No show like a Joe show?

Joe McQuillan

As predicted by James Horan at the press night last week, Cavan whistler Joe McQuillan has today been confirmed as the ref for this year’s All-Ireland final. It’ll be his second senior decider, having also taken charge of the 2011 final between Dublin and Kerry. It’ll also be the third recent contest between the counties that he’ll have officiated on, having reffed both last year’s All-Ireland semi-final and this year’s NFL semi-final between us.

While we’ve had bad days down the years in matches involving this particular ref – notably our Connacht championship clash against Galway in 2007 and our All-Ireland quarter-final against Meath in 2009 – we’ve had better days too, in particular last year’s semi-final against the Dubs. And before anyone explodes about his gifting the 2011 All-Ireland to the Metropolitans – which, if he did (and I don’t think that particular charge holds water), was only against Kerry so what’s the big deal? – it’s worth recalling that the last time we won an All-Ireland final, when the U21s prevailed over Cork in 2006, the ref on duty that day was a certain J McQuillan (Cavan). So there.

Speaking of Langers, the ref for the minor final is Cork’s Conor Lane. Yes, that Conor Lane, the one that allowed all kinds of attempted decapitations and other jolly japes by the London lads in this year’s Connacht final. Just the kind of guy we need to keep those cynical Nordies under control in the minor final, eh?

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  1. So what if its Kerry? Every team regardless of success WJ deserves the right to fair play and Kerry most certainly didn’t get it. It was every bit as bad as what we endured in 96

  2. As I said in the other forum, I just fear Brollix’s comments from last year will influence him. I hope I am wrong but i would have preferred Coldrick.

  3. Agree completely Willie Joe.

    Maybe McQuillan is our lucky ref, though Dublin won’t be complaining either. JH predicted it with the air of a guy who was quietly happy with the choice.

    Lane’s appointment? I would love to know the criteria on which he was chosen. Surely no sane person or blazer, (they are not the same thing), could have watched the Connaught final and given him the nod on the basis of that performance?

    His appointment is truly staggering and Tyrone will be rubbing their hands in glee. Open season ahead for their dark artists.

  4. Great comments on this site. Am I right in saying Mayo have conceded just the one goal in the championship and that was against Donegal in the dying seconds and opportunistic to say the least? Is this stat, if true, in any way significant?

  5. am sure that kerry trainer donie buckley will be fuming over the ref after what happened with kerry and dublin in 2011 and would like to get one over the ref with mayo mayo now have a extra dublin player to deal with

  6. I think I can sort this whole thing out.
    We can get a mask that looks like mcquillan, then offer him a few hundred euro to lay low, Vincent neary wears the mask and refs the game, he gives mayo plenty of penalties and sends off the Dublin midfield for spitting or breathing heavy and everyone in mayo is happy.
    Vincent’s off the hook about the ticket allocation fiasco, mcquillan has 200 euro in his pocket and we get Sam.
    What’s not to like?

  7. Mayo should happy with mcquillan. He did a good job against the dubs last year and I’d prefer him over deegan & coldrick anyday. Coldrick was overawed by the Kerry boys in our semi in 2011. He was awful. Mcquillan let’s the game go a bit more than the others and that’s no harm at all.
    Since Horan predicted it and is happy, the rest of us should be too. PS it’s Kerry’s own fault that the lost the AI in 2011. 4 pts up with a few mins left can’t be blamed on the referee IMO.

  8. As there is only a small pool to choose from, we are bound to have some history with whoever the ref is.

    I thought he did a fair job last year.

    As long as he recognises a tackle from a foul where we have improved this year I don’t see any problem

    Would be more concerned about linesmen being hounded by selectors (behaviour the likes of McGuinnress and Gallagher) and umpires being intimidated by the Hill

    They are the ones who should be helping the ref without eyes in the back of his head

    Can see O’Carroll and Brennan put under pressure and reacting badly

    All we ask is for a fair shake

  9. JB – to say that McQuillan’s performance against Kerry in 2011 even comes close to how McEneaney treated us in 1996 is a joke (which, by the way, was also the context in which I mentioned Kerry in the first place). McQuillan had no hand in that enormous point from play scored by Kevin Nolan and Kerry had only themselves to blame for letting McManamon in for the goal. Overall, I thought he reffed that final okay, unlike our old friend McEneaney who all but wore the Meath jersey in 1996. Anyway, feck Kerry and their 36 All-Irelands!

