. Does anybody know what was in the letter or have a copy of the letter?

  120. Roger Milla and others, there may be a temptation to put smacht on the lads, but taken at face value, the County Board’s intended ‘charter’ could be the vehicle to avoid the mess of the past. Easy said, harder done I know, but really, what advantage is there in a spiteful approach?

    The running of the senior team is a major operation (are those figures of €700k p.a. and a total body count of 22 accurate?), not counting the minor and U21 – remember the minors got to a number of All Ireland finals in recent years.

    Those in overall charge are sure to be irked from time to time by management, players, back up etc, but given the success we have had (not the big one, but minor 2013, 5 Connaughts, and 4 September matches in a row, all since 2011), they have been doing something right, and have a vested interest in continuting and enlarging on that success.

    Who would have thought after Sligo in 2010, that Mayo would take the Connaught championship and render it meaningless?

    The charter, if operated properly, could be a key to driving the operation to a higher level.

    To echo Yeats, we …are no petty people.

  121. Mayo Magic
    I have a copy of the letter, but if I told you its contents, I’d have to kill you afterwards……….

  122. Watched the last 8 minutes of the drawn game with Dublin again. We had them there lads and there should never have been a replay. Cluxton actually craps himself just after our equalising pint while he is preparing to take the next kick out.

    I dont buy into this idea that Dublin are miles ahead of everyone else. If they were they would have us beat out the gate long before the end (like the Kerry 4 in a row side were doing to nearly everybody in the late 70s early 80s).

    We are very close. Some have said we need a “minor miracle” in 2016. Not at all. We have the players who can do it. Just need a clued up manager and a bit of luck and we will be on our way up them steps of the Hogan on 18th September.

  123. Totally agree, Mayo had Dublin on the rack in the first game but like a rabbit in the headlights the players did not execute the basics to close it out. No matter who will be the next Manager the players need to take responsibility on the pitch when the pressure comes on and not look for excuses afterwards.

  124. Agree with your point Jim …

    I think we are very close , with the addition of a scoring forward and good direction from management we could get over the line next year ….

  125. TonyK it is a better kept secret than the third letter of Fatima!
    Whatever was contained in the letter was fairly incendiary that the CB felt that Croke be first informed.
    I am prepared to take the hit if you want to release it to me!

  126. Mayo Magic

    Beware the hit will come from the shoulder of Tom cunniffe. Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider?

  127. Catcol, I have nothing against a charter as such , but not as a stick to be used to beat future teams with if they decide they are not happy with the set-up.

    There’s a large element of arse covering to it , in my opinion, and I find the involvement of a sponsor in its drafting to be bizarre in the extreme.

  128. I have no problem if the shoulder of Tom Cuniffe takes out Mayo Magic. Blast up the letter now. He Always wanted to rub shoulders with TC!

  129. Lads

    Anyone know how to get in touch with whoever administers the players lotto? I won a voucher in it last month that hasn’t shown up yet so wanted to ask what the story was.
    The email with the results doesn’t have a reply to email address on it.


  130. Well the blather and bleating of the County Chairman is taking hold as the truth on here and the players being castigated.

    He didn’t know that this was going on. I knew. Anybody reading here and contributing would have seen myself and others reference it many times throughout the year. I’m sure he’s a visitor here himself. The dogs on the street chatted about it.

    The news cycle moves on and things get forgotten but the Damian Lawlor piece is the best summary I have seen of what happened and the reasons for the coup.

    There is no need for us to see the letter. The managers had the chance to go with dignity but somebody made this public and it wasn’t the players and that is why it blew up.

  131. Here’s another scenario to ponder..After the selection shambles 12 months ago, and subsequent events, is it possible that the manager the players had in mind to replace H and C Was Kevin Mc Stay? Even without Liam Mc Hale.. The only problem being that the Rossies beat us to it. Wasn’t it ironic that Mc Stay to Roscommon and the Mayo players heave were announced on the same day?..Whilst we wait for a new manager (and a shared one at that), Mc Stay and Co are holding trial matches etc.

  132. Catcol. Agree with most of what you are saying here. One bit is sticking though. Have we been doing well over the last 5 years by chance or design. One way to measure it would be to look at the previous 5 years I guess.? Second the last meeting of the lads. Yea that meeting. Where the best bunch of footballers in my time get hung out to dry. As in the political arena its all about preserving the structures that got them this far I fear. This is a whole sorry mess. Preserving the popularity and income this team generate should be of the utmost importance in everyone mind. I am not convinced that this is the case.