    You’re correct, Mayonose – that goal by McFadden in the dying seconds of the quarter-final is the only one we’ve conceded to date in this year’s championship. What’s more, that one shouldn’t have stood either because McFadden was a fair bit nearer than the required 13 metres from Murphy when the free was taken.

  10. Well said Trevor. There is going to be an amount of shite about the Ref now. F**k the ref, let’s play football.

  11. Totally agree Trevor. The Dubs “comeback” would have fallen flat on its arse if we hadn’t missed 2 open goals in the last 10 minutes

  12. The ref won’t win it lads we will and anyone burying there head in the sand at this late stage wake the f*** up! Is feidir linn! Believe

  13. Whitey, don’t forget doc missed a sitter too when we were up 10 points? Mayo may have learned a great lesson in that game, it’s never over, leading by 10 or losing by 7, keep at it.

  14. Upon reflection, I had forgotten he was the referee for us against Donegal and he was fine that day. To be fair, I do believe himself and Coldrick are the two top referees in the country – by a bit actually.
    Whilst I would have preferred Coldrick, McQuillan probably won’t be the difference, one would hope.

  15. He let the football be played against Donegal and in the semi last year against the Dubs. We are good enough to win this and we should not be worrying about who the Ref is, as that is out of our hands but playing the game to our strengths is well in our hands and we have many strengths this year……………… roll on the 22nd and Sam in Mayo by the 23rd.
    Criost Linn agus MaighEo Abu

  16. I don’t trust him but no sense going into that debate , I’ve had it out with WJ over 2011 all Ireland final, I’m not f or changing ,Kerry were robbed of an all Ireland IMO and others don’t see it that way. Kerry people won’t be heard whinging but by Christ our own can be still heard harp on about 96 , careful before ye give him the big clap on the back because people foaming at the mouth after dont get much airtime.

    Now , I’d like to try and understand some ticket arrangements , maybe someone can offer some transparent details on this issue.

    Dublin have offered people who buy there season ticket for next season an opportunity to buy a ticket for this years final?
    Is this true? How can this be above board?

    Have not seen wp yet but from my understanding cb are sayin not as many tickets as last year, this is reall baffling me. Am I just ridiculously naive and stupid but how can they receive less with the minors there too.

  17. FBE; but it seems like a good place to jump in, as I agree fully with JJ; winning will depend more on our team’s performance that on the ref.

    However…, I’m always wary that refs favour a Dublin win in a final. I’m thinking of vTyrone in ’95 and vKerry 2011 – both involved a ref’s decision that favoured Dublin in the last minute; where you would expect most refs to settle for a draw, Dublin got the hometown decisions.

    Maybe I’m being paranoid, or is it just my latent Mayo persecution-complex breaking through?

    Incidentally, this theory goes against the common belief that the GAA will try to fix a draw in a final if at all possible (€€€) ; as we were all delighted to see last Sunday.
    But maybe HQ considers that a Dublin win, trumps a replay bonanza.

    OK, the moral of this piece: we can’t leave it too close at the end.
    We need to be at least four points ahead entering stoppage time.
    Also, I don’t think my heart could handle anything closer than that!

    It’s been a great year so far and, yes, of course we can win it. Finally!!

  18. Did anyone notice the Donegal handle the ball on the ground outside his area in the last minute of last years final,?

  19. Firstly, will people please stop saying that Coldrick should have got the final. He was not even in contention for selection because he is from Leinster.
    Secondly, McQuillan wasn’t the one passing the ball over and back the Kerry half back line for 2 mins trying to run down the clock in the 2011 Final. It was the Kerry lads and they got caught with a sucker punch of a goal that completely swung the momentum and the game towards Dublin. Kerry panicked and rushed their tackles and the rest is history.
    There is worse than McQuillan and f.f.s. will people stop trying to bring doubt/negativity/excuses into the equation. You would swear we were trying to make our excuses for defeat already! If we have to beat Dublin and the ref to win the All Ireland then so fucking what! Many a team suffered a dodgy ref (which I don’t believe McQuillan to be) in the final. The deserving champions just find a way to win regardless. If that is what we have to do, then so be it.

  20. It seems like there’s alot of people on this site lookin for any excuse to loose the final. Thank god the mayo teams dont play as negative as some peoples posts. Since kerry v dublin match things seem to have gone down hill so keep the heads up no more negative taughts keep positive

  21. Lads if we play to our potential, the ref wont matter. A nine point lead going into injury time will make him surplus to requirements and his decisions irrevelant. Do ye think the Kerry 4 in a row team from 78 to 81 or the Kerry 3 in a row team from 84 to 86 used to worry about who the ref would be? Not at all. Just turn up, do the job and take the cup home.

    Sean Burke, very good point. Why have Mayo got exactly the same or even less tickets than last year? Where is our extra allocation for having the minors there? There should be uproar about this. County board not doing their job again. As for who will be sitting in the Hogan and Cusack half way seats. The answer in the following order is, Directors, Directors wives, Hangers on, People who know nothing about the game.

    Anyway the whole thing points to us been out numbered again in the final like last year. The roar we got compared to Donegals was noticebly shorter and quieter when the teams emerged. Dreadful if this happens again. A resignation matter for the entire County board surely. The same County board that has conceded home advantage to Leitrim and Sligo for Connacht Finals. Looks like Mayo will have to win it “despite” or “in spite” of the County board like they had to do back in the 1950s.

  22. congratulations and well deserved recognition Willie Joe. Team of the 80,s . yourself and the late great Dermot would have been a wonderful partnership.

  23. And also would you have got to play with any members of that team , be it railway cup, school, university etc. ?

  24. Jim Flag, I do take your point and indeed agree with it, regarding Directors and Directors wives etc. getting the good seats. However, I do know a number of Directors who have been following Mayo since the 50’s and 60’s, including FBD games, and are as deserving of tickets as any. The unfortunate thing is that for every 1 of those there are 5 of the others. It will always be this way as long as money is involved.
    Let it not distract us.
    On a more serious note, the lads were training in McHale Park last night and it was in complete “lockdown”. A wren wouldn’t have snuck in. Any word on an open training session for the kids to get a look in?

  25. I understand that, however if he’s not High or Low it’s Willie Joe, it is the Willie Joe from the sawdoctors song and with the mullet from down north mayo direction

  26. Eugene – just to be clear, I’m a complete imposter! The real Willie Joe does, of course, deserve to be congratulated for making the Team of the Eighties.

  27. Regarding the tickets issue I take a bit of offence to everyone in the middle of the lower Cussack and Hogan being people who know nothing about football. The fact is that season ticket holders who have been to over 60% of their teams games this year will get the tickets on the Cussack side. These are Dublin and Mayo supporters who went to league games and all the Championship games clearly showing the support for their county. There was about 2,000 Mayo fans with ST last year – there could be more signed up this year. I’m in no doubt that there are more Dublin fans in this scheme this year than Donegal fans in it last year. This is why there is less tickets going to the CB (of both Mayo and Dublin) as these tickets are distributed directly from Croke Park.

    On the Hogan side the people who get the best tickets on that side are the players and support teams tickets (say 40 in each team group X 20 tickets each X 4 teams = 3,200 tickets). Add in 4 tickets each to the anniversary team (another 120 anyway) plus media (another few hundred) plus top level GAA officials and Enda, Michael D and co (another couple of hundred) and you are at the 4-5 thousand “good” tickets in the Hogan quick enough.

    A breakdown of the 2011 final is here – – over 10k go to corporate tickets

  28. So that explains why Willie Joe would look at me funny if I brought up something that I read here. Apologies and i never knew they did names as well as cream!