  133. Some crazy comments on here about James Horan, i’d have taken him back in a heartbeat. Have people actually forgotten where we were 5yrs ago? Well i don’t, and I certainly will never forget Cork ’11 Dublin ’12, the demolition in ’13 and that first game against Kerry last year. I’ll be accused of having a losers attitude by posters from other Counties and some on here, but I don’t care, they were truly epic days that will live long in my memory, we did’nt land the big one…a massive shame, but theirs so much other reasons to be thankful and greatful to James Horan.

    For what its worth, i hope Rochford gets it now, think he will revitalise the players with new ideas and enthusiasm.

  134. well said juan, we have been given some great days with horans brigade and if rochford is as detail oriented as they say he is, anything can happen. I too would have taken jh back in a second, maybe that was the plan ? who knows, maybe he will be back if rochford doesnt work out in the short term. One thing i am thinking is that the iron is still hot and we have to strike again very soon, 2016.

  135. Knockmore Lad I agree that these are important questions and should be answered sooner than later. Not really sure what relevance they were to discussions on Pat and Noel.

    We also need to find out were the biscuit tin coppers accounted for.

    But this is the type of transparency that the Strategic Review encouraged.

  136. Trevor
    If, as you say, there were no real problems, it is amazing how a bunch of players, we have come to regard so highly, would take such a drastic step. My opinion for what it’s worth is that the players and the management didn’t quite gel in the same way as in Horan’s era.
    As regards the county board I feel they might want to put smacht on these lads (to quote a few other posters on here) by appointing someone more to their liking rather than who the players might want..

  137. diehard, if they did appoint someone that the players dont want, we could be looking at a bleak few years for Mayo, I would imagine these current players wont waste their time with a half assed management team and will walk away en mass. Our next step is a big one, we have got to get it right, this panel are very close and just a tweak or two and they will get over the line.
    Just a gut feeling here, with the right man leading them, this panel are capable of league and sam in 2016. The wrong man, and its lights out.

  138. Please tell me there are more reasons in the letter than those pathetic issues in the Damien Lawyor article, whom by the way is a co panelist with JH on Off The Ball

  139. Just wondering what are posters opinion on the picture in the Mayo News of the Castlebar
    Mitchels team in the dressing room after the county final with most of them having a bottle of beer in their hands.

  140. Fundo, nothing wrong with that, they’re well entitled to have a beer. Proffessional sports teams do it all the time, i work in Dublin and have lost count of the amount of times ive seen Leinster rugby players on the beer after a heineken cup game, and they would mostly have a game a week later aswell.

  141. I can only assume that a number of posters here are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the man in the big red suit on the 25th of December if you are surprised that money changes hands in the GAA and plays a huge part in a teams success. A certain developer fresh out of NAMA is funding our noisy neighbours new management team. Wish we had him.

  142. I see Keegan got vice captain on the Irish team congrats to him. Himself and diarmuid o Connor for all stars

  143. Actually WJ, will you do me a favour and delete my comments. [Have done so, I’ve also deleted the bit from this one that refers to what others have alleged – WJ].

    I’ve always assumed that deep down we were all pulling in the same direction, where as now I believe that some would prefer to see us fail just to spite certain people.
    I genuinely despair at times and it’s obvious that a cabal within the county blame James Horan for the coup this year and will stoop to any level to tarnish him and his reputation.

  144. Fundo, their having a celebratory drink, so what!? If you listen to tomas o se’s interview on newstalk….he says players need a drink and a bita craic from time to time so they can have a laugh and knuckle down again for training on the tuesday.

  145. All – I’ve just seen all the comments posted this afternoon. I’m otherwise detained right now on a personal issue I’m not going to get into but one that’s far, far more pressing for me than what’s being discussed. Can everyone do me a favour and stop posting comments they’re not in a position to stand over? I’ll deal with today’s offenders later. Thanks.

  146. I’m starting to think there is some serious dudes in here . Way over my little head anyway . Up Mayo like.

  147. Liam…………Your para 1 is what I’m hearing too………..Call me naive, but if that’s true, it’s a sad day when a team can mount a coup on that basis.