  29. HI WJ.
    Seeing as it’s the last weekend before the big one do you know if there is a list anywhere of what events are on in the county this weekend ?

  30. I’m hoping to do a post a bit later on (or tomorrow, depending on how today goes for me), JPM, which will mention at least one such event as well as some ticket competitions that are running at the minute. If anyone knows of a final-related event that’s on and wants to give it a plug then just leave a comment here about it or send me a mail to and I’ll include it.

  31. Just heard that clubs here have been swapping their hill tickets for stand tickets with clubs in Dublin, anyone know anymore on this?

  32. Really hope its not true that mayo clubs are swapping their hill tickets with Dublin clubs, we need to stand our ground lads!!

  33. Let’s not get too distracted by the ref. I doubt the team are. It’s just fatalism by another name when we start to focus on perceived biases etc. It just makes sense to try to understand a ref, what they pull up on, how much back chat etc., they will take. This needs to come from experienced players and be understood and observed by all our people on the field. Let’s stay informed but POSITIVE

  34. Unreal, now we will be spread out all over with little pockets on the hill.

    Why people in 2013 still underestimate the influence of the crowd at a final is just beyond me.

    Donegal outnumbered us, out sung us, had way more colour and their attitude was the same as the team, they were not going home without the big cup.

  35. The county board need to make a statement on hill tickets. For safety reasons it would not be advisable to be on the hill if heavily outnumbered.

    We REALLY need to get this sorted. Does anyone here have a contact at an official level??

  36. Another site has it that hurling club in Dub was contacted from a club here and did a straight swap hill for stand, you know what they say no smoke without fire. I just hope this was a one off and we see plenty of green and red on the hill. Also no car should travel to Dub witout a car flag and no supporter should b in croke park without a flag and jersey it’s about time we weren’t afraid to show our true colours. Be proud to show you are from Mayo.

  37. Absolute disgrace if clubs are swapping their Hill tickets. I was at the Dublin Semi Vs Kerry and the Hill nearly sucked the ball into the net in the 2nd half.

  38. If thats true about the straight swap between a Mayo club and a Dublin hurling club, then I dont know what to say really……knowing that Hill tickets are the highest demand in Dublin, surely if they were going to do it, the mayo club should demand 2 stand tickets for every 1 Hill ticket…take it, or leave it.

    Btw, my brother was in the Stephenites club last night registereing for tix…was hundreds there, his description of the event……”a scrum”

  39. Mister Mayor….as far as I know, last night was for non members to register for final tickets. Considering, last year not every club member of the Stephenites got tickets, I don’t even seeing the point of last night at all.

  40. The HIll is not what it used to be even a few years ago. There was a huge amount of yellow coated stewards on it last Sunday and one little section at the front near the Cusack stand side was left completely empty except for the stewards to congregate in. Health and safety gone way over the top. The capacity of the Hill seems to be reducing each year. Any trouble would be quickly dealt with. Mayo should not be afraid to go in there and take the place at 1pm on Sunday before the Dubs even leave their homes. Alas it looks like the minor game is in danger of playing into a near empty HIll if the ticket swapping is going on.

  41. That’s why I started harping on about this a week ago. This is exactly what I feared would happen.

    If its true….I fvckin give up

  42. Mayo will win the minor no question about that. Even if they play bad can’t see them losing. Tyone are stong down the middle (ie midfield and centre forward). They will attack the centre back channel. This is where Roscommon were poor and Mayo are very strong. Boasting one of the most promising centre backs for some time in Coen. The senior game is another story, of late Mayo know how to beat Dublin in big games. My heart says Mayo but the head says Dublin. Dublin are bound to start converting the many goal chances they create at some stage, Mayo have a huge psychological problem to overcome in finals and you guys can call it shite talk but that curse looms large. I believe TG4 are doing a documentary about it on Sunday at 8pm.

  43. Indeed Rossineri but it has nothing to do with a curse. I think that’s only s**te talk that someone introduced once in some pub.

    The problem for Mayo is that there is a lot of pressure on them to win one. Simply because we have been here so often and just have not come away with the spoils. And each time it passes more pressure and media attention is associated with this particular fact.

    As time goes on and more finals are left behind or lost it then becomes exponential. The media thrive on these facts as it is something the country talks about (whether we in Mayo like it or not). And if they are talking about it then the media will attempt to zone in on this and use it to produce a source of revenue.

    So we have to face it. Our lack of success on the day will be talked about. Nothing we can do about it. But again it has nothing to do with a curse.

    And probably the worst thing we can do is propagate this rubbish curse as people might then begin to believe it is true and lose all hope.

  44. I don’t think in 2013 people take much notice of a “curse” or other old wife tales. I personally think we have moved on from those times. We do however need to let the team know we are behind them all the way, thats why i keep going on about being seen and heard on 22nd we can give our lads the extra push. I believe this is our time.

  45. @ Alf…true, thats what he said..and your right..not an effin chance of any of those getting tix.

    But swapping one for for with Dublin clubs is f**kin plain stupid…

    I tell you, if I get a ticket and its for hill, I’ll gladly give it up, but only for 2 or three stand tix.

  46. Cairde Maigheo 200euro per annum with really disappointing all Ireland tickets.

    GAA Mayo season ticket 75euro with middle of the pitch final tickets.


  47. Bloody hell people. I have been reading all the posts on here since Dublin beat Kerry. A lot of people are going on like we have already been beaten. Even people I talk to around Mayo are negative about our chances in the final.
    Hype ! Don’t worry about hype because a lot of people are afraid we are already beaten.

    For feck sake !

    Dublin conceded 20 points against Kerry.

    Do we not have a real chance.

    I think we have a chance & a very real one at that.

    Yes we have to up our game for Dublin.

    If Mayo can get stuck in from the start & disrupt Dublin’s attacking runs down the middle & really get at the Dublin backs we are in with our best chance to win the long sought after All-Ireland Senior Football title.

    Jesus I know we have been beaten so many times before but this is a new Final a new year etc etc.

    Get positive people ! Please
    Enjoy this time.

  48. Season tickets are been posted out from yesterday/ today. Money came out of my account today. Will let you know

  49. @ Up for the Match – We don’t know yet as they haven’t been posted out. I have been emailing them all week asking for clarification of what section they will be in, but they’re not biting.

    Their first response was: Exact seating locations will be allocated once payment has been processed.

    Their second response was: Season Ticket Holders will be seated in the Lower Cusack stand.

    I decided to go direct with my latest email to them:

    The reason I am asking is that I have heard that the central sections like 304 and 305 have been reserved for Dublin season ticket holders, which of course, would be giving them preferential treatment. I was just hoping you could allay my concern, officially, that this is not the case.

    Let’s see what I get back.

  50. As a mayoman working in Dublin, I have my car window flags flying proud along the quays every morning and evening, I noticed a good few cars flying the mayo flags, be proud lads and lassies, Mayo is heading west. Maigh Eo Abu….

  51. “I can assure that the central areas are not reserved for any county in particular so this rumour is just that.

    You will have your ticket in the comin days which will confirm your allocated seats.”

    This was the response I got from the season ticket crowd. Hopefully it holds up when we get our tickets later in the week.

  52. Cheers lads, i would like to know as i might sign up next year
    And i agree with Biscane this is a game we can win and should if we can implement our game plan and dont make silly mistakes, the dubs will leave lots of holes to be exploited just like last year

  53. Lads. We have a great team. They destroyed everything this year. We should really have beaten Tyrone by a huge margin only for the fact that we had a bad day out, even mcloughlin could only laugh when he missed that sitter of a free after the goal that should have been allowed. We missed other goal chances also.

    we all knew deep down that there was no doubt but would beat Tyrone. Why do people seem to doubt now?

    Meath showed that Dublin can be taken on. The Kerry game was nothing more than a display of poor defending. Kerry are crap. They barely bet Cork and Galway showed how poor Cork are. Dublin struggled against Kerry!

    we are in reality going into this as underdogs even after a great year. we could not ask for a better starting position, we have never had a better chance.