  148. I wonder did the players know at the time of the heave all the riff raff they would cause?!

  149. I have to say my admiration for the players got even greater from the heave or whatever you’d like to call it.

    I don’t understand how people can think badly of the players and as for upsetting some of the CB ,sure what about it . People suggesting it’s going to be all out anarchy from now on in the context of if what happens if they’re not happy with the next set up blah blah . It reminds of when there is a strike on and someone says sure they’ll just go on strike for anything now if they get what they want but it doesn’t work like that ever . Your shop steward negotiates the best deal he can get and all parties shake hands and get back to work , said workforce would not be on the gate the following week over something else .

    This is a special bunch of players who are focused on bringing that cup back to Mayo ,they want to give themselves every percentage they can for 16 . We know how the draw works don’t pretend we are not all thinking its the best chance year out of the three because of avoiding the dubs and psssibly Kerry till the final, home game v Galway and most likely home final v the dark side in Connacht .

    Get the manager in ta fook and forget all this nonsense ,focus on 2016 and do everything you possibly can to give our bucks the best chance . They deserve it. Sin e.

  150. But Sean, what if the county board appoint, Maughan let’s say. Afterall there’s been no nominations yet, and the CB could parachute him in… I dread to think of the consequences if the players don’t get their man. And judging by what went on at the last CB meeting, they might not.

  151. Some some serious stuff on here this afternoon and few contributors taking advantage looking for the RED Card IMO

  152. What serious stuff? Really, can James Horan not be criticised at all? Also where’s Liam’s paragraph one gone? And Knockmore Lad’s posts? I know Willie Joe sets the rules etc, but there should be freedom to have contrary opinions aired, yes, no? And if some people don’t like them, agree to disagree.

  153. Farandeelin I expect better from you. Willie joe is not deleting opinions he is deleting libellous statements.

    He stated earlier that he has something important on personally and people should respect that.

    Lads are acting the complete maggot on here tonight

  154. All – At the end of what’s been a very long day I’ve now had time to go back and deal with a number of comments that involve flagrant violations of the house rules. To those of you wondering where particular comments have gone, they’ve either been deleted because they’ve breached the rules or, in a few other cases, because they make reference to what others have said in doing so.

    For the umpteenth time, can I remind everyone that this isn’t the place to come to in order to post wild, unsubstantiated claims? I don’t care if you know, or think you know, what you’re posting is the truth – if it’s not already in the public domain and there’s no way you can prove the veracity of what you’re claiming, then don’t post it here. End of.

    It’s clear to me that the main offenders here are a small number of recent arrivals, who have been extremely vocal since pitching up here and whose comments have sailed close to the wind on too many occasions. So, Knockmore Lad, Sean O’Reilly and Trev – you’re all barred for a week and you’re on moderation watch after that until such time as I can be sure you can be trusted not to break the rules again. And Quincy – you’re barred for a week for being an ass and for not even bothering to acquaint yourself with the rules every time you post.

    To all long-standing readers and commenters here, my apologies for having to put up with the trouble caused by a minority today. And my heartfelt thanks to those of you (you know who you are) who took the trouble to contact me directly earlier on to alert me to the trouble that was brewing back on the farm.

  155. Well obviously willie Joe has something personal to deal with so let’s respect that in not acting the bollix. This blog is an absolute treasure and that is most likely down to the way it’s moderated .

  156. F’deelin – I’ve just seen your comment now, my own post re the out of order comments today refers. Please don’t annoy me further with stupid statements about contrary opinions not being allowed – you’re commenting here long enough to know that fair debate is allowed here. What a minority were up to today was something else entirely.

  157. Cringe at my post now ,posted before I seen that one from WJ . Look like an arse licker to the teacher there .

  158. On a different matter, what’s the story with the Ardnaree game at the weekend, it appears they have conceded. Why?

  159. Is it possible that some of the more controversial comments on this forum have been made by posters, not from Mayo?

  160. Has there been any club meetings to propose nominee’s for the managers position yet? Sunday is the deadline, what if the county board receive none?

  161. Poor WJ. No off season for you. The hit counter must be flying it. Keep up the good work. The site is a treasured resource!

  162. Just catching up now, what wend down here yesterday!! Now I am curious? Did I miss some significant breaking news I have often found that you get the real story on this blog long before it breaks in the media. Keep up the good work WJ.

  163. Sean Burke. I absolutely agree with you on this one. I admiration for this squad has multiplied over the last week or so. I now realise they and they alone have reached the standards they they are at inspite of and not because of the structures we have in place. Expect the CoBo to fix a problem they created in the optimum way is a big ask. I believe in people and there might be enough good people there I don’t know. Systems and structures let us down big time. This is a political body first and foremost. Generally we don’t score on this front. With a GE around the next corner anything could happen here.