    I just cant wait to see Mayo lift Sam next week.

    As I used to shout in ’89 as a 16 year old- Up Mayo where the mighty men grow!

  54. That programme on TG4 on Sunday is called ‘Mayo God Help Us’. Indeed.
    God help me if I bother my arse watching shite like that

  55. I won’t be watchin it anyway Dan. Why the fuck do i want them trying to drain my good vibes!!!

  56. @Up for the match don’t leave out us lassies on here too. I would recommend a season ticket to anyone early bird great value and great seats. The 60% attendance to quaify for AI ticket is easily achievable, also great seats so far.

  57. We beat all in front of us without really struggeling(bar first 20 min against tyrone and ross)in both those games as well as the rest we won pulling up well befor the end,the dubs struggled for 70 mins againstkerry same with ck who didnt even seem to want it.the bookies have dub as favs only because of the greater gambling pop in dublin.we will win and i believe win well MAIGHEOABU

  58. @wecandothis….I completely agree, everyone of us should be wearing their Sunday best, (jersey, cap, scarf and wristband).
    As Roger M. can testify I brought the largest flag I could find in 89. In 96/97 the Portuguese standard and in 06 The Basque Country flag (looks like a Green n Red Union Jack).
    This year I’m thinking of the Green n Red of ‘Burundi’ or ‘Bangladesh’…..
    But, what’s the best way to smuggle in a flag??? Croke Park rule forbid flags.

    I’m not normally the loudest of people, but regardless of whether I’m on The Hill or persuade some Director to give me the plush seats on lower 304, The dubs will be getting as good as they are giving, and my attire will leave in no doubt as to where I come from.
    Up Mayo

  59. We have lots to be positive about going into the final. Mayo have won by an average of over 11 points in the five games played so far. We have conceded only one goal all summer, and that was in the dying seconds of a match long over as a contest. This is a serious Mayo team and one I believe will win on Sunday week.

    If we look at the five games played so far, two were won with near perfect performances, and the other three, though won with ease in the end, left questions to be answered. No goals were scored against the Rossies, Mayo kicked a shed-load of wides against London, and Tyrone had the better of us for the first 25 minutes of the semi-final. Critics will point to these matches and predict that this is how Mayo will calf against the Dubs in the final.

    Who were Mayo’s toughest opponents this year? Or rather, who do you think JH and the squad saw as their toughest challenges ahead of their matches? I reckon they saw their biggest threats as coming from Galway and Donegal. Now, you might well disagree with me there, pointing to the 17 and 16 point margins respectively that Mayo put on these two teams. Indeed. But I think it’s exactly because they perceived a genuine threat from both that they responded in style and annihilated them.

    First of all, Galway. First match of the campaign, away. Great rivalry between the two sides. If you don’t as a player relish the prospect of taking on the Herrin Chokers in their own back yard in the first game of the championship, you have no business playing for Mayo. As it turned out, after the mauling in Salthill, Galway put in a few decent days’ work in the qualifiers.

    Donegal – well that was personal. Here Mayo had direct experience of how you could succumb to a sucker punch from these lads. This was atonement for last September. They weren’t going to make that mistake again, and simply destroyed the reigning All-Ireland champions.

    What of the other three? Mayo knew they had the beating of Roscommon, London, and Tyrone, and may have subconsciously taken the foot off the gas. Things didn’t go exactly as they might have planned, but they still had comfortable enough wins in the end. They won playing at much less than their best. If they had perceived any of those three as a credible threat, I reckon they would have meted out similar treatment to them as they did to Galway and Donegal, and those winning margins would have been even bigger.

    So now they face the Dubs. Do they see a credible threat there? You bet they do. Dublin won’t be the pushovers that Galway and Donegal ended up being, but I think Mayo will approach this game in the same frame of mind as they did against Galway and Donegal. There will be no room for error or sloppy play. Mayo will go for the jugular from the off.

    So come on, lads and lassies! Be wary of your opponents, but don’t fear them. We have the strength and the capability to win this thing. Fly the green and red with pride these next eleven days and long after. Have faith in James Horan and his men, because if us Mayo people don’t show that belief, no-one else will do it on our behalf.

    Maigh Eo abú!

  60. Good on ya Gerry in Laois!!! Well written …. And Trevor is right POSITIVE VIBES everyone #seaofgreenandred

  61. A curse is shite, only words and fears in peoples’ minds. I say “fuck the curse” Am I scared. Bollix.

  62. OK… I know this won’t be popular but….
    Re season tickets….. is 306 and 307 not the exact same as 304 and 305.. IE all between the two 40’s? Also, sorry for been pedantic but upper cusack 304-305 does not exist, 304 and 305 are lower tiers.

    I know i will get slaughtered for this comment but some of the paranoia on this thread is embarrassing to be honest. Its border line crazy stuff… the Dubs will not get preferential treatment, the GAA don’t care where the €80 comes from so they will as gladly take ours as a Dub’s.

    Apparently there is over 3000 season ticket holders in Dublin.. so they will all get a ticket… what are we supposed to do? Tell the GAA not to issue them cause its not fair?

    Don’t believe everything you read from some moron on the internet (me included) apparently 96% of stuff ya read on the internet is bullshit 🙂

    Lads just relax and enjoy the build up and not work yourself’s into a knot before the 22nd… we need all the energy we can get on the day, not using it up on things 100% outside of our control.
    Maigh Eo Abu…

  63. There’s definitely a fear among a lot of people I talk to as a result of the Dublin v Kerry match. Some (only a few mind you) are supremely confident but I believe that under that there lurks a miserable demon. And that is the way it’s probably going to be until such time as we actually win. Given our history I am almost afraid to hope in case of being disappointed again. I know we have the best Mayo team I have ever seen in 50 years going to games. I know they are capable of annihilating any team if they play to their potential. But something is making me very wary – a demon that will only be exorcised by the sight of a mayo man lifting Sam and the saw doctors blasting out ‘The green and red of Mayo’.

  64. Joe Mc, the only curse is the lack of tickets. If they shifted that spike from O’Connell Street to outside the ground then I would sit atop, bucket of ice at hand, to see the game and then to watch as Sam disappeared through Lucan and towards the West. I have no doubt that Mayo will reign supreme this year. I agree with Gerry of Laois that they will raise their game to a new level. Something is gnawing inside me and I just know that I’ll have to be inside or outside the ground. I can’t sit here and watch, detached from the electricity and emotion. Sod it, I’ll be long enough dead. My dad didn’t see Mayo win Sam. If I can then I will. Those of you with tickets enjoy every moment.

  65. Up for the match, no problem. @paul sorry said earlier upper 304-305 should have said dubs in upper 704-705. @diehard, repeat after me this is our year! It’s time to get rid of those demons and the tears we will cry on the 22nd will be tears of joy. It’s all part of JH 3 year plan. @ Alocos never had a problem getting flags into CP I think I saw somewere bamboo is ok but not plastic sticks or mabey it’s the other way around?

  66. Good man Gerry in Laois. Solid analysis. Makes a change from the negativity and doom n’ gloom these past 2 weeks.

    This Mayo team are different – we are witness to that. Horan put a 3 year plan in place and he now has the panel in fantastic mental and physical condition to win the coveted prize on Sept 22.

    Our back 6 will not concede an avalanche of goals – there is no evidence to suggest that after 5 outings this summer. The forwards had a dreadful performance v Tyrone and will be seeking to make amends as much for themselves and avoiding early substitution. We can expect a very pacy and hectic match but sure doesn’t that play to Mayo’s strengths also.

  67. Since James Horan took over, nobody could accuse him of talking shite.
    The night he was chosen as Mayo manager he stated ( you won’t be hearing me every day in the papers ) and this has been so , unless he had something to say.
    He always said he wanted to see progress game on game and basically this is what we’ve got.
    2011 semi. 2012 final. Now boys and girls , we are ready for the obvious step.
    Believe, This is going to happen and we are the lucky ones to be alive to see it happen.