  164. Observer 2. I have no doubt that there are. We know some and they are most welcome. Other also during defeat or crisis appear. A couple of week ago we had a group mostly singing from the same hymn book. So yes we have visitors, and a few protagonists from our own neck of the wood. Agenda driven and of course all welcome. In the house rules WJ is the final arbitrator, and that’s what keeps you and I coming back.

  165. They say nature abhors a vacuum. It seems a lot of Mayo people do as well!
    In the absence of any official news, people seem to be losing all balance and just leaping from one theory or conspiracy to the next.
    It’s as well to take a break from the speculation for a couple of days, nominations have to be in by Sunday night, there’ll surely be plenty of meat and bone to chew over next week!

  166. Hopefully everything went ok for you WillieJoe.iwonder what would happen if we did not have this site,I just hope you can keep it up,all the best for the future, otherwise we would be very short of what goes on in mayo gaa

  167. Corrick Bridge I agree with that point. The blog and comments are a huge part of the few great years we have had and hopefully there’s more to come. WJ provides a great service to us all and enhances the experience.

  168. I posted for this first time on this site just over a week ago and it wasn’t my intention to become a serial poster. I prefer to make up my own mind on what’s posted rather than try to steer the debate. I was particularly intrigued by the posts yesterday afternoon on the issue of funding. I have said in my previous post that funding must be fully transparent and above board and done through the County Board. I was therefore very interested when I saw the post referring to a fundraising event conducted not just outside the control of the County Board but directly in competition to it in NYC in 2014. The source of the story came from comments made at the last County Board meeting by Sean MacÉil and which were reported in the Western People. The event is a matter of public record at this stage. Serious questions were asked such as what happens to the money raised at these events? Who is responsible for it and what is it used for? One poster told us that we are very naive if we are surprised that money changes hands in the GAA and it plays a huge part in a teams success. The reason for the lack of funds we were told was a combination of lack of understanding by certain officials of the County Board of what is required to be a top team and also their failure to properly tap into the vast resources that Mayo supporters possess. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the next post to know what happened to the money collected when the posts started disappearing as if the site had been hit by a virus. Selectively, those asking the questions were barred while others that also had posts removed were left without any sanction. I have great sympathy for WJ, but it is hard to see the logic for this censorship. I understand from the article in the Western People that this type of counter fundraising event has been curtailed by the current County Board regime. Is that why we have so many people disgruntled with the County Board for its fundraising activities? Is this the real cause of the unrest in Mayo football? There are very legitimate questions and ones which should be open to debate on this site.

  169. The sooner this is resolved the better, we need an end to this constant stream of bullshit accusations and agenda.

    The all-time low point was some posters taking advantage of our host being caught up in a personal matter to spout complete horse-shit comments. Some serious cop on needed.

  170. The recent comments just prove some people are just fucking A**holes of the highest order. We hear them at game’s, at bar’s and sadly some seem to have posted here in recent times.

  171. What was posted yesterday went beyond what was on the public record, Fitzy. If it kept to that I wouldn’t have had a problem but it was a case of what was on the record being added to an assertion that wasn’t and that I had serious issues with. In any event, I want no more discussion on it here for now. It’s time for everyone to chill for a while and let this debate rest.

  172. To people who ask is there a plan B, there is, it’s Donie Buckley. McEntee would be ruled out of manager job due to travel but could be good as part of a team.
    Is there a Plan C given I think the players would not accept JM but could be wrong on that… we’ll yes a fella that has played for Mayo and shows a good knowledge of the game. Fellas like Fallon, Costello, Heaney, Brady come to mind. Have to say Brady is never boring in the media and would go through a brick wall for Mayo but believe he lives in Dublin. Would be no shortage of steel in a team he would manage.

  173. Regarding Duffy on the S&C team that’s fine if it’s on the team but S&C is a sports science and though lots of experience from his career that is in a pro sport where recovery options are is the same for each player. Heard a piece on young players and recovery where a parameter monitored was 8 or 10 times what is needed for recovery. This especially affects Sigerson players like Cillian.
    By all accounts Solan and Coughlan are at the top levels in GAA terms. Solan may stay on but may need someone home based in his team. This is something we’ve at the top at for last 4/5 years apart from 2015 replay (which was probably a resources and logistics issue more than a S&C coach one – hands probably tied, Dublin have the big sponsorship deal which gives an advantage). We need to continue the high standard set in this.

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