  68. Now the posts are on the up, the demons are fading and the deserved confidence in this side and management is returning,we,re well on the way and we’re not going to let anyone, even the ‘super dubs’ become an obstacle in the path of the best team to grace this land in memory.
    Críost Linn agus MaighEo Abu.

  69. Folks, I believe Padraig Carney, the “Flying Doctor” and legendary Mayo AIF winner in 50/51 said in an interview a few years back that the ‘curse’ was a fabrication…..No truth to it at all. The alleged incident involving our jovial players on a bus home didn’t happen.

  70. Good Man Gerry in Laois – that’s a great post, nicely put together and setting out in detail, our very impressive journey to the Final. I would agree with you as regards the Roscommon and London matches, but surely there’s no way we would have underestimated Tyrone, but at this stage, is neither here nor there,

    The thing now for Mayo supporters, is to prepare themselves for the tough challenge that lies ahead. Have no doubt, Dublin will ask serious questions of our lads in the course of the match and you can be sure their supporters, wither on the Hill or other, will need very little encouragement, to roar on their heroes. James of course will have the team prepared to deal with these situations and hopefully with their experiences gained from last years Final, will know not to panic. Now this is where Mayo supporters come in, in the semi-final, when things weren’t going our way and especially following Cillian injury, we all went very quiet. Sure we were worried and rightly so, but it was then the lads needed us most, yet it took Chris Barrett’s magnificent point, late on in the half, for us to find our voices again.

    Now, if there’s anyone out there who still need some inspiration, go back and read Gerry’s last paragraph again……

  71. Fair play to you Paul McDonnell. You’d know the nerves were kicking in.While it sounds like those with Cairde tickets might have legitimate gripes given the investment they made, I think it’s fair to say that anyone who gets their hands on a golden ticket will be happy to be the right side of the turnstiles. I know I for one will be up bright and early waiting for the postman tomorrow – that €80 was the best money I’ve spent this year.

    As for the ref – it’s hard to keep all of the people happy all of the time. Not a damn thing we can do about the selection but go out there and play the type of game we’ve played this year to date – clean tackles, move the ball quickly and get on with winning.

    Gerry in Laois, that’s a great post and I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis. I left Croke Park last September disappointed but not despondent, and thought to myself, this time next year will be worth waiting for. That conviction remains firm.

    This has been a long journey since the cold damp days of the FBD league, and I’ll hold my hands up and say I had doubts back then and during the league, not least about some of the decisions being made from the line, but from the minute we kicked the first ball in Salthill those doubts started to evaporate and the bigger plan became evident.

    I have seen nothing since to make me doubt my belief that this is the team to go all the way. Not even those ropey 20 minutes against Tyrone. While I’m under no illusion that this will be an easy win, and it may well go down to the wire, I have 100% confidence that we have the better team, with more ability, more intelligence, and most of all, with the determination that’s needed to see this thing out. Mindset is key, and going out there under that kind of pressure is not easy. But I don’t think we could possibly ask for more from this team and management in terms of preparation mentally and physically.

    The team and management have exuded a quiet confidence throughout this campaign. I’d like if we as a county could turn up on the 22nd with that same air of confidence, like Donegal last year, whose supporters never contemplated losing. And look how that turned out for them.

    Sadly I’ve little doubt we’ll be outnumbered on the day, but as Mayo McHale says above we damn well need to make ourselves heard when it counts. Too often I’ve been in Croke Park when things aren’t going well, and the heads go down. It’s all very well heading in there festooned with jerseys flags and headbands and making noise when things are going to plan, but it’s when the going gets tough that this team needs us to make the most noise and shout them on.

    And this bloody curse! I can’t be the only one sick to the back teeth of listening to it from people who should know better, and sick of the disrespect shown to the men of ’51, who deserve a lot better.

    Time to show a bit of pride in our county and belief in the men who have given us two great years so far. Here’s to the best one yet.

  72. Watch out for Touts, some guy trying to sell 4 tickets for 500 euro on one of ticket sites

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